InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #005 (090504)

Monday, May 04, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #005 (090504)
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The girls started off with looking back at the last 4 weeks. All the mails the listeners sent in congratulating them, their FIVE STARS corner, which reminded Gaki-san of the Ume Sukombu Gummy talk. After that episode of FIVE STARS Monday had been broadcast'd, Gaki-san actually saw fans holding up boards with the gummies stuck on them during their concerts. Gaki-san was glad to see that the fans had went hunting for the gummies. Also, after the concerts when the girls are all going "Bye bye~" to the fans, there were fans who had screamed "Ba~hai" and these screams made our weekly FIVE STARS Monday hosts really happy.

Golden week (Gaki-san addressed Eri as Kame-chin again). Since young, Eri will spend her golden weeks sleeping. Gaki-san asked her if there were times whereby she has the urge to go out of her house. Eri replied that the only time she'll feel like going out if when she wants to herself new clothes.

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

Mail #1 from Brazil - Asking for the 2 girls to talk about one another's changes since they have turned 20 and about their rooms (Eri's messy room was specially mentioned)
Seeing mails from Brazil talking about Eri's messy room, the girls are now aware that many people around the world knows about Eri's untidiness. Gaki-san then brought up the mail which she had received from Sayu last year with a picture of Eri lying somewhere in heaps of stuff. At first when Gaki-san looked at the picture, she had no idea where Eri was. The girls think that that was when Eri's untidiness got emphasised more and more in front of fans. Until now, there's still no space for one's foot to step into Eri's room, but Eri's clothes are now neater than before even though there are still times Eri leave her drawers open and stuff all over the place but she now has some sort of basket for her to dump her stuff in if her stuff happens to get in the way. Meanwhile, Gaki-san is proud of her neat and tidy room that comes with aroma oil. Gaki-san advised Eri to tidy up her room, take a picture of it then send it to Gaki-san. If she receives it, she'll announce on the radio show that Eri had cleaned up her room to let everyone know our little turtle had grown up a little.

Mail #2. Asks if Gaki-san and Eri will want to change their image. Reminded Gaki-san that she had once mentioned (On FM FUJI GAKI-KAME if I'm not wrong) she'll like to try out a short hairstyle. Even though the sender was looking forward to it, Gaki-san had never tried it out.
Gaki-san explains that she really wants to try out a short hairstyle however, she has a job to do and she has to make sure her image fits the songs and such so she can't really do any drastic change to her hair out of blue. Gaki-san asks Eri if she'll change her image if she wasn't in MM and Eri agreed that she will since she's a girl after all. Gaki-san said Eri does look like one who will go trying out all sort of different images which reminded the girls of our lovely short-hair Eri. Not long ago when Reina and Eri were on Ame Radio, Reina had declared her love for the short-hair Eri and on today's radio show, Gaki-san had complimented Eri for how cute that hairstyle was on her.

Eri : When I had my hair cut at that time, I was like " Ah my hair!" (In English)

Gaki-san suggested Eri to get her fringe trimmed so short that its around 5cm above her eyebrow (I'll leave that up to your imagination..) which Eri had immediately turned down the suggestion however, she thinks it'll look good on her and Gaki-san thinks that it'll look cute on Eri. Eri mentioned that sometimes she'll hold up her fringe to see how she'll look like with shorter/pinned up fringe. She held it up to the hairstyle Gaki-san had mentioned and Gaki-san went "That's cute!". Gaki-san tried to persuade Eri to get that hairstyle but Eri had conveniently ignored Gaki-san, lol.

Song Request : MM 6th Generation's debut single
Morning Musume - Shabondama ♪

Something unrelated to the radio show, but as I was following the thread in 2ch while listening to the radio show, there was this Gaki-san wota wrote "Aisuru hito wa Omame dake~" (The only one I love is Omame), replacing the lyrics of "Aisuru hito wa anata dake~" (The only one I love is you) I thought it was rather funny..sorry if it wasn't.

FIVE STARS Corner : Eri's turn! There was once Tsunku had turned up at one of MM's concert and after the concert, after giving comments and advices to the girls, he gave them a pair of socks each(Which was produced by Tsunku). He encouraged them to use it. All the members put them on with the thought of "I wonder if I'll be able to wear it" since it was actually a three-toes-socks. It was the first time the girls saw such socks. Since the girls are always having rehearsals and moving around all the time, their legs do get tired too but the other day when Eri had the pair of socks that Tsunku had given to her on, it felt different from other days. Even Gaki-san agrees with Eri's comment. Even though the socks production had started off with only white coloured ones, recently there are stylish ones being produced too. Gaki-san and Eri highly recommends these socks females who wears boots as well as others who spend long hours standing/walking. It really helps to reduce the pain.
With that, the Body-K socks produced by Tsunku was FIVE STAR'd by Eririn!
Before moving on to the next song Gaki-san fumbled and said "hoshishi" instead of "hoshi" (Star).

Gaki-san's selection : Yoshii Kazuya - Ruby ♪
-- Both Gaki-san mama and Gaki-san likes this song.

Morning Musume - SONGS ♪

While summarising the show, Gaki-san commented that Eri on-task for today's radio show.
Promotion for Shouganai Yume Oibito - Gakisan's comment : Showa-liked, Eri's comment on the dance : Fresh/New. Promotion for Platinum 9 DISCO, next week is the final.
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Giri-shou : Ba~hai~