InterFM FIVE STARS Monday's blog - 7/31 Niigaki Risa ★6

Saturday, August 01, 2009

7/31 Niigaki Risa ★6
Friday, July 31st, 2009


Today too, I enjoyed myself during 「FIVE☆STARS」〜〜〜〜♪

But〜 Today was different from the usual 「FIVE☆STARS」、there were 2 touching talks..

First off, Kame-chan (^〜^;)
The Kame who is always fooling around, she had something troubling her, and that troubled Kame...during her weakest moment, gave me a call which not only made me very happy, I honestly felt like supporting her whenever she faces a problem as she had helped me a lot through her casual conversations and behaviour.
....Well, as we talked about this right in front of one another, it feels awkward and I think Kame will definitely get carried away, so I didn't say it... (^^;) lol
And through this blog, I conveyed my honest feelings (*^^*)

And for the 2nd thing..
I'm moved by everyone.
During the mid of a mail, after I revealed that my mama is having pains in her legs on「FIVE☆STARS」, we received a huge amount of mails from the listeners..worrying about my mama's leg..researching for cures with one's utmost effort...
I was so happy and looked as though I was about to cry.
I've brought home all the mails!
Everyone is so warm to us...I'm touched.
Once again...

Thank you very much m(__)m

There were lots of talks on today's 「FIVE☆STARS」 that left a great impact..

On radio shows, we can't see one another, its good how we formed strong bonds between one another through our voices and your mails.

Showing gratitude for being able enjoy the luxury of spending such time..I will like to work hard from now onwards!

I have a hunch that I'm going to have sweet dreams today ☆≡
Everyone too, please rest well (^^)

For the sake of having a good day tomorrow!


Looks like the girls have their turns mixed up after skipping the blog post 2 weeks ago.