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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

The recent me is so relaxed during the radio shows ~ I'm so free that its as though I was lingering around ~

Many thanks, everyone.

I'm Kamei Eri.

Its going to be autumn soon isn't it ~
If only there was a song called "Autumn beauty*"...Eh? What am I talking about.

Kamei-san is so not funny at all.

Heiyo heiyo.

Its time to to be considerate to everyone's feelings.

Well, just like this, in the Kamei Eri-ish and fun way, I will be hosting the show everyday for everyone oneevery**, so I hope I will be able to make everyone's day too.

Beautiful everyday ~***

Okay, roger.

Please listen to our radio show again.
Definitely do so ~ definitely.

*Aki Urara, one of the Nanchatte Renai C/W.
**Reverse of "everyone"
*** A song sang by Eri herself and Mitsui Aika