InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #026 (090928)

Monday, September 28, 2009

The show started off with a mail from a listener who is participating in an upcoming10km marathon. Both the girls agreed that they wouldn't have the stamina to even run 5km, half the distance. Whenever they watch a marathon, they have this urge to root for the athletics. The girls showed their support for the listener and requested for him to send a follow-up mail if he manages to complete the marathon so that they can celebrate the achievement together.

K: Kanpai kanpai kanpai ~ Atarashii ou ni kanpai ~
G: ... ...
K: Kanpai kanpai kanpai ~ Atarashii ou ni kanpai ~
Eri was singing a song from "Ribbon no Kishi" musical.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess ♪
Gaki-san commented that the outfits for this new song is sexy and would like the fans to look closely at their outfits.

G: We're going to...
GK: Read out the messages!
K: Butt ~
Eri was in the "Kimagure Princess" mood this week. Throughout this episode, she'll keep throwing in the word "butt" into their talks. They aren't suppose to make sense. Do count the number of times she said "oshiri" which means butt/ass.

G: This is Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
K: This is Kamei Eri...butt ~

While reading out the first mail regarding "Kimagure Princess," Gaki-san accidentally described the song as "famous song" even though it was not written on the mail. Look out for these funny mistakes made by Gaki-san. Unlike the usual her, she made quite a number of hilarious mistakes this week. As usual, Eri teased Gaki-san about it.

By fans' impression of the girls, we may think that Reina is the most kimagure (fickle) member however, there is one particular member who is naturally kimagure. Try and make a guess ! Even without planning beforehand, both Gaki-san and Eri named the same member and that is none other than Koharu. The other time the girls went to Los Angeles, Gaki-san saw Koharu eating nothing but potatoes even though there are vegetables available. She then told Koharu about it and Koharu started eating nothing but vegetables. You aren't totally wrong if you think that Reina is a fickle person. The girls talked about how Reina gets tired of things easily.

The radio name of the second sender was Orange juice. After reading out the radio name, Eri gave a "I want to drink ~" Talking about orange juice, it reminded the girls about this Eri fan who went for one of their singles' release event. The fan asked Eri what type of orange juice she likes but because the handshake circuit was moving very quickly, Eri was not able to give a proper answer. Anyway, Eri is okay with all sort of orange juice as long as its 100% orange juice.

Continuing with the mail, the listener asked the girls if they can sneeze with their eyes open. Gaki-san has once tried sneezing with her eyes open and only ended up making terrible facial expressions. Gaki-san and Eri close their eyes when they sneeze. Eri told the listener to stop thinking about it and let things be the way they are, lol.

For the 3rd mail, the listener used greeted in French. Gaki-san read "Bonsoir" (Good evening) as "Bonjour" (Hello). Eri then said no matter how you read it it'll still sound like "Bonsoir," but well, there is something called exceptions. Right after this mistake, Gaki-san said "Furansugo" (French language) as "Furango" (Decomposition language), lol.

The girls themselves don't know how old people think they are. Both of them think that being thought as older than their actual age is a good thing. For Gaki-san, she has been told that by looks, she looks like one who is around 17 years old but once she starts talking, one will realise this girl is 20 years old. They then brought up an example of an actress (Kuroki Meisa) who is of the same age as them but looks more matured/older than them.

(Requested by listeners) Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri and Tanaka Reina - Indigo Blue Love

K: *Humming the tune of Indigo Blue love*
K: *Humming the tune of Indigo Blue love*

Nanami - Keep with your smile ♪

Before they moved on to the FIVE STARS corner, when Gaki-san apologised with a "sumimasen" (Sorry), she mispronounced it and said "suimiyasen." Eri then made fun of her and went "sumiyasen sumiyasen." Gaki-san thinks that she is transforming into another "Kamei Eri" even though she doesn't want to.

Gaki-san loves black Oolong tea. Before the show, their kind manager thought of getting them orange juice (for Eri) and Oolong tea (for Gaki-san) but she somewhat predicted that Gaki-san would probably bring her own so she didn't get Gaki-san's tea. As expected, Gaki-san brought along her own Oolong tea. According to Eri, Gaki-san has many cans/bottles of Oolong tea. She brings them along for rehearsals and other events. Apparently, Gaki-san buys them in boxes ^^; Not long ago, it was Gaki-san mama's birthday. When the girls wished her a happy birthday on the show, Eri said something like "Ah, your mama is going to become an adult too huh? ~" As a faithful listener of FIVE STARS Monday, Gaki-san mama heard it and responded with a "Oi Kame! I'm an adult!" Coming back, Gaki-san has been drinking Oolong tea daily since some time ago.

G: With that, I'm giving black Oolong tea 5 stars!
K: Yay! Black! Yay, black! Butt ~

Hiroko Shimabukuro - As time goes by ♪
This is one of Eri's favourite karaoke songs, as expected of a SPEED fan. Gaki-san was laughing at Eri for using the word "Juuhachiban" (Lit. 18 but in this case, favourite song)

Promotions for Morning Musume All Singles Coupling Collection album, Morning Musume's 41st single, "Kimagure Princess" and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

G: We will be waiting for your many many (In English) messages for this program ~
K: ...woah
G: This and that or whether Kame-han (Turtle) is indeed faster than a hare? and more will be accepted.
K: There is no way I can be way.
G: Please send in lots of mails and song requests to
K: Butt. Butt.
K: Butt. Butt.

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As of October 5, InterFM FIVE STARS Monday will be aired at 24:00 instead of 19:00.

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GK: Bahahai!


Gaki-san and Eri will be on K-MIX's "Radio the Boom" radio show and Shizuoka Asa TV's "Dobikkiri! Shizuoka" on September 30. Perfect for all Gaki-Kame lovers so do look out for the shows!