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Friday, June 12, 2009

Full of carelessness
2009/6/10 Wednesday by 亀井絵里(モーニング娘。)

It has been some time, everyone.

This post will mark my 5th entry on this blog.

I was really careless.

Not long ago, I was given my favourite Dorayaki and after dividing them with Sayu, we left them in the refrigerator in the dressing room.
I placed it at the side of the refrigerator.

Then after around 2 days, I remembered about the Dorayaki so I opened the refrigerator and reached out for the Dorayaki which had became cold and hard.

"It don't have the softness of a Dorayaki…"

"All right! I shall bring it home and wait for it to de-freeze before I eat it."

I told myself that and placed it in my bag.

Then when I got home and took the Dorayaki out, for some reason,,, for some reason!!
There were 2 Dorayakis

"Ah, so afterall what happened earlier on wasn't Deja vu"

I realised.

Yes, that's right.
Just like what you think.

I took out the Dorayaki two times.

The 2 Dorayakis in my house.
I placed them at next to the refrigerator immediately.
After thinking about it for a while, I decided to place it back in the dressing room's refrigerator the moment I reached the dressing room next morning.

And then, the decisive morning..!
I just greeted Shige like I usually do and when I thought there was a perfect chance to put it back into the refrigerator and I reached out for it in my bag..

At that moment.

It wasn't there

The Dorayaki wasn't there.

Oh my god

I closed the door immediately.

After sitting down, getting impatient trying to recall what happened, I finally calmed down.

"I must have forgotten"

I assumed I've forgotten to bring it.

When Shige opened the refrigerator's door, I hid my anxiousness
I'm really thankful towards Shige for not noticing it.

I'll try to put it back into the dressing room's refrigerator again tomorrow.

Sorry Shige.

The end.

To everyone who had came to watch us today, thank you.
I enjoyed myself.
But, I'm still nervous.
With this good nervousness and a nice relax, I'll do my best until the final performance!!

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A really long entry, and funny one. It sounds just so like Eri to have weird ideas like not informing Sayu about the missing Dorayaki and acting as though nothing's wrong while secretly planning to put the Dorayaki back when she gets the chance to.