InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #019 (090810)

Monday, August 10, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #019 (090810)

Eri always have trouble deciding whether to eat the gourd or not as not only its difficult to crack the shell using her teeth, she has to make sure she cracks it nicely so that no small pieces of shell is left behind, mixed together with the gourd. But even though its troublesome, the deliciousness of the gourd tempts Eri to bite into the seed.

G :
G :
K : (In the background panting heavily) I can't join in.
G : (lol)

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

A listener wrote in requesting for Eri to take her in as her disciple. Eri rejected the listener with a straight-forward "I don't need any disciples." Gaki-san commented that Eri shouldn't be rejecting disciples. In fact, she should be grateful that someone even wants to be her disciple xD

Another listener suggested new nicknames for Gaki-han and Kame-han. "Gaki-rin" and "Kame-chon". Gaki-san finds "Gaki-rin" a nice nickname, however, it sounds like "Eririn" which has been Eri's nickname for some time therefore she does not really want that nickname. Meanwhile, they find "Kame-chon" pretty suitable for Eri.

Gaki-san advised a listener who is struggling to learn Korean to watch more dramas as our brains will automatically register the word into our brains after hearing it for a couple of times. Also, she suggested for the listener to visit Korea when he gets the time. Gaki-san doesn't recommend writing down notes for languages because that method doesn't work for her. The two are rooting for the listener and Gaki-san too, is working hard to improve her Korean.

(Hot request) Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri - Mamotte Agetai ♪

"Mamotte agetai" means "I want to protect you" in English. So, who do the girls want to protect? For Gaki-san, she wants to protect those who has been caring for her and protecting her. And as for our little turtle...

G : So, what about Kamei-san?
K : Hm...yeah...erm...I want to be protected...
G : You have just listened to "Mamotte Agetai".


Morning Musume - Subete wa Ai no Chikara ♪

During one of the shopping trips with Gaki-san, they visited one of Gaki-san's favourite stores which sells items that has characters designs on them and Eri spotted an extremely big bath towel which was like a size of a futon. The store was having a sale at that time wereby there will be a discount if one buys 2 towels instead of 1. Eri was troubled as she is the type who gives in easily to sales and discounts. Fortunately for her, Gaki-san offered to buy the other piece for herself although she already have one at home. They both feel that the big bath towel makes a perfect bed cover especially now that its summer. With that, Eri gave five stars to the big bath towel!

(Gaki-han selection) Dreams Come True - Thank you ♪

Promotions for Morning Musume's 40th Single, "Nanchatte Renai", TakaGaki's dinner and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Autumn ~Nine Smile~

G : "Whether its this or that, or about how far can Kame shoot watermelon seeds" ah, that interests me.
K : Yes, I'm curious too.
G : Yes, so please try shooting them.
K : I shall do so.

The watermelon seed question is just part of the script.

One of them will be updating the blog this week so do check it out!

GAKIKAME : Oyasumi Ba~hai~