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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

6/29 Kame★5
Monday, June 29th, 2009

Today is Kamei Eri
Of course not, but its Kamei Eri's turn to be in-charge of the blog today!
So you'll certainly get something good.
I'm going to go to the toilet.
Yes, completely (lol)
Its not good to be reluctant*, everyone.
Enduring is forbidden.

While listening to the radio, please go to the toilet before listening to GAKI-KAME's FIVE☆STARS all right

*Referring to reluctance of going to the toilet.

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #013 (090629)

Monday, June 29, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #013 (090629)

Eri's English words of the day : Interesting, enjoy.

Opening talk
Started off with a tongue twister challenge initiated by Eri, claiming that she has a prize for Gaki-san if Gaki-san can successfully recite the tongue twister 3 times without fluffing her lines. Unfortunately, both of them were unable to do so. If you're curious about the prize Eri had prepared, keep a look out for a Eri's update on their blog - By Eri.

Gaki-san : fi
RisaEri : ve
Gaki-san : -nk@interfm.j
RisaEri : p
Gaki-san : fi
RisaEri : ve
Gaki-san :
RisaEri : ter
Gaki-san :

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

Gaki-san : Morning Musume no Niigaki Risa to
Eri : Kamei Eri
Gaki-san : desu.

Mail #1 - The sender noticed that Gaki-san wears T-shirts frequently as seen in some of the photos. Recently, Gaki-san has been putting on dark pink, yellow and green T-shirts. Her current favourite shirt is one with a Mickey design. Eri, obviously one who doesn't pay enough attention to Gaki-san's outfits, acted as though she knew which piece of T-shirt Gaki-san was referring to. For Eri's case, she prefers those fluffy cute one-pieces to T-shirts.

Mail #2 - An extremely honest listener from Italy sent in saying that he DOWNLOADS the radio shows and uses his iPod to listen to them. Gaki-san failed at holding back her laughter after Eri read the downloading part. Nothing much for the girls to talk about. Moving on.

Morning Musume - Genki+ ♪

Gaki-san : fiv
RisaEri : e
Gaki-san : -nk@interf
RisaEri : m
: .j
RisaEri : p
Gaki-san : fiv
RisaEri : e
Gaki-san : -nk@interf
RisaEri : m
Gaki-san : .jp

C-ute - Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu ♪

Eri's recommendation : Kombu Mayonnaise Rice - Just mix Kombu and Mayonnaise together, then eat it along with your rice. Eri got to know of such a dish through her mother's sister's uncle, which makes him her granduncle. When Gaki-san complained about Eri not bringing it to the studio to share, Eri made excuses like, "Its not nice when the rice isn't warm" and such. And apparently, Eri was almost late for the recording of the show that day.

Kimura Satoko & Komori Sousuke - Utatte Oshigoto ♪

Promotions for Aichan & Gaki-san's dinner show (?) & Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello Chanpuru~
Gaki-san will like to hold a dinner show together with Eri if its possible.

RisaEri : (In sync),

It'll be Eri's turn to update this blog this week so do check it out!
She hopes for the readers to lower their expectations of her of course, Gaki-san steps in and asks Eri to raise her standard instead.

RisaEri : Ba~hai~


Some fans on 2ch laughed at how frank the sender of the second mail was.

Utaban (090614) - Wives special

Friday, June 26, 2009

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Topic : My husband's cute point
Miki : Everything of him (Shouji) is cute
Miki : No matter what he does I'll forgive him.
Miki : Even when he is sleeping he looks cute. Whatever he does is cute.

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Lol'd at Ookami's reaction. She was like "Wtf? Did she just say when he's sleeping?!"

Taka : If you aren't living together with him why do you know his sleeping habits?
Miki : I have sleepovers at his house.
Nakai : What was the highest count for the sleepovers?
Miki : 3 days in a row.
Taka : Then you will bring your own paja paja (pajamas) over?
Miki : Paja paja? I'll leave them at his house.

For Nono's case,
Nono : His smile when he is drunk.
In fact, the first time Nono met him, he was drunk and laughing. Old story again, about Nono getting rejected thrice before Taiyou confessed to her after a concert, kissing Nono on her forehead.

While on the topic of Ookami's husband, Motoki, she brought up that Motoki (A guy in Hexagon family) was convinced that there was someone who is more stupid than him after meeting Nono (Nono was on Hexagon 3hour special this month and she gave amusing answers). Even though Nono is sitting next to Motoki's wife, she said "Motoki-san is extremely dumb" and compared it to her own level of stupidness.

Ookami recalls an incident whereby Motoki was asked where's the biggest lake in Japan, he actually replied with Japan's sea. Even though they didn't pick on it, Nono mumbled to herself asking where is it, lol. Eri was once asked the similar question on Konusapi and she managed to answer it correctly.
Answer : Lake Biwa

And now for finance..
Taka : For example if both of you bought an apartment house and the installment is 200,000 yen per month, who will pay?
Miki : He'll pay.
Taka : Then if you guys bought a car and its 7,000,000 yen, who'll pay?
Miki : He'll pay.
Miki will only pay if Shouji is having problems coping.

Hokuto's advice to Ookami after she complained about Motoki spending too much on his aquarium..
"Just eat the fishes up."

Later on Nono mentions about Taiyou keeping an aquarium too. Shouji too, had consulted Miki on getting an aquarium but Miki didn't like that idea. They wonder if guys love aquariums.
Hokuto's advie #2 : Just add soy sauce and sugar then cook them (fishes).

Hokuto shared a story of her husband putting in the effort to celebrate Christmas with her. After a long day of work, Hokuto returned home to find their house lighted up with lots of illuminations which costed 30,000 yen. Even though her husband though Hokuto will be happy to see this, Hokuto was pissed off by him for wasting money this way.
Taka : With the nice lights both of you (censored) right?
Hokuto : That rascal fell asleep before that!! He fell asleep with the lights on.
Miki & Nono : How cute ~

Topic : The secret behind maintaining a relationship
For Miki, she sends more than 10 mails to Shouji everyday. She personally thinks that if he doesn't have the same habit of mailing, they wouldn't have got together.
Ookami : After sending him a mail he replies you immediately?
Miki : Not immediately though.
Ookami : That means if he doesn't reply to your mail, you can't accept that?
Miki : But he'll definitely reply
Nakai : But if Shouji is fooling around he won't be able to reply.
Miki : He doesn't fool around
And if Shouji happens to be having a meal with his seniors, he'll tell Miki about it asking her not to call him or mail him first as it'll appear to be disrespectful if he keeps excusing himself to pick up a call. As long as he tells Miki about it, Miki will trust him 100% without any doubts of him lying to her.

For Nono, ever since her last appearance on Utaban whereby everyone told her how they pity Taiyou having to reply to Nono's mails while at work, she stopped sending mails to him. After noticing Nono has stopped mailing him, Taiyou mailed Nono going "You haven't been mailing me recently ): " which made Nono realised he wanted her to mail her after all so she continued with her mailing habits. Also, Nono gives kisses to Taiyou everyday. The 4 regular kisses are : A good morning kiss, a here-i-go kiss, a welcome home kiss and a good night kiss. And for the sometimes-kisses are : A kiss after a meal and a kiss after a bath.
Nono : He's really amazing when he is drunk. Usually he'll call me "Non" but once when he was drunk he called me "Nonta~n "and kissed me..
Miki : That's disgusting (lol)
Nono : Don't say its digusting!
Nakai : What about you Fujimoto? Do you give kisses to him before you leave?

Image Hosted by
Miki-sama's reaction to the question. Freezing in this pose for a few seconds before hehe-ing.
Taka : You don't want to talk about it?
Nakai : You don't want to do it yet?
Miki : (Nodding)Miki-sama's really sweet in this Utaban episode, not even hesitating to show how much she trusts Shouji


After the teasing of Shouji and Miki on Hexagon, its now Fujimon and Yukina's turn :P

Reina teaches Linlin some English

Thursday, June 25, 2009

From Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol.24 (~49.05)

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Gaki-san, Reina & Linlin : Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

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Reina : When we (Gaki-san & Reina) do it its not that annoying.
Linlin : Why?
Gaki-san : Watch how we do it.

Image Hosted by
Gaki-san, Reina & Linlin : Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

Image Hosted by
Gaki-san : I said WATCH didn't I?
Linlin : Huh?
Reina : Watch!
Linlin : (Blank expression)

Image Hosted by
Reina : Look! (English)
Linlin : Ah, look at you guys? Okay.

Image Hosted by
Just as Gaki-san was about to start hahaha-ing, Reina interupts
Reina : Was "look" correct?

Image Hosted by
Which somewhat embarrassed Gaki-san. Meanwhile, Linlin was answering Reina's question..
Linlin : Its rokku*, rokku, rokku.
Reina : Its not rokku! Its look!
Linlin : Its rokku!

Image Hosted by
Reina : Rokku is this! (Rock music)
Linlin : No, that's roku.

Image Hosted by
Reina : Ah never mind.

Image Hosted by
Linlin : Rokku is lock!
Gaki-san & Reina : ...

Image Hosted by
Reina : You're the one who said its rokku!
Gaki-san : (lol)

Image Hosted by
Reina : (lol) She slipped! Did you guys see that?
Gaki-san : (lol) Did you see that?!
Linlin : (lol)

*rokku can mean both rock and lock but not look.

Konya mo Usachan Peace #138 (090624)

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #138 (090624)


Opening Talk
Started off with Ojigi's final performance talk. The girls received a bouquet each which came as a surprise and they sang Ojigi's theme song once more at the end of the performance. It was a really touching performance but there is something Sayu will like to apologise about. On last week's Konusapi, Sayu mentioned that she didn't get a chance to use her gag for her punishment game so she did the gag on the radio show. However, it wasn't so. Sayu lost in the end and had to do it. She was as embarrassed as how she was when she did it during last episode's recording. As Konusapi is a pre-recorded radio show, after last week's recording, Sayu headed for her Ojigi rehearsal and lost the game, that is why Sayu had spoke a little too soon on the radio show saying that she didn't get the chance to do the punishment game. Also, on that day, by coincidence, it was the DVD recording for the rehearsal footage, so we'll probably get to see Sayu doing her "Konjac Jelly "

Melon Kinenbi & Beat Crusaders - Don't say goodbye ♪

Sayu's small room
Mail #1 - Sender asks Sayu to talk about the Okinawa trip for her image DVD and photobook. Sayu describes this photobook to be the most natural one as compared to the rest of the photobooks she had released. In fact, some of the make-ups are close to not having any make-up on since she was told to show what a girl in her teens can. The naturalness in the photobook is something Sayu will like all her fans to look forward to. As for the DVD, Sayu has no idea why, but she was asked to do some kick-boxing when her weakness is sports. She complained about how tiring it was and the next day she had to attend the dance lesson for the new single with a muscle ache. Even though so, Sayu will like fans to pay attention to the kick-boxing part as she had tried really hard during the kick-boxing session. The DVD includes Sayu's letter to her future-self in 10 years. She can't remember what she wrote but she thinks its something really good so she encouraged fans to pay attention to that part too. Sayu will be waiting your reviews!

Mail #2 - Eri's character in Ojigi is Tsuru Erika while Reina's is Kuroda Reina. Both their characters' names are related to their real names. However, Sayu's character, Chii Ruruka's name is not related to Michishige Sayumi. Sender is curious about why Sayu was in the role of Chii Ruruka. Sayu has no idea why too. But when Ojigi had first started off with Aichan, Sayu and Tokkii, all these 3 girls' characters' names are not related to their real names. Eri and Reina only joined in the Ojigi cast afterwards in the roles of Tsuru Erika and Kuroda Reina so Sayu thinks the name-relationship-trend was only introduced after the first part of Ojigi. Although Sayu is not related to her character in terms of name, Chii Ruruka's personality is similar to Sayu's, going around doing Usachan Peace, not being able to make friends with small children and such. In the play, Ruruka is unable to communicate well with the 2 Hello Pro Eggs despite loving children. Sayu reveals that that happens to her in real life too. She tried to get closer to the 2 Hello Pro Eggs but it just don't seem to work. She shares an episode that happened in her dressing room. Karin went to Sayu asking her to look at a comic book. As one who loves children, Sayu was excited and agreed readily, misunderstanding Karin's intention of lending it to her for that moment, thinking that Karin is going to give it to her. Sayu noticed the troubled look on Karin's face as Karin was returning to her dressing room. Karin came back a few minutes later telling Sayu "Its about the comic book earlier on..its okay for you to borrow it..but my mother wants to read it too so can you return it to me after you're done reading it?". Sayu bet Karin had consulted someone before she came back to Sayu. Anyway, she quickly apologised and rushed through the comic book before returning it to Karin.

Mail #3 - While having a hairwash in the hair salon, whenever the hairdresser asks if there is any part of the head that itches, even if there is, the sender will not have enough courage to say that there is. Sayu understands the sender's feelings. Unlike other hair salons, the one that Sayu visits does not put a towel to refrain the shampoo/water from getting into their customers' eyes. She'll be torn between whether to close her eyes or not. The hairdresser often tries to initiate a conversation with Sayu while washing her hair asking "Your work for today is over?". Deep down Sayu will be thinking that "Of course it is, or else how would I be able to come?" or "Obviously, since its evening already" but in order to not show the devilish side of her, she replied with a simple "Yes". Not only this, she always gets asked repeated questions like "Where is your hometown?". Sayu will be dying to leave the salon as soon as possible but the hairdresser will always bug her to get a hair treatment which she'll give in after a while. After the treatment the hairdresser will be like "Your hair is better now isn't it?". Even though Sayu can't really feel it, she'll make use of what she learned as an idol and will touch her hair followed by a "Wow! It is!" reaction. Coming back to the itching talk, that is why Sayu does not want to tell the hairdresser even if there are parts that are itchy because she'll be initiating another annoying conversation with the hairdresser if they started going "Is it this part?" "More to the right?" and such. Sayu will rather wash her hair by herself afterwards when she gets home.

"If you can bring back only 1 item that you had lost, what will it be?" - Sayu will want back the scar-less body. Although wounds do recover, but there's always a faint scar left behind. Sayu's knees have lots of such scars even though it may not be clearly visible from far. Talking about injuries, it reminded Sayu of the iron incident that happened before Ojigi's performance. Sayu had her earphones on when she was doing up her make-up. One of the earphone dropped and while reaching out for it, Sayu touched the hair iron by accident, burning her wrist. Junjun too, had scalded her right hand recently with hot water.

"If you have to be the younger sister of either Fujimoto (Miki)-san and Ishikawa (Rika)-san, whose sister will you be?" - Sayu loves Charmy, but if it comes to having either one of them as her family member, she'll choose to have Mikitty as her sister as Mikitty is one who loves her family a lot. She went on talking about how much Mikitty had changed after leaving Morning Musume. The other day when Sayu had a TV show recording with Mikitty, Mikitty's smile was really sweet. So sweet that Sayu's reaction was like "Does she smile like this?". Also, when Mikitty noticed Sayu's nervousness before the recording since Sayu has yet to get used to variety shows, she called Sayu over to help Sayu out.

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

Ending talk
Mail #5 - Sender asks if there is anything that Sayu will definitely not want to lose to her brother and sister. Sayu will not want to lose to her siblings in the degree of affection from their mother. She wants her mother to pamper her more than her siblings.

Promotion for Sayu's photobook & image DVD

Sayu : OyaSayumin ♥

InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #091 (090624)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #091 (090624)

Opening Talk
Reina had a weird dream of a fish dropping down from the sky on that day. Its not those fishes we see in our daily life, but one that's similar to those we see in comic books. Not that Reina was listening or watching something about fishes before she went to bed, neither did she even try to imagine this to happen. Reina wonders why did she dream of this. If anyone is helpful enough to look for a fortune teller to analyse her dream, please send in the analysis to her at Reina will be waiting for your message!

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

Mail #1 - A listener sends in a mail asking for advice from Reina to change his shy character. Reina personally has the same problem too even though she may not appear to be so. Fans may think that Reina can open up to one easily but she thinks in she is probably the shyest member in Morning Musume. She gets told that she has the aura of one who is easy to be friends with which Reina assumed it maybe because of her face. Reina suddenly started somewhat mumbling to herself going "Since I have to meet lots of new people in my job...its not be I have to try to talk to them..". Her advice is to try to think up of a good topic to start a conversation with those who you think you can be friends with to break the ice.

Mail #2 - The sender had a 1st date with his girlfriend just the other day but he didn't know what to talk about. He'll like to make the 2nd date a better one hence he asked Reina for suggestions from the point of view of a girl. Reina suggested for the sender to either call his girlfriend or send a mail to her if he's too shy to, telling her he really wanted to make the date a fun one, but unable to do so because he was too shy. Then add on saying "I'll try my best to make our next date an enjoyable one". If the sender's afraid of not being able to speak well again the next date, Reina suggests him to bring his girlfriend to the amusement park since they will be screaming their heads off so he won't have to worry about not being to make the date exciting.

Mail #3 - A personality test which tests your degree of eccentricity. Reina's conclusion is that she should aim to be passive since her result was that if she does that, things will turn out well.

Tohoshinki - Share the World ♪
C-ute - Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu ♪

Recently Reina has been putting on a pink eye mask when sleeps which is very comfortable even though at first Reina was afraid of putting it on because she had the thought that if a ghost were to appear she'll be slower by normal human's reaction time by zero point something second. She knows some listeners may think she is dumb but she really thought so at first. Coming back, Reina wants to be able to have a good sleep without those constant wake-ups by herself in the middle of the night. With that, Reina five star'd the eye mask.

Morning Musume - Happy Summer Wedding ♪

Promotion for Hello! Project 2009 Summer ~Hello Chanpuru~ & Morning Musume's 40th Single, Nanchatte Renai 8/12

Reina : GanbaReina ♥

New Biyuuden & Tanpopo - Fans' predictions

So from the tracklist for the Hello! Project album we know that Hello! Project units that were on hiatus/disbanded are going to be revived and make their comebacks this Summer and that includes a new Biyuuden. Since the new members of Tanpopo, Pucchi Moni, Mini Moni and Biyuuden have yet to be announced, I guess its only normal to see predictions from other fans. I was reading 2ch's prediction thread and noticed there were quite a number of predictions of Eri joining the new Biyuuden.

Some of the predictions for Biyuuden's new members
- Eri and 2 high school students from Hello Pro Eggs
- Eri, Miyabi & Maimi
- Eri, Miyabi & a Hello Pro Egg
- Eri, Sayu & someone
- Eri, Sayu & Mano
- Eri, Sayu & Junjun (A few had the same prediction and one of them reasoned that age will probably play a part in the decision of the new members and another reasoned that because this 3 are probably the sexiest)
- Eri, Sayu & Reina
- Aichan, Gaki-san & Reina

There are also predictions for Eri to be in Tanpopo. A fan predicted that the new members for Tanpopo may be Eri, Aika, Yurina & Chisato after assuming that the "♯" that was added behind Tanpopo (タンポポ♯) in the mail sent to the FC members stood for the Kanji "井". All the 4 Hello! Project members listed by the fan has a "井" Kanji in their names. 亀井絵里 Kamei Eri, 光井愛佳 Mitsui Aika, 熊井友理奈 Kumai Yurina, 岡井千聖 Okai Chisato. On several Eri fanblogs, the authors have too, discussed about whether Eri will be one of the new members in Tanpopo considering that Eri had done pretty well for the past 2 Tanpopo performances she had performed. (Last Kiss with Aichan and Reina and I & YOU & I & YOU & I with Charmy, Maimi and Megumi)

The post isn't suppose to make any sense. They are just predictions that I read on 2ch and some fanblogs for anyone who's interested in the fans' guesses.

...No idea why, but I'm hoping for Eri to be in the new Biyuuden.

Chanpuru ① ~Happy Marriage Song Cover Shuu~ Tracklist

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Image Hosted by

10.ONLY YOU/続・美勇伝
12.for you…/リンリン
"I want to protect you" Mamotte Agetai will be covered by Gaki-san and Eri. I'm as excited as all the GAKIKAME fans out there who had been awaiting for another duet by this duo ever since their "Hajimete no Birthday" performance during Wonderful Hearts 2006 Summer. We've seen how Gaki-san and Eri had been paired up for the past few Morning Musume singles especially Resonant Blue where their voices blended well. Glad that Tsunku recognises this tsukkomi-boke duo! Definitely something I'll like to hear the girls discuss about it on FIVE STARS Monday. This duo is really getting the attention!
(This tracklist is awesome with all the unexpected comebacks and a solo for Linlin, but nothing comes before Eri for me :P Makes me wonder if Eri will be in any of the revived groups. )

Matsutouya Yumi - Mamotte Agetai

Mother's Day 2007

Image Hosted by
An extract from GAKI-KAME #008 (070526)
Gaki-san : What about you Kame? What did you do for Mother's day?
Eri : I quarreled with my mother in the morning.
Gaki-san : Eh?! Even though its Mother's day?
Eri : Yes, over something trivial.
Gaki-san : What did you do?
Eri : I made a cheesecake and while decorating the cake with fresh cream, some of it flew back up after I put it on the cake and landed on my hand so I just tasted it and it was horrible salty because I had mistook the salt for sugar earlier on.
Gaki-san : Eh?!
Eri : That made me become hot-tempered.
Gaki-san : Who was the one who made the mistake? It was you wasn't it?
Eri : Yes.
Gaki-san : Then why did you become hot-tempered (when you're the one who made the mistake)?
Eri : Because I tried really hard mixing the ingredients, making the fresh cream all bouncy but when it reached my hand and I tasted it it was so salty.
Gaki-san : Uh-huh
Eri : I couldn't control myself and ended up venting my anger on my mother asking her "Mom, why?! Why didn't you tell me I used salt instead of sugar?!"
Gaki-san : (lol)
Eri : And then we quarreled.
Gaki-san : Poor mother.
Eri : That evening my whole family went out for dinner and yes, it was great.
Gaki-san : Then what happened to the salted fresh cream?
Eri : Ah yes, that, well, er, yeah
Gaki-san : You ate it?
Eri : Er, lets not talk about that.
Gaki-san : Eh?
Eri : Because its difficult to understand.
Gaki-san : Well, but you were in the wrong.
Eri : Yes, it was my fault.
Gaki-san : Don't push the blame to your mother next time, okay?
Eri : I'm really really sorry.
Gaki-san : Go and label them "Salt" and "Sugar" to stop this from happening again.
Eri : Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! It was already written there though..
Gaki-san : (lol) Guess it can't be helped then.
Our short-tempered little turtle
Its amazing how she can mix salt and sugar up when the containers are labeled.
No wonder she wished for a better eyesight in 20dreams..

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday's blog - 6/22 Niigaki Risa★4

6/22 Niigaki Risa★4
Monday, June 22nd, 2009

!!!Good evening!!!

★☆I'm Niigaki Risa☆★
Everyone!You may set your mind at ease*〜〜〜〜!!

Today too 「FIVE☆STARS」
We had fun hosting it………
Eh。。Something that I thought about while recording the radio show…!
「There's not enough time〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〃(㊥≧□≦)ゞ」
I'm having too much fun everytime……
The moment we got ourselves all excited、the staff from the outside of the booth……………………

Director-san:「Hm〃〜〜Sorry there's not enough time so we have to cut down the number of mails read〜〜(><;)/」
      We've spent that much of time?〜〜〜〜!」
PokeKame:「Gakisan and me are too excited〜〜(●-ω-●)This is bad〜〜〜〜
      Its too fun〜〜〜〜」
Gaki:「Yes isn't it〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜(оххо)Please give us more time〜〜〜〜!!」
GAKIKAME :「mumble mumble…………Ahahahaha………mumble mumble ahahahaha!!!!
      wasshoi wasshoi-」

After 2 minutes…………

Director-san:「Erm〜If the both of you continue to be so excited、
         we'll only be able to cover one mail today〜〜〜f^_^;」
It became this way (lol)

………We'll respond(^^:;)
It really feels as though all this is a skit。。。

Yes……I'm really…enjoying myself。
If everyone is enjoying themselves too…………
It'll make us really grateful towards you guys(● ̄∨ ̄●)〜。

Today was my turn to give ☆★☆★☆ 5 stars。。。
Seriously、its rather!!! Easy to be addicted to it!!
Recently the thing I'm addicted to! My hobby!! Is、like what I've mentioned on the radio show、while listening to the music I like, I'll decorate my items!!!!
Carrying my music player that's covered with decorations, playing my favourite music、and recently I'm crazy over lots of songs!!!So I transferred quite a number of songs into my music player V(*≧∀≦*)V
That includes Morning Musume's songs of course and the CDs that were recommended to us by the fans☆★
I'm listening to Disney songs too ♪♪ Hehe!!
Music is good (●∪∀∪●)★☆★

It helps to heal my heart。。
If our songs can heal everyone's hearts too。。
that'll be good。。

Yesterday at Yokohama BLITZ, we held our 「Shouganai Yume Oibito」release event。。
We performed there。。Please continue to send in messages…!!
and give us the Power
After that we had the handshake event and everyone's warm words。。and from time to time, we get some funny stories from the fans …They all noticed the image change I had done to my hair and my hair colour!!!
It made me happy〜〜♪ My fringe is short but it isn't straight, it curves in a little〜☆And I chose a darker colour for my hair〜〜〜………!!!
My theme colour!!『Yellowish green!』of course I didn't dye my hair that colour。。
but I've changed my hair colour to a dark shade of green !!v( ̄∀ ̄*)I wonder if anyone noticed that??

But! There were fans who have green hair and green contact lens!!Also, there were fans with green spectacle frame、green shoelaces、、(☆ο☆)!!
Being able to be in such a close contact with the fans during the handshake event、chatting to them, made me discover something new
♪♪Ah〜〜Everyone's power is amazing!!
From now on too, together!! Lets try to make!!!! Lots of enjoyable times together!!

Well。。Its a pretty long entry。。
Thank you for reading my long entry。。(◎‐◇‐◎)

With that!!!

Everyone who's working hard, sweating everyday!!
All the mothers who are trying their best to manage the house!!
Students who are giving their everything to study!!!

And to the little children!(^0^)/
Whose jobs are to play〜〜〜〜〜!!!

Lets all work hard tomorrow all right〜〜〜〜!
See you〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Because its not Eri that is blogging.

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #012 (090622)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Image Hosted by
InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #012 (090622)

Gaki-san : Morning Musume no Niigaki Risa to..
Eri : Kamei Eri
Gaki-san : desu!
For some reason, our little turtle does not want to say the "desu" this week and had made hand gestures similar to a director's, gesturing for Gaki-san to say it instead.

While Gaki-san was practising her lines earlier on so that she won't fluff her lines, Eri was there somewhat encouraging Gaki-san, going "Ah, that's good, that's good, you can do it Gaki-san".

Opening talk
Eri : Gaki-san, if you were a sesame seed--
Gaki-san : Sesame?!
Eri : --if you were a sesame seed, will you be a white sesame seed or a black sesame se-seed?
Gaki-san : Please don't mess up at that part.
Eri : (lol)
Gaki-san : Eh, me?
Eri : Black and white, which will you choose?
Gaki-san : Erm, black-k, white.
Eri : White? Me too!
Gaki-san : Why? Either one will do anyway.
Eri : But I don't like black sesame!
Gaki-san : If it was for a bread, white sesame will do, if it was for a bowl of rice, black sesame will do. You get what I mean? If it was for a bread, I'll choose white sesame.

Putting the sesame talk aside, Gaki-san changed the topic to the Ojigi play which she had watched it twice (One of it was the final performance). Gaki-san complimented Eri for being real funny in the play and her acting skills.

RisaEri : five
Gaki-san : -
RisaEri : nk
Gaki-san : @
RisaEri : interfm
Gaki-san : .
RisaEri : jp
Gaki-san : five-nk@
Eri : @ mark
Gaki-san : interfm
RisaEri : .jp

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

Gaki-san : Morning Musume no Niigaki Risa to..
Eri : Kamei Eri
Gaki-san : desu! You're really leaving the "desu" to me today isn't it?
Eri : (lol)

Mail #1 - A listener who was shocked when the dentist told him he has got a horrible cavity sent in a message requesting for an encouraging message from the 2 girls. Before the recording, Eri had volunteered to read out this message. The reason being that she is able to sympathise this listener thanks to the decayed tooth she has in the bottom row of her teeth that has yet to be fixed. It has been there for more than a month but Eri refuses to go to the dentist. After Eri said she understands how the listener feels, Gaki-san reminded Eri that the listener had already went to a dentist. Eri admitted that she only realised that just now while reading it out. Before that, she was like "Yay! There's someone who is like me!". Even though she is not taking good care of her teeth, Eri was there emphasising on the importance of our teeth. Actually, Gaki-san had already foreseen Eri getting a cavity ever since the Ume Sukombu Gummy discussion they had during the 1st episode of FIVE STARS Monday whereby Eri had complained to Gaki-san about the gummy getting stuck in her teeth. Eri didn't mind it getting stuck though, reason being that the taste will remain in her mouth if its stuck there. They didn't give any encouraging message in the end ^^;

Mail #2 - Sender asks about what advices had GAKIKAME given to their juniors when they had first joined Morning Musume. Eri remembers teaching Koharu how to dance together with fellow Rokkie, Sayu, for the concert tour. There was once Koharu really pushed them to their limits and Eri said she'll stop teaching her if she continues to be that way. Eri got a "Yes" with a bright smile in return. Even though people are mad at her, Koharu can be there laughing. And for Eri, Gaki-san described her to be a cute serious girl when she had first joined Morning Musume, answering her seniors earnestly. But after some time, the real Kamei Eri slowly revealed herself and they gradually become closer to one another. They concluded that everyone needs some time to open up to one another.

Melon Kinenbi & Beat Crusaders - Don't say goodbye ♪

Gaki-san : five-nk
RisaEri : @
Gaki-san : interfm
RisaEri : .
Gaki-san : jp
Gaki-san : five-nk
RisaEri : @
Gaki-san : interfm.
RisaEri : j
Gaki-san : p
RisaEri : (lol)

C-ute - Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu ♪

After 2 weeks of the abscene of this corner as they had a message festival, Gaki-san is itching to share some new stuff with us. Recently, Gaki-san is crazy over decorations. She had decorated her mobile phone, music player, staplers and more. She's really so into decorations that Gaki-san had actually bought a new camera because the old one she had, the surface isn't flat, making it difficult for it to be decorated. But of course, making good use of the camera, Gaki-san had been taking photos earlier on before the recording to keep all the memories. Eri asks Gaki-san to include Eri in too which according to Gaki-san, she does not have to do it because Eri has been forcing her way in like the way she did for the recording they had the previous day. For some reason, Eri was really happy over the fact that Gaki-san's new digital camera can send photos to their phones. Coming back to the decoration talk, Gaki-san wants to decorate her television. In fact, Gaki-san had often specially buy certain items just to decorate it. If Gaki-san gets a chance to post up pictures of her items in the blog or somewhere, she will definitely upload them so do check it out if that happens. Even though Eri is the "Simple is best" type, she thinks that decorating items can be a good hobby. Before they rounded up the talk, Gaki-san announced that she might start decorating the headphone in the studio, lol.

(Kame-chin's selection) Ben E. King - Stand by Me ♪
Eri was told that she hums the tune of this song often by her okaa-han* (mother)

Promotion (?) about the dinner show Aichan and Gaki-san will be involved in. Eri double checked with Gaki-san if its in Nagoya when Gaki-san didn't even mention Nagoya, lol. Eri wants to tag along and asks Gaki-san to bring her along. Gaki-san doesn't like the idea of Eri sleeping next to her if they share a hotel room though.

Promotions for Hello! Project 2009 Summer ~Hello Chanpuru~

Gaki-san : five-nk@interfm.
RisaEri : jp (A high pitch "jp" from Eri)
Gaki-san : five-nk
RisaEri : @ (A high pitch "@" from Eri)
Gaki-san : interfm.
RisaEri : jp (A high pitch "jp" from Eri)

Gaki-san will be updating FIVE STARS Monday's blog this week so do check it out!

Gaki-san : Morning Musume no Niigaki Risa to..
Eri : Kamei Eri
Gaki-san : deshita!
RisaEri : Ba~hai~
Gaki-san :'re leaving that part ("deshita") to me too?

*Gaki-san and Eri have been addressing people as "-han" instead of "-san".
They better check Gaki-han's suitcase thoroughly before they leave for Osaka. If not, they may find our little turtle and Gaki-han creating a havoc in Gaki-han's hotel room!

Chanpuru ① ~Happy Marriage Song Cover Shuu~ Cover

Image Hosted by
Eri is in the center?
..when her hair had already grabbed most of the attention?

Youngtown (090620)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
Youngtown (090620)

Listener brought up last week's talk about Aichan's slip-ups during Ojigi's play. There was someone who made more mistakes than Aichan.
During the 2nd last day of Ojigi, for the 1st performance, Sayu wasn't feeling well but by the 2nd performance, she was all warmed up and energetic. Her high tension caused her to get really excited and wanted to go onto the stage quickly. Before she even noticed it, Sayu was already on the stage, going "Good morning~"..
..when she's not suppose to.
It was actually during the opening scene with Eri and Aichan introducing themselves to one another. Unlike Reina who went onto the stage a few seconds earlier than supposed during Platinum 9 DISCO (Konusapi translation), Sayu's timing was totally off and there was still a period of time before she was supposed to appear on the stage as arranged to. After realising she's not suppose to be there, Sayu left the stage. The audience seriously had a great time laughing at Sayu.
Continuing with the messing up of lines talk last week, Sanma and Shouji were amazed by how the girls can even mess up the lines of a serious scene. Aichan talked about Cinderella the Musical which has lots of conversations going on throughout the whole musical so she really had to give all her best. Meanwhile for Sayu, who doesn't have much lines to sing, expressed her happiness for being even able to participate in a conversation in the musical.

At the very first message from listener during Murakami's corner, Aichan messed up again and pronounced "Takahashi-san" as "Takahachi-san". Also, probably because of her accent, Aichan's pronounciation for "4th June" was a little weird and had to be corrected by Sanma.

Perhaps its expected, but anyway according to Sayu, there'll be a DVD for Ojigi de SHAPE UP!

[06/20] Shouganai Yume Oibito Event (Afternoon)

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

If you are a university student, what part-time job will you want to take up?
Gaki-san : Koharu, what will you want to take up?
Koharu : I'll like to take up all the jobs, but--
Gaki-san : What do you mean by ALL? You won't be able to handle!
Koharu : I mean as many as I can handle. I think I'll work in a convenience store.
Gaki-san : Ah, that's a good job isn't it.
Koharu : I want to go "Welcome~" (High-pitched voice) "Welcome~"
Eri : The pitch is too high! And that does not even happen in a convenience store!
Koharu : "Please come to this store!" "Please come to this store!"
Aichan, Gaki-san, Sayu & Reina : SHUT UP.
Gaki-san : That's not a convenience store.
Reina : Its more like a shop that sells dresses.
Koharu : Its not convenience shop?
Eri : Yes, its not.
Gaki-san : Then now, Junjun. What job will you take up?
Junjun : I want to work in a bakery
Sayu : Ah ~
Junjun : I heard that if there are breads not sold, the shop assistants get to bring them home.
Koharu : Ah, yes, I've heard that too.
Junjun : Right? That's why I want this job.
Gaki-san : I see. Next, Kame!
Fans : ERI!
Eri : Me?!
Gaki-san : Kame.
Eri : Eh?
Gaki-san : Kame, if you were to take up a part time job what will you work as?
Eri : Eh..?
Gaki-san : In a situation whereby you're a university student and you're allowed to take up any job you want to try.
Eri : Hm, I wonder what will be good..I..erm..
Sayu : Quick!
Eri : That, that! I want that! (Hand gestures)
Gaki-san : What?
Sayu : Ah, ah! I got it! You want to be a construction worker?
Eri : Yes yes! That!
Reina & Gaki-san : EHH?!
Reina : You're a GIRL.
Sayu : You're just being random right?
Gaki-san : But yes, whenever we talk about part-time jobs, jobs like cashiers, and those that goes "It'll be 100yen for my smile"..ah no, not 100yen, 0yen!
Eri : That's expensive (The smiling service is usually free, no charge)
Gaki-san : Yes, not many people will think of jobs like being a construction worker.
Eri : I want to wear the helmet and--
Sayu : Eww
Gaki-san : But if Eri works as a construction worker she is bound to mess up her job.
Eri : (lol)

Surveys were conducted for the top 5 best dating spots of Yokohama. The members have to guess the 5 spots.
Gaki-san : Sayumin!
Sayu : ii building!*
Fans : (lol)
Sayu : I don't know where is it though

*On Morning Musume's Osaka Koi no Uta appearance on Music Fighter (2005), there was an ii building talk by Gaki-san. Ever since then they had been calling the building ii building on radio shows. (Youtube)

Skipping some of the members' guesses, cos' I'm too lazy to do research about Yokohama. Moving on to Junjun's guess.
Junjun : I don't know the name, but its the place we went the other day that has a print club.
Gaki-san : Ah, the ii building's 2nd building?
Fans : (lol)
Junjun : Yes.
Gaki-san : Nope, not that.

And to leader Aichan, who was silent throughout the first 1/3 of the event.
Aichan : Me~
Gaki-san : Ah, Aichan, you FINALLY raised your hand.
Eri : Leader ~
Aichan : I was raising it all the while!
Gaki-san : Really? Okay, then, Takahashi-san.
Aichan : Ninniku's restaurant?
Gaki-san : That's incorrect.

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

Analysis on the recent dreams the members dreamed of.
Started off with Reina who was panting heavily after the performance. In her dream, Reina wanted to meet a friend for the very last time but there was a devil that was blocking her way, forbidding her from meeting her friend. According to the analysis, the devil is actually Reina herself. There is something unpleasant between Reina and her friend in Reina's heart. Reina was advised to think hard and she'll know what's stopping her. (Insert Eri's devilish laughter)

Eri : There must be something awkward between both of you right? Try and remember!
Reina : it.
Fans : (lol)
Gaki-san : (to Eri) What the hell is wrong with you? Are you talking about yourself?--
Eri : (Fakes cry)
Gaki-san : --Looking down on people this way
Sayu : What's wrong with you?
Reina : No. You know, Eri's mean, only towards me.
Fans : (lol)
Eri : (Devilish laughter)
Gaki-san : Maybe the unpleasant thing is like for example, if it was between Aichan and I, it'll be that I've yet to return her the DVD she lent me
Aichan : EXACTLY.
Fans : (lol)
Gaki-san : Well, its true, but you don't have similar dreams as Reina's right?
Aichan : (lol)
Reina : But I really don't have anything against her..

Aichan dreamed of a wolf chasing after her on a bike. It actually shows that Aichan wants to take up a challenge/try something new but something is stopping her from doing so. The wolf not only mean that there's an obstacle in Aichan's heart, it also meant that Aichan will be fooled by someone and she should beware of people, especially guys.

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

[06/20] Yaguchi Mari's blog

Saturday, June 20, 2009

[Dohhh UP!] 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT video clip

A new 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT video clip (Full song) is available on Dohhh UP!
(Download) (Dohhh UP! - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT Video clip)

Image Hosted by
Looks as though these 3 were at a print club.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Unfortunately they didn't include the shots whereby all 9 members are gathered up in front of the camera. It looked pretty fun with all of them trying to get into the screen.

Image Hosted by
All the members appeared one by one and the last one was Eri. Her pose was completely different from the earlier 8 poses by the rest of the members ^^;
Really cute though. I'd say she stole the limelight for this part.

Image Hosted by
For a moment there I was wondering if Aichan had a stomachache during the recording.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
I love how Eri's jacket keeps sliding off her shoulders and she has to bump it up every now and then while dancing.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Eri close-ups

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Sayu left out :P

Ichigo Ichie (090618) - Dressing room recording

Friday, June 19, 2009

From Ichigo Ichie (090618)
During the dressing room recording, the Ojigi members were asked about what new stuff have they discovered in the play this time round. While Reina was answering Aichan..

Reina : My character..
Eri : (In the background) Chi chi chi chi chi chi chi chi chi chi chi
Reina : SHUT UP, KAME.
Aichan : (lol)
Eri : CHIN ~

Konya mo Usachan Peace #137 (090617)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Image Hosted by
Konya mo Usachan Peace #137 (090617)


Opening Talk
Ojigi de SHAPE UP! rehearsals are really enjoyable for all of them including the famous-for-hating-rehearsals Tanaka Reina is having fun too, turning up for rehearsals in cute outfits. Before the rehearsals, they'll play games which were thought up by the experienced performers and if the experienced performers screw up 2 times, they'll have to go through the penalty game while for the 4 MM members and the new performers, they get 4 chances. The penalty game was to impersonate something and Sayu didn't want to lose so she gave all her best while playing the game. Afraid that she may screw up one day, Sayu had prepared a joke beforehand so that she will not have any problems handling the penalty game but the day never came. Its not that she wants to do it, but she wants to know how funny the joke will be. She thought of using it on the Red Carpet but she didn't.

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

Sayu's small room
The staffs bugged Sayu to use her joke so here it comes!

- Michishige Sayumi's wild sexy diary
I'll read out perfectly ordinary phrases in a sexy way

Sayu : Konjac Jelly (Sexy)

If you don't find it funny, Sayu is telling you to change the way you look at it. Sayu personally thinks its funny and thought up of lots of categories. She'll like to know what the listeners think so do send in your opinions to her even if its a harsh comment. Sayu suggested to the staffs that it can be a new corner for Konusapi.

Sayu on Yaguchi's blog
Yaguchi is a really nice and welcoming senior. Watching the loud ever-energetic-and-laughing Yaguchi, it makes Sayu feel energetic too. Talking about variety, Sayu reveals that she is actually very nervous on variety shows. So nervous that when travelling to the studio, she had to listen to some MM songs to make herself feel as though the rest of the members were by her side so that she can calm down. Sayu's jinx - If after listening to a certain song before the recording of the variety show and the recording turns out well, she'll listen to the same song the next time she goes for another variety show. The songs on her playlist now are Shouganai Yume Oibito, Naichau Kamo, Yowamushi and more. The song that transqulises her the most is Eri's solo song, Kataomoi no Owari ni. The melody is soft and the intro of the song sounds as though one is about to embark on a new journey of life. And of course, Eri's sweet voice is very soothing as though there's a healing effect in her voice. Sayu usually listens to Eri's voice as she heads for a variety show recording.

Sayu's habit of taking photos from the same angle and using the same poses over and over again. Sender wonders if that's the best angle to look at Sayu.
Sayu admits that when she thinks that that's a best position, she'll just show pictures taken from that angle since she don't see the need to post something that's not the best but she is going to try posting pictures which are not just taken from the best position. Also, she had noticed that not just the angle is the same, the place where she takes photos of herself is the same too as thought it is her best location. Sayu discovered a place in her house whereby the lighting is really good and when she takes a picture of herself using her right hand, a peace sign on another brought up near to her face, blocking her chubby cheeks, the picture will turn out 3 times cuter than the actual Sayumi.

On another radio show, fellow 6th generation members, Kamei Eri and Tanaka Reina were asked if they were to have a relationship with another MM member, who will it be. Eri and Reina chose one another. Sender directs the question to Sayu.
Sayu feels lonely because the 2 Rokkies didn't choose her. But anyway, the first one that came into Sayu's mind was Eri since she is the one closest to her and Eri is not only feminine, she also has a strong sense of humaneness. She added on that Eri is not afraid of expressing herself and doesn't hide anything from anyone. Watching her this way makes Sayu thinks that she should be aiming to be like Eri. If Sayu was a guy, she'll choose Eri who will probably help her a lot in improving herself. BUT, since Eri and Reina choose one another, if Sayu joins in, it'll be a love triangle so if she were to choose another member, she may choose Takahashi Ai. If she gets to choose someone who isn't from MM, she'll choose Mano Erina because she's cute and will be a girlfriend who one can boast about. While if it was Eri, she'll probably be concerned if Eri is all right (Self-explanatory). Sayu quickly added on that Eri's not a complete idiot though.

FYI, Rokkies answers in 2008 → 2009
Eri Aichan (2008) → Reina (2009)
Sayu Eri (2008) → Eri (2009) → 2nd choice : Aichan (2009)
Reina Eri (2008) → Eri (2009)

Mail from KOUCHI-KEN. Sender's name is Sayumi too and is born in Heisei era.
The only person Sayu had ever met who shares the name as her is an old lady. She is glad to see another Sayumi-chan even though the sender's Sayumi is written in Kanji which Sayu envies her for that.

Dajarenbou Shougun
Both Aichan and Sayu love green tea-flavoured food like ice, chocolate and so on but quite a number of members in MM dislike green tea so there are usually lots of green tea-flavoured stuff that are leftover so its actually a good thing for the green tea lovers of MM.

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

Ending Talk
Sender suffers from kinetosis but Sayu don't, so she can't really understand how he feels. But if a boat shakes too much, Sayu will feel dizzy too. Unable to give a proper advice to his question, Sayu suggests him to send it to another radio program xD

Promotions for Hello! Projecy 2009 Summer ~Hello! Chanpuru~

Sayu : OyaSayumin ♥


Congrats to Sayu for completing her map now that a listener from Kouchi-ken had sent in a mail! Even though its only broadcast'd in Nagoya, Sayu had received mails from every part of Japan. Perhaps she should now start a map for Asia and then a world map! :P

InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #090 (090617)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Image Hosted by
InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #090 (090617)

Opening Talk
Recently, Reina has been falling asleep while watching the TV. Even though she's enjoying herself, the next moment when she opens her eyes, it'll be morning already. Not long ago, while watching Shabekuri 007, Reina fell asleep and dreamed of herself involved in a talk with the guests on Shabekuri 007, trying her very best to participate in the talk since she was surrounded entertainers on the show, who are great talkers. Also, Reina's one who listens to music as she sleeps so there are times where the song appears in her dreams too. Reina thinks dreams are awesome, because even things that we have never thought about, they often happen in our dreams.

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

Mail #1 - The sender was surprised when he saw the picture of the black-hair-Reina on Ojigi's blog. Sender asks Reina if there's a reason behind the colour and if she's satisfied with the black hairstyle. If you're thinking that Reina had dyed her hair black because of Ojigi de SHAPE UP! play, she's telling you the reason behind her sudden black hairstyle has isn't related to the play. Its just that during Ojigi's rehearsal, suddenly, just suddenly, Reina felt like changing the colour of her hair. After discussing with her mom, Reina dyed her hair using a temporary dye which goes off after a week 4weeks before Ojigi play starts because she wasn't in favour of the idea of performing with a black hairstyle but the dye didn't go off and she had to attend the SYO event with it. She expected fans to mention about her black hair during the SYO event but the fans didn't do so so Reina thought they probably didn't notice it. At first when she dyed it black, she didn't like it but after some time she's satisfied with it but the dye had already went off. Reina will announce it somewhere if she happens to dye it black again.

Mail #2 - Sender asks Reina if she's happy when she sees someone using the same phone/bag and etc. because the person has the same interests as her or does she not like the sight of it. The sender personally will feel like driving away if he sees a car that is the same as his. Reina is completely against the idea. For eg. If she bought an outfit, but before she even got to wear it, she saw another member wearing an outfit with the same design, she will not want to wear it because it'll look as though she copied that member and she doesn't want people to think of her this way. But if she happens to see someone holding on to something that she has too, she'll just say that she has that too as though it is to declare "Its not that I copied you". Instead of wanting to run away, Reina will feel frustrated when she sees someone using the same item as her.

Mail #3 - Listener brings up the question asked on FIVE STARS Monday, informing Reina that Gaki-han takes 1-2 hours to write up a pocket morning diary while Kame-han takes only 2-3 minutes. Like Eri, Reina was surprised when she heard Gaki-san spending 1-2hours just for a pocket morning diary. The longest Reina will take is probably around 10minutes. She'll plan how to phrase what she wants to say beforehand so that the message will not be lengthy because Reina herself will get bored of reading certain things when they are too long.

Mail #4 - Stress check! Open up your notepads and join in the fun!

Reina's results are in the brackets
1. You don't find anything funny (X)
2. Become impatient easily (X)
3. You feel sluggish (X)
4. You don't feel like meeting people (X)
5. You sigh very often (X)
6. Feel irritated (O)
7. Dump things away without a second thought (O)
8. Your brain can't work (X)

0-2 Yes, You are not stressed at all.
3-5, Please don't overstress yourself.
6-8, Quickly find a way to relieve your stress.

Sender reminds Reina to not stress herself out even though her job is a stressful one. For Reina, when she feels stressed, she'll scream it all out but since she's really enjoying herself now a days, stress doesn't exist in her world.

GIRL NEXT DOOR - Infinity ♪
Berryz Koubou - Rival ♪

Like she had mentioned on Ojigi's blog, before every Ojigi rehearsal, they'll play a game. There's a tongue twister game whereby the first player will recite a tongue twister before pointing to another player, and the second player will have to recite the tongue twister 2 times before he can point to another play and the number of times just keeps increasing. Reina's able to say them out so quickly because she had been practising them for some time now, but when she first started playing the game, she often messed up, throwing in random phrases. Thanks to this game, it roused Reina's interest in tongue twisters. She shares some of the tongue twisters that the all the Ojigi members thought up together. (Do listen to this part if you aren't, ~21:30 , Reina is pretty good at it)

1. Burajirujin mirakuru birakuwari
2. Andoromedazadazon (?!)
3. Yakushayachu Jakesha Satsue (Reina can't do this one)

Players who are unable to repeat the tongue twisters properly will be punished. All the while, throughout the whole rehearsal period, Reina had never lost and never had to go through the penalty game, which was to do an impersonation, but once, they played it before the real performance and she lost. She was told to imitate a shrimp which after doing, there was a cold atmosphere in the room. Reina recommends this game since its not only fun, it also helps them to warm up before an actual performance so they won't mess up their lines on stage. With that, tongue twisters are five star'd by Reina!

From now on Reina will be trying tongue twisters on FIVE STARS Wednesday so do send in your tongue twisters to her!
E'mail address :

Morning Musume - Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~ ♪

Promotions for Hello! Project 2009 Summer ~Hello! Chanpuru~ and Morning Musume's 40th Single which will be released on 8/12

Reina : OtsukaReina! ♥
(FIVE STARS Wednesday's blog)

Ojigi de SHAPE UP! - AKINA

AKINA (Jewel Pet's role : Minami) had plans to watch Ojigi de SHAPE UP! but she wasn't able to turn up for it due to a poor health condition.

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday's blog - 6/15★Kame 4

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

6/15★Kame 4
Tuesday, 6 月 16th, 2009

We are going to read out messages!!!!!
We read them didn't we
Receiving messages from everyone made me really happy and it warmed my heart
I would still like to read out lots of messages‥so please continue to send us many messages all right (^O^)
I love Gaki-san~
I love everyone~

Ojigi de SHAPE UP! - Ruby's review

Saitou Ayaka-san (Jewel Pet's role : Ruby) had updated her blog about her first date with Sasaki Nozomi-san (Jewel Pet's role : Sapphy) which was spent watching Ojigi de SHAPE UP!'s play before they went for a meal. She complimented Eri for being cute as usual and thanked her for the fantastic play.
(Post 1) (Post 2)

Youngtown (090613)

Image Hosted by
Youngtown (090613)

Fashion check
The first thing Sanma picked on for the day was Aichan's dressing. Apparently it was something different from what Aichan usually wears and when Aichan went to work earlier on, someone asked her "How old are you?". Shouji described it as an elementary school student-liked outfit. Defending herself, Aichan said it was designed by a designer who is in his thirties.

Shouji : He may be in his thirties but he may have designed it for a child.

Thinking that it looked rather cute, Aichan bought it. Even though Sanma and Shouji are going on and on about how weird it looks, like Aichan, Sayu thought its pretty cute too.
Description of Aichan's dress - A light purple colour piece of snow white-liked dress with a mini skirt. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

Sanma : And as for Michishige--
Aichan : Looking cute
Sanma : a cute outift
Sayu : Ah, I'm glad. I thought the talk would just end at Aichan's outfit.
Aichan : (lol)
Sanma : --- (Breast talk, I don't know how to phrase it ^^;)
Sayu : (lol) I don't mean that!
Sanma : You're thinking "Praise me too!" right? Not that we were complimenting on Takahashi's outfit just now though.

Ojigi de SHAPE UP!
Sanma watched it! And the impression left on him..?

Sanma : Takahashi fumbled with her words so much.

Whenever she reminds herself to not mess up, Aichan will end up messing up her lines after her reminder. An example of Aichan's amazing mistake : Mispronouncing "Otou-san" (Dad) as "Oshoushan". Aichan thinks that since she kept a straight face, the fans probably didn't know that she screwed up. Sayu shattered her fantasy and told her that the fans probably noticed it. Usually after messing up a line, Aichan will repeat the line again but according to Sayu, even there are times whereby when Aichan tried to correct herself, she ended up messing up the line again. There was once whereby she messed up 3 times in a row. Standing on the same stage as Aichan, the rest of the performers really had to stop themselves from laughing out loud and they will be like "Man, Aichan!". Sayu went on about how she once lost control of her laughter because Aichan was just too funny even though Sayu herself often mess up too. Sayu's constant disagreement with what Aichan said made the talk absolutely hilarious.

Sayu's story about karaoke-ing alone on Konusapi
After singing 3 Morning Musume songs, Sayu left before 30minutes had even passed.

Nothing much but Aichan was really entertaining in this episode with her slip ups and during Takahashi Ai wa Iyasemasen's corner. Shouji seriously laughed his ass off.

(Download) - Aichan's slip ups in Youngtown (090613)

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #011 (090615)

Monday, June 15, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #011 (090615)

Gaki-san : Yahohoi!
Eri : ..what the hell was that?

Started off with Gaki-san's new way of greeting (It used to be "Omatase!") which she initially wanted Eri to repeat after her but unfortunately, Eri didn't do so. Eri complains that its unfair that Gaki-san gets the good part right at the start of the show.

Gaki-san : Today too, it'll be message festival where we'll read out lots of mails that we had received from the--
Eri : Wasshoi!
Gaki-san : listeners. Please enjoy yourself until the end of the show.
Eri : Wasshoi!
Gaki-san : You're really throwing that in isn't it. Its okay for you to throw in some "Wasshoi"s for today though.
Eri : Okay, wasshoi!
Gaki-san : (lol) All right then. Please send your messages and song requests to this e'mail address -
Eri : Wasshoi!
Gaki-san : five-nk@interfm--
Eri : Wasshoi!
Gaki-san : .jp

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

Message Festival

Gaki-san : It'll be a message festival this week too.
Eri : Yes, wasshoi!
Gaki-san : Lets keep throwing the "Wasshoi"s out.
Eri : Wasshoi!
Gaki-san : All right, the first letter. Kame lets get started all right?
Eri : May I?
Gaki-san : Lets start off with this.
Eri : Erm..the--
Gaki-san : Oops no! It's suppose to be me to read out the mail.
Eri : Look look!

Mail #1 - From the same sender who had his mail read during the 7th episode of FIVE STARS Monday. This time round, he suggested sounds for Koharu and Reina! For Koharu, it'll be "Haee~" while for Reina it'll be "Purit". Both Gaki-san and Eri got what the sender meant since the sounds really fitted the image of Koharu and Reina. Eri rates it 75/100 points this time round and added on that if she were to achieve a grade of 75/100 in a test, it'll be something she'll really get praised about.

Mail #2 - From a high school student who will be participating in a Judo competition but unfortunately for him, his first opponent will be a really strong one so he'll like to have a supportive message from GAKIKAME.

Gaki-san : I'd like to root for him!
Eri : Go for it, Gaki-san!
Gaki-san : Myself?!
Eri : Go for it, Gaki-san!
Gaki-san : Lets go together!
Eri : ..together? (Quieten down)

The sender had also mentioned that he and his team had once lost in the competition. The girls advise him to remain determined because determination can do wonders. Eri reminds him to enjoy himself in the competition and Gaki-san rounded up asking the sender to send a mail again if he wins so that they can congratulate him for his achievement.

Morning Musume - Aozora ga Itsumade mo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are! ♪

Gaki-san : five-nk@interfm.--
RisaEri : jp
Gaki-san : five-nk@interfm.--
RisaEri : jp (High pitch)
Gaki-san : (lol)

Berryz Koubou - Rival ♪

Mail #3 - The listener is having a hard time balancing his/her part time work and schoolwork. The listener is aiming to be like GAKIKAME, who are able to handle their rehearsals, learning of new songs, recordings and etc. Both of them pretty much understand how the listener feels since they had once been in the same situation before. They recall about the pains they went through, not having the energy to do their schoolwork, so exhausted that they don't feel like waking up, dying to get home to catch some sleep. But after graduating from school and looking back at that period, they are glad they had worked hard and both of them have a sense of achievement.

Gaki-san : Please do your best!
Eri : We'll be rooting for you!

Mail #4 - Sender is curious if GAKIKAME has something that they are fastidious about when they put on their make-up or when they are doing up their hair. Since all the members are doing their own make-ups and everything, they are already pretty good at it. But talking about something that Eri's fastidious about, Gaki-san personally thinks that there isn't any as Eri often go "I curled it but the curls went down again" and resulting in Gaki-san having to curl Eri's hair for Eri which Gaki-san enjoys doing. Recently Gaki-san has been doing up her mother and sister's make-ups and hair for them which had somewhat sparked up Gaki-san's interest in being a make-up artist. Since Eri had wanted to ask Gaki-san to do it for her, Gaki-san voluntarily offered to help her. Taking advantage of the offer, Eri requested Gaki-san to go to her house early in the morning to do up her make-up for her. Eri being Eri, she'll probably be nodding off and Gaki-san complained that if she really do so, it'll be impossible for Gaki-san to draw the lines properly and added on that it doesn't really affects her though even if Eri's face turn out to be something horrifying. Coming back to the topic, the girls will pay special attention to one another's hairstyles as to avoid themselves from having the similar hairstyles as other members. Also, their make-ups often depends on their mood.

Ikimono Gakari - Futari ♪

Gaki-san : Ojigi de SHAPE UP! had successfully ended! Kame, otsukare!
Eri : Otsukaresama deshita! Thank you!
Gaki-san : It was a really enjoyable play. I've watched it too.
Eri : Thank you! I was really happy when I receieved the sashimis from you.
Gaki-san : Really?
Eri : It was delicious!
Gaki-san : Its the sweet type right?
Eri : Yes, it was very tasty.
Gaki-san : That's good. Kame too, was trying her very best for the play
Eri : Yes, thank you.

Promotions for Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Chanpuru~

RisaEri : five--
Risa : -nk@interfm.j--
RisaEir : p
Risa : five-nk@interfm.--
RisaEri : jp (A low pitched "jp" from Eri)

A spoiler from Gaki-san - Eri's post for FIVE STARS Monday will be surprisingly sensible so do check it out!

RisaEri : Ba~Hai~.

[06/14] Ojigi's blog - Reina's final post

I was happy!!!
2009/6/14 Sunday by 田中れいな(モーニング娘。)

Ojigi de SHAPE UP! …

had finally came to an end isn't it…

We received flowers from everyone as surprise again~Ah!?
Even after my tears are dried my tears started flowing down again━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━(≡´Т`≡)

I really love Ojigi that much…its fun!!! that's from the bottom of my heart and even Oota-san feels the same way…
All the performers are so kind and fun to be around with. I could really feel there's a friendship bond between us and had fun everyday!!!!!


I want a Ojigi part 3!!!!!

◎During the last day of Ojigi 30do on-stage, I mentioned that I want a Ojigi part 2 ☆ And when Ojigi de SHAPE UP! started, my dream had came through!!!!!

At the end, I had a lot of things that I wanted to say but I cried more than what I expected I would and wasn't able to speak…

I wasn't able to say anything except for "I love Ojigi (cries)"

To everyone who came to watch us…
and to the fans who said "I'll go watch you guys everyday ♪"!!!!!

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!

I really wanted to talk to everyone more and get our tensions up at the end…。

I had thought up of lots of stuff to say…。

But its really difficult to say it out after all (lol)

This will also be my last blog entry!!??

I really don't want that to happen (sweat)
But I really have no choice!!!!!(irritated)

Its the last one and a long one but please don't get bored of it and please read it to the end…lol

Ah~What should I do..
Ojigi is ending today……………(T^T)


Whatever it is!!!!

I'll just say this!!!!!
I love all the Ojigi members!!!!

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Skipped a small part of her post since she was just repeating herself and talking about how good friends she had became with Haruna (The lady in the 2 pictures)

[06/14] Ojigi's blog - Aichan's final post

2009/6/14 Sunday by 高橋愛(モーニング娘。)

Everyone, thank you for your support!

Ojigi de SHAPE UP!

has ended successfully..

At the last moment, we received flowers from the rest of the cast on stage which was a surprise

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I was really surprised (∋_∈)

At the end of it, as we sang Ojigi's song,, by the way, that was a surprise too (-.-;)

Man, surprises after surprises, they really surprised me (∋_∈) and thanks to the surprises I cried..

It is also thanks to all of you here who have been supporting us for the success of this play!!!

Till we meet again..

Kinoshita Karin

[06/14] Ojigi's blog - 100th post, Sayu's last post

Blog ☆
2009/6/14 Sunday by 道重さゆみ(モーニング娘。)

☆ To all readers of this blog ☆

Thank you. And
Thank you very much for reading.

After I finish writing this entry, I will not be able update the blog again (;_;)

When rehearsals have first started, upon receiving the news of a Ojigi blog from my manager
I was really happy!!

Because I wanted to blog.
If you ask why,,
Its because I'll be able to express whatever I think and report on what happened in my daily life to everyone.

A month…
just flew by in the blink of an eye…Because of this blog, it made my life happier than before ♪


I love this blog a lot ♪
To all the readers of this blog.
Thank you very much.
We'll definitely. Definitely. Definitely.
meet again!
See you again!!☆

Thank you.

Michishige Sayumi
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Her post is really long so I'll just summarise it. Sayu's really happy that she was able to report on everything for the past one month. She had once wondered if she's updating the blog a little too much but on one of the performances on 6/13, her fans told her "Do your best to reach your 100th post" which had actually encouraged her to try reach a post count of 100. Even though Sayu is really reluctant to stop blogging and all this Ojigi fun, she knows that when there's a start, there's an end too so she don't have a choice. With that, she thanked all the readers and ended her final post with a picture of her script and accessories she had used for Ojigi de SHAPE UP! play.

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[06/14] Ojigi's blog - Fue~i ☆ (Michishige Sayumi)

Fue~i ☆
2009/6/14 Sunday by 道重さゆみ(モーニング娘。)

It is going to be the second performance soon…which will also be the final performance.
Once it starts
it'll end soon..
I'm already feeling lonely (;_;)

At the last of the last…
I'm properly re-confirming my lines ↑
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Since it was already the last time I really wanted to take photos with everyone so I left my solo dressing room to the rest's dressing room o(^-^)o

Unfortunately Reina wasn't there,
so only the 3 of us took a picture together (∂∇<)/
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Right after we took this photo!!
I suggested for us to put on matching ribbons ♪

Eri was a little reluctant to though (lol)
Tokkii too, had put on a matching ribbon with us (≧∇≦)
Everyone's looking cute (*^o^*)

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Sayu is just a post away from her 100th entry in Ojigi's blog