Mother's Day 2007

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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An extract from GAKI-KAME #008 (070526)
Gaki-san : What about you Kame? What did you do for Mother's day?
Eri : I quarreled with my mother in the morning.
Gaki-san : Eh?! Even though its Mother's day?
Eri : Yes, over something trivial.
Gaki-san : What did you do?
Eri : I made a cheesecake and while decorating the cake with fresh cream, some of it flew back up after I put it on the cake and landed on my hand so I just tasted it and it was horrible salty because I had mistook the salt for sugar earlier on.
Gaki-san : Eh?!
Eri : That made me become hot-tempered.
Gaki-san : Who was the one who made the mistake? It was you wasn't it?
Eri : Yes.
Gaki-san : Then why did you become hot-tempered (when you're the one who made the mistake)?
Eri : Because I tried really hard mixing the ingredients, making the fresh cream all bouncy but when it reached my hand and I tasted it it was so salty.
Gaki-san : Uh-huh
Eri : I couldn't control myself and ended up venting my anger on my mother asking her "Mom, why?! Why didn't you tell me I used salt instead of sugar?!"
Gaki-san : (lol)
Eri : And then we quarreled.
Gaki-san : Poor mother.
Eri : That evening my whole family went out for dinner and yes, it was great.
Gaki-san : Then what happened to the salted fresh cream?
Eri : Ah yes, that, well, er, yeah
Gaki-san : You ate it?
Eri : Er, lets not talk about that.
Gaki-san : Eh?
Eri : Because its difficult to understand.
Gaki-san : Well, but you were in the wrong.
Eri : Yes, it was my fault.
Gaki-san : Don't push the blame to your mother next time, okay?
Eri : I'm really really sorry.
Gaki-san : Go and label them "Salt" and "Sugar" to stop this from happening again.
Eri : Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! It was already written there though..
Gaki-san : (lol) Guess it can't be helped then.
Our short-tempered little turtle
Its amazing how she can mix salt and sugar up when the containers are labeled.
No wonder she wished for a better eyesight in 20dreams..