InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #033 (2009.11.16)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gaki : This message is from Kimgure Prince-kun. 「Gaki-san, Eri-chan, good evening!」
Kame : Good evening!
Gaki : 「Please do the traditional fashion check.」
GakiKame : Traditional?
Gaki : (lol) It's not tradition...
Kame : No, it is a tradition!
Gaki : It is?
Kame : Yes, it is a tradition!
Gaki : Really?
Kame : It is!
Gaki : Really?
Kame : It is really a tradition.
Gaki : I see...
Kame : Whatever the Prince says must be right.
Gaki : I see. All right, I got it, so lets do this.
Kame : Lets do this.
Gaki : Kame is wearing a chequered...or should I should I describe it...
Kame : It's like a cook's apron, a cook's apron.
Gaki : That's not it! It'll give them the image of your outfit being white. She's wearing a pinkish-purple chequered one piece but it's the fluffy type. As for the bottom, she's wearing a pair of fluffy shorts and black tights. She has a necklace on her too. Looks like a "The girl" image. As for her hair, she tied a ponytail.
Kame : Yup ~ That's right ~
Gaki : Gives an autumn feel, like a girl who's looking forward to Christmas.
Kame : My fashion today is kind of like the type one will have to endure the cold in order to look cute.
Gaki : Yes. As for me?
Kame : As for Gaki-san...stop making that pose, it makes it difficult for me to see.
Gaki : Here you go.
Kame : Ah, like always, Gaki-san is in black.
Gaki : Yes.
Kame : It's black...but she has her favourite...
Gaki : Mickey ~
Kame : Mickey. She's wearing a black T-shirt-like top and the charm of the shirt is the Mickey in the middle.
Gaki : It's Minnie-chan.
Kame : Huh? You just said Mickey just now!
Gaki : It's a Minnie-chan ~
Kame : The design is a Minnie-chan.
Gaki : And then a skirt.
Kame : She has a skirt with frilly designs on ~
Gaki : And a pair of boots. I bought this pair of boots at DisneySea the other day.
Kame : It looks expensive.
Gaki : Recently...DisneySea...Hey, can you stop that money talk?
Kame : It does look expensive doesn't it?
Gaki : Recently, DisneySea is having a collaboration with fashion labels...
Kame : Yes yes yes!
Gaki : So there are very cute outfits nowadays.
Kame : I feel tempted to go too!
Gaki : Lets go!
Kame : Wuah, you said it.
Gaki : It's okay isn't it, if we're going to DisneySea. It isn't that far and DisneySea has an adult feel to it.
Kame : You're right.
Gaki : Why is it that I have to do the follow-up because of your "Wuah, you said it" after I said lets go to DisneySea?
Kame : Because if you say lets'll bring me there immediately...
Gaki : That's right.
Kame : I can't do that. It's so far, how can I just decide to go so easily?
Gaki : It's not far at all!
Kame : We have to leave Tokyo to Chiba.
Gaki : It's okay.
Kame : It's okay? I guess it is then...sorry sorry.
Gaki : Nanana!
GakiKame : Nanzoya! (lol)
Gaki : Also, I have a watch on.
Kame : It looks cool.
Gaki : I received this as a birthday present.
Kame : It's white ~
Gaki : It's white and big.
Kame : Gaki-san, you always have a watch with you don't you?
Gaki : I can't do without it. Tanakacchi, Tanaka Reina said "We can just use our mobile phones as our watches!" But it's not about mobile phones now. If we don't have a watch on my wrist, we'll have to fish our mobile phones out and open it. And then...we don't have so much time to talk about such things for the opening talk, lets move on.
Kame : (lol)
Gaki : We are accepting messages and song requests from everyone. I'm going to read out the e'mail address ~
Kame : Okay.
Gaki :
Kame : five...ou, ou, ou,
Gaki :
Kame : Ou, ou, ou, ou, ou, ou, ou
Gaki : (lol) That was wonderful.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Eri took the sticker of Gaki-san's black Oolang tea bottle which she bought before going to the studio and pasted it on her forehead. Eri likes the sticker and during dance lessons, she'll take it out and paste it on Aichan's jersey.

In a recent DJ-ranking magazine, GakiKame came in as 7th and a short interview with both Gaki-san and Eri was included in the magazine. When asked what's do they think the reason is for this duo to be born, Gaki-san replied that she thinks that it's because of the Tsukkomi (Gaki-san) and Boke (Eri) thing between both of them that makes them completely opposite and hence able to work together. However, a listener feels that nowadays, it's Eri who's being the Tsukkomi who has been whacking Gaki-san's head like a Tsukkomi will do. Gaki-san agreed that whenever she makes a ridiculous remark, Eri will jump on it but instead of using words, Eri will whack her on the head. Eri sounded really happy talking about whacking Gaki-san ^^; She even said she feels like taking off her shoe and whack Gaki-san's head using it. Gaki-san described that thought of Eri as a Showa nature because people like Reina and Sayumi (Both are both in Heisei era) wouldn't think up of such stuff. Eri still had that sticker on her forehead causing Gaki-san to be distracted.

A listener asked Eri to label Gaki-san with 3 alphabets like the way Gaki-san does to Eri, calling her PPP. Eri chose KQZ.

Gaki : What's your reason for it?
Kame : What's a reason?

Five stars for Eri's reply. The K is just that Gaki-san gives a K feeling to Eri. Eri's description of how a Q looks like, "A circle with a henyon~" There's no such word as Henyon but the word, which Eri invented, gives the image of the tail of the Q when you read it out. The Henyon of the circle is just like what Gaki-san is. The circle represents the responsibility of Gaki-san and the Henyon represents the times where Gaki-san isn't being that sensible which in other word, are the times Eri feels like picking up her slipper and smashing it right into Gaki-san's head. As for the Z, it's just to give an ending to the whole thing. Instead of reading it as KQZ, to make things more interesting, it's suppose to be read as KQZtsu!

After Eri read out the third mail, she commented that the mail is like one of those not-so-serious mails. Gaki-san told her it isn't the mail that doesn't sound serious. It's the way that Eri read out in that made it sound that way. Anyway, both of them were requested to do impersonations of one another. Starting off with Gaki-san.

Gaki : Hey ~ Gaki-san ~ You're going to do the form? ~ Eri isn't going to do it ~ I'm sleepy ~
Kame : (Silence, causing the whole atmosphere to be awkward)
Gaki : (lol)
Kame : (lol) Serve you right for making fun of me!
Gaki : I wasn't making fun of you!
Kame : I admit that I do say such things were definitely making fun of me for the form part!
Gaki : Why?
Kame : I understand the part about me going "Gaki-san ~" but was it really necessary for you to add in the part about me not doing my form?
Gaki : It is. Because of this part, people knows it's Kamei Eri.
Kame : I think so too.
Gaki : (lol) So which side are you on!?
Kame : I wonder how should I imitate Gaki-san...
Gaki : Also, earlier today, I went to the salon
Kame : (Coughing)
Gaki : And when the hairdresser was drying my hair, Kame-han called me several times but because I was getting my hair dried, it's difficult to pick up a call so I mailed her "Sorry Kame, I'm getting my hair dried now. I'll call you back later. I'm really sorry." Even though I sent her that, she called me three more times and I had no choice but to pick up her call. After I picked up, she asked "Gaki-san, where are you now? ~" and I replied "I'm at the salon now. Didn't you see my mail?" and she said "I didn't receive any mail ~"
Kame : I really didn't receive it.
Gaki : She then said "I'm at OOOO (They can't say out the exact details) now. Gaki-san please come quick ~"
Kame : If I have to explain myself now...nowadays, the weather is really I can't see my mobile phone's screen.
Gaki : Ah? So?
Kame : I can't see the mail icon on the screen so I really didn't know I've got a mail.
Gaki : (lol)

Moving on to Eri's impersonation of Gaki-san.

Gaki : 3, 2, 1 ~
Kame : No no no no no no (This is the impersonation)
Gaki : (lol)
Kame : (lol) They should get it right?
Gaki : Yes.
Kame : They should get it right?
Gaki : Yes.
Kame : Did you guys get that?
Gaki : Yes.
Kame : The way she says it is really fast, like a Tsukkomi. I understand the intention of that habit to stop me from something...but even when I'm talking, this person is really fast with her tsukkomi and will cut in with her "No no no" It's funny on to do that in a radio show but she does it even during rehearsals or in our dressing rooms like when I do something weird, she'll go "No no no" I think this "No no no" thing is pretty funny.
Gaki : Really? Even in private, we are like this. Earlier on, both of us went to the convenience store and she told me "Gaki-san, you're really loud! Your voice is too loud. This isn't the radio show."
Kame : Yes, and I whacked her head after that ~ even though she had a hat on.

Morning Musume - Please! Jiyuu no Tobira

Gaki :
Kame : Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop ~
Gaki :
Kame : Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop ~

Berryz Koubou - Ryuusei boy

Gaki-san likes reading since some time ago. She often exchanges books with Sayu. She's concerned about her health too so she reads health-related books. Eri commented that it isn't health conscious but ageing xD Recently she got this book called "Ore ga Kimi no Jinsei wo Kaeteyaru" (I'll change your life) which is about relationships between people and people's experiences. It also offers advices about how one can take care of her health. The author goes into details for everything and Gaki-san thinks it's a pretty good book so she's recommending it.

Gaki : Kame doesn't read books at all but do read this one.
Kame : There she goes, there she goes. It's back to this again ~
Gaki : Kame-han, do read it. Perhaps after reading it, you'll ask yourself "Why did I do stupid things like pasting a sticker on my forehead?"
Kame : Really?
Gaki : Yes
Kame : I'll start trying to read it from my dreams first then.
Gaki : Ah, from your dreams. From there, bring it into reality.
Kame : Okay.

With that, Gaki-san gave five stars to "Ore ga Kimi no Jinsei wo Kaeteyaru"

Superfly - Hello Hello
Eri listens to this song frequently in the mornings.

Ending talk! The sticker is still on Eri's forehead. She claims that it calms here down ^^; Gaki-san told her to go home with the sticker on her head, lol.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Gaki : We will be waiting for your pururun mails ~ (The pururun is suppose to mean lots of mails)
Kame : Who thought up of that expression?
Gaki : Erm..that person sitting there, that person.
Kame : Who? It's pururun you know!
Gaki : That person sitting there.
Kame : Lets review this later.
Gaki : No no no no no no (The same phrase that Eri imitated earlier on)
Kame : (lol)
Gaki : So we'll be waiting for your pururun mails ~
Kame : Enough of that ~
Gaki : We'll be accepting this and that or even, "In which direction does Kame face when she sleeps?"
Kame : Who thought up of such stuff?
Gaki : Please send in lots of messages and song requests.
Kame : Pururun...pururun she says...who thought up of that man seriously...
Gaki :
Kame : Really...

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