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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm not too good with translating texts so I rephrased some of her sentences for my own convenience. Apologies for that.

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5/11 ★ Niigaki Risa!
Everyone!! Good evening!! I'm Niigaki Risa!!!
This is my first post (^O^) Wai! Wai!
Who listened to our radio show today~~~~~?? ~~~~~~~?? (^O^)/☆
Thank you for tuning in m(__)m Lol
Like the listeners know......The both of us are hosting this program together warmly?? Pokepoke-ly?? (^-^; Lol
My partner is Pokepoke-chan, Kame-san though f^_^;
Even though we had just started hosting this program but we have already received a lot of mails from listeners...
We're really very happy to see this...
For all the listeners, put your worries aside when listening to us and just laugh out heartily
We will work hard to reach our aim of making it that sort of "Time slot" (Above line) (^^)
Please continue to support us!

It seems like Kame-chan had posted the 1st post for this blog ~..
For me I've tried my very best to write out this post!
When I saw that post..its really very like Kame to write such a post...Lol
A single phrase from me with regards to her post..
Please excuse her for that m(__)m Lol