InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #007 (090518)

Monday, May 18, 2009

A short one this week. I was irritated by how boring the mails were.

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #007 (090518)
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Gaki-san surprised Eri that morning with her dressing. She wore a pink T-shirt-liked top, a demin skirt and a pair of red pumps as though it was already Summer. Gaki-san complains about the weather being to too humid recently. Gaki-san trivia : Since young, Gaki-san disliked socks but since there are times whereby its necessary for her to wear them, she'll wear her Disney socks.

Gaki-san : You can send song requets or mails to this address. five-nk@..
Eri : dot
Gaki-san : interfm
RisaEri : dot
Gaki-san : jp. five-nk@interfm
RisaEri : dot
Gaki-san : jp

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

Mail #1. If the sender were to describe the girls in a sound, Gaki-san will be "mu" and Eri will be "ho". The girls have no idea why they were described using those sounds and made their own assumptions.

Mail #2. The sender's sister bought a male kitty that was said to be really cute by the girls since they had the photo of the cat with them. Sender requested them to think up of a name for the kitty. The first name that came to Eri was NyunNyun while for Gaki-san, it was Cha. They put their ideas together and came out with Nyun Chan Nyun,NyuCha and NyuChaMaru. As they were calling out the names to see whether it sounds cute..

Gaki-san : "Oi, NyuChaMaru!" "Oi, NyuChaMaru!"
Eri : Meow meow meow, it'll come in your way meowing.
Gaki-san : HEY hey wait a minute! Stop that! (Eri's meowing)
Eri : WHY?!
Gaki-san : I was just imagining how it'll sound, you don't have to act like a cat!
Eri : We were trying to picture that together weren't we?!
Gaki-san : You surprised me just now!

Gaki-san wasn't expecting Eri to impersonate a cat when no one asked her to act like one. Anyway, the girls decided on NyuChaMaru.

Morning Musume - 3, 2, 1 BREAKIN' OUT ♪
Mano Erina - Hajimete no Keiken ♪

FIVE STARS Corner : Eri's turn this week. And this week's product is an iPod speaker! According to Eri, it looks like a block and the one she has is in red which was given to her by Aichan (Eri had it in the studio with her btw). What happened was that Eri overheard Aichan telling Reina to try if the speaker can fit into her mp3 player b'cos she'll give it to her if it could which unfortunately couldn't. Eri was wondering if it'll fit into her iPod so she borrowed it from Aichan. Well, it fitted in and Eri tried it out before removing it and returning to Aichan. Aichan was just like "Will you like to have it?". Eri who had overheard her asking the same question to Reina had somewhat knew Aichan would ask her that but still, she was so happy that she was able to give a fresh reaction as though she wasn't expecting that question from Aichan. Gaki-san mentioned that the speaker is pretty cheap, around 2000yen to 3000yen +. When Gaki-san was about to explain why the speaker couldn't fit in Reina's mp3, the two girls remembered Reina is their senior when it comes to InterFM FIVE STARS and the other day Reina was like "Both of you didn't come to greet me ~". Gaki-san and Eri started apologising to Tanaka senpai for that. So anyway, as Gaki-san was saying, it didn't fit into Reina's mp3 because it was a recent product but Eri's was from don't-know-how-many-years-ago and was those big sized iPods. Eri explains that when she got the iPod, she was actually the first one in Morning Musume to own one. Eri had no idea newer and better ones will be released so quickly. Her iPod quickly fell out of trend after that. Gaki-san thinks that this speaker very suitable for Eri's ageing iPod since its the type whereby you don't really have to worry about spoiling it. With that, the iPod speaker was five star'd by Eri.
Eri didn't state what speaker it was but this is pretty close to her descriptions.

Amuro Namie - Wild ♪

Promotions for Shouganai Yume Oibito Single V - In the Drama PV, there are scenes of GAKIKAME in a elevator. It was recorded around 11PM so both the girls were behaving strangely. Even though the song was about being heartbroken, the two girls were laughing and goofing around.

Promotions for Ojigi de SHAPE UP! - Gaki-san's going to watch it ~

Gaki-san :
Eri : jp
Gaki-san : five-nk@interfm.j
RisaEri : p
Gaki-san : There's also a new blog on InterFM FIVE STARS' site so yo check desu.
Eri : Check it out!

RisaEri : Ba~Hai~