Eri crowned the most forgetful member

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Aichan named Eri as the most forgetful member in Morning Musume. Morning Musume does a present exchange every year during Christmas. They usually have rehearsals for the Hello! Project Winter concert during the Christmas period so all of them will meet. For last year's Christmas exchange, it was originally planned to be held on the 24th. Due to Aichan's busy work schedule, it slipped her mind and she didn't bring the present. In fact, the present was prepared by Aichan's little sister (Aichan gave her sister 3000yen and told her to help her buy a present). Fortunately for Aichan, when the members checked with Aichan if they should do the exchange on the 24th or the 25th, Aichan chose 25th. Honest Eri then went up to Aichan and told her "Lucky me. I forgot to bring my present." After Aichan got home, she made it a point to remember to bring the present along the next day thinking that Eri would too. However, the next day, Eri forgot to bring her present again. Apparently Eri bought some sort of can spray and lucky [Depending on how we see it...] Sayu received Eri's present. Aichan concluded that Eri is the most forgetful member and admitted that she is forgetful too.
- From "Ichigo Ichie #039 (2010.01.14)"