InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #027 (091005)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

From the week onwards, FIVE STARS Monday will be aired at 24:00 to 24:30. This week's show started off with the 2 hosts sounding very composed on purpose to match the midnight atmosphere. As the radio program has just moved to a new time slot, there is probably new listeners so Gaki-san and Eri gave a brief introduction of themselves. Eri introduced herself as one who has a good sense of humour and Gaki-san introduced herself as the tsukkomi of the duo.

Gaki :
Kame : (Funny voice)
Gaki :
Kame : (Funny voice)

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

GakiKame : We're going to read out the messages!
Kame : Butt ~

As Gaki-san was reading out the first mail, Eri was furiously trying to open up the wrapper of her straw for her beloved orange juice. She then started stirring her orange juice and even though the sound of her stirring her drink could be heard, she made the sound effect for it and of course, got told off by Gaki-san.

Eri's type of guys is those who are plain but tidy and has a slender chin while Gaki-san's type of guys is those who have a cute smile. FYI, Eri was asked a similar question on another radio show and she stated that one of the requirements is that the guy must be punctual.

If Gaki-san and Eri get a chance to talk to their past selves when they had just entered Morning Musume playing roles of Omame-chan and Sachi Usue, Gaki-san will want to tell Omame-chan that everything will be okay and Eri will want to tell Sachi Usue to just move on as who she is. Eri finds it impossible for her to show that kind of cuteness that Sachi Usue displayed. Gaki-san agreed and said that the sort of cuteness Eri had that time was completely amazing. Her replies were very soft which causes her teacher to get mad at her but now, when her teacher calls her, the present Kamei Eri will go "What is it, teacher? ~", "Wait, where am I suppose to stand?"

As Eri uses her mobile phone to text someone, she texts using her right hand and as for Gaki-san, she can text with either hand. Eri doesn't understand how people text using 2 hands since their thumbs will get in the way and wonders if people using 2 hands to text uses their right hand or their left hand to press the "Enter" button which is normally located in the centre.

Morning Musume - Egao Yes Nude

Gaki :
Gaki : five-nk@interfm.
Kame : JP!
Gaki : HEEEY!
Kame : Hehehehe.
The reason behind Gaki-san's loud "HEEEY!" was that Eri flicked the plastic wrapper of her straw at Gaki-san when Gaki-san was reading out the e'mail address.

Eri doesn't like vegetables like radish and carrots. In fact, Eri hates carrots. However, she found a way to eat carrots. Gaki-san gave Eri some vegetable sticks (A snack) some time ago and thanks to the flavouring, the snack doesn't taste like carrot. Since it didn't taste like carrot, Eri can eat it normally and hence she is indirectly eating a carrot whenever she eats it. Gaki-san was very encouraging and told Eri if she continues doing this she will be able to eat normal carrots one day. With that, Eri gave 5 stars to vegetable sticks and...

Kame : Butt ~

Dreams come true - Nando demo
Morning Musume - Please! Jiyuu no Tobira

Promotion for Morning Musume's All Singles Coupling Collection album, Morning Musume's 41st single "Kimagure Princess" and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

The 2 girls noticed that although they started the radio show with the intention of hosting the show in an adult way to match the midnight atmosphere, both of them unconsciously switched back to the normal Gaki-Kame mode halfway through.

Eri likes her bath to be at a temperature of 41°C

The girls will be updating FIVE STARS Monday's blog weekly so do check it out!

GakiKame : Bahahai


It was a very short episode this week because of the full songs played, the long mails and the promotions.