Konusapi #152 (090930) - Eri's messy room

Saturday, October 03, 2009

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An old story but it won't hurt anyone to just read about it again. Sayu once received a mail that had a photo of Eri's messy room attached to it. The mail said "Where is Eri?" Sayu was not able to spot Eri. Yes, Eri was hidden under heaps of stuff that even after Eri pointed to Sayu where she was, Sayu couldn't recognise her. Eri's room is usually tidied up by her mother while Sayu on the other hand does not want anyone to tidy up her room for her. She does not want anyone to find any of her 7 diaries because it will be embarrassing for her if someone reads it. Sayu wonders if Eri trusts her mother or just that she has nothing to hide from her mother.