InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #015 (090713)

Monday, July 13, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #015 (090713)

RisaEri : Sorry to keep you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting!
Gaki-san : FIVE STARS Monday has started! I'm Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and..
Eri : I'm Kamei Eri--
RisaEri : de~su!
Gaki-san : Woah, you read it too.
Eri : Ah! Gaki-san!
Gaki-san : Yes?
Eri : There's a mail from a listener.
Gaki-san : Huh? You mean you're going to read it now?
Eri : Please don't peep at it.
Gaki-san : She has been telling me to not peep at her script even before the show started.
Eri : You must not peep at it!
Gaki-san : What is it?
Eri : I'm going to read the message, so please listen to me.
Gaki-san : Yes, go ahead.
Eri : This mail is from mui-san.
Gaki-san : Thank you.
Eri : "Gaki-san, Kame-chan, good evening!"
Gaki-san : Good evening!
Eri : "I'm going to give you guys a quiz now so please answer it"
Gaki-san : Huh? A quiz?
Eri : "Please answer it immediately", immediately, alright?
Gaki-san : Huh? A personality test?
Eri : Please repeat "silk" for 10 times.
Gaki-san : Silk, silk, silk, silk, silk, silk, silk, silk, silk, silk.
Eri : What do cows drink?
Gaki-san : Milk.
Eri : (lol) Wrong!
Gaki-san : Its milk! Its milk!
Eri : Think deeper into it.
Gaki-san : What do cows drink right? Milk. No matter how I think into it its still milk.
Eri : The correct answer is water.
Gaki-san : Huh, why?
Eri : Because--
Eri : Too late.
Gaki-san : I GOT IT. Cows produce milk!
Eri : Man, you're over-reacting.

Even though the opening mails are always read out by Gaki-han, the staffs gave the opening mail to Eri for this episode instead and nothing related to the opening mail was printed on Gaki-han's script.

Gaki-san :
(In the background) Eri : Silk, silk, silk, silk, silk, silk, silk, silk, silk
Gaki-san :
(In the background) Eri : Silk, silk, what do cows drink?

(Requested) Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

The oldest memory Gaki-han can remember is when she was 2 and was in Washington. For some reason, the image of her just next to the feet of a tall old man is etched in her memory. And as for Eri, she can only remember the day when she was in grade 6 whereby she made 7 pieces of toast for her brother. Anyway, Eri complimented the sender for sending in such a high-standard question.

A mail from Fumifumi-san. As we know, Sayu chews her fingernails. Fumifumi-san thinks that that isn't a good habit for a beauty who turned 20. There are lots of times where the girls notice something but its difficult to bring themselves to point it out/criticise it. Eri throws in a perfect example of Gaki-han and her mascara. Even though Gaki-han is really good at applying mascara, it drops off quickly. Whenever they hold a touching concert, as Gaki-han cries, the mascara will drop off and lands somewhere around her nose or mouth. Despite noticing it and finding it funny, Eri didn't tell Gaki-han about it. Usually, whenever Gaki-han's mascara drop off, it'll be Aichan, Reina or Koharu who will take it off her face/pick it up. Gaki-han questioned Eri for why she's not doing the same as them when both of them are so close together during performances. Eri's reason, "It was funny". Another example of a similar situation is when talking to someone, the person has got something stuck on his/her teeth. There are people who will point it out and people who will not do so. When Gaki-han concluded that Eri belongs to the type that will not do so, Eri defended herself, saying that she will not tell the person only if its funny. If it wasn't funny, she'll tell him/her about it. The girls agreed that Koharu gets food stuck on her teeth often and they have to remind her about it frequently. Even after eating seaweed, Koharu will go around flashing a bright smile without checking in the mirror beforehand and when Gaki-han tells her there is some leftovers stuck on her teeth, Koharu will be like "Oh is it? Where is it?" sounding all positive. Coming back to Sayu, Eri pushes the responsibility and advising Sayu to stop chewing on her nails to Gaki-han. Eri complained to Gaki-san that Sayu often chews her nails when Eri is talking to her.

Gaki-san : Its a sign that your talk is boring.
Eri : So you mean I lost to her nails? (In getting Sayu to listen to her)

The girls realised Sayu's birthday is today (Its a pre-recorded show, so they had to check when this episode will be on air) and with that,

RisaEri : Happy birthday to you ♪
RisaEri : Happy birthday to you ♪
RisaEri : Happy birthday to dear Sayumin ♪
Eri : Stop chewing your nails.
Gaki-san : Stop chewing your nails.
RisaEri : Happy birthday to you ♪
Gaki-san : Please stop chewing on your nails from today onwards, Sayumin.

(Requested) Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan! ♪

Gaki-san :
Gaki-san :

Around 8AM on the day of recording, Eri got herself a shiny black piece credit card. As Eri had mentioned in Geino U-LA-LA, when she had first wanted to get a credit card for herself after she turned 20, the people around her discouraged her from doing so, afraid that Eri will only end up overspending. However, Eri thinks that a credit card will be of great help to her instead of causing her to overspend. She often have to borrow money from the other members/her sister after a meal because she usually brings only 2000-3000yen in her purse along with her. Now that she has a credit card, she can easily fish it out whenever she does not have enough cash with her to settle the bill. Talking about not having enough cash on her when going for a meal, surprisingly, the 2 girls remembered about the shabu-shabu incident that happened more than 2 years ago (They talked about it on FM Fuji GAKI-KAME) There was once Eri had volunteered to treat Gaki-han to shabu-shabu as a way of returning Gaki-han's frequent treats to her. After settling the bill for the shabu-shabu, Eri's purse was totally empty and Gaki-han had to pay for Eri's dessert.

Eri : If you're wondering why I'm giving 5 stars to the credit card..
Gaki-san : Yes, I'll like to know why.
Eri : Having it changed my life.
Gaki-san : In what way?
Eri : I decided to behave more sensibly.
Gaki-san : Really?
Eri : Yes.
Gaki-san : Really?
Eri : Yes.
Gaki-san : Really?
Eri : Yes.

Perhaps due to her cute little fang, Eri mispronounced saki (Earlier on) as shaki.
With that, Eri five star'd her credit card. Gaki-han reminded Eri to use it properly again and again throughout the whole talk as though afraid that Eri will overspend.

Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri - Mamotte Agetai ♪
Both of them worked very hard for this song since it wasn't easy singing it. However, as its the very first GAKIKAME song that's in an album, it made them really happy.

Promotions for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Spring ~Platinum 9 DISCO~ DVD, Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello Chanpuru~ & Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa's dinner show.

Gaki-san :
(Eri mumbling in the background)
Gaki-san :
(Eri mumbling in the background)
Gaki-san : Hey~
Eri : (lol)

Eri will be updating the blog this week so do check it out.

RisaEri : Bahhahai~