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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Hoi hoi hooi.

I ate the Oden which I got from a convenience store just now. I was satisfied as it was delicious so I thought I should write up an entry. Hello! I'm Kamei Eri.

Gaki-Kame's radio show is funny isn't it ~

Eh? You think so too?

Eh! You think so right


You're reading this blog, nataaa* ♪ Yes! Youu ♪ have a good taste.

Since just now, I've already pressed my cellphone's "enter" button for twice and every time I did that, the screen showed a message asking me to send the message. Look, I pressed onto it again. So that means ~ Its time to end my entry.

*They aren't suppose to make sense.

>-8 >-8 >-8

Eri tends to be very random with her entries and she uses self-invented words and puns in her posts often so...if you're having problems understanding her entries at times, its perfectly normal, don't worry xD

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