InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #016 (090720)

Monday, July 20, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #016 (090720)

Gaki-han : I'm Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
Eri : I'm Kamei Eri
Gaki-han : desu~

Since today is the 3rd Monday of July, its Marine Day! And when we talk about Marine Day...BIKINIs! Eri, on behalf of all Gaki-han fans around the world (She said this herself) bugged Gaki-han to share her thoughts on bikinis. Gaki-han isn't in favour of those sexy bikinis since its pretty embarrassing for her when she puts it on. She is okay with a bikini top but she'll prefer to be wearing those skirt bottom/shorts for the bottom. Gaki-han redirected the question to Eri who had refused to answer it at first but wasn't given a choice to whether she wanted to answer or not. Unlike Gaki-han, Eri is going for black/red sexy bikinis. That answer earned her continuous "Sexy" compliments from Gaki-han.

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I meant this when I said skirt bottom ^^; Blame it on my limited vocabulary.

Gaki-han :
Eri : (Softly) I didn't think up of anything...
Gaki-han :
Eri : (Softly) I didn't think up of anything...
Gaki-han : Indeed. Since you didn't have much free time today.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Gaki-han : I'm Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
Eri : I'm Kamei Eri de
Gaki-han : su~ I can't believe you're doing this. Its really difficult to be reading out the lines this way.

During Nanchatte Renai's PV recording, Gaki-han was arranged to be the first one to record her scenes which was surprising because the older members would usually be the last few to be called in as the recordings would end late at night. Being the first in the line made Gaki-han happy of course, since her recording would end early but being the first one, she feels the pressure as the standard of the 40th single would be set by her. Even though Eri wasn't around during Gaki-han's recording, she heard from someone else that Gaki-han really tried her best for it, cooperating with the staffs as they requested for her to do certain moves again and again as they tested the angles and such. On the other hand, Eri was the last one to be called in as they arranged the girls' schedule according to their schedule next day. Eri's first assignment for the next day wasn't in the morning so she was scheduled to be the last member. While discussing about Eri's recording being held at night, the 2 girls came up with the term "Night Musume". Eri was fooling around on the radio show today and Gaki-han had to hurry her as they had a few more letters to be read out. Coming back to the talk of the recording, Eri said she did some impersonations of some people after she was requested to do so by Reina and her make-up artiste. Apparently her impersonations got Reina laughing real hard there.

While on the topic of their best swimming style...
Eri : I don't have any best swimming style!
Gaki-han : By the way, me too. AHAHAHAHA

Gaki-han brought up that Aichan is a kanaduchi (hopeless swimmer/hammer, in this case, a hopeless swimmer). Surprisingly, she used the correct term this time round. Eri teasingly said "Yes, that's right, kanaduchi, not tonkachi (Hammer)" as Gaki-han had mistook tonkachi for kanaduchi several times. Anyway, both Gaki-han and Eri-han prefers front crawl to butterfly stroke when it comes to swimming.

Although its more common for little children to be buying those cheap sweets from the small candy stores, the current MM members have always been in love with those sweets and will always try to get their managers to allow them to get some sweets from those stores whenever they pass by one. For Eri-han, she likes sour sweets while Gaki-han likes some sort of gummy that has lots of colourings. Gaki-han later went on about the packaging of the sweet used can be eaten too so its environmentally friendly and that earned her a "You sound like an old woman" from Eri.

Looks like Eri had a runny nose on the day of the recording of the show. Before they introduced the next song she made a very loud...sniffing? Whatever you call it, sound. Later, when Gaki-han read out a listener's radio-name called "Sour sour sour plum", Eri commented that he/she/it sounds delicious.
(Hot Request) Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri - Mamotte Agetai ♪

Gaki-han :
Eri : (In the background) You don't have to worrr, worry ♪
Gaki-han :
Eri : (In the background) Mamotte agetai ♪

Mano Erina - Jasmine Tea ♪

Gaki-han : You're now listening to FIVE STARS
RisaEri : Monday
Gaki-han : Woah, you're joining in here?

Today's FIVE STARS item is Haribo's gummy bears! A very common product, you should be able to get it easily. Eri got herself some gummy bears during their LA trip and when they were on the plane, heading back for Japan, she gave Gaki-han a couple of it which caused Gaki-han to fall in love with the gummies. Since she was craving for more, she woke Eri, who was sleeping, up for to get the gummies from her. It didn't piss Eri off though, she just passed the gummies to Gaki-han in the "Why do you have to wake me up" attitude. With that, Gaki-han 'd the gummy bears!

Eri was in an unusual tension this week. And the reason behind it? She was not given her weekly orange juice. (She got a cup of plain water instead)

(Eri's selection) Cocco - Jikai no Ito ♪
FYI, Eri collects Cocco's albums.

Promotions for Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Chanpuru~ and Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa's dinner show!

Gaki-han :
Eri : (In the background) Ei ~ Ei ~ Ei ~
Gaki-han :
Eri : (In the background) Ei ~ Ei ~ Ei ~
Gaki-han : She's extremely irritating today.

Gaki-han apologises for forgetting to update the blog 2 weeks ago and Eri started to act as though she didn't know such a thing happened like she always do on FM Fuji GAKI-KAME.
Don't ask me why, but for some reason, even though Eri had updated the blog last week, it'll be her turn to update the blog again this week. Anyway, do check it out!

RisaEri : Bahahai~