InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #012 (090622)

Monday, June 22, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #012 (090622)

Gaki-san : Morning Musume no Niigaki Risa to..
Eri : Kamei Eri
Gaki-san : desu!
For some reason, our little turtle does not want to say the "desu" this week and had made hand gestures similar to a director's, gesturing for Gaki-san to say it instead.

While Gaki-san was practising her lines earlier on so that she won't fluff her lines, Eri was there somewhat encouraging Gaki-san, going "Ah, that's good, that's good, you can do it Gaki-san".

Opening talk
Eri : Gaki-san, if you were a sesame seed--
Gaki-san : Sesame?!
Eri : --if you were a sesame seed, will you be a white sesame seed or a black sesame se-seed?
Gaki-san : Please don't mess up at that part.
Eri : (lol)
Gaki-san : Eh, me?
Eri : Black and white, which will you choose?
Gaki-san : Erm, black-k, white.
Eri : White? Me too!
Gaki-san : Why? Either one will do anyway.
Eri : But I don't like black sesame!
Gaki-san : If it was for a bread, white sesame will do, if it was for a bowl of rice, black sesame will do. You get what I mean? If it was for a bread, I'll choose white sesame.

Putting the sesame talk aside, Gaki-san changed the topic to the Ojigi play which she had watched it twice (One of it was the final performance). Gaki-san complimented Eri for being real funny in the play and her acting skills.

RisaEri : five
Gaki-san : -
RisaEri : nk
Gaki-san : @
RisaEri : interfm
Gaki-san : .
RisaEri : jp
Gaki-san : five-nk@
Eri : @ mark
Gaki-san : interfm
RisaEri : .jp

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

Gaki-san : Morning Musume no Niigaki Risa to..
Eri : Kamei Eri
Gaki-san : desu! You're really leaving the "desu" to me today isn't it?
Eri : (lol)

Mail #1 - A listener who was shocked when the dentist told him he has got a horrible cavity sent in a message requesting for an encouraging message from the 2 girls. Before the recording, Eri had volunteered to read out this message. The reason being that she is able to sympathise this listener thanks to the decayed tooth she has in the bottom row of her teeth that has yet to be fixed. It has been there for more than a month but Eri refuses to go to the dentist. After Eri said she understands how the listener feels, Gaki-san reminded Eri that the listener had already went to a dentist. Eri admitted that she only realised that just now while reading it out. Before that, she was like "Yay! There's someone who is like me!". Even though she is not taking good care of her teeth, Eri was there emphasising on the importance of our teeth. Actually, Gaki-san had already foreseen Eri getting a cavity ever since the Ume Sukombu Gummy discussion they had during the 1st episode of FIVE STARS Monday whereby Eri had complained to Gaki-san about the gummy getting stuck in her teeth. Eri didn't mind it getting stuck though, reason being that the taste will remain in her mouth if its stuck there. They didn't give any encouraging message in the end ^^;

Mail #2 - Sender asks about what advices had GAKIKAME given to their juniors when they had first joined Morning Musume. Eri remembers teaching Koharu how to dance together with fellow Rokkie, Sayu, for the concert tour. There was once Koharu really pushed them to their limits and Eri said she'll stop teaching her if she continues to be that way. Eri got a "Yes" with a bright smile in return. Even though people are mad at her, Koharu can be there laughing. And for Eri, Gaki-san described her to be a cute serious girl when she had first joined Morning Musume, answering her seniors earnestly. But after some time, the real Kamei Eri slowly revealed herself and they gradually become closer to one another. They concluded that everyone needs some time to open up to one another.

Melon Kinenbi & Beat Crusaders - Don't say goodbye ♪

Gaki-san : five-nk
RisaEri : @
Gaki-san : interfm
RisaEri : .
Gaki-san : jp
Gaki-san : five-nk
RisaEri : @
Gaki-san : interfm.
RisaEri : j
Gaki-san : p
RisaEri : (lol)

C-ute - Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu ♪

After 2 weeks of the abscene of this corner as they had a message festival, Gaki-san is itching to share some new stuff with us. Recently, Gaki-san is crazy over decorations. She had decorated her mobile phone, music player, staplers and more. She's really so into decorations that Gaki-san had actually bought a new camera because the old one she had, the surface isn't flat, making it difficult for it to be decorated. But of course, making good use of the camera, Gaki-san had been taking photos earlier on before the recording to keep all the memories. Eri asks Gaki-san to include Eri in too which according to Gaki-san, she does not have to do it because Eri has been forcing her way in like the way she did for the recording they had the previous day. For some reason, Eri was really happy over the fact that Gaki-san's new digital camera can send photos to their phones. Coming back to the decoration talk, Gaki-san wants to decorate her television. In fact, Gaki-san had often specially buy certain items just to decorate it. If Gaki-san gets a chance to post up pictures of her items in the blog or somewhere, she will definitely upload them so do check it out if that happens. Even though Eri is the "Simple is best" type, she thinks that decorating items can be a good hobby. Before they rounded up the talk, Gaki-san announced that she might start decorating the headphone in the studio, lol.

(Kame-chin's selection) Ben E. King - Stand by Me ♪
Eri was told that she hums the tune of this song often by her okaa-han* (mother)

Promotion (?) about the dinner show Aichan and Gaki-san will be involved in. Eri double checked with Gaki-san if its in Nagoya when Gaki-san didn't even mention Nagoya, lol. Eri wants to tag along and asks Gaki-san to bring her along. Gaki-san doesn't like the idea of Eri sleeping next to her if they share a hotel room though.

Promotions for Hello! Project 2009 Summer ~Hello Chanpuru~

Gaki-san : five-nk@interfm.
RisaEri : jp (A high pitch "jp" from Eri)
Gaki-san : five-nk
RisaEri : @ (A high pitch "@" from Eri)
Gaki-san : interfm.
RisaEri : jp (A high pitch "jp" from Eri)

Gaki-san will be updating FIVE STARS Monday's blog this week so do check it out!

Gaki-san : Morning Musume no Niigaki Risa to..
Eri : Kamei Eri
Gaki-san : deshita!
RisaEri : Ba~hai~
Gaki-san :'re leaving that part ("deshita") to me too?

*Gaki-san and Eri have been addressing people as "-han" instead of "-san".
They better check Gaki-han's suitcase thoroughly before they leave for Osaka. If not, they may find our little turtle and Gaki-han creating a havoc in Gaki-han's hotel room!