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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Its hot recently isn't it. This is Kamei Eri.

Gaki-san loves the kirakira spray so much that in order to get me to use it too, she sprinkles it on me~. But I'm not some sort of rice so I replied with a "No".
So this time round, the highlight of the Hello! Project concert isn't my usual hair, but Gaki-san's kirakira hair!

This year's summer!
Everyone! Lets enjoy~

This was written by Kame (亀) of Tsuru Hiasashi (鶴亀) with an I (井) of Ido (井戸) with an E (絵) from Kaiga (絵画) with a Ri (里) of Sato (里).*

Therefore, this has been Kamei Eri!!

*Eri had purposely used words that share the same kanjis as her name but read differently to form her name. If you put the kanjis she had picked out together, you will get "Kamei Eri" (亀井絵里)