Gaki-Kame in Shizuoka (09/30)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gaki-san and Eri went to Shizuoka this evening to promote Morning Musume's ~Nine smile~ concert in Shizuoka that will be held on September 17. They appeared on K-MIX "Radio the Boom" before proceeding to Shizuoka Asa TV "Dobikkiri! Shizuoka" studio.

Lots of fans turned up for the radio show and the radio show's website was updated every 15 seconds or so with new pictures of the girls in the studio. I didn't manage to save all since I was obviously a little too slow, but I managed to save 120 over screencaps. You can download the pictures here or click here to view all the screencaps. Eri looked as though she was about to sleep on the show or was just that she blinks really slowly.

Image Hosted by
The DJ updated the radio show's blog with a picture of the 2 girls and some of the talks they had during the live radio show itself. I will translate the radio soon as soon as possible once I get the time to so please be patient!

As for the "Dobikkiri! Shizuoka" TV show, the girls mainly promoted their ~Nine smile~ concert in Shizuoka and talked a little about Shizuoka's tea. It is available for download here.

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They gave a short introduction of themselves and Gaki-san told the hosts that the current leader is Takahashi Ai, the current sub-leader is Gaki-san herself and the middle-manager of Morning Musume is Eri. When the host asked Eri is it was hard to handle her post, Eri replied yes, lol.

Image Hosted by
The male host asked them how old they are and both the girls replied with a "Both of us are 20 years old" and an extremely sweet smile.

They then moved on to the promotions for ~Nine smile~ concert in Shizuoka. It has been 2 years since the last time Morning Musume has performed in Shizuoka and surprisingly, even after 2 years, the concert will be performed by the same line-up still. As "Nanchatte Renai" PV continued playing, Gaki-san told the hosts that they were given Shizuoka's tea earlier on when they were in their dressing rooms. It was very delicious.

Nice to see Gaki-Kame going around for promotions together since Eri is grouped with the juniors most of the time when it comes to promoting and Gaki-san is not sent for promotions often. I bet it wasn't a stressful trip for Eri since she somewhat relied on Gaki-san to do the promoting. Gaki-san and Eri are looking cute in their Autumn outfits. Eri's outfit reminded me of Morning Days Vol.2 and I think I'm starting to love the not-too-long hair of Eri. No idea whether its just me or its the way that she has been styling it that makes her look absolutely adorable.

You can download "Radio the Boom" show here. Its a very bad quality recording though.

Eri's profile picture - Kimagure Princess

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Morning Musume's profile pictures have been updated today and yes, the girls are in their "Kimagure Princess" outfits. Eri is as gorgeous as ever and that hat suits her really well. Not forgetting her stylish pose for the full body photo. Eri's new hair length adds on to the perfectness of her new profile pictures. I prefer her not-too-long hair for this outfit to her May 2009's hair length.

I wouldn't say I saw the sexiness the fans and girls talked about right after I saw the pictures because of the long pants but after a second look, Eri looks really sexy even though she isn't exposing much. I can't find the correct words to describe how it feels like, but the way Eri smiled, the way she folded her hands and the way she held onto her belt certainly shot out Eri's sexiness. Sexy and beautiful and at the same time, she is still melting Kameists' hearts with her cuteness.

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #026 (090928)

Monday, September 28, 2009

The show started off with a mail from a listener who is participating in an upcoming10km marathon. Both the girls agreed that they wouldn't have the stamina to even run 5km, half the distance. Whenever they watch a marathon, they have this urge to root for the athletics. The girls showed their support for the listener and requested for him to send a follow-up mail if he manages to complete the marathon so that they can celebrate the achievement together.

K: Kanpai kanpai kanpai ~ Atarashii ou ni kanpai ~
G: ... ...
K: Kanpai kanpai kanpai ~ Atarashii ou ni kanpai ~
Eri was singing a song from "Ribbon no Kishi" musical.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess ♪
Gaki-san commented that the outfits for this new song is sexy and would like the fans to look closely at their outfits.

G: We're going to...
GK: Read out the messages!
K: Butt ~
Eri was in the "Kimagure Princess" mood this week. Throughout this episode, she'll keep throwing in the word "butt" into their talks. They aren't suppose to make sense. Do count the number of times she said "oshiri" which means butt/ass.

G: This is Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
K: This is Kamei Eri...butt ~

While reading out the first mail regarding "Kimagure Princess," Gaki-san accidentally described the song as "famous song" even though it was not written on the mail. Look out for these funny mistakes made by Gaki-san. Unlike the usual her, she made quite a number of hilarious mistakes this week. As usual, Eri teased Gaki-san about it.

By fans' impression of the girls, we may think that Reina is the most kimagure (fickle) member however, there is one particular member who is naturally kimagure. Try and make a guess ! Even without planning beforehand, both Gaki-san and Eri named the same member and that is none other than Koharu. The other time the girls went to Los Angeles, Gaki-san saw Koharu eating nothing but potatoes even though there are vegetables available. She then told Koharu about it and Koharu started eating nothing but vegetables. You aren't totally wrong if you think that Reina is a fickle person. The girls talked about how Reina gets tired of things easily.

The radio name of the second sender was Orange juice. After reading out the radio name, Eri gave a "I want to drink ~" Talking about orange juice, it reminded the girls about this Eri fan who went for one of their singles' release event. The fan asked Eri what type of orange juice she likes but because the handshake circuit was moving very quickly, Eri was not able to give a proper answer. Anyway, Eri is okay with all sort of orange juice as long as its 100% orange juice.

Continuing with the mail, the listener asked the girls if they can sneeze with their eyes open. Gaki-san has once tried sneezing with her eyes open and only ended up making terrible facial expressions. Gaki-san and Eri close their eyes when they sneeze. Eri told the listener to stop thinking about it and let things be the way they are, lol.

For the 3rd mail, the listener used greeted in French. Gaki-san read "Bonsoir" (Good evening) as "Bonjour" (Hello). Eri then said no matter how you read it it'll still sound like "Bonsoir," but well, there is something called exceptions. Right after this mistake, Gaki-san said "Furansugo" (French language) as "Furango" (Decomposition language), lol.

The girls themselves don't know how old people think they are. Both of them think that being thought as older than their actual age is a good thing. For Gaki-san, she has been told that by looks, she looks like one who is around 17 years old but once she starts talking, one will realise this girl is 20 years old. They then brought up an example of an actress (Kuroki Meisa) who is of the same age as them but looks more matured/older than them.

(Requested by listeners) Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri and Tanaka Reina - Indigo Blue Love

K: *Humming the tune of Indigo Blue love*
K: *Humming the tune of Indigo Blue love*

Nanami - Keep with your smile ♪

Before they moved on to the FIVE STARS corner, when Gaki-san apologised with a "sumimasen" (Sorry), she mispronounced it and said "suimiyasen." Eri then made fun of her and went "sumiyasen sumiyasen." Gaki-san thinks that she is transforming into another "Kamei Eri" even though she doesn't want to.

Gaki-san loves black Oolong tea. Before the show, their kind manager thought of getting them orange juice (for Eri) and Oolong tea (for Gaki-san) but she somewhat predicted that Gaki-san would probably bring her own so she didn't get Gaki-san's tea. As expected, Gaki-san brought along her own Oolong tea. According to Eri, Gaki-san has many cans/bottles of Oolong tea. She brings them along for rehearsals and other events. Apparently, Gaki-san buys them in boxes ^^; Not long ago, it was Gaki-san mama's birthday. When the girls wished her a happy birthday on the show, Eri said something like "Ah, your mama is going to become an adult too huh? ~" As a faithful listener of FIVE STARS Monday, Gaki-san mama heard it and responded with a "Oi Kame! I'm an adult!" Coming back, Gaki-san has been drinking Oolong tea daily since some time ago.

G: With that, I'm giving black Oolong tea 5 stars!
K: Yay! Black! Yay, black! Butt ~

Hiroko Shimabukuro - As time goes by ♪
This is one of Eri's favourite karaoke songs, as expected of a SPEED fan. Gaki-san was laughing at Eri for using the word "Juuhachiban" (Lit. 18 but in this case, favourite song)

Promotions for Morning Musume All Singles Coupling Collection album, Morning Musume's 41st single, "Kimagure Princess" and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

G: We will be waiting for your many many (In English) messages for this program ~
K: ...woah
G: This and that or whether Kame-han (Turtle) is indeed faster than a hare? and more will be accepted.
K: There is no way I can be way.
G: Please send in lots of mails and song requests to
K: Butt. Butt.
K: Butt. Butt.

The girls will be updating FIVE STARS Monday's blog weekly so do check it out!
As of October 5, InterFM FIVE STARS Monday will be aired at 24:00 instead of 19:00.

Tomorrow's host for FIVE STARS is Matsuura Aya. It will be the final episode of FIVE STARS Tuesday with Ayaya as host so do check it out if you're free.

GK: Bahahai!


Gaki-san and Eri will be on K-MIX's "Radio the Boom" radio show and Shizuoka Asa TV's "Dobikkiri! Shizuoka" on September 30. Perfect for all Gaki-Kame lovers so do look out for the shows!

(Pocket Diary) ~Nine smile~ (09/19-09/20)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Morning Musume's Tour Pocket Diary for ~Nine Smile~ concert has started! No pocket diary from Eri *sigh*. But well, that's our little turtle, and I don't mind her being that way. Anyway, I 've translated some of the members', enjoy!

9/19 Matsudo Michishige Sayumi
Nine smile

The first day has came! It has been around 3 weeks after the rehearsals started and its already the actual performance~
I'm looking forward to standing on the stage and meeting everyone
Every time its the first day of a Morning Musume concert tour, the things I'll do in the morning is...1) feel nervous, 2) feel nervous, 3) and 4) eat, 5) feel nervous, basically, its just being nervous.
(Even if I'm nervous, I'll feel hungry. I have a very carefree stomach)
But for today, 1) Looking forward, 2) eat, 3) and 4) are eating too, 5) feel nervous
Ah, I decreased the number of nervousness and the number of meals increased. In the end, I still felt nervous. Whatever it is, concerts are a challenge of our physical strengths. We have to eat more to build up our strength.
I can't wait to go on stage. Ah ~ I can't wait to see everyone

Image Hosted by
For the photo, if I put it in a nice way, it is to protect myself from getting viruses. If I put it in a bad way, it is a mask to block off my without make-up face.
So for the main function of the mask, its up to you guys to decide. I'm going off.

9/20 Matsudo Tanaka Reina

Look at this photo ~
Its our bus.
Buus. Buuus ~ ~
Fu ~

Image Hosted by

Its awesome right.
Right? Right? (lol)
The 3 of us took a commemorative photo (≧∇≦)
If I see it in town, it'll really raise my tension.


I really love the way Sayu phrases her stuff. She wrote lots of pocket diaries but I obviously have troubles looking for them since I don't go hunting for them often. Going to just wait for Sayu fanblogs to post them up :P

And are 3 pocket diaries regarding Koharu's graduation.

9/19 Matsudo Takahashi Ai
Hello everyone
This is Takahashi Ai

The fall concert tour has started
There was a sudden announcement, I'm sure it was surprising
Kusumi Koharu's graduation
When I heard about it, I couldn't believe it...I was really surprised
I read Tsunku-san's comment,
"I see. Its a graduation," was my feeling
I have never expected myself to send a junior off so it was a very strange feeling

But! I will not be hesitant
I want to send her off properly with a smile
I'll get pumped up and try my best until the last concert of this tour!!!
And, please watch over Koharu warmly

9/19 Matsudo Junjun
Kya ~ It has finally begun. yeah YEAH. Guess I'm nervous every time before it starts. Thrilling. Nervousness. Haha (lol) Girls' feelings are complicated aren't they. Today, for my hairstyle, I exposed my forehead ~ ~
I wonder how it looked. I wonder if it was suitable for me.
Kusumi-san ~ will be graduating
Although I decided to not cry...
Although I wanted us to be together longer...although I wanted to "quarrel" with Kusumi-san more...
Although we sang "Kousui" so many times together...although we did so many things...
But ~ No matter how far these 9 of us are separated from one another, no matter where we are, our hearts will always be together, that is what I believe it. Yes ~ I believe in that.

Until these 9 members' very last, we will try our best so everyone please continue to support us

9/19 Matsudo Linlin
Yay. Everyone. The concert tour had started. Haha
This will be the last concert tour for this line-up. Kusumi-san is always full of energy and is vert cute. I like her a lot. Even if she graduates, we will always be friends. Of course the shrimp friends* too. I'll be watching over her forever. Everyone too, please watch over her.

Watching everyone's lovely smiles, I'm very happy. The concert tour is going to continue so everyone lets have fun together.

*She said ebinakama. I'm not sure if it has any other meanings or anything, but if I translate it directly, it means something like shrimp friends.


I strongly encourage readers who have yet to read the translations for the Koharu vs Junjun arguments to read them or even, re-read them even though they are really sloppy ^^; Koharu may not be particularly attached to any of the members because of her busy schedule, but they definitely had fun together during concerts and Morning Musume's events. All right enough. I don't want to sound like a hypocrite.

Will be waiting patiently for Eri's pocket diaries

~Nine smile~ (09/19-09/23)

Friday, September 25, 2009

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Just going to talk about the MC segments for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~. Basically, the focus is on 6th generation...or at least I think it is.

For the consultation corner (Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri, Junjun and Linlin), Eri is the host for the segment. Junjun and Linlin are the ones seeking for solutions to their problems while Gaki-san is there as a tsukkomi and to somewhat help Eri out. The main objective of the corner isn't exactly to solve the 2 members' problems. It is for Eri to make the fans smile by giving a funny/sophisticated advices. The corner usually ends an "Ehhh~" from the fans followed by a "They are starting to smile~" from Eri. Isn't the most entertaining MC ever, but I do love the way Eri is hosting it in the Eririn-manner, giving amusing answers, and escaping from answering when she doesn't know how to give a solution to the 2 members' problems.

Meanwhile, the other MC segment is hosted by the other 2 Rokkies (Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina). Reina will start off the segment with a question every time. The 2 girls will then talk about it like the way they do on their radio shows. When Rokkies come together, hilarity ensues. An absolutely fun segment with Sayu interrupting Reina's talks breaking her trail of thoughts. My favourite is the MC on the 23rd when Reina was bullied (Not exactly) by Sayu and the fans. I swear I'm not a sadist. But it was extremely funny when Sayu teased Reina and Reina reacted in an adorable way.

Here's some random details from the MC segments
Eri keeps talking about money nowadays.
Apparently Aichan, Gaki-san and Sayu are night people while Eri and Reina are probably be fast asleep by 2AM.
Aichan entered a male toilet and...I'll leave that to your imagination.
Reina asking the fans to not "Ehh~" her. She can't feel the happiness in being Ehh~'d by the fans because she is not Eri.
Sayu kneeling down, trying to convince Reina to give her a computer.
Eri gets Ehh~'d, Reina gets Fuu~'d!

Something unrelated to the MC segments...I was listening to the microphone recordings this afternoon and was amazed by how Aichan continued singing so confidently even after making a mistake in the lyrics. At least the mistake she made wasn't exactly a very big one but it did change the meaning of the lyrics. It didn't sound ridiculous though. She sang "Yasashii kareshi" (Kind boyfriend) as "Mainchi kareshi" (Everyday boyfriend) in this mic recording. The mic recording ended with a "I messed up the lyrics, (lol)" from Aichan. Professional as always.

I want to get some ~Nine smile~ photo cards!!

- Please don't make any requests for MC translations.

Konya mo Usachan Peace #151 (090923)

Sayu was supposed to go to the dentist after this radio show recording however, at the thought of already talking non-stop for an hour, she didn't feel like going for her appointment so she asked her mother to cancel it for her. Her mother then replied with a "Ohhaa" which made Sayu wondered what happened. She decided to leave it as it is and didn't reply her mother. Her mother later sent another mail to Sayu to correct herself. She initially wanted to reply with an "Okay" and not "Ohhaa." It got a "You can actually type that wrongly?" reaction out of Sayu.

Morning Musume - Inspiration ♪

Some time ago, Sayu was sent to Yamaguchi for Nanchatte Renai's promotions. Sayu was very happy to be able to hold a campaign there as Morning Musume had held only 2 concerts in Yamaguchi. There isn't any special discovery that she made during this trip. She recognises the awesomeness of the fans who follows them no matter where they go though. During her Ameba Show which was one day after the events in Yamaguchi, Sayu saw the fans who followed them to Yamaguchi came back to Tokyo and were present for the show too. Sayu is grateful towards all these dedicated fans.

When Sayu was on "Gokigenyou" (A TV show), on 1 of the episodes, Inagawa-san shared a scary story with them. Sayu couldn't exactly understand the story fully but the atmosphere of the studio was certainly scary enough. Also, as Inagawa-san spoke, the blood vessels in his eyes somewhat reddened and that force from that pair of eyes frightened Sayu.

- Kao wa Butanai de! Atashi Jouyuu nan dakara -
1st Phrase : Cute
Verdict : Actress

Situation : Upon seeing a puppy...
Sayu : Cute ~
Even when Sayu sees a baby. she says the same thing. But whenever she praises a baby for his/her cuteness, a small part of Sayu wants the mother of the child to see her praising her child.

Situation : Upon seeing a girl who is cuter than yourself...
Sayu : Cute ~
Sayu loves cute girls. Just like when she looks at the rest of the members, she finds them cute too. Maybe its because Sayu is pretty free during song performances (She said this herself xD), she often ends up observing the other members and tries to imagine herself as one of the member. Apparently she enjoys doing that ^^;

Situation : While looking at your reflection in the mirror...
Sayu : Cute.
One of the reasons behind Sayu's frequent self-proclamations of being cute is to give herself some confidence (She is cute). But now these self-proclamations have became more like a duty and something that she just has to do somewhat because she got herself this image.

2nd Phrase : No way
Verdict : Great actress

Situation : Upon weighing yourself after not checking your weight for sometime and realising you have gained a surprising amount of weight...
Sayu : No way...
This happens to Sayu. Although she weighs herself daily, as she can't possibly bring a weighing scale along when she goes overseas, she can't weigh herself. She will then overeat and end up regretting it.

Situation : Upon hearing that Nakazawa (Yuko)-san will be getting married...
Sayu : No way!
She will be happy for Yuko. In fact, she hopes that Yuko settles down soon.

Situation : Upon hearing that "Konusapi" (This radio show) will stop...
Sayu : No way...
Sayu will be shocked. She doesn't want this radio show to end (This isn't the 1st time she is saying this. This girl really loves "Konusapi")

3rd Phrase : How is/was it?
Verdict : Lousy actress

Situation : After the members ate the sweets you made...
Sayu : How was it?
She doesn't make confections so she can't really relate herself to that situation well.

Situation : To your sister who has been resting on bed as she isn't feeling well...
Sayu : How is it?
Sayu's mother is a very careful person. If any of Sayu's siblings is not feeling well, she will make sure Sayu doesn't go close to him/her so that she will not get the virus. Therefore, Sayu doesn't get much chances to say ask her sister how she's feeling as she will only be able to see her after she recovers.

Situation : Putting on a sexy outfit and appearing in front of your boyfriend...
Sayu : How is it?
Sayu cosplays often when she is at home. She wants to show people her cosplays rather than just looking at herself in the mirror and thinking that she looks cute in that outfit.

Morning Musume - Aruiteru ♪

Something that irritated Sayu recently is...drama. She has been watching a 4-way-love drama and is so into it that she gets frustrated when the actor/actress be kind to another character when Sayu doesn't think that the character deserves such a good treatment. The drama doesn't move on as how Sayu wants it to be so she got irritated by it.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~ and Morning Musume All Singles Coupling Collection Album

Sayu : Oyasayumin


Just like last week, lots of misreading and mispronouncing this week too!

"Jump!!" DVD - Eri and Koharu's commentary

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eri will be the commentator together with Koharu for Koharu's "Jump!!" DVD. The digest on Dohhh UP! has a short part of the commentary in the video. (Source : "久住小春・亀井絵里オーディオコメンタリーつき!" - Dohhh UP!)

Image Hosted by
Eri : Woaaah ~ Hahahahaha...this is great!

Image Hosted by
Eri : Ah, Koharu's way of eating it.

Honestly, I had no intention of buying the DVD or even downloading it to watch (I'm really not a big fan of Koharu) but now...I don't get a choice huh? I can't help but wonder why Eri was the commentator for the DVD. Because it was recorded during one of KohaEri's promotion trips? But well, the more the merrier so there's nothing to whine about! I'm looking forward to more Eri and Koharu interaction in this DVD's commentary!

Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol.26

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Image Hosted by
For Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol.26, the girls played 9 mini games in total. They would earn points from each mini game and at the end of all 9 games, the member with the most number of points wins herself a prize. With that, lets start off.

For the 1st mini game, 2 members will play against one another. The table-tennis racket is just there for show by the way. No real table-tennis game involved. Every time the players returns the serve, they will have to answer the mathematics question given then give another question to the opponent. Basically, all the questions are multiplications of 1 to 9. If the member fails to answer the question within 5 seconds after receiving the ball, she will lose the game. Same thing happens if the member answers the question incorrectly.

Image Hosted by
Eri's match against Aichan was the 4th match. Eri lost it after answering "24" for "9x3". The correct answer was 27. Frankly, I was surprised by how most of the girls could multiple faster than I expected especially Gaki-san, Eri and Reina xD Okay, I'm sorry. During the match, Eri kept changing her position and hit the ball as though she was playing tennis, lol. Anyway, for this mini game, most of the girls called for multiplications of 9. Cunning yet smart strategy.

Image Hosted by
The 2nd game, which involves a coin and a straw, 3 members will compete against one another for each match. They will have to use the straw to suck up the 1yen coin and hold it there for as long as possible. Eri certainly made it look easy at first but her coin dropped after some time.

The 3rd game is a pretty common one. That is if you have been watching Hello! Morning's Hello! Pro Hour. Reporter Elizabeth Kyamei had played this game with Goto Maki, Iida Kaori, Matsuura Aya and other Hello! Project members on HPH. 2 members will have to look at one another and the first one to laugh, and that is to show her teeth, will lose. The girls have to make their opponent laugh within 60 seconds or they will play a game of "Scissors, paper, stone" to decide who the winner is.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
First off was Eririn versus Sayumin. Pretty obvious who won from the screencap. Even if Sayu didn't find it funny, she'd have probably died from the cute-ness of that face.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Semi finals, Eri vs Aika. Both of them put up a good fight and Eri looked absolutely adorable when Aika teased her. They played a game of "Scissors, paper, stone" to decide the winner and Eri won.

Image Hosted by
Finals, Eri vs Koharu. Again, no actual winner despite the funny faces from both sides. Eri's expressions were priceless. She looks pretty scary that way. Koharu won after a game of "Scissors, paper, stone" and yes, Koharu was the winner for the 3rd game!

Image Hosted by
Short talk segment ~ Eri talked about this line-up staying as it is for so long and the bonds between the members becoming strong.

4th game! The girls will play the game "Scissors, paper, stone" using their legs and the winner will point up/down/left/right after winning. If the loser turns to the same direction pointed by the winner, she loses the game completely. Scissors is when the girls put one leg to the front and one leg to the back. Paper is when they open up their legs. Stone is when they close their legs firmly.

Image Hosted by
Again, a Eririn versus Sayumin match! Sayu owned Eri in this though. Love how Eri went back to Gaki-san immediately xD

Image Hosted by
5th game is self-explanatory. The girls just have to keep the hoops spinning around their waist for the longest time possible. A very "Er..." game since most of the girls couldn't even keep it there for a least 5 seconds ^^;

Image Hosted by
For the 6th game, the members have to stop the stopwatch at the 9th second. The member closest to 09:00 wins the game. Eri did this challenge once on Haromoni@ and her timing was around 2 seconds slower than the one she was supposed to stop at. She did it again on Morning Musume's Ameba Studio appearance for "Naichau Kamo" promotion. However, she didn't know how to operate the stopwatch properly and was disqualified. During Eri's turn, the members sang "Usagi to Kame" (The hare and the tortoise) to distract her. Eri's timing was 07:54.

Image Hosted by
In the 7th game, the members will challenge one another to stacking dominoes. Eri's tower collapsed even before they counted the number of dominoes xD Nice reaction from her. Our little turtle being our little turtle, destroyed Aika's tower. Cuteeee! Reminds me of the GAM DVD where Mikitty destroyed Ayaya's work.

Image Hosted by
The 8th game is very simple. Its all about luck. 2 girls each match. The girls will have to shuffle the cards and they will have to pull out the cards one by one. The first girl to pull out the card with the number "9", wins the game. Eri made it into semi-finals. On the first try, both Eri and Koharu pulled out the 9 so they re-played the game again. Koharu then won. Lol'd at Eri's lack-of-energy's "You're amazing" after she lost.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
The final game! A perfect chance for the members with low scores to catch up with the rest! All they need to do is to roll the dice and their current scores will then be multiplied by the number. Eri called for 6 and got her 6. It was funny when Eri cursed Sayu and Sayu got only 1. Eri was celebrating there, lol.

This DVD is available for download here (Credits to MorningPlanet at Hello!Online)

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #025 (090921)

An extremely hyped-up turtle host this week! The show started off with Eri calling Gaki-han "Kame-han." So, this week is silver week! Kame-han claimed that she will like to spend these 5 days of holidays...studying subjects such as Japanese, Mathematics and etc. She then predicted that Gaki-han will probably spend her holidays going to the theme park. Eri wasn't exactly wrong though. Gaki-han will be making a trip to her ancestors' graves for a ritual visit and maybe after that, she will go to the theme park. Every time there is a 3-consecutive days of public holidays, the Niigaki family will visit their ancestors' graves. Gaki-han doubts Eri is going to study during these 5 days. Oh yes, Eri was given her 100% orange juice for this episode ~

GakiKame : (Eri's accent, lol)
GakiKame :

Morning Musume - Handmade City ♪

Around a month ago, on their individual Ameba shows, Koharu made up a family tree. A listener sent in to inform the 2 girls about it. Basically, Koharu's mother is Eri and her father is Gaki-san. Linlin and Airi are Koharu's siblings. However, mommy Eri only feeds the family with pizza everyday so daddy Gaki-san and mommy Eri got divorced. Then, daddy Gaki gets married with new-mommy Aichan with the 3 children under his custody. Before that, Aichan had already had a daughter, Reina, so the 3 girls now have a new sister. As for the other members, Sayu and Aika are Koharu's friends while Junjun is a banana store's poster girl. Actually, Eri had already got to know of this from Reina even before the listener sent in. Anyway, according to Gaki-san, Koharu likes Aichan. She is always showering Aichan with compliments like "You're cute," causing herself to sound like a fan of Aichan. The 2 girls are amazed by Koharu's wild yet realistic imagination.

If the girls were to lose their voices out of a sudden, which member's voice will they want to be their new voice? Eri chose Junjun and Linlin. Reason being that she finds the way the 2 Chinese girls babbles Japanese cute. Gaki-san then made an impersonation of Junjun and Linlin's "Thank you" in Japanese with a fake accent. As for Gaki-san, she will want to have Koharu's voice. Eri said that Gaki-san and Koharu have different personalities. Gaki-san doesn't have innocence Koharu has. When Gaki-san tried to defend herself, Eri used the personality test where Gaki-san's result showed that her mental age is 51 (FIVE STARS Monday #24 (090914) to support her point. After Eri explained to Gaki-san that whatever she says may not be suitable for Koharu's voice and vice versa, Gaki-san decided to not choose Koharu's. She chose Eri's and again, Eri told her her voice and Gaki-san's words will not match. Gaki-san's reason for choosing Eri's voice is because she finds it sweet and cute from the way Eri speaks.

The current Eri's fashion and the past Eri's fashion are totally different. Back then, Eri admired Gals a lot and wore jeans, put on lots of accessories and such. Eri thinks that she won't be able to put on those make-ups that she had at that time now. She had fun following the Gals' trends though and considers it as part of her growing up process. Recently, when Gaki-san went out for a meal together with Eri, Gaki-san fixed her make-up like she always does and Eri told her, "Gaki-san...whenever I'm with you...I'll be reminded of the times when I was schooling." Not every girl who fixes her make-up gives Eri that feeling. Coming back, Eri buys magazines often for fashion references. However, she always ends up just browsing through it instead of trying to imitate the fashion. Gaki-san brought up a recent incident during her Korea trip with Aichan and their mothers. They happened to see this mannequin whose hair colour was very pretty so Gaki-san wanted to snap a picture of it. Aichan then told her that the colour wouldn't turn out nice in pictures (Gaki-san imitated Aichan with that accent she always uses when imitating Aichan). In conclusion, Gaki-san and Eri don't refer to stuff for their outfits and appearances. They just wear whatever they think that looks pleasant.

Morning Musume - Aki Urara ♪

Gaki :
Gaki :
Kame : Yes.
Gaki : Kame-han is sleeping.

Mano Erina - Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo ♪

Gaki : We're going to start ~
: Okay, I've woke up ~
Gaki : Its now My...
GakiKame : FIVE STARS ~
: Good morning!

This week, its teacher Kamei's turn to give 5 stars to something. Don't ask me what's with the "teacher Kamei" thing. Eri called herself that out of blue. Recently, Eri ate shinginnan (新銀杏). Ginnan is the nut of Ginkgo trees. Not many people like eating it as it stinks but Eri loves them. According to Eri, the shinginnan is bigger than usual ginnan. Gaki-san is one of those who dislikes ginnan even though her sister and mother likes them. She hates it especially when its autumn and the nuts will all fall and when people steps on it, the smell that comes out of it is horrible. Its very delicious though. With that, Eri gave shinginnan 5 stars!

Lady Gaga - Poker Face ♪
Thanks to the influence from Aichan, Gaki-san is singing the "p-p-p-poker face" line too. You can listen to Aichan and Gaki-san sing it on the Ichigo Ichie episode with Gaki-san's 2nd guest appearance.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Autumn ~Nine smile~ and Morning Musume's 41st single, "Kimagure Princess." The 2 girls can't wait to play the new single on the radio show.

Gaki :
: Hahahaha ~
Gaki :
: Hahahaha ~
Eri was laughing at Gaki-san for almost mispronouncing her line.

The girls will be updating FIVE STARS Monday's blog weekly so do check it out!

GakiKame : Bahahai

Nine smile (090919) - Fan reports (Eri's mistakes and more!)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

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Not Nine Smile's photosets though. These are Morning Musume's 2010 calender photosets.

According to some fans, yesterday, while the announcement for Koharu to graduate was being made, Eri had teary eyes. Guess it must be really painful for the 5th and 6th generation since Koharu is their 1st junior to go especially for Sayu, who was Koharu's educator. Lets leave that for now and move on to the concert itself.

So, yesterday the fans got to watch "Kimagure Princess" performance for the very first time. "Kimagure Princess" lead vocalists are indeed Aichan and Eri. In fact, during the song performance, Eri was dancing and singing right in the centre. Watching Eri stand in the centre, a fan was so happy that he cried. Other fans wrote on their blogs that they are glad that Eri's hard work had paid off. As for the expressions for the song, as usual, our little turtle melted the fans' hearts with her adult-like expressions.

As for the return of "Haru Beautiful Everyday", moved by the performance, the fan cried again. After not having to hear Eri sing "Suki yo" (I love you), a fan was totally satisfied with the performance. The costume for "Haru Beautiful Everyday" is said to be very cute. I'm looking forward to the pictures!

Moving on to "Aruiteru", for the 1st half of it, Sayu performed the song alone. The members were to joined her halfway through the performance. However, our little turtle messed up her timing and went on stage when it wasn't even her turn ^^; Eri then returned to the backstage as though nothing had happened but obviously lots of fans saw it (Quite a number reported on this incident). Hees, looks like all 6th generation has a timing problem eh? If only this was included in the DVD...ah, but that's impossible. It sounds really funny though, from the way the fans reported about the matter.

"Sakura Mankai" was performed too and the group consists of mainly the 3 Sakura Gumi members (Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa and Kamei Eri) with the addition of Aika and Linlin. A vocally strong group. Eri had a very sexy expression when singing and fans were totally blown away. I personally like the returns of Sakura Gumi and Otome Gumi in Morning Musume concerts. It has been sometime since the last time the two groups' songs were performed in a Morning Musume concert. If you're worried about Otome Gumi because they seem vocally weak, fan reports said that their performance was very enjoyable, so stop worrying! (:

During the coupling/with songs medley, Eri certainly got hyped up and gave her best smile, as usual. Looks like we have got to look out for Eri's expressions. Lots of talk about her expressions this time round. I personally like this medley since I had never expected "Bonkyu! Bonkyu! BOMB Girl" to be performed again. Also, I love "Handmade City". Eri is awesome in that song and Gaki-san's outstanding vocals can be heard clearly in it (Re-watch Morning Musume Concert Tour 2007 Autumn to get what I mean).

Here's one more happening. Somewhere during "Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari" performance, Eri messed up her dance choreography. Eri fans who had their eyes fixed on her caught that moment. Eri gave an embarrassed smile after that mistake. Seems like Eri must have been very nervous for the first concert. It isn't like her to make so many mistakes. But heh, since the mistakes she made sound as adorable as Eri (lol), its of course forgiven!

That's about it for concert. Another thing would be that Eri's younger sister went to the concert yesterday. The fan who saw Eri's sister had met her in concerts several times. He had a short conversation with her about Tomodachi Collection yesterday (Refer to this translation to know what about the Tomodachi Collection). Apparently Eri's little sister is still crazy over the game.

Here's my short personal review after listening to Eri's microphone recording for yesterday's "Kimagure Princess" performance. Her first line, "Samishii otome kokoro wo" was very sweet and sounded like an otome (Young lady) indeed. I love the change between her "Kuchibiru" and "wa~" for the "Wagamama de iijanai kuchiburi wa~". Frankly, I didn't expect them to sing the chipmunk lines live. I thought they would just lip-sync for those lines but surprisingly, the girls sang them live and did pretty well. For Eri, her chipmunk line is the 1st line of the 2nd verse, "Kimagure bijin wa nayameru ohime, yoru naka ni nattara shikushikushiteru jan~" Again, I like the switch between "Shiteru" and "jan~". My favourite is still "Ii janai" of course. Eri's vibrato for that line is fantastic. Another favourite moment would be the way Eri sang the "ni~~" for the "Utsukushiku kagayaki na hoshi no you ni" line. Overall, I'll give Eri a 8/10. Still lots of room for improvement, but she certainly proved that she was ready to take up more lines all this while. Personally, I don't really pay much attention to the quantity of lines. Quality of lines matter more but...with more lines, Eri gets more opportunities to display her I guess it matters after all ^^; Oh yes, I'm giving her 5 stars for the 2 adorable pants she gave after the performance ended. She sounded so cute when panting! (Okay, everything she does is cute to me) We don't hear her panting often, so its a rare moment :P

I'll translate the concert MCs later if I get the time too. Enjoy yourselves, people!

Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile ~ START!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

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Countdown VTR
01. 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT
02. How Do You Like Japan? ~Nippon wa Donna Kanji Dekka?~
Members introduction VTR
03. Kimagure Princess
MC 1
04. Nanchatte Renai
05. Genki+
06. Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou? Chinese version (All members)
07. Sukiyaki (Niigaki Risa and Kusumi Koharu)
MC 2 (Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri, Junjun and Linlin)
08. Haru Beautiful Everyday (Kamei Eri and Mitsui Aika)
09. Kioku no Meiro (Takahashi Ai and Tanaka Reina)
10. Aruiteru (Michishige Sayumi → Morning Musume joins in halfway)
11. Aki Urara
12. Shouganai Yume Oibito
MC 3 (Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina)
13. Sakura Mankai (Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri, Mitsui Aika and Linlin)
14. Yuujou ~Kokoro no Busu ni Naranee!~ (Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina, Kusumi Koharu and Junjun)
15. Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru
MC 4
(Start of Coupling/with medley)
16. Bonkyu! Bonkyu! BOMB Girl
17. Please! Jiyuu no Tobira
18. Handmade CITY
19. Odore! Morning Curry
(Coupling/with medley ended with Bonkyu! Bonkyu! BOMB Girl again)
MC 5
20. Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari (Full version, Junjun → Linlin → Mitsui Aika → Kusumi Koharu → Michishige Sayumi → Kamei Eri → Tanaka Reina → Niigaki Risa → Takahashi Ai)
21. Naichau Kamo
22. Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~
23. Resonant Blue

25. Love Machine

Concert duration : Approximately 1 hour 55 minutes.

The set list was really like what all the girls said on their ameba shows and radio shows. It was very surprising and the songs that I didn't expect to be performed were included in the set list. I love the comebacks of songs like "Genki +", "Bonkyu! Bonkyu! BOMB Girl", "Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari" and of course, "Haru Beautiful Everyday". Very fresh, unlike the past set lists. Looks like its going to yet another great concert tour! (:

Only sad thing is, Kusumi Koharu will be graduating. Not a super big fan of Koharu (I love her though), but I do feel the sadness in it since she is the first member to graduate from Morning Musume after I have entered Morning Musume fandom. The energetic and miracle girl of Morning Musume graduating. We can't stop it from happening, but I do hope she enjoys herself to the maximum for this concert tour since it will be her last. Guess there will be no more KohaEri promotions for their singles after this autumn huh? *Sigh*

So anyway, Hello! Project 2010 Winter concert is titled "Hello! Project 2010 Winter Uta Chou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu!~" However, Koharu will not be participating in it. (Source)


Took a look at the goods list earlier on while waiting for the 2ch wotas to update the set list. Wonder why there's no microfibre towel this time round. I still can't decide what to get...Getting all Eri's solo goods will be impossible for now since I'm poor (T.T) Probably going with just Eri's T-shirt and uchiwa? God, I sound like an unfaithful fan.

Image Hosted by

Ah nevermind, I shall reconsider about it again later. Hopefully the shipping fees won't be too expensive ^^; and that there will be "S" size for the T-shirt! *Prays*

Eri will be on Bijo Houdan

Image Hosted by
Eri will be on "Bijo Houdan" for the October 15 and 22 episode. I'm really looking forward to this. What advices will Eri seek for? Its probably one of the very rare times we will see her in the serious mood, talking about her troubles and everything. Its certainly something I've got to watch!

Tiny Eririn~

Image Hosted by
Eri looks so tiny when standing next to Kumai! xD
Especially her thighs.

Tokyo Friend Park II (090917)

Image Hosted by
Love Eri's reaction to Sayu's "My cuteness will make up for it." Amazingly adorable

Image Hosted by
Cover for "Kimagure Princess" single! It reminds me of those Kungfu films' posters where they will have fire dragons in the background. The girls don't look too bad in it though. The cowboy hats look nice on the 4 girls and the other 5 girls have pretty suitable hairstyles for the cover although I'm still not used to Koharu's hairstyle. Of course, not forgetting Eri's murderous expression. Seeeexy! Terrible fonts and background though.

Image Hosted by
Awww, Eri sticking out her tongue = 1 hit KO
For the Keyword Jungle game, Eri and Aika were chosen to play reason being Aika is smart and Eri is physically strong. Hees, our muscular little turtle. In this mini game, a member will have to feed the hippopotamus with the "food" in order to unlock all the 5 hints for a keyword. Meanwhile, the other 2 members will take turns to guess the keyword according to the hints given.

Image Hosted by
Eri started to slow down around a minute later and it was so sweet to hear Sayu and Aichan at the seats screaming "Ganbatte Eri!" Unfortunately, Eri didn't seem to know that scooping the balls and tossing it would be easier and ended up pushing the balls instead. Eri looked very cute trying to push the balls into the hippopotamus's mouth even though the balls have yet to even roll down the slope. Stay this way forever please, Eri!

Image Hosted by
Sayu's rival, Aika's substitute

Image Hosted by
I can only say...
...lucky host!

Konya mo Usachan Peace #150 (090916)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Back then in Yamaguchi, the sports festival are normally held in autumns. As a not-so-fit bunny, Sayu naturally feels troubled whenever summer vacation comes to an end. Sayu really hates events like foot race and obstacle race because whenever she participates in them, she has this feeling that the audience is watching her every movement. One more reason for why she doesn't like sports festival is because of her family would turn up to support her. Her mother would cheer her name "Sayucha~n" out loud like nobody's business and embarrass Sayu.

Morning Musume - Koi-ING ♪
C/W of "Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~"

Sayu was requested to describe each of the members with a phrase/word.
Aichan → Aspiration
Gaki-san → Friendly

Eri → Mood-maker
Whenever Eri is around, she makes the atmosphere better. Sayu believes she isn't the only one who thinks so.
From Sayu's personal point of view, Eri → Notices everything.
Eri notices every little thing. One perfect example - Recently, when Sayu greeted Eri in the morning, from her greeting, Eri immediately observed that Sayu wasn't feeling too energetic that day. Sayu is amazed by Eri's observation skills.

Reina → Outgoing
Koharu → Carefree
Aika → Worrisome
Junjun → I don't know what's a suitable phrase...but Sayu just said that Junjun drinks lots of water.
Linlin → Funny

Sayu is more than willing to send her elder sister all the detergents she won on "Gokigenyou" (A TV show Sayu appeared on not long ago). The other day when Sayu went over to her sister's house, her sister was wearing the same outfit as the one she had on when she went out with Sayu. Sayu thought it was just coincidence since it was 2 different days. However, the day before the recording of this episode, Sayu received a mail from her sister with a picture of the purikura she took with her friends and AGAIN, her sister was wearing the same outfit. Sayu thinks that her sister may be beginning to neglect her own hygiene or something. During the visit to her sister's house too, Sayu stayed over for a night and her sister slept in that outfit, without changing into pyjamas. She really wants her sister to start doing the laundry for her own good.

Sayu's sister has a habit of sending her mails about where she went with her friends. Sayu has no idea whether she sent it because she is forgetful or she had other intentions, but Sayu's sister often send her mails saying "Send me the venue I sent you the other day" as though Sayu is her notebook xD

Sayu's sister touches her pet kitty's paws often. Talking about the pet kitty, Sayu's mother had found out about it already. It wasn't Sayu who betrayed her sister though.

Morning Musume - Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan!
C/W of "Resonant Blue"

Sexy word of the week!
Sayu : Tontoro ~

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~ and Morning Musume's coupling songs collection.

Sayu : OyaSayumin


Do pay attention to Sayu's mispronunciations. She fumbled over her words quite a number of times this week and even said "Sayumi" and "Tami", lol.

InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #103 (090916)

Not long ago, Reina had an interesting dream. However, she can't remember the details of the dream and only has a rough idea of what happened. According to Reina, she had an argument with Gaki-san and pushed Gaki-san down in the dream after losing her cool. Reina does not quarrel with Gaki-san but she wonders if this is a sign from god that she will get into an argument with Gaki-san soon.

Morning Musume - Aki Urara ♪

Reina played with temochi hanabi this summer, after not playing with them for a long time. They weren't exactly temochi hanabi was the kind of sparklers whereby you can leave them on the ground, lit it and the sparkles will shoot out by itself. Although Reina didn't go to any festivals this summer, she had fun playing with fireworks and watching a horror film with her friends.

Reina : Aichan is cute recently. If I'm asked what of her...frankly, its her face.
Lol'd at the way Reina said it. So anyway, she thinks that Aichan's face is becoming more like the present (Up to date?) nowadays. Another thing about Aichan is that she is a very serious person. Its really a good thing but Reina can't stand things being too serious. Still, she understands that Aichan is doing this for the group's sake and playing her role as a leader.

As there are not much restrictions when hosting this radio show, Reina is able to show her real side here to all the listeners. This is one of her happiest moment in hosting "FIVE STARS Wednesday". As for things that she is struggling when she tries to move on to the next topic. Instead of a nice round-up, Reina will usually just say "Okay, moving on." She wants to be able to conclude things properly so that the radio show will sound smoother instead of having sudden change-of-topics. Another challenge is when she has nothing funny to say. Being alone, she can only rely on herself.

Scandal - Shoujou S ♪
C-ute - EVERYDAY Zekkouchou ♪

Some time ago, Reina had a Takoyaki party with her friends. If it was just a simple normal takoyaki party, it wouldn't be interesting in any way so they decided to buy some special fillings and sauces to put in and on their takoyaki. A few examples of their special ingredient are : Tabasco, nattou, chocolate caramel. After the party started, one of her friends conveniently mixed up the normal takoyaki with those filled with special ingredients xD Hence, they could only eat it to find out which one they had picked. One of the takoyaki Reina tried was chocolate caramel's. She doesn't recommend it after having a war with the caramel that was stubbornly stuck onto her teeth.

Morning Musume - I wish ♪

Promotion for Morning Musume's Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine Smile~

E'mail address :
Reina : GanbaReina

FIVE STARS Monday & Wednesday - New time slots

Thursday, September 17, 2009

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday and InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday's time slots will be changed from 19:00-19:30 to 24:00-24:29 from October onwards (Source)

That means...the translation will be delayed because I'm probably going to bed after listening to the show ^^; and I've got school in the morning so it'll only be up in the evening!

Translation for this week's FIVE STARS Wednesday and Konya mo Usachan Peace will only be posted tomorrow night (Japan time). Exam period now.
From next week onwards, I may not be working on "FIVE STARS Wednesday" and "Konya mo Usachan Peace" on a regular basis as my final examination is starting within a month's time. Apologies for that.

Rumour no more!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

(Radio Rip) Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Aichan and Eri are the main vocalists for Morning Musume's 41st single, "Kimagure Princess." Here's the lyrics. I have no idea how the fans over at 2ch figured out who are the ones singing the chipmunks' lines but anyway, all credit goes to them. (Note : They are not 100% accurate though)

気まぐれ美人はどこかのお姫 朝からなんだかイライラしてるじゃん【久住】

寂しい乙女心を【亀井】 今日も甘いアイスで癒され【新垣】 明日も甘い映画で誤魔化し【】
また寂しい月曜朝が来る 【高橋亀井】

美しく羽ばたきな蝶のように【ユニ】その魅力のお尻はセクシープリンセス 【亀井】
いいじゃない チョイエロ笑顔【高橋】
わがままで良いじゃない唇は【ユニ】むき出しのままの色セクシープリンセス 【田中】
いいじゃない濡れてるみたい 気まぐれプリンセス【高橋】

気まぐれ美人は悩めるお姫 夜中になったらシクシクしてるじゃん【?】
ロミオがいた頃毎日楽しい 片想いだってすべてはバラ色【ジュンジュン?】

凍てつく乙女心は【高橋】 今日もネットで買い物した【久住】 試合の予定無い勝負服【新垣】

いいじゃない攻めてるみたい【田中】 気まぐれプリンセス【?】

美しく羽ばたきな蝶のように その魅力のお尻はセクシープリンセス【高橋】
いいじゃないチョイエロ笑顔 wow wow wow【高橋】
美しく輝きな星のように【ユニ】その魅力な胸元 セクシープリンセス【田中】
わがままで良いじゃない指先は【ユニ】すきなように絡んで セクシープリンセス【新垣】
いいじゃない攻めてるみたい 気まぐれプリンセス【高橋】

Okay, I'm really crazy over this song because of the freshness in it as compared to the recent singles. I'm in love with Eri's "Iijanai ♪"

2009 is such a great year.

...Not too sure about how well the sales for this single will go though. The last time Morning Musume tried something new (Mikan), it was a total disaster.

"Kimagure Princess" - Eri as the main vocalist?

Morning Musume's 41st single, "Kimagure Princess" will be played on "ON8" radio show tonight at 8PM (Japan time). So anyway, there is a rumour on 2ch about Eri being the main vocalist for "Kimagure Princess". The thread starter said that he got to know of this from a staff. We have no idea how true it is, but as an Eri fan, I really hope for it to be true.

Eri has been in Morning Musume for at least 6 years but have never had a lead in any of the singles. Naturally, I am all excited about this new song after reading the rumour. Lets take a look at some of the posts by the forumers on 2ch. As most of the forumers chose to stay anonymous, there is no way I can name them, so just read the dialogues if you are interested in the fan reactions over at 2ch.

» "I'm really excited about this"
» "Eririn's songs have style in them"
» "I'm tired of Takahashi and Tanaka. Be it Kamei or anyone else, I'm okay with it."
» "Seems like this song will sound like 100 kisses" (Matsuura Aya's "100 kai no Kiss")
» "Eririn is good at singing~"
» "She (Eri) is probably the 3rd best singer (in MM). Not only is she good at singing, her voice is nice."
» "Based on looks, Eri is #1 in Morning Musume. This will give Morning Musume a new image (if Eri is the main vocalist). Makes me wonder if this is the main part of the 「Kakumei Gannen」" ("Kakumei Gannen" was the name of both the 2009 Summer and Winter H!P concert. It means something like "The first year of revolution")
» "I love Eririn's sweet voice. She may not be better than Aichan and Reina (In terms of singing) but she has a strong charm."
» "If Kame is the main vocalist, I'll buy 100 copies of the single"
» "Well, she has turned 23 and can't be a princess already. Kamei substituting Takahashi's role should be no problem"
» "I'm sick of Takahashi and Tanaka." (→ But we can't deny that these 2 have better vocal abilities as compared to the rest of the members)
» "I bet it'll be Takahashi and Tanaka as main vocalists again."
» "They are taking too long to give her (Eri) a lead in a single"
» "When she (Eri) entered Morning Musume, she looked like the most suitable successor of Abe. However, she wasn't given a chance to at all. But finally, the time is here."
» (A response to the post above) "Back then I thought Kame will become the main vocalist after a year."
» "If Kamei were to be the one making the image for this song (In other words, the main), it'll probably be a ballad-like song." (FYI, There were discussions about Eri's vocal ability being very suitable for ballads some time ago on 2ch)
» "I'm tired of Aichan-Reina. I love Reina but I'm tired of listening to her voice. Aichan is cute but Reina attracts me."
» "If Kamei is the main for this song, they should make this song the opening song for Jewel Pet."
» "Kamei-chan has been trying very hard all the while so I really hope for this single to sell well."
» "It has been quite some time eh. For the main vocalists to not be Takahashi or Tanaka."
» "The recent Kamei has became a real beauty. If we infer from that, it may be the reason behind her main."
» "If it becomes Jewel Pet's theme song, it'll be a double surprise."
» "I love Kamei. I'm supporting her."
» "A graduation present to Kamei. From Tsunku."
» "Random = Fickle = Kamei. Elizabeth = Eric Kamezou = Kamei." (Eri has a role in H!M called Elizabeth Kyamei. She portrays a very princess-like image.)
» "Kimagure Elizabeth" (Fickle Elizabeth)
» "Takahashi is already 23. Its time for her to hand over to the young Kamei."
» "What's the point of trying to get sales from the small number of Kamei wotas?"
» (A response to the post above) "Kamei is one of the top 5 in MM with the biggest fanbase."
» "If she (Eri) is the main vocalist, I'll buy many copies of the single to form this"

And of course, the posts we can't avoid.
» "If Kamei is the main vocalist, the standard of MM's songs will drop"
» "If Kamei is the centre-girl, Morning Musume is going down."
But the good thing is, there aren't much of such posts in the thread :P

As for the fans at Eri's threads,
» "If this rumour is true, I'll be overjoyed"
» "The day Eririn gets her center position has finally arrived. It has been a long wait." (→ It certainly has been)

If you are a Reina or Aichan fan and is feeling annoyed after reading some of the posts, cool down. Things like "I'm sick of Reina and Aichan" is a common sight in 2ch whenever a new single is played on a radio show (I'm serious!). Not all of them are haters. They just want something new...I think.

Not going to translate the whole thread though. The forumers had made nearly 400 posts in the 2nd thread already (1 thread can take up to only 1000 posts). In the end, this is still a rumour as no one can confirm it. We have to wait till the song is played on "ON8" tonight.

From past experiences, I know I have to specify what the purpose of my post is, so I'm going to do it. I wrote this post with the intention of showing readers how 2ch is like when a new rumour emerges. I know how annoying it is when everyone is going "I read in 2ch, I read in 2ch" when no one is willing translate it or give more details about the matter, making you itch with curiosity. I have no intention of making any personal attacks here towards any Morning Musume members or a particular member's fans. If you ask why I chose this rumour to elaborate on, its simply because it is related to Eri. Last thing, I don't hate Aichan and Reina. I love them. Just that I don't love them as much as I love Eri

At the end of the day, please remember, this is only a rumour. I am not responsible for any physical (?) or mental damage ^^; Even if it is confirmed as a piece of fake information, at least we got to be happy for a moment.

Peace out, readers!
Hopefully you have gotten a gist of how 2ch is like (: