InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #103 (090916)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Not long ago, Reina had an interesting dream. However, she can't remember the details of the dream and only has a rough idea of what happened. According to Reina, she had an argument with Gaki-san and pushed Gaki-san down in the dream after losing her cool. Reina does not quarrel with Gaki-san but she wonders if this is a sign from god that she will get into an argument with Gaki-san soon.

Morning Musume - Aki Urara ♪

Reina played with temochi hanabi this summer, after not playing with them for a long time. They weren't exactly temochi hanabi was the kind of sparklers whereby you can leave them on the ground, lit it and the sparkles will shoot out by itself. Although Reina didn't go to any festivals this summer, she had fun playing with fireworks and watching a horror film with her friends.

Reina : Aichan is cute recently. If I'm asked what of her...frankly, its her face.
Lol'd at the way Reina said it. So anyway, she thinks that Aichan's face is becoming more like the present (Up to date?) nowadays. Another thing about Aichan is that she is a very serious person. Its really a good thing but Reina can't stand things being too serious. Still, she understands that Aichan is doing this for the group's sake and playing her role as a leader.

As there are not much restrictions when hosting this radio show, Reina is able to show her real side here to all the listeners. This is one of her happiest moment in hosting "FIVE STARS Wednesday". As for things that she is struggling when she tries to move on to the next topic. Instead of a nice round-up, Reina will usually just say "Okay, moving on." She wants to be able to conclude things properly so that the radio show will sound smoother instead of having sudden change-of-topics. Another challenge is when she has nothing funny to say. Being alone, she can only rely on herself.

Scandal - Shoujou S ♪
C-ute - EVERYDAY Zekkouchou ♪

Some time ago, Reina had a Takoyaki party with her friends. If it was just a simple normal takoyaki party, it wouldn't be interesting in any way so they decided to buy some special fillings and sauces to put in and on their takoyaki. A few examples of their special ingredient are : Tabasco, nattou, chocolate caramel. After the party started, one of her friends conveniently mixed up the normal takoyaki with those filled with special ingredients xD Hence, they could only eat it to find out which one they had picked. One of the takoyaki Reina tried was chocolate caramel's. She doesn't recommend it after having a war with the caramel that was stubbornly stuck onto her teeth.

Morning Musume - I wish ♪

Promotion for Morning Musume's Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine Smile~

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