Konya mo Usachan Peace #150 (090916)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Back then in Yamaguchi, the sports festival are normally held in autumns. As a not-so-fit bunny, Sayu naturally feels troubled whenever summer vacation comes to an end. Sayu really hates events like foot race and obstacle race because whenever she participates in them, she has this feeling that the audience is watching her every movement. One more reason for why she doesn't like sports festival is because of her family would turn up to support her. Her mother would cheer her name "Sayucha~n" out loud like nobody's business and embarrass Sayu.

Morning Musume - Koi-ING ♪
C/W of "Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~"

Sayu was requested to describe each of the members with a phrase/word.
Aichan → Aspiration
Gaki-san → Friendly

Eri → Mood-maker
Whenever Eri is around, she makes the atmosphere better. Sayu believes she isn't the only one who thinks so.
From Sayu's personal point of view, Eri → Notices everything.
Eri notices every little thing. One perfect example - Recently, when Sayu greeted Eri in the morning, from her greeting, Eri immediately observed that Sayu wasn't feeling too energetic that day. Sayu is amazed by Eri's observation skills.

Reina → Outgoing
Koharu → Carefree
Aika → Worrisome
Junjun → I don't know what's a suitable phrase...but Sayu just said that Junjun drinks lots of water.
Linlin → Funny

Sayu is more than willing to send her elder sister all the detergents she won on "Gokigenyou" (A TV show Sayu appeared on not long ago). The other day when Sayu went over to her sister's house, her sister was wearing the same outfit as the one she had on when she went out with Sayu. Sayu thought it was just coincidence since it was 2 different days. However, the day before the recording of this episode, Sayu received a mail from her sister with a picture of the purikura she took with her friends and AGAIN, her sister was wearing the same outfit. Sayu thinks that her sister may be beginning to neglect her own hygiene or something. During the visit to her sister's house too, Sayu stayed over for a night and her sister slept in that outfit, without changing into pyjamas. She really wants her sister to start doing the laundry for her own good.

Sayu's sister has a habit of sending her mails about where she went with her friends. Sayu has no idea whether she sent it because she is forgetful or she had other intentions, but Sayu's sister often send her mails saying "Send me the venue I sent you the other day" as though Sayu is her notebook xD

Sayu's sister touches her pet kitty's paws often. Talking about the pet kitty, Sayu's mother had found out about it already. It wasn't Sayu who betrayed her sister though.

Morning Musume - Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan!
C/W of "Resonant Blue"

Sexy word of the week!
Sayu : Tontoro ~

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~ and Morning Musume's coupling songs collection.

Sayu : OyaSayumin


Do pay attention to Sayu's mispronunciations. She fumbled over her words quite a number of times this week and even said "Sayumi" and "Tami", lol.