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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Erien #1223 is on hiatus.

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #042 (2010.01.18)

Both Eri and Gaki-san's parents were present at the public recording. After the recording, their parents went to their dressing rooms and they chatted. Gaki-san finds Eri's mother really entertaining. Eri's mother did an awesome impersonation of the usual lazy sounding Eri which Gaki-san describes it as so good that she thinks that "no Morning Musume member can do that." Even though Eri was practically criticising her mother during the recording over the salon trip, Eri's mother wasn't mad at all and was actually grinning. Eri says that she thinks that her mother was happy that Eri mentioned her.

Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: *Clearing throat*
Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: *Clearing throat*
Gaki-san: You have a cold?

Morning Musume - Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

As the two of them were introducing the message corner, Eri dragged her words and added a "Behave responsibly!" after the title call. As expected, Gaki-san responded with a "You should (behave responsibly)." They moved on to do their self-introductions and Eri introduced herself as "Kamei Eri degowasu" instead of "Kamei Eri desu."

A listener attended the Hello! Project concert and sent in a mail regarding Gaki-san's hair. Gaki-san makes a small mistake when reading out the mail and read hair (Kami) as turtle (Kame). Eri laughed a little at it. The listener feels that its cute-looking and suitable for Gaki-san. If anyone's wondering [Some people are. Because Gaki-san still had her long beautiful hair during the public recording which was only 1-2 weeks before the concert], Gaki-san got her haircut on December 29th. Being the random her, Eri commented that its the "meat day." "Meat day" is on all the 29th because two in Japanese is "ni" and nine is "kyu." If we put them together, it becomes "nikyu" which is similar to "niku," which means meat. Gaki-san consulted other members beforehand. She discussed about it with Aichan and Eri who had their hair chopped to a really short length out of blue in the past. Gaki-san was prepared to get her hair chopped but the moment her beautiful hair was chopped, she felt sad. Apparently the hairdresser gave Gaki-san part of the hair that was cut off as a memento.

A listener asked if Gaki-san and Eri went through a failure already in 2010. Eri says that they aren't that dumb. Gaki-san can't help but doubt someone who has uncountable number of failures in life. They talk about Hello! Project's concert...since that's like the only thing they have done in 2010 so far. As there are 2 set lists for this winter concert, Gaki-san was confused with the dance choreographies, songs and everything. She only figured them out during the rehearsal that was held right before the concert. Gaki-san isn't the only one. Almost every Hello! Project member had the same problem. Eri says that as Morning Musume has older members, members like Gaki-san and Aichan are slower in such things [Gaki-san and Eri are of the same age by the way, lol]. Gaki-san doesn't get it at first and Eri was quick enough to cover up and tell Gaki-san that because they are the leader and sub-leader, they have more things to think about, hence slower than other members when learning something. Gaki-san tells Eri to say it again in a direct manner and honest Eri goes "I'm talking about you guys not having any memory and being bad at remembering things." According to Gaki-san, Eri makes such comment often and does that at the backstage before the concerts. She asks Eri if Aichan and her are considered old, then what's Makoto (Sharan Q)? Eri reasons that Makoto is like a youngster in her eyes because of the same mushroom hairstyle for years.

When Eri was younger, her parents would help her clean her ears. Like Eri had mentioned on several shows, her mother's personality is very similar to her, including the half-heartedness. As her mother was cleaning little Eri's ear, instead of looking closely into her ear, she was either watching a TV show or talking to someone. Once, her mother placed the stick so deep in that it really hurt...for little Eri of course. Eri says that she's traumatised after that incident. Now, she cleans her ears herself with her eyes closed so that she can focus on cleaning her ears. Gaki-san went crazy when she talked about her ear picking experience. She went "My way of cleaning my ears is strange. *Laughing to herself while Eri stares on*." [It sounds really funny. Do listen to it.] When washing her hair, the water flows into her ears and Gaki-san will use 2 cotton swabs, each on one hand and clean her ears. Gaki-san keeps laughing to herself although its not funny and Eri isn't laughing [Its what that made it really funny though, lol]. According to Gaki-san, she is able to use a pair of chopsticks with either her right or left hand *Inserts Gaki-san's laughter* Anyway, Eri being random again, said that that's not cute at all and Gaki-san was like "What has it got to do with being cute?" Eri checks with Gaki-san if she can really use chopsticks with both hands and Gaki-san confirmed it and added that she can pick up beans with a pair of chopsticks in either hands [Of all the things, beans.] Eri calls Gaki-san "Sabu-chan" again.

Hello! Project - All for One & One for All

Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: *Speaking VERY softly*
Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: *Speaking VERY softly*

C-ute - SHOCK!

During the Hello! Project winter concert, Chisato brought some cooked onions and Gaki-san really loves them. I remember reading about it on her tour diary. Seems like she is really crazy for them now. Gaki-san not only wants to give five stars to the onions but also Chisato's generosity to bring a number of servings of it for all the Morning Musume members. With that, Gaki-san gave five stars to the onions and Chisato. [Amazingly short]

Eri's selection: SMAP - Orange

Eri says that for some reason, Gaki-san looks like a sloth during the recording of this episode with some lazy looking expressions.

Promotions for Morning Musume's 42nd Single, "Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai," Morning Musume's New Album "10 My Me" (Juu mai me) and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2010 Spring ~Pikappikaa~
They can't give any spoilers for the album for now but they can say that there will be some unpredicted groupings of the 8 members.

Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: *Speaking softly*
Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: *Speaking softly*

The girls will be updating FIVE STARS Monday's blog weekly so do check it out!

Gaki-Kame: Bahahai!
Eri: Okai-chan, please bring spring onions next time ~

Eri crowned the most forgetful member

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Aichan named Eri as the most forgetful member in Morning Musume. Morning Musume does a present exchange every year during Christmas. They usually have rehearsals for the Hello! Project Winter concert during the Christmas period so all of them will meet. For last year's Christmas exchange, it was originally planned to be held on the 24th. Due to Aichan's busy work schedule, it slipped her mind and she didn't bring the present. In fact, the present was prepared by Aichan's little sister (Aichan gave her sister 3000yen and told her to help her buy a present). Fortunately for Aichan, when the members checked with Aichan if they should do the exchange on the 24th or the 25th, Aichan chose 25th. Honest Eri then went up to Aichan and told her "Lucky me. I forgot to bring my present." After Aichan got home, she made it a point to remember to bring the present along the next day thinking that Eri would too. However, the next day, Eri forgot to bring her present again. Apparently Eri bought some sort of can spray and lucky [Depending on how we see it...] Sayu received Eri's present. Aichan concluded that Eri is the most forgetful member and admitted that she is forgetful too.
- From "Ichigo Ichie #039 (2010.01.14)"

7 Years of Awesomeness

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Today marks the 7th year of the addition of the three amazing personalities to Morning Musume. In case you don't know, I'm talking about the 6th generation.

We have seen how their management have placed their fun-loving personality and good chemistry into good use through the MC segments and promotions. They may not be the most talented members, but these three, like other senior members, certainly worked their asses off to be who they are now. A great singer, a great dancer and a great TV personality. Can this generation be any greater?

I'm a big fan of Rokkies and I love how despite their absolutely different personalities, they work really well together. Its great to see them pass yet another milestone of their career and friendship today. I'm sure Sayu remembers this date (I remember watching her talk about January 19 in a Morning Musume DVD) and do hope that they have their way of celebrating this day.
Happy 7th anniversary to Rokkies!

Eri's 8th Photobook, "Sweet"

Monday, January 18, 2010

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According to helloproject.com, the title of Eri's 8th photobook is titled "Sweet"

Konya mo Usachan Peace #167 (2010.01.13)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Due to work commitments, Sayu was not able to attend her coming of age ceremony. However, her dad didn't let it pass just like this. He sent Sayu a letter Sayu wrote to the 20-year-old her when she was 12 years old. Sayu read the letter and praised the younger her for the beautiful handwriting. The letter was written with pencil and Sayu could see some of the marks left by the pencil although she erased it and rewrote it. She was impressed by the tidiness of the 12-year-old Sayu. The younger her briefly asked how the current Sayu is doing now and stated that she wanted to be a poet or doctor when she was 12. [The staffs can be heard laughing in the show when Sayu said this] Sayu had completely forgotten her ambition of being a poet until she read the letter. Since young, Sayu liked to write poems. She still writes them in her diary entries nowadays. She remembers writing 2 poems which were titled "Piano" and "Triangle" whereby she submitted them for a competition and "Triangle" was published in a newspaper even though Sayu was more confident of her "Piano" poem which was written in the shoes of a piano. Sayu thinks that that win was probably what that encouraged the 12 years old Sayu to dream of becoming a poet.

Morning Musume - Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

A fan sent in a mail to Konusapi telling Sayu that his friends are starting to like her too. Sayu sounded very surprised and is aware that she is gaining haters lately.

Aichan fell down in front of Sayu during this fall in a Nine Smile concert at the start of "SONGS." Other members and Sayu do fall at times but Sayu had never seen such a great fall in a Morning Musume concert. The first line of "SONGS," "Ikiru no ga Heta" which means "bad at living" happens to be Aichan's line. Sayu silently thought to herself that this person (Aichan) is bad at living indeed and laughed to herself during the concert. Although "SONGS" is a cool song, Sayu ended up smiling to herself throughout the performance at the thought of Aichan's fall. Even after the concert, when they had to change into their normal clothes immediately and leave the concert hall, Sayu laughed so much that her stomach hurt and she couldn't change out of her costume. She apologises for the impoliteness. Aichan was fine after the fall even though she took some time to get back on her feet had to be helped up by Eri.

A listener who reads Nakagawa Shoko's (Shokotan) blog noticed that Shokotan has the same outfit Sayu wore in this picture. Sayu bought the outfit when she was on a shopping trip with Aichan [She said "Big fall Aichan"]. Aichan recommended Sayu to buy it because she thought it looked pretty matching with the pair of shoes Sayu wore. On the day of the Konusapi recording when she wore the outfit, everyone she met told her its too flashy even Koharu asked Sayu if Sayu had something special on that day. She tried wearing it again on Christmas and again, she was told the same thing, making her feel embarrassed.

Another listener sent in about 2011, which is the year of the rabbit. Sayu got pretty excited reading out the ideas the listener has for Konusapi in 2011. He asked what is Sayu's goal for 2011 and Sayu was like "We just stepped into 2010 and he is asking for my 2011's goals?" Sayu finds it very amazing for her 22nd birthday [22 is the number for "Usachan Peace"] to land on the year of the rabbit.

According to Sayu, Koharu cares a lot about her skin pores and frequently comments on people's pores.

Out of all vegetables, onion is Sayu's favourite [Not carrots?]. She likes saag and cabbage too.

Morning Musume - Nakidasu kamo Shirenai yo
Sayu loves this song. Some members prefer "Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai" over this though.

Promotions for Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~, Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle date~ and Morning Musume's 42nd single, "Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai."

Sayu: OyaSayumin!
If anyone's wondering why this week's translation is so short, its because they had the "Dajarenbo Shogun" corner.

Niigaki Risa ★11

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Hello! This is Niigaki Risa!
I felt so strange during the public recording ( ̄▽ ̄)
Its a radio show but it felt like an event
I'll want to do it again if we get the opportunity to!
That day was Kame's birthday as well as Eve Eve*...
There was someone who dressed up as Santa (-゜3゜)
To those who came! As well as those who stopped upon hearing our voice and the shoppers (^-^)
Thank you very much m(__)m!
Please continue to support Gaki-Kame.

Birthday cake from the staffs for Eri

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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According to Junjun's tour diary, that is birthday cake from the staffs for Eri's 21st birthday.

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #041 (2010.01.11)

As this is a public recording, everyone in the building can hear every single word Gaki-san and Eri say. They decided to be careful of the conversations they hold. As expected, Eri is nervous and isn't like the usual Eri who goes "Gaki-ha~n." She's more alert and energetic during the public recording. Eri claims that its because she is a lady after all so she can't do that.

Before Gaki-san proceeds to reading out of the e-mail address, she stumbles on her words a little and said "Mochiron" (Certainly) as "Mochiran."

Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: Gaki-san...stumbled on her words.
Audience: (lol)
Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: Gaki-san just stumbled on her words.
Audience: (lol)
Eri: She stumbled ~
Gaki-san: Sorry for that.

Announcement of the Morning Musume's upcoming single to be played. Eri teases the audience by saying "You know what? Gaki-Kame are..." and waits for the audience to go "Oh?" as though they are expecting something great before finishing her sentence with a "...singing the second part of the song." Before the show, a staff checked if they are just going to play the first part of the song but both of them disagreed. They wanted their parts to be heard so much to the extent that they wanted to tell the staff to just play the second part of the song if they are unable to play the full song. Gaki-san jokingly said "The songs always fade out after Aichan sings." If you haven't notice, normally, only the first part of the songs are played on radio shows and performed on TV shows.

Morning Musume - Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai
During the recording, Gaki-san and Eri stood up when they heard themselves singing to appeal to their fans and to excite the audience.

Like last week, Gaki-san and Eri will be reading out some of the answers the audience wrote in their survey forms. The audience were asked what they would like to scream out loud in this building and why. Gaki-san and Eri will scream their lines on their behalf.

As mentioned several times on FIVE STARS Monday, Eri doesn't eat carrots. Sayu usually helps herself to the carrots in Eri's bento. Eri says that its because "that girl is a rabbit" and of course, received good reaction from the crowd as well as a compliment from Gaki-san. Anyway, Eri has no plans on trying to eat carrots because that rabbit (Sayu) will eat them for her.

Eri asks if Gaki-san is filial to her parents but before Gaki-san answers, she concluded that Gaki-san does. Gaki-san doubts that Eri is aware of the things Gaki-san does. Probably playing along with it, Eri added that she concluded that Gaki-san is filial to her parents from Gaki-san's looks. Gaki-san then asks if Eri is filial to her mother but before Eri answers, she said that Eri doesn't seem to be filial to her mother from her looks.

A listener wants to scream "Kimchi fried rice!" because he craves for it often in this season. Meanwhile, both Gaki-san and Eri crave for ramen in this season. Both of them shouted "Kimchi fried rice" once more because Eri didn't scream it with feelings during her first try.

Another listener wants to scream that his daughter learned to stand up the day before the recording. Again, Eri's surprised that there's another father in the crowd. For some reason, the 2 girls are really happy for the father. Eri says that they should let Gaki-san shout lines like "Kimchi fried rice" and let her shout lines like "My daughter learned to stand up yesterday!" Gaki-san tells Eri to indirectly insulting the "Kimchi fried rice" phrase.

Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: What should I do?
Audience: (lol)
Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: five-nk@interfm kimchi fried rice.
Audience: (lol)

They have something to scream too.
Gaki-Kame: Gaki-kame is going to take the first part! (Referring to Morning Musume's songs)
I'll love to see that too.

A different question! They will be reading out what some of the audience wants to challenge themselves to in 2010.

Eri reads out the first selected answer...which is to win a lottery. Money is a sensitive topic in FIVE STARS Monday now. Eri's first reaction to it is "Please split the winnings with me if you win." Eri bought lotteries before and won a small consolation prize once. Gaki-san tells the listener to not tell anyone if he wins it.

A listener wants to make his wife smile lots in 2010. The 2 girls find it really sweet but they jokingly hint at something as they talked about the guy being in the audience. Gaki-san stops the joke and tells the guy that his wife is more important than them.

Another listener wants to be able to flip the kendama ball to the stick in the middle successfully ten times in a row. He asked if Eri-chan can do that. Gaki-san repeats the listener's question word for word, including "Eri-chan." As expected, Eri was disgusted when Gaki-san called her Eri-chan. Eri can't do it. She can do it at least once though.

Gaki-san wants to go to DisneySea. That place gets her heart throbbing. Since its the Christmas season (Show was recorded on December 23rd), the more Gaki-san wants to be there. However, its pretty crowded there nowadays and is filled with couples. Gaki-san invites Eri to DisneySea with her which Eri accepts but said that she'll go there only after 6pm. Gaki-san wants to be there in the morning so that they can stay there longer. Eri agreed to go in the morning since Gaki-san is her senior.

For Gaki-san, she wants to get a short hairdo which she did. She has been talking about it since months ago but because of her long hair, a small part of her doesn't want to go short. As for Eri, she wants to stay with her current hairstyle which is neither long or short. Gaki-san tells Eri that she looks cute with her current hairstyle.

Eri is aware that she has a habit of saying "Ja..." (In that case...)

C-ute - Ikiyouze!

Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: Hyphen hyphen hyphen hyphen hyphen hyphen
Audience: (lol)
Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: Hyphen hyphen hyphen hyphen hyphen hyphen
Audience: (lol)

Eri is feeling troubled lately because she isn't able to come up with new jokes.

Gaki-san and Eri often wonder how many regular listeners they have and this public recording has certainly gave them a good answer. Gaki-san tells Eri to stay this way even during the normal recordings.

The girls will be updating FIVE STARS Monday's blog weekly so do check it out!

Gaki-Kame: Bahahai!
Eri: Kamite Hake de~su!

Eri's tour diary (2010.01.03)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The morning I entered the dressing room...
Good morning.
Please continue to support me this year!
Its very morning* now.
I'm sleepy...

After the concerts ended...
We've successfully completed the concerts ~
To those who came for the first concert, to those who came for the second concert, and! To those who came for the third concert, thank you!
We'll still have a lot of concerts to go so please do come and play with us.

*I believe its Eri's version of "very early."
As usual, Eri wrote it in the Eririn language and came up with this scene-by-scene idea. Her diary was only sent out to subscribers today even though dated January 3rd. Weird. Bet it took them a longer time to process a different language!

Sayu's craze

Monday, January 11, 2010

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During last week's Konusapi, Sayu mentioned that her current craze is Beckii Cruel and Beckii is now aware of Sayu's existence! Earlier today, Beckii tweeted this on her twitter. You can check out her Youtube channel here.

Makes me wonder what Sayu's reaction will be if she knows of this.

Ichigo Ichie #039 (2010.01.07)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

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The ongoing Hello! Project concert is the first concert that has such a tight schedule. Its also the first concert with 2 set lists. Doing concerts with other Hello! Project members, Aichan sees the improvement in the members. She talks to Chisato often because of their common interest for Final Fantasy. Once, after a rehearsal, Chisato approached Aichan for help for her dance.

There have been several shoes mix-up during concerts but there weren't any of such incidents for the ongoing Hello! Project concert so far. They often put on more than 2 costumes so that they can change out of the top piece and into the bottom piece quickly. Its fast but sometimes causes them to not be able to carry out some moves properly. Aichan will normally think and plan beforehand for the moves she is going to make when wearing a particular costume because some of the costumes may not be suitable for certain moves.

Morning Musume - Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai
The choreography for this song was changed a lot of times...even until the day before the music video recording.

Instead of recommending a play/musical/movie, Aichan is recommending Hikari no 4 Senshi. She was into this game before she started on Final Fantasy XIII. As for the listeners' recommendation, its Gyakuten Saiban musical.

One of the main ideas about Morning Musume's upcoming Spring concert tour is for the girls to improve themselves in different areas. Aichan is going to start off by improving her dancing skill.

Aichan was told to name one of her personal goals for 2010. "Please do not worry too much about your fumbling of words" was written on her script, reminding her to not use it as a goal. Although many people have told her that stumbling on her words is one of the things that makes Aichan Aichan, Aichan still minds the fluffing of lines because its obviously not a good thing especially during important speeches.

Morning Musume - Subete wa Ai no Chikara
Aichan likes the dance choreography for this song and finds the lyrics cute.

When she entered Morning Musume as a new member, like other members, Aichan had to work extra hard to catch up with her seniors. After catching up, they are all aiming to be the number 1 star. All them of have to work hard and keep improving to keep up with one another and sometimes, it makes them wonder when will they ever be able to stop trying so hard.

This week's English phrase is "Ouch! You're stepping on my foot." Aichan needs to teach Sanma this phrase. She often steps or kicks Sanma's leg unintentionally during Youngtown recordings, lol.

Aichan encourages a listener to gather up all his/her courage to go to the dentist to have his/her wisdom tooth removed because she heard that its better to have them removed. Apparently, Aichan doesn't have any wisdom tooth.

Aichan: This was Takahashi Ai who wants to perform in a concert now!

Random clips

Friday, January 08, 2010

Subbed 3 short clips earlier today.

This is taken from Eri's Bijo Houdan episode. Do check her Bijo Houdan episodes out if you have yet to. Its probably one of the funniest so far along with Reina and Maichan's episodes. Eri was tsukkomi'd several times by the lady during the show.

An old Haromoni@ episode. Sayu got me laughing there with all her balding comments. I didn't know the full episode was already subbed so...clip removed! (Guess I should go on H!O's tracker some time soon...)

And this, is from the latest Hello! Project DVD. The Hello! Project girls may be cute and sexy, but they certainly aren't good at reading Kanjis. After watching the DVD, I really want to see a kanji reading battle between Gaki-san and Eri.

Konya mo Usachan Peace #166 (2010.01.06)

As Konusapi is a pre-recorded show, when this week's episode was recorded, the Hello! Project concert has yet to start. There are 2 different concerts for the ongoing Hello! Project concert and the girls are working with a very tight schedule. Its physically challenging and Sayu hopes that she will be able to pull through it. Sayu says that she loves concerts, even though her stamina sucks.

Morning Musume - Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

The member's theme colours are decided by the company. Sayu's theme colour was yellow until Konno graduated. When Charmy graduated, Konno took up Charmy's colour (Konno had pink too, but it was of a lighter shade). Sayu felt that she was more suitable to wear that pink as compared to Konno. Anyway, when her theme colour was changed to pink, Sayu was overjoyed. She still sees fans wearing her yellow T-shirts and that surprises her a little. If Sayu were to choose a 2010 theme colour for herself and it can't be pink, she will go with light brown. Light brown calms her down and she often writes with light brown ink. Also, autumns have the image of being light brown and Sayu loves autumns.

Sayu's goal for 2010 is to stay hyped up for everything and enjoy herself as she works. She does not want to simply stay the same, going on about being cute and pink. She wants to try out new tasks and be more generous with her compliments for people. Not that she wants to drop her image, but rather, she wants to discover more sides to herself and just be herself as she moves on.

A listener notices that Junjun has been trying to appeal to the fans that she is cute through her cutesy behaviour and usage of cute Japanese words. He wrote in his mail that Junjun may just take away Sayu's cute character in Morning Musume in near future. Sayu says that its a shock to hear that someone feels that Junjun is going to take her character away. She doesn't like the idea neither does she like to hear people telling her that Junjun is cuter than her. Sayu feels that both of them have different types of cuteness and she wants to move on with her unique cuteness. If fans feel that Junjun is cuter, she'll accept it, even though Junjun and her are rivals. She will like to try even harder and become even cuter. Sayu hopes that all listeners of Konusapi can continue to keep up with Sayu's cuteness.

Morning Musume - Bonkyu Bonkyu BOMB! Girl

Sayu is currently living with her mother. Her big sister is living alone while her big brother is in Yamaguchi with her father. Both her siblings do visit them some times and stay for a night. Not long ago, her brother came to stay over. Although Sayu was aware of her brother's presence, it didn't stop her from dressing lightly, which made things a little awkward for her brother. On the second morning, Sayu wanted to take a bath. She knew that someone was in the bathroom brushing his/her teeth but without a second thought, she barged in, thinking that it was her mother. Instead of her brother feeling embarrassed, Sayu was the one who felt embarrassed.

2 months before Koharu graduated, she started a "Yoroshikuchuusu!" catchphrase which means "Yoroshiku." Sayu initially didn't find it interesting but after Koharu's excessive usage of it, she got used to it.

Sayu's eyesight became worse recently. During concerts, she can only see the front half audience of the first level. That is when the lights are dim. When the lights are bright, she can see the very last person of the hall and what outfit he/she is wearing. She can also see and hear the fans on the second level.

There's currently a Korean music boom in Morning Musume. The members have been listening to groups like Tohoshinki and BIG BANG's songs. However, Sayu isn't in the craze at all. She is still staying with her craze for general idols and idol groups. Sayu's latest craze is Beckii Cruel, the famous net dancer. She happened to see a video of Beckii dancing when she was watching some other videos. After a quick search, she found out that Beckii is pretty popular and now she is into her. She finds Beckii very cute and is able to feel Beckii's love for Japanese anime by watching her dance. Sayu is envious of Beckii's youth and still energetic skin.

Sayu doesn't slurp her noodles. She has a habit of putting a strand of thick noodle below her tongue and rolling it about before swallowing it. Sayu knows that its not a common habit and wonders if only people from Yamaguchi prefecture does it because she has seen Nishimura Tomoni (Who is from Yamaguchi) doing it. Her mother doesn't do it when she eats though.

Zoki・Biyuuden - ONLY YOU

This week's sexy phrase,
Sayu: Tofu Handbagu ~
Lol at Sayu's emphasise on "gu." She wanted to say it in the Edo Harumi (Who is well-known for her "gu" gag) manner but decided not to because she feels that she can't relate Harumi to sexiness. She apologises for her rude comment.

Promotions for Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~, Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle date~, Morning Musume's C/W Album event DVD and Morning Musume's 42nd single, "Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai."

Please continue to support Sayu in 2010.
Sayu: OyaSayumin!

In case anyone is confuse over the "small room" and "big room" difference, "big room" corner is just a longer version of "small room." Sayu will spend the whole show reading out mails and answering questions instead of doing other corners like "This week's big sister" corner and "Muchaburi" corner. The "big room" corner is done only once per month.

Vocalist of THE SNEEZE posts about Eri

The vocalist of THE SNEEZE wrote a short entry on his blog about Eri today.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
"Kamei Eri from Morning Musume!
I like her!
By the way, she attended the same high school as Commy* (lol)"

*He is the drummer of THE SNEEZE.

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #040 (2010.01.04)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

This week's episode was recorded during the public recording on December 23rd...which is also Eri's 21st birthday! The fans present were holding on to their orange light sticks. A "reindeer" brought out a birthday cake for Eri. According to Gaki-san the "reindeer" is the manager they have been talking about lately. Together with the fans, Gaki-san sang a birthday song for Eririn who was overjoyed. It was Eri's dream to be able to meet the fans on her birthday and its finally fulfilled. The birthday cake is specially designed for Eri's birthday and is a present from "Something Rogue" bakery. Eri didn't expect the birthday celebration to be held during the opening of the show.

Eri's goal for her 21st year of wonderful life is to be seen as an intellectual person, physically first. Gaki-san suggested Eri to put on spectacles but Eri wants to start off with her aura.

Gaki-Kame: five-nk@interfm.jp
Gaki-Kame: five-nk@interfm.jp

Morning Musume - Renai Revolution 21
They chose this song because of the fact that it has a "21" in its title.

A lot of listeners sent in birthday messages to Eri. Gaki-san couldn't read all the listeners' name out because the list just goes on.

The audience were given a form to fill in before the recording. A list of questions were asked in the form and some of the answers from the audience were picked out for the show. The first question is "What is the birthday present that made you the most happy or surprised?"

After Gaki-san read out the first listener's name, which is "Touch," Eri went "Touch touch!" making the audience laugh. Gaki-san and Eri tried to react to Touch's answer but didn't get a good response from the crowd. Obviously still not too used to the audience in front of them, it was a little awkward.

As Gaki-san spoke, Eri kept dropping comments here and there softly, causing the crowd to laugh yet again. When Gaki-san said that Umaibou is delicious, Eri made a pun quietly, as though hoping that everyone hears her except for Gaki-san. She said "Umaibou, chou umai bou" which means "Umaibou is a very tasty stick." Please check out the Umaibou link to get the joke if you have yet to get it. Coming back, Gaki-san didn't hear Eri say that but she did hear Eri mumbling so she asked her what she said but Eri denied saying something.

Probably a little nervous, Eri stumbled on her words and said "Radio nebu" instead of "Radio name." A listener answered that he is happy with whatever present his daughter gives her. While Gaki-san talked about how touching that is, Eri said "Its amazing that there's actually a papa in this crowd!" Yes, Eri's focus isn't on the present but rather the fact that they have a fan that's already a father. Thanks to Gaki-san, she led Eri back to the main point in an indirect way.

Eri's dad sent her a birthday mail before the recording and Eri was planning to reply to her dad only after the recording. Luckily they were talking about the listener being a father because the talk reminded Eri to reply to her dad. She thanked everyone for the reminder.

A listener's answered that the best birthday present he received is that his hamster gave birth on his birthday. Eri commented that the listener is very girlish but was quick enough to add in "even though he is a guy."

Another listener answered that it is the bouquet of flowers her boyfriend gave her. The number of flowers represented her age. Eri then went, "I wonder how many stalks there were (lol)." Gaki-san told Eri to not touch on such a subject because that's a female listener.

Gaki-san didn't understand what a stone dumpling and Eri did some unexpectedly clear explanation for her. Stone dumplings are made by freezing mud dumplings. They are inedible but are made by small boys to play with. Its more like a boys' toy but Eri knows of it because her big brother played with it and their front yard often had mud dumplings lying around.

Before the public recording, they had a rehearsal. Eri knew her schedule some time ago and was expecting a birthday surprise during the rehearsal. However, they didn't do it during the rehearsal. They gave Eri her birthday surprise some time ago, before her birthday, during a recording. After the recording, everyone got down from the stage like they usually do and head for the back. Their manager rushed to Gaki-san and asked her to stall time for them because they wanted to give her the surprise there. It was a very sudden request so Gaki-san called out to Eri and acted as though she had something to tell Eri. She went "Wait, Kame! I have something to talk to you about...erm...uh..." Eri simply replied "What's up Gaki-san? Stop it (The drag) Its gross ~." Gaki-san was silently praying for the manager to move a little faster and thankfully, they were finally ready...seconds before Eri stepped in.

Gaki-san feels that Eri loves her mother a lot. Whatever it is, Eri will call her mother, going "Okaa-han! Okaa-han!" Talking about Eri's mother...not long ago, her mother went to a salon and spent 26k yen. When Eri heard the price, she was like "Wow, this person is awesome." She realised parents can do all sort of amazing things. According to Gaki-san, the day after Eri's mother went to the salon, Eri went around asking everyone how much they usually spend during each salon trip. Eri's reason for making such a big fuss is because there's a recession now, lol.

A listener answered that birthday wishes are enough to make him happy. As the 2 of them commented on how wonderful this listener is, Gaki-san said "This person is fabulous, unlike Kame. Talking about things like recession."

Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: five...five-nk@interfm.jp
Gaki-san: We aren't doing a frog's chorus here so can you stop that?
Eri: Echo echo!

No FIVE STARS corner this week, but there's a new corner where Eri has to guess what items are in the box. The rules of this corner is simple. Eri has to put her hands into the box to feel the items and identify them. One side of the box is transparent plastic which is for the audience to see what is inside. When the box was brought in, the always curious turtle almost looked through the transparent side. Luckily Gaki-san stopped her in time before Eri ruined the game.

The items in the box are Gaki-san's birthday presents for Eri. Upon hearing that, Eri said "So that's why you didn't give me one!" Before the public recording, they were with the rest and all the members gave Eri her birthday present except for Gaki-san. Eri did notice that and kept glancing at Gaki-san. Gaki-san did catch Eri peeking at her but she waited patiently just for this moment. Another rule of this game...made by Gaki-san is that Eri could only get the item if she guesses it correctly. Eri felt very confident and was ready to take them all home.

The first item Eri identified is the hot-water bottle. She took it out of the box and squealed as she held the bottle as though its her pillow. As Gaki-san said that this is something that can't be seen in a radio show, Eri quickly covered her face, only to be told to put down her hands by Gaki-san.

The second item is a pair of socks. Gaki-san bought them for her because Eri has holes in her socks, again. The crowd laughed at Eri and Eri told them they are laughing too much. Longer socks talk after the third item!

The third item is a room wear. Eri is sensitive to cold so Gaki-san bought a fluffy one for her. Its pink in colour and Gaki-san asked the audience to try imagine Eri wearing it, making Eri embarrass at the same time. That earned Gaki-san a whack to the head from Eri.

Coming back to the socks, during a rehearsal for Nine Smile concert, as Gaki-san was doing her stretches with Eri, at some point of time, Eri placed her foot near to Gaki-san's face. Gaki-san turned and looked at Eri's foot only to see a foot covered with a sock that has 3 holes. Being the usual her, Gaki-san told Eri its about time she should be getting some new pairs of socks and being the usual her, Eri asked Gaki-san to buy them for her.

C-ute - SHOCK!

Gaki-san: We will be waiting for your messages to the show! We accept mails about this and that or even, "Will Kame really be okay after turning 21?" Please send lots of song requests too. The e-mail address is "five-nk@interm.jp"
Eri: Gaki-san...I think I will be okay
Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: Gaki-san...I think I will be okay

The girls will be updating FIVE STARS Monday's blog weekly so do check it out!

As they were rounding up the show, Eri compared the warmth she felt from the audience to the warmth of the hot-water bottle only to be tsukkomi'd by Gaki-san yet again for her non-serious remark.

Gaki-Kame: Bahahai!
Eri: The party is in full swing too!

"Shuffle Date" set list

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle Date~
01. Uwaki na Honey Pie (Hello! Project)
Members introduction
02. Pen Pen Kyoudai (Shin Mini Moni)
03. Mini. Strawberry Pie! (Shin Mini Moni)
04. Going on! (Gurdians 4)
MC1 (Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi & Tanaka Reina)
05. FIRST KISS (Aa!)
06. Yume to Genjitsu (Aa!)
07. Piraa! Otome no Negnai (Pucchi Moni V)
08. Chokotto LOVE (Pucchi Moni V)
09. Ouji-sama to Yuki no Yoru (Tanpopo#)
10. Umbrella (Tanpopo#)
11. Bravo☆Bravo (Buono!)
12. Renai Rider (Buono!)
13. BE ALL RIGHT! (Niigaki Risa, Junjun, Tokugana Chinami, Okai Chisato, Hagiwara Mai, Mano Erina, S/mileage & Saho Akari)
MC3 (Makoto)
14. Sukisugite Baka Mitai (Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina, Sudou Maasa & Yajima Maimi)
15. LOVE LIKE CRAZY (Takahashi Ai, Kamei Eri & Shimizu Saki)
16. Shiroi TOKYO (ZYX-α)
17. Iku ZYX! FLY HIGH (ZYX-α)
18. Only You (Zoku・Biyuuden)
19. Koisuru Angel Heart (Zoki・Biyuuden)
20. DESTINY LOVE (High-King)
21. Diamonds (High-King)
22. Cinderella\Complex (High-King)
MC (Units introduction)
23. Renai Revolution 21 (Hello! Project)

Sorry for the delay, I wasn't at home when the concert was going on. I've yet to read through the fan reports or listen to the fan recordings but I've seen and typed out the set list provided on 2ch. I have to say, the songs are pretty much as predicted with the exception of the performance of "LOVE LIKE CRAZY" by Aichan, Eri and Captain. I mean, for once, whoever is the mastermind of these set lists, actually care about what fans...or at least, me, want to see instead of what he thinks is right.

Frankly, I'm not interested in the song. I only want to see these 3 girls dance off. Both Eri and Captain certainly have a slight edge over Aichan in terms of intensity but I'm sure Aichan will put up a strong battle somehow with another one of her amazing performances.that makes her fans go crazy. Not going to judge since I'm obviously on Eri's side but I have to say, all 3 girls have their unique flavours in their dances and their performance is definitely a highlight of this concert.

Anyway, for the 6th generation's MC segment, they were giving some "inside" information of Hello! Project members. I'm expecting this to be the fixed topic for the segment and will be looking forward to this MC segment.

Mobekimasu (2010.01.03)

Monday, January 04, 2010

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Here's a quick translation to Eri's answer during Morning Musume's MC segment. For Morning Musume's MC segment, they have to construct phrases/sentences that are related to one another using the 5 words in "Mobekimasu" as the start of each phrase/sentence. Sounds a little confusing so I'll just use Eri's example.

Eri's answer was
"Mou 21sai ni natta kedo"
"Betsu ni toshi toka "
"Kinishitenai kedo"
"Maa demo"
"Sumaireeji ireru kana"

"Although I've turned 21 years old, I don't really mind about my age and stuff but I wonder if they will let me join S/mileage."

Shouldn't be too challenging for Eri to handle this segment considering that she is pretty creative in such departments.

"Mobekimasu" set list

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~
01. Bon kyu! Bon kyu! Bomb Girl (Hello! Project)
02. Jingisukan (Hello! Project)
MC1 - Self-introductions
03. Suki-chan (S/mileage)
04. Love&Peace=Paradise (Mano Erina)
05. Lucky Aura (Mano Erina)
06. SHOCK! (℃-ute )
07. EVERYDAY Zekkouchou (℃-ute )
08. Tokaikko Junjou (℃-ute )
MC3 (℃-ute )
09. Otakebi Boy WAO (Berryz Koubou)
10. HAPPY! Stand up (Berryz Koubou)
11. Rival (Berryz Koubou)
MC4 (Berryz Koubou)
12. Mano Piano (Mano Erina)
13. Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii (S/mileage)
14. Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai (Morning Musume)
15. Subete wa Ai no Chikara (Morning Musume)
16. Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan (Morning Musume)
17. Kimagure Princess (Morning Musume)
MC5 (Morning Musume)
- Start of medley -
18. Mikan (Hello! Project)
19. Suteki na Mirai no Danna-sama (Hello! Project)
20. Massara Blue Jeans (Hello! Project)
21. Onna ni Sachi Are (Hello! Project)
22. MADAYADE (Hello! Project)
23. FOREVER LOVE (Hello! Project)
24. Nanchatte Renai (Hello! Project)
25. JUMP (Hello! Project)
26 Yuujou Junjou Oh Seishun (Hello! Project)
27. LOVE & Peace! Hero ga Yattekitaa (Hello! Project)
- End of medley -
28. Seishun Song (℃-ute )
29. Ryuusei Boy (Berryz Koubou)
30. Souda! We're ALIVE (Morning Musume)
31. Aozora ga Itsumade mo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are! (Hello! Project)
Duration: Approx. 1hour 48minutes

- Balls were thrown to the audience during Jingisukan. An announcement was later made by Makoto (Sharan Q) for those who caught the balls to head to the lobby after the concert for a present.
- Gaki-san finally got herself a short haircut. Her new hairdo looks similar to Horikita Maki's. She also dyed it a lighter shade of brown, around Eri's current shade of brown.
- Morning Musume's costume for "Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai" is in red and white.

Konya mo Usachan Peace #165 (2009.12.30)

Although it does not change anything, Sayu counts the days left to a new year.

When Sayu moved into the apartment she is currently living in with her family, they were told by the landlord that the air in their apartment won't be as dry as the air in other apartments. However, Sayu's throat has not been feeling that way recently so she has to turn on the big humidifier she has at home to prevent the season from affecting her throat. Her mother happened to pop into her room once and smelled something strange. A few days later, when Sayu returned home, she found the little toys she placed by the side of her window all lying on her bed. It was her mother who took the toys down. Apparently her mother found mould growing on the sides of the window and cleared them away. Sayu is amazed by how her mother could smell the slightest difference in smell in her child's room.

Morning Musume - Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

This is the last episode of Konusapi of 2009. Many listeners requested for Sayu to do a "Michishige Sayumi's top 10 important news 2009" ranking to wrap up the year so she is going to do it. Starting off with 10th place.

10. Allergic to cats
Sayu only found out that she is allergic to cats this year. Refer to this post for more details. Sayu's mother feels that it isn't Sayu who is allergic to cats. Its probably Sayu's sister's dirty room that caused the itch.

9. Solo MC in concert
During Morning Musume's Platinium 9 DISCO concert tour, 6 members got an opportunity to host a solo MC segment during the concerts on a regular basis. Sayu being one who loves to talk and interact with the fans, she really enjoyed herself during the MC segments. However, she was also nervous and felt pressurised because she wanted to outdo other members. Sayu wanted her talks to be attractive. She didn't want non-Sayu fans to go to the toilet during her MC segment, she wanted fans to find her talks interesting and hence, the pressure built up for her. Like other members, she took the solo MC segment very serious and prepared beforehand.

8. Los Angeles
Morning Musume went to LA in July. She feels that LA really gives the "city" look. The streets are beautiful, the beers are expensive and some places are used as a scene in various movies. She really enjoyed herself in LA. Another thing about the trip is the concert. It was Sayu's last concert in her teens. Normally, Sayu's birthday doesn't land on any concert days because Morning Musume don't hold concerts in July. She thinks that its rather awesome that she was able to have her last concert in her teens in LA and conveniently concluded that she was the coolest during the concert.

7. New laptop
During Nine Smile concert, Sayu mentioned that her computer wasn't working and she had to get a new one. She then bought a laptop. Sayu couldn't find the correct term for a moment there and said "Fixed computer" and "The computer that can't be anywhere but here" as a replacement for "Desktop computer." A laptop is more convenient for Sayu and she has been carrying it around. Thanks to her new laptop, she hasn't been getting enough sleep because she has been on the net all the time. I'm not a S/mileage fan so I have no idea which song Sayu was talking about but she apparently repeated a S/mileage's music video over 20 times.

6. First solo song in an album
Listening to a song sang fully by her, it makes Sayu really happy. When she saw her juniors getting their solo songs, she was envious them and is glad that she finally got the chance to have a song of her own. Another song that pleased Sayu is "Yowamushi." The 2nd part of the song is sang by Sayu and Sayu personally likes the song a lot.

5. "Shouganai Yume Oibito"'s Oricon #1
This is the 2nd Morning Musume single that Sayu has been in that grabbed the number 1 spot on Oricon's weekly chart. Before Sayu entered Morning Musume, many of Morning Musume's singles had gotten number 1 on Oricon's chart but after she joined, Morning Musume's luck hasn't been that good. Although the 6th generation members appear to not be too affected by that fact, they do feel that its because of them for Morning Musume's decreasing popularity. Anyway, getting a #1 is a really joyful thing for them now.

Michishige Sayumi - It's you

4. Koharu's graduation
Even though they are all moving on without Koharu now, Sayu often wonders what Koharu is doing at that moment and she has been watching the shows Koharu has been appearing on. Also, as she was chatting with Gaki-san and Eri (Ojou3!), they started talking about Koharu without knowing, making them realise how huge Koharu's presence was.

3. Coming of age
Sayu turned 20 years old this year. She can't believe that she is already 20. Normally, she spends her birthday with her family. Though so, she doesn't have a deep impression of the presents her mother gave her in the past years. However, this year, her mother prepared a very special gift, which is 2 expensive necklaces for Sayu. Sayu has learned to drink alcohol. She can't drink much but she is having fun drinking.

2. Variety shows
Sayu has been invited on many variety shows in 2009. Even though it can be troubling at times, she really happy that she is being invited to the shows. When she took her first step into the variety world, the feeling was like her taking her first step into her idol career. Like her family, Sayu didn't expect herself to go on so many TV shows. She is proud to make such an achievement and show her grandparents that her mother's willingness to move to Tokyo to take care of Sayu paid off.

1. Konusapi going into its 4th year of broadcast
Sayu almost placed this in the 2nd place because she felt that her advancement to the variety world was a bigger news but after much consideration, she realised that the opportunities she were given was probably because of Konusapi. She thinks that someone probably listened to Konusapi and discovered Sayu's personality and therefore invited her onto shows.Sayu hopes that Konusapi will never end and she'll be able to host it forever.

This week's sexy word,
Sayu: Gymnastics sitting ~

Promotions for Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~, Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle date~, Morning Musume's C/W Album event DVD and Morning Musume's 42nd single, "Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai."

Sayu thanks everyone for the year and wishes everyone a good year in 2010.
Sayu: OyaSayumin

New Year Greetings from Morning Musume

Friday, January 01, 2010

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Pocket Morning sent out new year messages from the girls earlier today. I've translated all the members' messages so enjoy and have a good year!

Takahashi Ai
I hope 2010 will be a wonderful year for you...(∪ ∪)...
Please continue to support me!!

Niigaki Risa
Happy New Year ☆
We're going to laugh lots too this year ~ ☆
As for my personal goal...☆
Is to not waste any time!!

Kamei Eri
Happy New Year!!
I'll like to continue to try out new things in 2010!!
Also, I'll vow to live everyday like a 21-year-old!! ...Maybe. Probably.

Michishige Sayumi
Happy New Year.
Its 2010, everyone!!
Will like to continue to try very very hard this year(^_^)
I believe everyone wants to see that side of me ↑↑
This year too, please watch lots of Sayumi(>▽<)↑
Please continue to support me this year(^_^)↑↑ See you...

Tanaka Reina
Happy New Year ☆
I will like to take up various stuff in 2010 and find a new Reina ↑↑(*-∀-*)
Please continue to support me this year!!!!!
2010 too, GanbaReina ☆

Mitsui Aika
2010!! Kind of amazing isn't it (^□^)Firstly, a greeting...
Happy New Year ☆
Please continue to support me this year(>▽<)!!
I'll maintain this figure in 2010 and I hope to release a photobook soon ★★
I'm also hoping for HAPPY stuff to happen to everyone(∪▽∪)!!
May you have a good year...(∪▽∪)☆

2010, Happy New Year.
1. Junjun in 2010, singing and dancing is a definite, and if I'm offered the chance to be in a movie or a drama I will like to challenge myself to the task.
2. Also, I'll like Morning Musume to be perform in a famous show in my hometown.
3. I'll like to release a photobook(*★▽★*)

I'll like to try out new things and get lots of chances to meet the fans.

Happy New Year!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Happy new year to all!
Its the start of a new year as well as a new decade!

Lets kick off 2010 with one of Eri's aims for this year.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Eri's 2009 review
"I got my hair cut. I've always wanted to it to be at shoulder length and I'm happy to finally have it at that length."
Eri's 2010 aim
"I want to be seen as an intellectual person so I will like to use adult-like words as I move on."

She certainly have to work hard to kick away her "Aho-Kame" image in that case. No matter what targets she is setting for herself and how cute and silly they sound, I'll be rooting for her!

Talking about Eri's hair, I didn't translate about this, but Eri mentioned on several shows that she did not change the colour of her hair throughout 2009. She stayed with the same shade of brown she had. Even though so, she has been asked over and over again if she changed it so in case anyone thinks so too, Eri did not change her hair colour. Its either the lightning used in the photo/show or her dye became slightly lighter after some time that caused it to look different.

Once again, happy new year everyone!