Konya mo Usachan Peace #166 (2010.01.06)

Friday, January 08, 2010

As Konusapi is a pre-recorded show, when this week's episode was recorded, the Hello! Project concert has yet to start. There are 2 different concerts for the ongoing Hello! Project concert and the girls are working with a very tight schedule. Its physically challenging and Sayu hopes that she will be able to pull through it. Sayu says that she loves concerts, even though her stamina sucks.

Morning Musume - Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

The member's theme colours are decided by the company. Sayu's theme colour was yellow until Konno graduated. When Charmy graduated, Konno took up Charmy's colour (Konno had pink too, but it was of a lighter shade). Sayu felt that she was more suitable to wear that pink as compared to Konno. Anyway, when her theme colour was changed to pink, Sayu was overjoyed. She still sees fans wearing her yellow T-shirts and that surprises her a little. If Sayu were to choose a 2010 theme colour for herself and it can't be pink, she will go with light brown. Light brown calms her down and she often writes with light brown ink. Also, autumns have the image of being light brown and Sayu loves autumns.

Sayu's goal for 2010 is to stay hyped up for everything and enjoy herself as she works. She does not want to simply stay the same, going on about being cute and pink. She wants to try out new tasks and be more generous with her compliments for people. Not that she wants to drop her image, but rather, she wants to discover more sides to herself and just be herself as she moves on.

A listener notices that Junjun has been trying to appeal to the fans that she is cute through her cutesy behaviour and usage of cute Japanese words. He wrote in his mail that Junjun may just take away Sayu's cute character in Morning Musume in near future. Sayu says that its a shock to hear that someone feels that Junjun is going to take her character away. She doesn't like the idea neither does she like to hear people telling her that Junjun is cuter than her. Sayu feels that both of them have different types of cuteness and she wants to move on with her unique cuteness. If fans feel that Junjun is cuter, she'll accept it, even though Junjun and her are rivals. She will like to try even harder and become even cuter. Sayu hopes that all listeners of Konusapi can continue to keep up with Sayu's cuteness.

Morning Musume - Bonkyu Bonkyu BOMB! Girl

Sayu is currently living with her mother. Her big sister is living alone while her big brother is in Yamaguchi with her father. Both her siblings do visit them some times and stay for a night. Not long ago, her brother came to stay over. Although Sayu was aware of her brother's presence, it didn't stop her from dressing lightly, which made things a little awkward for her brother. On the second morning, Sayu wanted to take a bath. She knew that someone was in the bathroom brushing his/her teeth but without a second thought, she barged in, thinking that it was her mother. Instead of her brother feeling embarrassed, Sayu was the one who felt embarrassed.

2 months before Koharu graduated, she started a "Yoroshikuchuusu!" catchphrase which means "Yoroshiku." Sayu initially didn't find it interesting but after Koharu's excessive usage of it, she got used to it.

Sayu's eyesight became worse recently. During concerts, she can only see the front half audience of the first level. That is when the lights are dim. When the lights are bright, she can see the very last person of the hall and what outfit he/she is wearing. She can also see and hear the fans on the second level.

There's currently a Korean music boom in Morning Musume. The members have been listening to groups like Tohoshinki and BIG BANG's songs. However, Sayu isn't in the craze at all. She is still staying with her craze for general idols and idol groups. Sayu's latest craze is Beckii Cruel, the famous net dancer. She happened to see a video of Beckii dancing when she was watching some other videos. After a quick search, she found out that Beckii is pretty popular and now she is into her. She finds Beckii very cute and is able to feel Beckii's love for Japanese anime by watching her dance. Sayu is envious of Beckii's youth and still energetic skin.

Sayu doesn't slurp her noodles. She has a habit of putting a strand of thick noodle below her tongue and rolling it about before swallowing it. Sayu knows that its not a common habit and wonders if only people from Yamaguchi prefecture does it because she has seen Nishimura Tomoni (Who is from Yamaguchi) doing it. Her mother doesn't do it when she eats though.

Zoki・Biyuuden - ONLY YOU

This week's sexy phrase,
Sayu: Tofu Handbagu ~
Lol at Sayu's emphasise on "gu." She wanted to say it in the Edo Harumi (Who is well-known for her "gu" gag) manner but decided not to because she feels that she can't relate Harumi to sexiness. She apologises for her rude comment.

Promotions for Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~, Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle date~, Morning Musume's C/W Album event DVD and Morning Musume's 42nd single, "Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai."

Please continue to support Sayu in 2010.
Sayu: OyaSayumin!

In case anyone is confuse over the "small room" and "big room" difference, "big room" corner is just a longer version of "small room." Sayu will spend the whole show reading out mails and answering questions instead of doing other corners like "This week's big sister" corner and "Muchaburi" corner. The "big room" corner is done only once per month.