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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Niigaki Risa ★2!
- (090526)

Good evening everyone 〜〜〜〜☆☆
Today two, the high tension GAKIKAME。。。
The listeners who have listened to our radio show………
I thank you from the bottom of my heart……
I'm be in charge of updating this blog this week!
I'm Niigaki Risa!
………Ah……!To make it easier to understand for those who don't really know about GAKIKAME。。
Yes! I'm one of the girls in the GAKIKAME duo。。and if you're wondering which one is me、、、
"The responsible one"
Is!!Me ♪ Niigaki Risa…lol
By the way、、into even simpler words…
"The mumbling (~◇~) and pokepoke one"
My cute partner that I love (*^^*)v
And that's Kamei Eri ☆ Hehe!
All right!!Today too, during the radio show which we had fun hosting in our this and that way…
The thing that I introduced for today's "My FIVE STARS" corner was,
my papa's hands。。
It was really thanks to him that helped me restored back my physique。。
I'm really grateful towards him。。
Its going to be Father's Day soon。。
If I were to thank him directly, even though I'll probably be too shy…
Gathering up all gratitude towards him, I'm going to tell my always-kind-papa…
"Thank you" along with a gift。。(v^^v)
Everyone too。。
Even if you aren't able to express your gratitude you have towards our fathers through words,
why not express it through a gift。。?