InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #001 2009/04/06

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Instead of a transcript, I did a detailed summary partly due to school. I'm afraid it has to be just summaries for the time being, so please bear with it.


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InterFM FIVE Stars Monday #001 [2009.04.06]
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So the radio show started off straight away with Gaki-san's traditional advice to our little turtle. Gaki-san suggests Eri to grow up and host this new radio program sincerely. Eri claims that she've already "grown up" a little because this time round, she actually have got the same set of script as Gaki-san. According to Gaki-san, the reason behind Eri's one-page-only script back in FM FUJI GAKI*KAME was because Eri didn't make use of the script and refused to follow it so the director decided to just cut it down to one page while Gaki-san will get the original set. Gaki-san warns Eri if she continue her bad habit like before, this director may just start cutting down her script too and the number of pages of her script will slowly decrease from 4 to 3, 3 to 2 and so on.

You can send in song requests or messages to the radio show through or this form. The "nk" in the mail address stands for Niigaki and Kamei, which made both the girls pretty happy about it.

Morning Musume - SONGS ♪
Eri's decription of the song : Thrilling and makes one's heart throb.

Its April, the season where we'll meet lots of people and the "Nice to meet you" phrase will be used frequently. The girls started discussing about self-introductions. There was once when Gaki-san and Eri were arranged to make an appearance on a show, they had a meeting with 3 people involved beforehand so self-introduction had to be done. So the first person was like "I'm Suzuki, please take care of me" and both Gaki-san and Eri replied the same thing, so did they for the 2nd person who introduced himself as Satou. But when it was the third person, he had introduced himself as Momen-san. Momen actually means cotton in Japanese, and there's also a type of tofu that's called momen as mentioned by Eri on the show. Momen tofu is actually some toufu that was made apparently by pouring soybean milk onto a cotton cloth. Not a toufu-addict, so I don't know much about it. The girls were really surprised by Momen-san's name and even thought it was just a nickname, but after checking with their manager, it seems like his name written on the name card was really Momen. Halfway through their talk, Eri totally forgotten about Momen being a name and referred Momen-san to "Momen" without the -san. Momen-san's name has helped his self-introduction to leave a huge impact on one so that one will remember him, such a huge impact that these 2 girls still remembers his name.

Both of them thinks that "Risa" and "Eri" are very common names so since its so common, what can they do to make their self-introduction leave a deep impression on one? Gaki-san talked about how different the current Eri is from the very first time she met Eri. Back then Eri was more mature and listens properly to people. A girl who don't really have anything for one to complain about (In other words, perfect?). Gaki-san added that by right, people should slowly mature after that age but it wasn't so Eri's case. Eri thinks that something wrong happened on her journey to an adult, lol. Suddenly, an idea just stroked Eri. Since if it was just a simple name being thrown in a self-introduction, people won't really be able to remember it so they should add something before their name to leave an impact. She came up with "Okamei Eri desu", and Okame actually means a plain looking woman. When Gaki-san has first joined in Morning Musume, since they wanted people to remember them, Tsunku gave them some advices. Instead of doing something related to their name, he suggested them to come up with a phrase for example "I'm Niigaki Risa who loves OOO". Gaki-san's famous "mayuge beam" which all Gaki-san fans will definitely remember was actually suggested by Tsunku. If you're wonder why was it mayuge beam, it was actually since at that time, Gaki-san was still in junior high school, she didn't really put in the effort to make sure her eyebrows looked nice and not too shabby, so her eyebrows pretty much stood out. Eri remembers that back then when she watched TV, Mayuge Beam = Niigaki Risa. Yup, and that's how famous Mayuge Beam is. Gaki-san also brought up the fact that she didn't change her hairstyle for a long time. No idea if Eri was trying to indirectly tease Gaki-san, but she said it looked good even though she was commenting on it being a center parting. The girls concluded that adding I'm OOO who loves OOO, a phrase, a special hairstyle or some items that represent YOU, will leave a deep impression on people. For no good reason, Eri suggested "BaKamei Eri" for herself. Baka means idiot in Japanese.

Kamei Eri - Kataomoi no Owari ni ♪
One of the best parts in this episode

C-ute - Bye Bye Bye! ♪

- FIVE STARS corner -
Gaki-san and Eri are currently crazy over Ume Sukomubu Gummies. So crazy about the gummies that Gaki-san actually has it with her even though they are recording a radio show. Eri claimed that she has it with her too and started making some munching sounds thinking that we'll be convinced. It was really cute though. Her excuse was that its because this is this first episode of the radio show so she thinks that the script and the pen are the necessities, not the gummies but Gaki-san gave her out and revealed that Eri had to borrow a pen from her manager cos' she don't have one. Since the radio show can't proceed with the two hosts chewing on gummies, Gaki-san got Eri to eat it and to give gourmet standard report on it. So there goes Eri, chewing on Gaki-san's 2nd last piece of gummy. It sounds really yummy from the sound coming out from Eri as she chews. Eri reports the gummy to be more chewy then any other gummy. She made a comparison of normal gummies to this and came out with the ratio of 10:30 for the number of times the gummy can be chewed. As for the taste, its said to have a tea/kombu flavour at first but as you chew it, it'll slowly turn sour. Eri's additional comment : The gummy will get stuck onto your teeth. She's saying that because the gummy was stuck at that very moment. According to Gaki-san Eri was actually trying to get it out, lol. Both of them do hope to hear back from listeners who have tried it. Its not available in convenient stores, you'll have to go to stores who have corners specially for sour plums in order to get it. Eri was displaying her knowledge of sour plums as she named the different types of plums. So the Ume Sukonbu Gummy was FIVE STAR'd by the new hosts of InterFM FIVE STARS Monday. After doing a rice advertisement, the girls are advertising gummies on the radio show. Perhaps someone should hire them for some advertisements. They sounded really convincing and I'll definitely go hunting for the gummies if I were living in Japan.

Niigaki Risa & Michishige Sayumi - Yowamushi ♪
Even though Gaki-san said it was sang by her and the site had wrote it as Niigaki Risa - Yowamushi, but Sayu's parts were actually included.

- Ending talk -
Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Spring ~ Platinum 9 DISCO ~. Eri finds the costumes for Platinum 9 DISCO so cute to the extent that it'll make men think "That's cuteee!" and for the females it'll make them have the urge to try putting it on too.