InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #030 (091026)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gaki : I'm Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
Kame : ...I'm Kamei Eri doS ~ Ah, Gaki-han! Gaki-han!
Gaki : Yes.
Kame : I'll like to read out that message now.
Gaki : Oh, okay, go ahead.
Kame : May I?
Gaki : Hey, isn't it scripted for me to read it out?
Kame : Eh?
Gaki : (lol) It's written there "Gaki-han." Not that I really mind you taking my line though...
Kame : Oh, I got it. It's better for Gaki-han to read this message. It'll be a little...if I read it.
Gaki : As I've said, such things aren't suppose to be said on air. You should bring them up during meetings instead. Anyway, lets move on.
Kame : (Giggles)
Gaki : I'll read it, since we don't get much choice. Lets read out the message now, Kame-han.
Kame : Okay.
Gaki : This message is from Toyoemon-san.
Kame : Thank you.
Gaki : 「I've seen the 2010 calender!」Thank you.
Kame : Thank you.
Gaki : 「The one who caught most of my attention was Santa Kame-han. I'm a Reina-han fan but Santa Kame-han was the cutest! With that, please work hard for the fall concert tour!」
Kame : I see ~ This feels good. I've been feeling great ever since the show started.
Gaki : Actually, this mail was supposed to be read during the birthday surprise but because of the surprise, I wasn't able to read it out. After that recording, Kame-han went "That was the mail I was hoping for you to read out..." so, we are doing this. It's a happy message though. Even though he is a Reina fan, he found Kame cute.
Kame : I'm going to tell Reina this. Like, "Ne ne ne ne...You know who's Toyoemon? ~ You know who's that? He said Eri is cute ~" I'm going to tell Tanakacchi this.
Gaki : Go ahead, go ahead.

Gaki :
Kame : Teeden ~ teeden ~
Gaki :
Kame : Teden teden teden teden teden ~ Wee ~
Gaki : Man, you're really a bother.
Kame : Ne ~ Puraa puraa puraa ~
Gaki : Can you stop blocking me with your hands?
Kame : Okay ~

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Gaki : Meseeji...
GakiKame : yonchauo~
Gaki : (lol) Why did you keep quiet!?
Kame : (lol)
Gaki : You aren't going to say any "Nomaki" or "Oshiri?"
Kame : I have lots of patterns ~
Gaki : Man...
Kame : It's a secret ~
Gaki : (lol) This is your FIVE STARS Monday host, Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
Kame : ...I'm Kamei Eri, doS ~

The first mail is from Kit-san. After watching Kimagure Princess's promotion video on Dohhh UP!, Kit sent in a mail complimenting Eri's vocal ability, poses, extreme cuteness and how suitable the costume was for Eri. Eri said she is going to ask all the members "Do you guys know who is Kit? ~"

Eri likes Gaki-san's recent fringe. When Gaki-san first got it trimmed, Eri wondered why Gaki-san shortened it so much. Even Aichan, asked Gaki-san why did she get it trimmed. Eri gradually found it cute though. Although Eri is praising Gaki-san about it here, during a concert, when the camera zoomed into Eri, Eri lifted up her fringe on purpose to make fun of Gaki-san, lol.

Something of Eri that Gaki-san doesn't admire, but respects is her strange choice of words. Just the other day, Gaki-san was discussing about Eri's strange choice of words with their manager and both of them found it somehow amazing for one to choose those words to express herself.

Eri's theory : "Gaki-san = Kame." This theory was first introduced in a concert. Eri thinks that if either one of them doesn't have one another, it's impossible to have all this making-fun-of-one-another fun.

Gaki : This message is from Kamei-san-reminds-me-of-hippopotamus-recently.
Kame : What's pipopopopamus?
Gaki : No, it's hippopotamus. You know what's a hippopotamus?
Kame : Nope.
Gaki : It's a hippo.
Kame : No way.
Gaki : I think he isn't trying to say that he can see a hippopotamus in you. He's probably trying to say he can see an idiot in you.
Kame : This must be a lie. Hipopopamus?
Gaki : Anyway, he has a question for you. 「Kamei-san...」
Kame : Hippopotamus?
Gaki : 「...who is well-known for doodling the moment she has a pen...」 (lol) You've became famous for doing that out of nowhere.
Kame : (Lol) Yeah.
Gaki : 「If you can draw a kanji on Gaki-san's forehead now, what will it be?」
Kame : Eh, a kanji?
Gaki : Yes, one kanji, on my forehead.
Kame : Ah, I'll want a word that isn't difficult to write but has lots of strokes.
Gaki : Only one word.
Kame : One kanji, by drawing...
Gaki : Yes.
Kame : Show me your forehead, your forehead.
Gaki : Eh? Why must I?
Kame : Quick. Show me ~ Show me now.
Gaki : (lol) What's with this wise-man-atmosphere.
Kame : (lol) That's short.
Gaki : Man, enough! Just answer it!
Kame : I got it. I'll draw a 「須」
Gaki : Why?
Kame : It gives me a 「須」 feeling.
Gaki : What? Who? Me?
Kame : I think you'll look good with a 「須」
Gaki : I don't know whether to be happy or not.

Kame : This message is from Special Week~-san. 「Gaki-san, Eri-chan, good evening.」
Gaki : Good evening.
Kame : 「Is there anything that you think people have misunderstood/mistaken you for recently? We may think that Eri-chan is pokepoke but she is a responsible girl (lol)」 Hm? I don't need that "(lol)"
Gaki : Nah, it's a total joke.
Kame : I thought it would be "(Beauty)"
Gaki : ...
Kame : Sorry sorry.
Gaki : (lol) For Kamei-chan's situation...(lol) Kamei-chan
Kame : Which era are you from?
Gaki : (lol) For Eri-chan's situation, we did not mistake her for being pokepoke. She IS a pokepoke-nese.
Kame : Pokepoke-NESE? Then now we have pokepoke-nese, pokepoke-human....
Gaki : (Ignores) For me, something that people have misunderstood me about is...
Kame : Ah, it's that.
Gaki : You got it?
Kame : Yes.
Gaki : Try saying it out.
Kame : The truth is that you aren't responsible at all.

The truth is that Gaki-san isn't as friendly as she seems. She is a shy girl and takes some time to open up to people but once she gets used to the person, she can be very friendly with the person. That is why when people first see Gaki-san, they may think that she is fierce or someone who is difficult to get close to.

Kame : You have a GAKI character don't you?
Gaki : What?
Kame : Isn't it GAKI? You guys know who's GAKI?
Gaki : I think there are many people who don't know who's GAKI so please explain.
Kame : Eh? Me? She's a DJ with an unknown age. She's a surfer and has a pair of sunglasses sitting on her head and is like a fake character. Gaki-san has such a DJ character.
Gaki : Yes.
Kame : Because she has such an image, she'll look good with "Hey yo you~" stuff...someone, stop my talk.
Gaki : (lol)
Kame : I can't go on any more.
Lol, Gaki-san obviously did that on purpose.

Melon Kinenbi - Seishun on the road

Gaki :
Kame : -Speaking softly-
Gaki :
Kame : P~

Gaki : This is MY
GakiKame : FIVE STARS ~ corner
Gaki : This is Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
Kame : I'm Kamei Heri.
Gaki : Can you at least pronounce your name clearly?
Kame : (lol)

As Gaki-san had mentioned in this episode, she is now able to eat chicken cartilages and in fact, she's crazy over them. Eri on the other hand has been eating it all this while. If she goes out to eat Yakitori, Eri won't want to eat the meat, she'll want to eat ginnan ^^; Gaki-san asked Eri out for a meal for Yakitori. With that, Gaki-san gave five stars to chicken cartilages. (This is the shortest MY FIVE STARS corner ever on FIVE STARS Monday)

Eri fell in love with watching movies recently and she watched High School Musical 1, 2 and 3. She found it really funny and was enjoyed the fabulous songs and dance performances. Hence...

High School Musical - Start of something new
Morning Musume - Ashite ashite ato ippun

Promotions for Morning Musume's 41st single, Kimagure Princess and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Gaki :
Kame : - Speaking softly - Gaki-san is actually a ....
Gaki :
Kame : - Speaking softly - Gaki-san is...

Next week, FIVE STARS Monday RisaEri will be having their first guest and that will be Ogawa Mana!

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