InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #024 (090914)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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Every time Eri eats anything that is related to lychee, her temples will hurt badly. No one believes her whenever she says that the pain was because of lychees. Gaki-san can't believe it too but she hopes she will be able to believe Eri. At this point of time, she fumbled with her words a little, saying "shinjigatai" as "shingatai". Of course, our little turtle took advantage of it and teased Gaki-san.

Kame : Also, after I drink water, I will feel like going to the toilet.
Gaki : Obviously.

Gaki-san does not have any of such strange reactions to food. Both the girls don't understand why the listener who sent in will sneeze after eating chocolates.

Gaki :
Kame : *giggles*
Gaki :
Kame : Ah~
Gaki : The reason for why she didn't interrupt me while I was reading out the e'mail address is all thanks to the filled-with-affection orange juice that our manager had bought for her.
Kame : This...
Gaki : Please bring orange juice here for her every time.

September 14!
GAKIKAME : Happy birthday to you ♪
GAKIKAME : Happy birthday to you ♪
GAKIKAME : Happy birthday to Aichan ♪
GAKIKAME : Happy birthday to you ♪

Morning Musume - Onna ni Sachi Are ♪
The first single released by Morning Musume after Aichan became the leader.

Gaki : Meseeji...
GAKIKAME : yonchauo~ (We're going to read out the messages)
Kame : O~orange~
Gaki : You don't have to throw in the "orange". She really looks very happy after having her orange juice.
Kame : Yes, happiness~
Gaki : Just one bottle of orange juice can make her become an obedient kid...manager-san, please get her orange juice every week instead of plain water.

Gaki : I'm Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
Kame : I'm Kamei Eri! (The pitch of her "Eri!" was lower than usual)
Gaki : ...desu! That pitch was pretty wasn't because of the orange juice right?
Kame : Heheheh.

During this summer dinner show, Gaki-san talked about Eri assuring Gaki-san that it will be okay even if she trips over her dress. Eri started to act as though she didn't know that Gaki-san told everyone that even though Eri herself, was present at that dinner show. After this dinner show, Gaki-san had another round at Osaka. Since weeks ago, Eri has been saying that she would be attending the dinner show that would be held in Osaka on FIVE STARS Monday. However, the one she attended, which was the only one she went to, was in Shingawa. Because of that...

Gaki : During my solo talk, the fans asked *Imitates a male's voice* "WHERE'S KAME?!", 'Will Kame be coming today?!"
Kame : (lol)
Gaki : And I wondered if you would turn up. Why do I have to go through this guilty feeling when you were the one who started it? After I told the fans Kame went to the dinner show in Shingawa, they responded with something like "WHAT ABOUT TODAY?!"

Again, Eri started acting as though she had the intention to visit Gaki-san at Osaka but didn't do so because something cropped up. Do listen to how Gaki-san imitated the fans. She made it sound as though the fans was demanding for Eri.

Coming back to the dinner show at Shingawa, when Gaki-san was performing, Eri, who was sitting at the back, starting screaming "Gaki-saan!" and waving crazily. Also, Gaki-san's parents, baba-chan (granny) and manicurist were there too. They are listeners of FIVE STARS Monday so Eri's appearance surprised all of them since Eri only talked about going to the dinner show in Osaka and not the one in Shingawa on the radio show. When Gaki-san was wondering if Eri would go for the one at Osaka after Shingawa's, Gaki-san mama responded with a "Nah, Kame-chan probably won't go," and yes, she was so damn right, lol. FYI, only Eri, Sayu and Junjun went for the dinner show as one has to be at least 20 to attend the dinner show.

Not long ago, Gaki-san and Aichan, together with their mothers, went to Korea for a 3-day holiday. It was such an intensive trip that Gaki-san doubts Eri would be able to catch up with them if she was with them. They walked around a lot through out the 3 days. It was so exhausting that the moment they got back to their rooms, they could just sleep immediately. This is the first time Gaki-san went on a holiday with Aichan. Aichan somewhat relied on Gaki-san for the communication part for this trip since Gaki-san can speak Korean.

Personality test! Do try it out!
Test : You are now in an elevator of a 100-level building. Which level are you at now?
Gaki-san's answer : 51
Eri's answer : 29
Result : This is your mental age.

Gaki-san wants to let everyone take this test too. She guessed that Aichan will probably answer with a 90+ ^^; Apparently, their manager's answer was 73. Eri teased the manager (A female) about it :P According to Gaki-san, their manager is pretty young but she is very composed.

Morning Musume - Subete wa Ai no Chikara ♪

Gaki :
Gaki :
Kame : *pants*
Gaki : What the heck are you doing?
Kame : *pants*
Gaki : You held your breath?
Kame : Eh?
Gaki : You held your breath?
Kame : Yes.
Gaki : Why are you doing that at this time?
Kame : I just have the urge to do it here.
Gaki : Please do that at home!
Kame : I just feel like doing something whenever you read out the e'mail address. You know what I mean? That sort of feeling.
Gaki : No. You have just listened to the C/W of Morning Musume's "Nanchatte Renai", "Subete wa Ai no Chikara"

C-ute - EVERYDAY Zekkouchou ♪

During the Korea holiday trip with Aichan, Gaki-san bought packets of Toppoki. Although she bought quite a number of it, she has already finished eating them. She loves Toppoki, which has a sweet and spicy taste to it. However, they are only available in Korea so she can't buy it whenever she wants to. Even though Gaki-san had already specified that she does not have it, Eri started going "Doko da ~ Doko da?" (Where is it ~ Where is it?) in a funny voice. So anyway, the next time Gaki-san goes to Korea, she will definitely buy them again as well as for the radio show staffs since Eri probably won't want to eat it because of its spiciness. With that, Gaki-san gave 5 stars to Toppoki ~

(Eri's selection) Spitz - Cherry ♪
A very heart warming song.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~ and Morning Musume's 41st single, "Kimagura Princess"

Gaki :
Kame : Hmm...hmmm...
Gaki :
Kame : Hmmm? Hmm...

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GAKIKAME : Bahahai