InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #035 (2009.11.30)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

After listening to the episode of FIVE STARS Monday where Eri screamed "Kamehamha!" loudly in the radio show, a listener suggested Eri to scream a phrase every week. Gaki-san thought it was a rather good idea so it has been decided that Eri will scream a phrase after Gaki-san and Eri say "Bahahai~" at the end of the show every week.

Gaki :
Kame : ...Its difficult to think up of a phrase out of blue...
Gaki :
Gaki : Don't worry, you'll do fine. You have 30 minutes to think.
Kame : All right.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess
Eri was already thinking of what phrase to use as the song started playing.

Just recently, there was an expensive item that Eri wanted but gave up the thought of buying it at first. However, the next day, she went back to get the item. Whenever Eri touches something she likes, she has the temptation to get it. Gaki-san remembers a shopping trip with Eri where Eri saw something she liked but for some reason was trying very hard to control herself from buying it. Eri's way of resisting the temptation was by asking Gaki-san to continue their shopping spree in another store. Although they moved on to another store, the next day, Eri went up to Gaki-san and told her she bought that item. Gaki-san recommended Adidas shoes. According to Eri, they often wear Adidas shoes. Gaki-san and Eri advised the listener who was troubled over whether to buy a pair of shoes that cost 60k yen or not to think twice before making a decision. A shoe being a shoe, if the listener happens to be walking in the rain with that pair of shoes, the thought of the pair of 60k yen shoes stepping into puddles of rainwater...

Once, when Gaki-san took the train, although her fare card's balance wasn't enough for the trip, the ticket gate opened up for her so she didn't know there wasn't enough money in her card. After she reached her station and tapped her card to go out of the station, the gate wouldn't open and that was when she realised she had to top up her card. She approached a station master for help but probably because of Gaki-san's hairdo and outfit that day that might had made her look like a gyaru, the station master had doubts about Gaki-san's way of entering the station in the previous station she was in. Gaki-san being Gaki-san, she explained clearly to the station master and even offered to pay the fare which she didn't pay since her card's balance wasn't enough. She doesn't blame the station master since its his job and decided to check her card's balance whenever she is not sure of whether there is enough money left to pay for the fare.

Like most of the people, there were times where Eri tapped her fare card on the ticketing machine only to find that there isn't enough value in her card. As certain stations such as Shibuya is usually crowded with people, if that happens, it can be embarrassing and annoying to other passengers at the same time. Instead of being all embarrassed, Eri will react with an "Ahhh~," then turn around and look at the passengers and give another "Ahhh~." Her reason for doing so is to let the long queue of people behind her know that they aren't the only one who is annoyed the sudden interruption of the smooth flow.

Both Gaki-san and Eri's little sisters are more sensible than them, especially Eri's little sister. One example is when Eri went shopping with her mother. Her little sister joined her afterwards and seeing Eri's hands full of shopping bags, she offered to hold them for her. Eri would let her little sister do the work. She reasoned (Or excuse...) if she didn't, her sister may wonder about what Eri bought as she didn't let her hold them.

Morning Musume - Ai Araba It's All Right

Gaki :
Kame :
Gaki :
Kame :

Mano Erina - Love and Peace Paradise
Eri started singing the "papapa" line after the song.

Not long ago, Gaki-san bought a Duffy soft toy from DisneySea. Apparently Duffy is a soft toy that Mickey Mouse gave Minnie Mouse to keep her occupied so that she won't feel lonely. There are a lot of sizes of the Duffy soft toy and they are only available in DisneySea. Its currently very popular among Disney lovers. So popular that if you go to DisneySea only in the evening, you don't get a choice of what Duffy design soft toy you want because most of it would have been sold out. Eri obviously wasn't interested in Gaki-san's Disney talk and Gaki-san had to force Eri to listen to her. When Gaki-san tried to include Eri in the conversation, Eri gave her half-hearted replies, lol. With that, Gaki-san gave Duffy five stars.

(Eri's selection) Aoyama Thelma - Diary

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

The director changed a certain scripted line this week. Instead of talking about Eri, the line this week was related to Gaki-san instead. Upset by the new arrangement...

Gaki :
Gaki :
Gaki : Hey...
Kame : What?
Gaki : Can you not be silent at this part?
Kame : Because they changed that line suddenly...I...are you kidding me?
Gaki : All right, all right. Please change it back to an Eri-related line next week!
Kame : Yay ~

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GakiKame : Bahahai
Kame : It starts with five and ends up jp!

In case anyone didn't get what Eri was talking about, she was referring to the e-mail address for the radio show.
Gaki-san was pretty bad at reading Kanjis this...Anyway,
It's Eri's month!