InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #006 (090511)

Monday, May 11, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #006 (090511)
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The show started off with Eri introducing herself as Kamei Eririn. A random question from Gaki-san about Eri's mood that day.

Eri : If my usual mood is 100%, today its 110%.

So here we go! Together with the extremely high tension Gaki-san and 110% Eririn moved on to the weekly topic. This week's topic was about their recent dinner. Even though Gaki-san had dinner with Eri the day before, Eri had problems trying to remember that meal with Gaki-san. She managed to remember after some pressure from Gaki-san. They had a recording together for a show the day before and after that they had bentous together.

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

Mail #1. Sender addressed Eri as EriRinko-chan. No idea if its a combination of Eri's character in Jewel Pet, KougyokuRinko and Eri's nickname, Eririn but seems that way to me. Sender asked about Mother's Day. There was once when Eri was younger, Eri overspent and couldn't afford a proper Mother's Day gift for her mother. A really cute way of describing not having any money in her purse by Eri "My purse don't make any jingling sounds". She went to the supermarket to look for flowers and they actually offered financial assistance for children who wants to get their mothers a mother day gift. Eri's mother was really pleased when she received the flowers from Eri. Eri figured out that if she don't say it out, her mother will never know she got help from people to get those flowers. Eri's conclusion was that when you manage to do something good, you should not say out the bad/useless stuff.

Meanwhile, Gaki-san got her mother a notebook that was similar to her personal one since her mother had always wanted it but she wanted it to be a surprise so she tried to trick her mother into telling her what colour will she prefer and such. On the way to the nail salon, Gaki-san went to the supermarket to get her mama a flower. Unlike Eri, Gaki-san paid for it using her own money (It was 200yen only anyway). But Gaki-san's surprise for her mama wasn't as simple as that. She got the lady at the supermarket who had kindly helped Gaki-san wrap the flower up nicely and also, helped Gaki-san with her surprise. So Gaki-san just acted as though she only had a flower as a gift for her mama. After giving it to her mama, she handed a normal-looking supermarket plastic bag to her mama saying that its trash but when her mama looked inside, she was surprised that it was actually the notepad. When Gaki-san, Gaki-san papa and Gaki-san mama were on the car that day before Gaki-san gave her mama the gift, her papa was so excited about it that Gaki-san was afraid that he'll expose it anytime. Eri wants to try using the same method as Gaki-san's next time for her mother. The way Gaki-san machine gun'd through this talk was amazing o: I think she even beats Sayu in the speed of her talk.

Mail #2. Sender addressed Eri as EriRinko too. Eri got scolded by Gaki-san for being noisy (Eri was fiddling with her script). Sender's daughter asked her why are power rangers in yellow, red, yellow, pink and green. Asked GAKIKAME to throw in some ideas.

RisaEri's explanation
Red ranger : The hero, the leader of the team.
Pink ranger : A female ranger is needed.
Blue, yellow & green rangers : Middle managers of the team.

Gaki-san's younger sister used to like power rangers and when asked which ranger she likes, she'll usually answer with the ranger with the colour that she likes. Personally, Eri thinks that there's no reason behind the colours of the rangers.

RisaEri's final conclusion
Red ranger : President
Pink ranger : Vice-president
Blue, yellow & green rangers : Middle managers.

Request : Morning Musume - BE Positive! ♪
Mano Erina - Hajimete no Keiken ♪

(FIVE STARS Corner) Gaki-san's turn this week!

Gaki-san : This week's FIVE STARS item is this, the vanish-able ballpen!
Eri : The ballpen will disappear?!
Gaki-san : Yes, it will vanish!
Eri : The whole ballpen will disappear physically?!
Gaki-san : That's right, the ballpen will..NOT.
Eri : Lol.

Lol'd at Gaki-san's noritsukkomi. The ballpen that Gaki-san was talking about is one whereby the ink can be erased by friction. It will not leave any eraser dust and such so its pretty eco-friendly considering that the ink can be erased just by friction. Gaki-san has been using the brown and the black one. Knowing that Gaki-san has 2 with her, Eri tried to get Gaki-san to give one to her. Even though Gaki-san told her she can find it in bookshops, Eri still sweet-talked Gaki-san into getting Eri an orange one. And the reason for why Eri wanted an orange one?

Eri : For my morale (Eri's theme colour is orange)

According to Gaki-san, its a Pilot FriXion pen (0.4) (0.5).

Kame selection : BoA - Konyono Shirushi ♪
After watching BoA's concert DVD Eri fell in love with her and gathered up all her albums and singles. Instead of those genki songs, Eri prefers songs which are upbeat and sad just like Shouganai Yume Oibito and this song.

Promotions for Shouganai Yume Oibito & Ojigi de SHAPE UP!
Gaki-san's rooting for our little turtle. The last time they had Ojigi 30do Gaki-san went to see them and showered Eri with compliments on FM FUJI GAKI-KAME.

Gaki-san : five-nk.interfm.
RisaEri : jp
Gaki-san : five-nk.interfm.
RisaEri : jp
Gaki-san : A new blog has been set up on FIVE STARS site so do
RisaEri : check it out.
Gaki-san : Tomorrow's host for FIVE STARS Tuesday will be Matsuura Aya.
Eri : (Soft voice) That's right!
Eri has been joining in the "jp" part ever since the start of this episode.

RisaEri : Ba~hai~