Platinum 9 DISCO (090510) Tokyo - Evening MC

Monday, May 11, 2009

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Tanaka Reina's Solo MC
Last year for Eri's 20th birthday, Reina had planned to send a birthday message to Eri like she always do for other members. Since Reina and Eri are from the same generation and its Eri's 20th birthday, Reina had specially made a mail for her that was even cuter than the usual ones that she sends. So like always, Reina set her alarm at 11:59PM (081222) so that she can send the mail to Eri at 12:00AM (081223, Eri's 20th birthday) but Reina totally fell asleep. By the time she realised she fell asleep it was already 12:20AM (081223). Reina didn't know whether to go ahead and send the mail or not but an idea stroked her. She decided to send it at 12:23AM. She sent the mail claiming that she had predicted that the rest of the members probably had send their birthday wishes to Eri at 12:00AM however Reina had put in the effort to make it special and to send it at 12:23AM since Eri's birthday is 23/12. Eri was really happy and replied with a "Reina daisuki! Thank you!". Reina knows that in actual fact that wasn't what she had planned to do but seeing that Eri is actually satisfied with it, she just went along with it.

Reina : I think she may not be listening to me now, but when she watches the DVD and sees this...Eri, I'm sorry.

Yesterday's concerts MCs were funny with the constant Ehhh-ing from the wotas at every single thing and they even Ehhhh'd Sayu. Sayu replied telling them that its Oooooo and not Ehhhhh. (Refer to past concert MC if you don't get the joke)

Platinum 9 DISCO round up.
Eri loves to be Ehhhh'd.
Don't "Ehhhh" Sayu, "Ooooo" her.