InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #032 (2009.11.09)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A listener sent in an idea for how Eri can interrupt Gaki-san during the reading out of e'mail address. Gaki-san, of course, wasn't the most willing person ever to accept that idea. After a small request for Gaki-san to do it...

Gaki :
Kame : Tedetedetedetedetede ♪
Gaki :
Kame : There's a criminal here.
Gaki : Hey...
Kame : This was Furuhata Kamezaburo*

*Before that Eri did an impersonation of Furuhata Ninzaburo as Furuhata Kamezaubro.

Gaki : (lol) He doesn't have such a hoarse voice!
Kame : (Coughs) This is a torture.
Gaki : This is one of the most difficult situation for me to read out the address up till now.
Kame : I thought about this...I think Kamei Eri is awesome after all.
Gaki : Wh...why?
Kame : Eri can do everything!
Gaki : Why?
Kame : It's like "Bring it on!"
Gaki : I think Kamezaburo was pretty good there.
Kame : Me too. I think it probably placed a smile on everyone who is in front of their radios (In this case, computers and laptops)
Gaki : (Low tension) Yeah yeah. I bet you have never watched Furuhata Ninzaburo. I'm watching the re-broadcast of the show nowadays.
Kame : They are re-broadcasting it now?
Gaki : Yes.
Kame : I didn't know.
Gaki : Match Lion-san (The listener's name), please send in more challenging tasks next time because the current Kamei Eri is full of confidence. However, the tunes like "Tedetedetedetedetede ♪" are more catchy than the e'mail'll cause the listeners to have difficulties trying to hear the e'mail address. It's our e'mail address after all.
Kame : Uh-huh.
Gaki : It's a very important information when it comes to sending in song requests and stuff.
Kame : I understand. I understand the fact that there are people who are troubled because of this. But the truth is, there are people who are not troubled because of this.
Gaki :
Kame : Tedetedetedetedetede ♪
Gaki : five-nk@...
Kame : five-nk...
Kame : (lol)
Gaki : It's impossible!
Kame : Everyone, just listen to the show till the end. Gaki-san will repeat the e'mail address several times so listen to it. That's everyone's task.
Gaki : (lol)

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Eri is the type who takes baths at night while Gaki-san is fine with both morning and night. Gaki-san takes baths twice a day, even during winter. Eri thought it will be rather cold to take baths during winter but Gaki-san, is somehow able to deal with it. That earned Gaki-san a "Woah. This person is great after all," from Eri, lol. Although Eri doesn't take baths in the morning, her dad and brother do. Her dad's excuse for not bathing immediately after getting home from work is that he is tired and will probably fall asleep in the tub. Gaki-san's papa on the other hand will take a bath after work. Eri started going "Papa-san is fantastic ~"

Gaki : Lets move on to the next mail.Your turn, Kame-han.
Kame : Okay ~ Erm, ummmm ~
Gaki : Here, this part.
Kame : I know I know! I'll be fine! I have it. (Rustling sound of papers) (Smug) See, I have it!
Kame : Kame~Hame~HAAAAAAAA! (She was asked to do it by a listener)
Gaki : ...That's all. Moving on to the next mail ~
I swear, FIVE STARS Monday radio show really isn't random. It's really not!

Eri watched Gaki-san and Reina's appearance on Hamachan ga! and found Gaki-san with the blonde wig cute. Gaki-san really wants to try cutting her hair short if she gets a chance to. They looked back at Eri's past hairstyles, from black long hair (2003) to dark brown long hair (Late 2004) to brown short hair (2005) to black shoulder-length hair (Late 2006) to brown long hair (Late 2007) and finally, to brown shoulder-length hair (Mid 2009). Eri likes her current hairstyle the most out of her past hairstyles. Gaki-san said Eri looks like a doll with this hairstyle. Eri is thinking of growing long hair again though.

Every time they record FIVE STARS Monday, both of them are seated in the same seats, with both of them facing one another and Gaki-san being further away from the door. They have no idea why too but it was arranged this way ever since they stepped into the studio for the first time. Gaki-san at first thought it was because her seat was positioned at the angle whereby she could see the director who gives them the cue while Eri's can't. Eri disagreed immediately saying that she could see the director clearly, even though the director doesn't give her cues often, lol. She added on that she may not be given the cues, but she is paying attention to the ongoings of the show. To prove that, she complimented the director for giving good cues xD As they continued their discussion on why they are seated this way, Eri said that she can escape from the room faster than Gaki-san, throwing Gaki-san behind. Coming back, they don't fight for the seats. It's the staffs who prepare the seats for them so they just sit accordingly to where their orange juice (Eri's drink) and oolong tea (Gaki-san's drink) are placed.

Morning Musume - Ashite Ashite Ato Ippun

Gaki :
Kame : No way...
Gaki :
Kame : Good job, Gaki-san.

Berryz Kobou - Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama

Eri bought herself an iPod touch some time ago. She chose one of those with the biggest screens because she wanted to watch videos with it. Carrying a DVD player around is a little troublesome considering that it's pretty heavy. Even though the screen of the iPod touch isn't as big as her DVD player's, the graphics are relatively good and recently, Eri has finally learned how to transfer videos into her gadget. Nowadays she gets to watch her videos of her favourite singers as she travels. According to Gaki-san, for Eri to use an iPod touch is something different from the image Eri gives to them because Eri tends to stick to using one item for long. Like Eri has explained in this episode, she was the first Morning Musume member to own an iPod. However, Apple kept producing even better players every now and then and before Eri even realised, her iPod was already the most old fashioned out of the group. Now, she's the only member in Morning Musume who owns an iPod touch. She got a red cover for her iPod touch recently and people mistook it for a new iPod touch. Eri wants to grow up together with her Kamei-touch ^^; (She renamed it out of blue) With that, Eri gave five stars to iPod touch!

Triangle OST - Cocoon

Promotions for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~ and Kimagure Princess Single V.

Gaki : You can send in this and that or even, "Kame is actually a pro n playing kendama isn't she?"
Kame : Eh!? How did you know!?
Gaki :
Kame : Actually, if you try, you'll be able to play with the kendama successfully.
Gaki :
Kame : (Some strange sound)

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GakiKame : Bahahai

Yes! Just nice! Posted within 24 hours after the show was broadcasted :P Anyway, they have been playing full songs recently so the talks are getting shorter and shorter. Also, do pay attention to Gaki-san's fluffing of lines. Eri didn't pick on them, but she had a couple of slip-ups here and there.