Morning Musume Aki no Monthly Special (2009.11.08)

Monday, November 09, 2009

The three hosts started the show with short introductions of themselves and Eri introduced herself as the one "in-charge of healing" in Morning Musume. Eri was a little worried but Junjun assured her they would do fine since they have Aika with them, who Eri calls "the smartest member in Morning Musume."

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai

As the girls did the title call, they were a little out of sync. Junjun reasoned that because she isn't fluent in Japanese yet. Moving on to the talks. Junjun claimed that she is thankful towards everything everyday. She gave examples like when she gets home and opens the door with her door keys, she'll feel grateful towards the inventor of keys. She mispronounced the word grateful here and was teased a little for it. Another example is when she takes a bath. She uses bath salts and therefore, feels grateful towards the inventor of bath salts.

A listener requested for the three girls to suggest names for his rabbit. He named his rabbit "Sayu" at first but the rabbit didn't get used to it so he changed it to PokePoo (Short form of PokePokePoo, Eri's nickname) However, his sister told him the name sounds like a fool so here he is, looking for a new name for his rabbit. Aika and Junjun were laughing at the listener's sister's comment. Eri had to double check with Aika if his sister was talking about Eri or the name itself, lol. Aika suggested several cute names such as "Candy-chan" and "Peach." Junjun tried to think up of some too.

Junjun : How about "GuruGuru?"
Aika : Oi ~ Where are you going ~
Junjun : "Guru-chan!" Guru sounds cute doesn't it!
Eri : (Ignores Junjun) What should we choose, Mitsui?
Aika : (Ignores Junjun) Hm...what will be good?
Junjun : Hey! Look here!
Eri : How about Ichigo (Strawberry) or Strawberry?
Aika : That's a long name.
Junjun : Look here!
Eri : Too long? But I've seen pets with that name.
Aika : How about Ichigo-milk-chan?
Eri : Ah, that's cute! ...Although it's long.
Junjun : How about Ichigo-guru-chan?
Aika : Hush!

Junjun insisted for the name to include the word "kuru." (I don't know why, but from some point of time it was changed from "Guru" to "Kuru") After discussion between Eri and Aika (only), they decided on "Mikuru."

Junjun : Hello! I'm here too!
Eri : Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Lol at the teamed up teasing. Next song, Eri's debut single!

Morning Musume - Shabondama

Again, their title call wasn't in sync because Junjun started reading it out too early. Just like last week, the three girls this week are going to make their own linkages between the nine members in Morning Musume. No ugly maps this week because someone criticised me for the one I did last week *Glares* Starting off with Aika's linkages.

Aika → Aichan : Admiration
Aika → Reina : Good friends
Aika → Koharu : Reversed
Aika → Gaki-san : Shares common interests
Aika → Linlin : Unable to capture her real nature
Aika → Sayu : Difficult to understand
Eri → Sayu : They are actually rivals
Sayu → Junjun : They kind of clash.

Eri agreed with Aika on Sayu being difficult to understand recently. Aika might have placed Eri and Sayu as rivals, but she believes both of them are truly good friends.

When Aika announced her linkage between Sayu and Junjun,
Junjun : Indeed. It's tiring.
Aika : Not "It's tiring!" I think you're the one who is copying her!
Junjun : NO I'M NOT!
Aika : BUT you do your hair up like her!
Eri : Okay okay okay okay.
Junjun : But I'm 21 years old!
Eri : Okay okay okay okay.
Aika : So?
Junjun : I've been like this for 21 years!
Aika : That's not what I'm talking about! I'm talking about hairstyles now!
Eri : 8th generation! 8th generation! Stop! Stop! (In English) You guys are forgetting that I'm stuck in the middle right?
Junjun : God, this is really tiring.
Aika : I think it's the same for Michishige-san.
Eri : I think if I were to make a stand, I'll be on Mitsui's side.
Aika : See!
Junjun : I see.
Aika : (lol)
Junjun : Whatever.
Aika : That's annoying. (They were just playing around)
Junjun : (lol)
Eri : (Softly) Ah ~ This is scary ~
Aika : (lol)

Now for our beloved little turtle's linkages.

Eri → Aichan : My senior in clothings
Eri → Gaki-san : A good big sister who looks after Eri
Eri → Reina : If she weren't a member in Morning Musume, I definitely can't become good friends with her
Eri → Sayu : (Literally) She's born from a mouth
Eri → Aika : An old lady who Eri worries for
Eri → Koharu : Our characters clash
Eri → Linlin : She's actually my rival
Eri → Junjun : Difficult to understand

FYI, it has been mentioned over and over again that Aichan and Eri shares the same taste when it comes to fashion. Not long ago, when Aichan was on a fashion magazine, she talked about going out to shop for clothes with Eri frequently because they have similar fashion senses. As for Eri's linkage with Gaki-san, she said that she can feel the affection Gaki-san always showers her with. Moving on to the linkage between Eri and Aika, Aika tried to get Eri to change it to "big sister" but she refused. Eri and Junjun started to tease Aika playfully for that old lady matter. By the way, they often call Aika old lady because sometimes Aika's voice seriously makes her sound like one. Now for the rivalry between Eri and Linlin. Both of them crack cold jokes often but Linlin's cold jokes are becoming really funny nowadays and Eri is starting to panic. Last linkage,

Eri : As for Junjun from my point of view, she is difficult to understand.
Aika : (lol)
Staff : She's right in front of you.
Aika : Yaaay ~ (High fives with Eri)
Eri : Yaaay ~
Junjun : I didn't expect that! Am I difficult to understand?
Eri : Sometimes, Junjun, when she panics, her voice can go even lower than Mitsui's and she will speak really quickly. During such times, the Junjun is like a different Junjun and it becomes difficult to understand her.

Final one! Junjun's linkages!

Junjun → Aichan : Respect
Junjun → Gaki-san : We're from different worlds
Junjun → Reina : I'm starting to love her
Junjun → Eri : Makes me feel secured
Junjun → Aika : Easy to talk to
Junjun → Sayu : Gives me a headache
Junjun → Koharu : Little sister
Junjun → Linlin : She's actually my rival

Junjun wants to be like Aichan. Aika being in one of her poisonous mode told Junjun "It's impossible" straight away xD Eri on the other hand told Junjun to work hard towards it. As for the linkage between Junjun and Gaki-san, both the two girls agree that they don't know what one another thinks about, they are just like from two different worlds. The linkage between Junjun and Reina, not that Junjun once hated Reina, but Junjun was once afraid of Reina because Reina just has that image. However, recently, they are hanging out more often and Junjun can even go to Reina for advices when she needs them. Junjun-Eri linkage,

Junjun : As for Kamei ERI-san from my point of view...
Eri : (lol) Why must you emphasise it? It makes me nervous.
Junjun : For Kamei ERI-san...I'm going to say something good about you.
Eri : Say it.
Junjun : She is the type who can make me feel secured when she is next to me. I think other people may not understand what I mean but when I'm feeling down and stuff like that, Kamei-san seems to understand me very well.
Eri : (lol)
Junjun : I think that she doesn't understand me in reality though...but she handles the problem as though she understands me.
Eri : You mean it's a pretence?
Junjun : So it's like, even if other people doesn't understand me, as long as Kamei-san is with me, I'll feel secured, because she's here.
Eri : Thank you.
Junjun : You're welcome (In English)
Eri : That's kind of annoying.

Junjun loves Sayu. In fact, Sayu was the first senior to ask Junjun out and made her open up to other members but because of the recent talk of the two of them looking too similar to one another, Junjun is having headaches thinking of what to wear, what hairdos to make and such everyday. Aika did another attack there about Junjun despite thinking so hard, she is still doing up ponytails. Eri stopped Aika quickly and they moved on to the next linkage. Last week too, the three girls who hosted the show discussed about Sayu and Junjun looking alike.

When Junjun was informed of Koharu's graduation, she cried.

Junjun : I cried. Why did I cry?
Aika : How do I know?

From there, Junjun concluded that the MC segments with Koharu has strengthened their bonds. FYI, Junjun and Koharu don't talk much out of work nor hang out together.

Morning Musume - Naichau Kamo

Promotion for Morning Musume's 41st single, Kimagure Princess. Junjun gave Eri out when she praised her for being able to remember the promotion script, lol. FYI, for every single, there's a particular speech whereby it's repeated over and over again in their promotions for the single. It's just a sentence or two that rounds up and gives readers, listeners or viewers a brief idea of what the song is like and about. Not too sure who thought up of them, but the one who thought up of the speech for Shoganai Yume Oibito was Gaki-san. As Eri was about to round up the promotion corner, she asked the other two girls if they had anything to add on.

Eri : Do you guys have anything to add on? Like were there any parts in the promotion video where Eri was great?
Junjun : Nope.
Eri : ...No? I see.
Aika : I have some!
Eri : Look! She said she has some! Go ahead! Say it!

Aika didn't talk about Kimagure Princess's promotion video though. She talked about Eri's funny movements in 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT. When they were recording those parts where the members were allowed to do whatever they want, Aika could hear the staff who were filming Eri's parts laughing loudly from far. Unfortunately, some of it weren't included in the promotion video.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Image corners! Around a month ago, listeners were asked to send in their impressions of the girls together with exact numbers.

1. Koharu vs Junjun arguments, all added up together = 200 hours
2. Eri takes 12 minutes to decide on what to eat in a restaurant
3. Aika smiles for 17 hours. She smiles all the while unless she is asleep
4. Eri's sleep duration = 24 hours.
5. Number of bananas Junjun eats a day = 100

Aika didn't know if the listener was trying to say Eri is slow at deciding or fast when he said 12 minutes. Junjun later added on to it saying that the numbers should be swapped and be 21 minutes because she doubts Eri is that fast when it comes to making decisions. Eri on the other hand was wondering why it was 12 minutes and not 10 minutes.

Both Eri and Junjun doesn't agree with Aika smiling for 17 hours though. She may have a cute smile, but Aika doesn't smile much. Aika asked them to stop because it'll shatter the listener's image of her.

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~
Eri : The title for the concert is Morning Musume Concert To...ur
Eri was probably reading the katakana one by one so she ended up missing the "ur" in "Tour" and was teased a little for it.

Announcement for next week's hosts,
Eri : Next week's show will be hosted by Niigaki Risa-chan, Michishige Sayumi-chan and Kusumi Koharu-chan. Wow, these three girls have very strong personalities don't they?
Aika : Yeah.
Junjun : Yeah.
Eri : Looks like it'll be fun so please look forward to it!

The next broadcast of this radio show with Eri, Aika and Junjun will be on November 22, 2009. Do look forward to it!

Eri : With that, this was Kamei Eri and...
Aika : Mitsui Aika and...
Junjun : Junjun!
Eri, Aika and Junjun : Byebye!

Unlike what the three hosts predicted last week, Eri was doing most of the hosting and leading job for this episode. Pretty surprising considering that we all thought Eri would be relying on Aika to lead the show. Was a very fun show though, with those teasing between the three girls.

This took me 2 hours ):< Time to study for tomorrow's paper ~ Whee ~