Morning Musume All Singles Coupling Collection release event (091031)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Set list
1. Handmade City
2. Love & Peace! Hero ga Yattekita
3. Kimagure Princess
4. Inspiration
5. Subete wa Ai no Chikara
7. Please! Jiyuu no Tobira
8. SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~
9. Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan!
10. Happy night
11. Koi-ING

Apart from just song performance, there was a MC segment on all the coupling songs of Morning Musume's singles. In the MC, the girls were in groups and were to choose their top three favourite C/W song. The girls were grouped according to their blood types. Yes, our little turtle was all alone because she is the only one with AB blood type in the current Morning Musume line-up. Gaki-san teased Eri for being alone in the group. The groups were named according to the blood types so it was "A Blood type," "B Blood type," "O Blood type" and..."Kamei blood type." The name of the group flashed on the screen was really "Kamei blood type."

For the "Kamei blood type" team which in other words, Eri's ranking was,
3. Watashi ga tsuiteru (C/W of Ambitious)
2. Koi-ING (C/W Koi no Victory)
1. Sono bamen de bibiccha ikenai jan! (C/W of Resonant Blue)

Eri commented that she finds the line "If there is one piece of bread, we will share it" in Koi-ING very sweet and she likes it. Anyway, they performed in their individual costumes which they wore for the cover of the album. Pretty normal hairstyles, Eri just let her hair down while other members had hats on and fancy hair accessories. That's about it ~

- OnDiet's blood type : Kamei blood type

Geki oto boke (91025)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just a short one!
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Inoue : What type of male fashion do you like?
Reina : Can I say the types that I don't like instead?
Inoue : Yes.
Reina : I hate males who wear pointed toe boots.
Yuu : I know what you mean!!
Reina and Yuu : (lol)
Inoue : (Stares at his boots) ...
Reina and
Yuu : (Looks at Inoue's boots and lol even harder)

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #030 (091026)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gaki : I'm Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
Kame : ...I'm Kamei Eri doS ~ Ah, Gaki-han! Gaki-han!
Gaki : Yes.
Kame : I'll like to read out that message now.
Gaki : Oh, okay, go ahead.
Kame : May I?
Gaki : Hey, isn't it scripted for me to read it out?
Kame : Eh?
Gaki : (lol) It's written there "Gaki-han." Not that I really mind you taking my line though...
Kame : Oh, I got it. It's better for Gaki-han to read this message. It'll be a little...if I read it.
Gaki : As I've said, such things aren't suppose to be said on air. You should bring them up during meetings instead. Anyway, lets move on.
Kame : (Giggles)
Gaki : I'll read it, since we don't get much choice. Lets read out the message now, Kame-han.
Kame : Okay.
Gaki : This message is from Toyoemon-san.
Kame : Thank you.
Gaki : 「I've seen the 2010 calender!」Thank you.
Kame : Thank you.
Gaki : 「The one who caught most of my attention was Santa Kame-han. I'm a Reina-han fan but Santa Kame-han was the cutest! With that, please work hard for the fall concert tour!」
Kame : I see ~ This feels good. I've been feeling great ever since the show started.
Gaki : Actually, this mail was supposed to be read during the birthday surprise but because of the surprise, I wasn't able to read it out. After that recording, Kame-han went "That was the mail I was hoping for you to read out..." so, we are doing this. It's a happy message though. Even though he is a Reina fan, he found Kame cute.
Kame : I'm going to tell Reina this. Like, "Ne ne ne ne...You know who's Toyoemon? ~ You know who's that? He said Eri is cute ~" I'm going to tell Tanakacchi this.
Gaki : Go ahead, go ahead.

Gaki :
Kame : Teeden ~ teeden ~
Gaki :
Kame : Teden teden teden teden teden ~ Wee ~
Gaki : Man, you're really a bother.
Kame : Ne ~ Puraa puraa puraa ~
Gaki : Can you stop blocking me with your hands?
Kame : Okay ~

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Gaki : Meseeji...
GakiKame : yonchauo~
Gaki : (lol) Why did you keep quiet!?
Kame : (lol)
Gaki : You aren't going to say any "Nomaki" or "Oshiri?"
Kame : I have lots of patterns ~
Gaki : Man...
Kame : It's a secret ~
Gaki : (lol) This is your FIVE STARS Monday host, Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
Kame : ...I'm Kamei Eri, doS ~

The first mail is from Kit-san. After watching Kimagure Princess's promotion video on Dohhh UP!, Kit sent in a mail complimenting Eri's vocal ability, poses, extreme cuteness and how suitable the costume was for Eri. Eri said she is going to ask all the members "Do you guys know who is Kit? ~"

Eri likes Gaki-san's recent fringe. When Gaki-san first got it trimmed, Eri wondered why Gaki-san shortened it so much. Even Aichan, asked Gaki-san why did she get it trimmed. Eri gradually found it cute though. Although Eri is praising Gaki-san about it here, during a concert, when the camera zoomed into Eri, Eri lifted up her fringe on purpose to make fun of Gaki-san, lol.

Something of Eri that Gaki-san doesn't admire, but respects is her strange choice of words. Just the other day, Gaki-san was discussing about Eri's strange choice of words with their manager and both of them found it somehow amazing for one to choose those words to express herself.

Eri's theory : "Gaki-san = Kame." This theory was first introduced in a concert. Eri thinks that if either one of them doesn't have one another, it's impossible to have all this making-fun-of-one-another fun.

Gaki : This message is from Kamei-san-reminds-me-of-hippopotamus-recently.
Kame : What's pipopopopamus?
Gaki : No, it's hippopotamus. You know what's a hippopotamus?
Kame : Nope.
Gaki : It's a hippo.
Kame : No way.
Gaki : I think he isn't trying to say that he can see a hippopotamus in you. He's probably trying to say he can see an idiot in you.
Kame : This must be a lie. Hipopopamus?
Gaki : Anyway, he has a question for you. 「Kamei-san...」
Kame : Hippopotamus?
Gaki : 「...who is well-known for doodling the moment she has a pen...」 (lol) You've became famous for doing that out of nowhere.
Kame : (Lol) Yeah.
Gaki : 「If you can draw a kanji on Gaki-san's forehead now, what will it be?」
Kame : Eh, a kanji?
Gaki : Yes, one kanji, on my forehead.
Kame : Ah, I'll want a word that isn't difficult to write but has lots of strokes.
Gaki : Only one word.
Kame : One kanji, by drawing...
Gaki : Yes.
Kame : Show me your forehead, your forehead.
Gaki : Eh? Why must I?
Kame : Quick. Show me ~ Show me now.
Gaki : (lol) What's with this wise-man-atmosphere.
Kame : (lol) That's short.
Gaki : Man, enough! Just answer it!
Kame : I got it. I'll draw a 「須」
Gaki : Why?
Kame : It gives me a 「須」 feeling.
Gaki : What? Who? Me?
Kame : I think you'll look good with a 「須」
Gaki : I don't know whether to be happy or not.

Kame : This message is from Special Week~-san. 「Gaki-san, Eri-chan, good evening.」
Gaki : Good evening.
Kame : 「Is there anything that you think people have misunderstood/mistaken you for recently? We may think that Eri-chan is pokepoke but she is a responsible girl (lol)」 Hm? I don't need that "(lol)"
Gaki : Nah, it's a total joke.
Kame : I thought it would be "(Beauty)"
Gaki : ...
Kame : Sorry sorry.
Gaki : (lol) For Kamei-chan's situation...(lol) Kamei-chan
Kame : Which era are you from?
Gaki : (lol) For Eri-chan's situation, we did not mistake her for being pokepoke. She IS a pokepoke-nese.
Kame : Pokepoke-NESE? Then now we have pokepoke-nese, pokepoke-human....
Gaki : (Ignores) For me, something that people have misunderstood me about is...
Kame : Ah, it's that.
Gaki : You got it?
Kame : Yes.
Gaki : Try saying it out.
Kame : The truth is that you aren't responsible at all.

The truth is that Gaki-san isn't as friendly as she seems. She is a shy girl and takes some time to open up to people but once she gets used to the person, she can be very friendly with the person. That is why when people first see Gaki-san, they may think that she is fierce or someone who is difficult to get close to.

Kame : You have a GAKI character don't you?
Gaki : What?
Kame : Isn't it GAKI? You guys know who's GAKI?
Gaki : I think there are many people who don't know who's GAKI so please explain.
Kame : Eh? Me? She's a DJ with an unknown age. She's a surfer and has a pair of sunglasses sitting on her head and is like a fake character. Gaki-san has such a DJ character.
Gaki : Yes.
Kame : Because she has such an image, she'll look good with "Hey yo you~" stuff...someone, stop my talk.
Gaki : (lol)
Kame : I can't go on any more.
Lol, Gaki-san obviously did that on purpose.

Melon Kinenbi - Seishun on the road

Gaki :
Kame : -Speaking softly-
Gaki :
Kame : P~

Gaki : This is MY
GakiKame : FIVE STARS ~ corner
Gaki : This is Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
Kame : I'm Kamei Heri.
Gaki : Can you at least pronounce your name clearly?
Kame : (lol)

As Gaki-san had mentioned in this episode, she is now able to eat chicken cartilages and in fact, she's crazy over them. Eri on the other hand has been eating it all this while. If she goes out to eat Yakitori, Eri won't want to eat the meat, she'll want to eat ginnan ^^; Gaki-san asked Eri out for a meal for Yakitori. With that, Gaki-san gave five stars to chicken cartilages. (This is the shortest MY FIVE STARS corner ever on FIVE STARS Monday)

Eri fell in love with watching movies recently and she watched High School Musical 1, 2 and 3. She found it really funny and was enjoyed the fabulous songs and dance performances. Hence...

High School Musical - Start of something new
Morning Musume - Ashite ashite ato ippun

Promotions for Morning Musume's 41st single, Kimagure Princess and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Gaki :
Kame : - Speaking softly - Gaki-san is actually a ....
Gaki :
Kame : - Speaking softly - Gaki-san is...

Next week, FIVE STARS Monday RisaEri will be having their first guest and that will be Ogawa Mana!

The girls will be updating FIVE STARS Monday's blog weekly so do check it out!

GakiKame : Bahahai ~

Matio Time (091025)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Something happened the day before the first concert of ~Nine smile~ that caused Reina to do something reckless. She declared that she won't be turning up for the concert the next day and seriously had no intention of going for the concert. Being one who has quite a number of lines, if Reina didn't turn up, there would be big trouble. That night, Eri, Gaki-san and Junjun sent Reina mails to convince her to go. Sayu's excuse for not sending one is that she believed that Reina would turn up ^^; But frankly, the next day, when she heard about Eri's mail to Reina, she thought she should have done the same. Eri's mail really had a great impact on Reina. She received it at around 2AM, which by right, both Reina and Eri should have been asleep since they are said to be early sleepers. Reina however was awake because she didn't want to go to the concert the next day and spent the night watching variety shows. Eri's mail went "I understand Reina's feelings because we're all humans but I'm just going to say this. Come tomorrow. I want to stand on the same stage as you. Good night."

Eri, half-hearted when it comes to caring for people? No way.
Off for my exam ~

October 26 - November 13

My examinations are starting tomorrow and will only end on November 13, 2 days after Reina's birthday, 1 day after mine (Yes, like wtf). I probably won't be translating much from tomorrow onwards until November 4. Sorry, but it's my final lap.

Anyway, just making this post for Dgaus to comment daily here since he told me he's going to leave me a comment everyday during my examination period to motivate me so...good luck in commenting, Dgaus!
- From PG15 (?)

ON8 (091022) - Aichan, Koharu, Linlin

Saturday, October 24, 2009

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The girls will normally eat one meal after the evening concerts but as they have to leave the place, they often end up eating while travelling. Whenever Aichan gets some time free before the scheduled time for them to leave, she will attempt to finish her meal quickly leaving whatever she can't finish in time to be eaten when she is in the car. Even though she will be holding on to other stuff, one will definitely catch Aichan holding on to a bowl of soup. Koharu will never do that because she knows it'll spill. Aichan on the other hand is very optimistic and believes she can bring it along without spilling however, every time without fail, she will spill it. Linlin told them there is a positive side to spilling soups and that is, they don't have to use perfumes. The smell of the spilled soup will stay in the room and they will be able to enjoy different flavours everyday, lol. As Eri had mentioned in this Pocket Diary, Aichan spilled her corn soup recently. It got onto her jersey and left a yellow stain.

As they are performing in a concert, the girls have to change their costumes quickly so as to not keep the audience waiting. Their costumes are arranged in such a way that Eri's is next to Linlin's and Linlin's is next to Koharu's. Every time Linlin hurries to change into her costume, she will grab Eri's by accident and when Eri comes along and isn't able to find her costume, she will go to Linlin and check if Linlin had taken her costume by mistake again. Even Koharu has seen it happening several times. Koharu advises Linlin to remember her costume as the set next to Koharu's in order to mix Eri's and her own costumes up again. Aichan gives an even better piece of advice, "Just wait for Eri to put on her costume before you put on yours."

Even before Aichan listened to Kimagure Princess's melody, after reading the lyrics, she had this "Woah, this isn't going to sound like Morning Musume" reaction. Koharu found it similar to Balalaika. Linlin's first impression of the song is interesting. She thought it sounded like those songs played during a bullfight event and even concluded that Tsunku was putting the feel of this year's zodiac, which is cow, into the song.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

During the recording of the promotion videos for Kimagure Princess, they were told that they can just put on expressions that were similar to the ones they made for Nanchatte Renai. The promotion videos were taken in a church. For the dance shot, it was taken in some sort of place that looked like where a priest will be at according to Koharu. The moment they stepped into the room for their recording, Koharu felt like going to the toilet so she excused herself. Unfortunately, there wasn't a single toilet in sight and Koharu had to ran back to their dressing room because she remembered seeing the toilets there. Koharu really hopes that they will install some toilets near that room for the convenience of people.

Now, 1 month after Koharu's graduation announcement, she feels a little weird when the rest of the members have assignments related to the end-of-year programs while she doesn't as she will not be participating in them. Her graduation was decided after much discussion with Tsunku and other staff members so Koharu was not exactly surprised. When the rest of the members were informed of the graduation, Aichan was surprised because she had never expected her junior to go before her. She finally understood how Yossie felt when Konno and Makoto graduated. Aichan hopes that Koharu will try her best in the Koharu-ish way in whatever she does after she graduates from Morning Musume. This is the first time Linlin will be watching a Morning Musume member graduate as part of Morning Musume. She can't picture how it will be like.

- Ame no furanai hoshi dewa aisenai darou? starts playing in the background -

The host shared her thoughts about Koharu's graduation and too, hopes that Koharu will try her very best after she graduates. The short talk by the host goes really well with the background song and was really touching. The talk about Koharu's graduation was rounded up with the messages to Koharu filled in by Aichan and Linlin in their survey forms. Aichan's message to Koharu, "I love you," Linlin's message to Koharu, "Kusumi-san, I will love you forever." Simple messages, but lots of memories hidden behind them. Aichan started crying after that.

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT

Ii janai ~ corner. Aichan thinks that most of the members in Morning Musume are generally boke while Koharu thinks that she is a tsukkomi. The other 2 girls reacted with a "No way!' when they heard it. Not much of content, but you guys have to listen to Koharu and Linlin's "Ii janai ~" Yes, the line from Kimagure Princess.

Koharu's new gag was introduced to ON8. Koharu knows it gives a weird atmosphere every time she does it so she requested for the host, Aichan and Linlin to make some noise after she does it. The 3 of them were really kind and did as requested.

Morning Musume - Ashite ashite atto ippun

Promotions for Morning Musume's 41st single, Kimagure Princess, Morning Musume All Singles Coupling Collection album event and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Hamachan ga! (091023)

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Gaki-san : I can't help but to be time concious.
Reina : She is impatient.
Gaki-san : I'm very impatient. I will normally turn up earlier than the appointed time. However, out of the 9 members, the other 8 are loose with their time, including this girl (Reina).
Reina : Eh?
Gaki-san : So I thought I should get watches for them as well as Tanakacchi.
Fujii : You don't have a watch?
Reina : I don't have one. I think I will forget to wear the watch.
Fujii : Are you usually late for appointments?
Reina : Some times...
Gaki-san : Even though I'm their senior, they will just walk in with a "Sorry ~" with a smile thinking that they will be able to get away with that.
Fujii : That's unforgivable isn't it?
Gaki-san: Exactly.
Reina : But I don't really need one...
Gaki-san: You can't not get one.
Fujii : These are cheap!
Gaki-san : Indeed!
Reina : With this price, we can go to a restaurant to eat steak.
Gaki-san : No way you're going to a restaurant and enjoy such luxury.
Fujii : The reason behind getting it is so that you can follow your senior's role model and be time concious.
Gaki-san : That's right. Steak is just a 1-time-luxury while this...
Reina : It's okay!! I'm fine with a 1-time-satisfaction.
Gaki-san : You can't.
Fujii : You can't.
Gaki-san : Lets get these.
Reina : Ehh!?
Fujii : It looks pretty good.
Gaki-san : I want to get the members watches too.
Fujii : You want to get them watches too? That means...?
Reina : That means it'll be 9 watches.
Fujii : You're going to buy 9?
Gaki-san : (Looks at Reina) Buy it yourself!! I'm going to buy only 8.
Fujii : Eh? You're going to buy 8?
Gaki-san : Yes.
Fujii : Eh?
Gaki-san : Yes, 8.
Fujii : That means you are buying for everyone except Tanaka-san?
Gaki-san : Yes.
Reina : (lol)
Gaki-san : If you ask why, if she buys it herself, there's more significance behind it.
Fujii : I don't really understand the concept...
Reina : Look! (lol)
Fujii : ...but isn't it weird?
Gaki-san : Why?
Reina : Look look! She's mean ~
Fujii : You buying 8 and not going 1 more? Just because today both of you are on the show together?
Reina : (lol)
Gaki-san : Because she is here, she is going to buy it herself.
Reina : Why?
Gaki-san : What colour should I get for them...?
Reina : I'm going with pink.
Gaki-san : No way!
Reina : Since I'm buying it myself.
Gaki-san : Okay, fair enough then.
Fujii : Wait a mean you accepted the fact that you have to buy it yourself?
Reina : If I don't go with the flow, it'll look like I can't read the atmosphere so...
Gaki-san : All right, I'll buy you one.
Fujii : Look!
Reina : Woah! YAY! Gaki-san is great!
Gaki-san : You're loud!
Fujii : Ah, looks like it's fun to be in a group!!
Gaki-san : I'll get a white one for our leader, Takahashi Ai.
Reina : Oh ~
Gaki-san : As for Kamei Eri, her fellow Rokkie member, I'll buy the orange one.
Reina : Mitsui Aika from the 8th generation likes purple.
Gaki-san : I'll go with purple for her then. What about Sayumin?
Reina : Why not get something that's not common? Like brown?
Fujii : Em, excuse me...
Gaki-san : Brown!?
Fujii : There is some evil intention behind it eh?
Gaki-san : Yes, she had the bullying-expression on her face just now.
Reina : (lol)
Gaki-san : I'll get the green watch for her. Who else?
Reina : Linlin and Koharu.
Gaki-san : Red for Koharu.
Reina : Yes.
Gaki-san : As for about yellow? All right, I'm done. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
Reina : Who's the other girl?
Gaki-san : Wait wait...
Reina : Who is the remaining member?
Gaki-san : Give me a minute...this isn't good...
Reina : Who who? Junjun? Junjun!
Gaki-san : Oh yes, it's Junjun. (Looks at Reina and smiles)
Reina : (Returns the smile)
Gaki-san : Sorry Junjun. What should I choose?
Reina : It's kind of difficult to get 1 for her out of the remaining colours...
Gaki-san : Which should I take?
Fujii : All the remaining colours are pretty dull...
Gaki-san : I think Junjun won't like this one (Eliminates the light blue watch)
Reina : Black then?
Gaki-san : Black? Let's go with black? Junjun is one of the oldest members and since she an should be suitable.

Reina was incredibly cute on this show. Apart from the watches segment, when Reina went to get herself a paper shredder, Fujii picked up a cheap one which is like a scissors and is used manually. Even before she takes a 2nd look, Reina said "I want one that doesn't need strength to shred." Gaki-san was great too with the Gaki-Reina interaction which reminded me a little of Gaki-Kame with Reina in Eri's role but she wasn't as foolish as our little turtle. Recommended watching!

- Once again, I made a post that isn't directly related to Eri x.x -

InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #108 (091021)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The show started off with Reina sharing a horror story with the listeners. There was this man, who saw his new neighbour moving in. The new neighbour was a beautiful-looking lady who had her shades on. He often looked over to the lady's apartment hoping to catch a glimpse of her. One day, he decided to try see if he was about to listen to the noise in the neighbour's house. However, it was silent. He tried again the next day thinking that the lady might be at home the next day but still, there wasn't any noise. The man later found a small hole on his wall that connects to his neighbour's so he peeked through it. All he saw was pure red so he thought "Wow, this house is awesome." After scanning around, he realised the lady wasn't at home. He tried again the next day and it was still red. Curious, he talked to the landlord about how strange it was that the lady was never at home and there wasn't any noise. The landlord then replied..."The lady next door...has red eyes."

Reina thought it was the room that was red at first. She found this story really scary so she shared it with Eri on purpose. Eri didn't want to listen to it but after Reina assured her it was a fictional story, she accepted it and got very frightened by it. Reina's conclusion, "Operation was successful!"

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

It wasn't easy for the Japanese members to remember the lyrics of "Ame no furanai hoshi dewa aisenai darou?" Chinese version. Reina's strategy in memorising them is to substitute in Japanese words that have similar pronunciations. She sang out these 2 lines on the radio show when giving examples, 「一直相亲相爱吧」 yi zhi xiang qin xiang ai ba, 「把珍贵的一切交给未来」ba zhen gui de yi qie jiao ge wei lai.

Reina likes cavalry battles. She prefers to be the one on top instead of the one who has to carry the team member. Thanks to her small frame, Reina was always the one on the top, grabbing the targets when she was in elementary school participating in cavalry battles. Once, when her team was heading to grab a target, Reina's target was taken down by another team and it was a big shock to Reina.

Reina's character is changing. In the past, she belonged to the group who bullies other members but now, she is the one getting bullied. Aichan, Gaki-san, Eri and Sayu are responsible for bullying the little kitty. Reina doesn't dislike being bullied neither does she dislike bullying people. In case anyone gets the wrong idea, the bullying we talking about isn't real physical/mental bullying. It is just friendly remarks that straight-forward/aimed at a particular person which are usually made for laughs.

Choshinsei - Kimi dake wo zutto
T-Pistonz - Tsunagari yo

Recently, Reina went to the karaoke for 8 hours. Even after 8 hours, she didn't want to leave but had no choice but to go as it was getting late. She only sang 56 songs although she wants to try singing 100 songs in a row. After 8 hours of singing session, Reina was completely exhausted after that. Still, she enjoyed herself and hopes to have a karaoke tournament during fan club events. As usual, Reina talked about how badly she wants to sing non-Hello! Project songs in front of fans to let them know she is able to sing those songs too. Whenever Reina runs out of songs to sing in karaoke, she will sing Amine songs.

High King - Cinderella/Complex

Promotions for Morning Musume All Singles Coupling Collection album event and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Reina : OtsukaReina ~

Niigaki Risa ★9

October 22nd, 2009

Everyone ★ Good evening〜〜〜〜!
This week's FIVE☆STARS...★☆★☆★☆ Man〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜


You know what!!!! There was an unexpected surprise!!!!! I'm ha..ha...happy 〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜(。Ж-Ж。)

My eyes are filled with tears

Even though so...
There was one big problem 〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜 lol

Ka...Ka...Ka...Kame-han〜〜〜〜〜〜〜 That person ( ̄□ ̄)㊥!!!
The one who was supposed to give the surprise, forgot about the surprise ーーーーーーーーー!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the forever poke-Kame..

Un un...but, it's all right...

Today, once again...I could feel the warm love from the FIVE☆STARS staffs...
Thank you very much m(__)m

Please continue to take care of me!

Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol.28

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A really brief coverage of Eri's parts in this DVD. Here's a sloppy translation/summary for the Eri-related stuff.

Image Hosted by
Gaki-san called Eri over to the camera when she was brushing her teeth and Sayu told her to express what she wanted to say through gestures. She did the "Komanechi" (A comedian's gag) movement before rushing off for her preparations.

Image Hosted by
Eri had enjoyed herself in this concert tour. She thought about lots of things while performing and learned a lot from it. Her expression in the screencap above is so cute

Image Hosted by
Watching other members hold a concert in their hometowns, Eri envies them and shares the joy with them. She was overjoyed when she saw fellow members saying "I'm back!" and being welcomed back by fans. So happy that it makes her want to do the same. A short clip of Eri saying that she would introduce herself as Kamei Eri from Fukui was included in this DVD. You can find the details of the clip in this post. She did the same thing in Yamaguchi and Fukuoka. You can find the details of it here. In case you're wondering, Eri is from Tokyo and there are concerts in Tokyo for every concert tour. However, the girls are always in Tokyo so there's nothing to welcome Eri back for. The last time an "Eririn" call was made was during Bonkyu Bonkyu BOMB's final concert encore which was in Tokyo.

Image Hosted by
As Sayu and Eri were talking in front of the camera, Reina came over...
Reina : Kamei Eri.
Eri : (Surprised look)
Reina : That pair of boots is mine.
Sayu : (Looks at Eri's boots) Lol, you're terrible.
Reina : (lol)
Eri : Hey, the camera is rolling, was it necessary to say it out?
Reina : (lol)
This might be the Rokkies' shoe incident because the dates somewhat matches.

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Sayu forgot her dance steps for the earlier song performance during the Yamaguchi concert. Shortly after the song performance was the Chinese MC so she checked the steps with Eri.
Sayu : Thanks for teaching.
Eri : It's okay...but it feels like a backstage atmosphere.

Image Hosted by
There was a segment in the DVD for the girls to talk about the MC segments in ~Platinum 9 DISCO~ The clip for this MC GAKI translation about Gaki-san dreaming of Eri was included.

Image Hosted by
For the translation of the Eri MC that was included in this DVD can be found here. The solo MC segment was the first time Eri was hosting a corner alone. There were times whereby her talks were too long and sometimes they were too short.

Image Hosted by
After Eri and Junjun posed in front of the camera, Junjun started bending the headband that she was holding on to. Eri looked so amazed by the broken headband ^^; She figured out that because the broken part was on the inside, the audience can't see it from the outside when it is put on.

Image Hosted by
In the Chinese MC, the word for that day was 「不对」 bu dui, which means "It's wrong." Now for the skit....
Sayu : Can you help me put it (The imaginary ring) on?
Eri : Okay, here I go. *Tries putting the ring on* Michishige-san...your finger is fat (Futoi). Futo (Fat)...futo (fat)...futo (fat)...your finger is wrong ( bu dui)*
Sayu : *Whacks Eri* A pun?
Eri : It's used this way...(The way " bu dui" is used)
Sayu : ...right?
Linlin : *Shakes head* Bu dui (It's wrong).
EriSayuLinlin : Man, I had enough ~
*" bu dui" sounds like "futoi"

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Surprisingly, Eri curled her hair by herself. FYI, Gaki-san usually has to help Eri curl it before concerts.

Image Hosted by
Eri : Ah, the meat looks delicious ~
Eri : There's mentai spaghetti and...*Walks away* ME~AT!

Image Hosted by
As Aika tucked into her onigiri, Gaki-san reminded her that there was only 5 minutes left before they had to gather. Eri then responded with a "Eh! Oh my god! *Stands up immediately* Excuse me!" It was done on purpose to give it there-is-only-5-minutes-left feel.

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The translation for this MC can be found here.

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In the Platinum Performance corner, one of the Platinum Performance was "It's you." Eri had fun dancing to that song although she had to practise a lot together with Aichan to make sure they were in sync. Also, they were dancing in heels in that performance so it was not easy for the 3 girls.

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Another Platinum Performance was Eri's solo, "Kataomoi no Owari ni." In that song, Eri is singing as a university student. As Eri is currently at the age of a university student, she doesn't really have to put on a fake character and can be just herself when she performs this song. However, because the song itself isn't too impact-ful, it's not easy to leave a deep impression of it on fans, Eri hence had to look for special movements and points to draw attention to her performance while being natural. Eri wasn't the only one who has such an opinion of the song. Her dance teacher too, shares the same sentiment. Eri cried, she was troubled and wanted to bring the fans the best because she doesn't know when is the next time she will get an opportunity to perform this song will come again.

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Eri's Platinum Happening for the concert tour was during a song performance, Eri messed up the lyrics of the chorus of the song. It was a new song so the lyrics for the song was flashed on the big screen. Eri initially thought she could deceive the fans but she was told it was obvious that she messed up. Our little turtle was very embarrassed and did self-reflection for it. Even up till this day, she still regrets making a mistake in that performance. The thought of the audience who went only for that particular concert spotting her mistake reminds Eri that she shouldn't have made such a careless mistake. She rounded up with a "I'll be careful next time (lol)"

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Eri : Tanaka-san is horrible.
Reina : I'm now explaining myself to her about my MC. The one about her birthday.
Putting aside the weird yet funny backstage TanaKamei relation...Eri's hair O.O

I really love the way Eri balances her work and play. It's very admirable to be able to play hard and work hard at the same time. That's about it for the Eri-related parts in this DVD. Some of the parts of self-explanatory so I didn't write about them.

FYI, you can find the translations for some of the MC segments which were included in this DVD here.

[Pocket Diary] 10/12 Gifu - Michishige Sayumi (1)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In one of Eri's recent Pocket Tour Diary, she attached a photo of a decorated item which was given to her by Gaki-san. According to Sayu's Pocket Tour Diary, it's actually a case. Both Aichan and Eri requested for Gaki-san to decorate one for them and Gaki-san did. In fact, she even made one for Sayu although Sayu didn't ask for it. Sayu mentioned that she was very happy and could feel Gaki-san's love.

10/12 Gifu Michishige Sayumi (1)
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Good morning
This photo was taken before the rehearsal
Look ☆ My full-of-motivation face. Yes ~
I'm all fired up
Eri still has her eyes closed eh ~

Just updating the Eri-related Pocket Diaries. I scanned through Sayu's Pocket Morning Diaries, not much of Eri content even though there are quite a number of SayuEri photos. It was a nice read though. It's amazing how Sayu never runs out of things to write about.

If anyone is wondering if their favourites have sent out a Pocket Morning Diary, you can refer to this chart which was taken from 2ch.
Image Hosted by
The headers are the concerts in the different locations. If there's a "-," that means the member didn't send out any Pocket Diary for that day's concert. If it's a circle, it means that she had sent out one. If it's a double circle, that means the member had sent out two for that day.

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #029 (091019)

The show started off with Gaki-san announcing they she would be turning 21 (This show was pre-recorded). A hyped up turtle as usual teased Gaki-san for it and said "No way! 21 years old!? that really okay?" Gaki-san quickly moved on to the opening mail but was cut off shortly after. Eri then started going "Gaki-san, today is tatatantantantaan ~" Perfect reaction from Gaki-san and do listen to Eri's squeal when the cake was brought into the booth. Together with the staffs of FIVE STARS Monday, Eri got Gaki-san a cake for this small birthday surprise. Apparently there are strawberries, chocolates and edible flowers on the cake. Actually Eri had forgotten about the surprise she was supposed to give Gaki-san and the director had to remind her, "Kame-han, erm Kame-han, aren't you forgetting something?" With that, a birthday song to Gaki-san from our little turtle!

Kame : Happy Birthday to you
Kame : Happy Birthday to you
Kame : Happy Birthday to Sabu-chan* ~
Gaki : Thank you!
Kame : Happy Birthday to you

Gaki-san blew out the candles. Watching the celebration, Eri is looking forward to her birthday celebration too. She started saying that she likes shortcakes, chocolates and melons which was directed at the staffs.

*Gaki-san is the sabu-riida (Sub-leader) of Morning Musume.

Gaki :
Kame : Gaki-san, congratulations.
Gaki : Thank you.
Gaki :
Kame : Congratulations.
Gaki : Thank you.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Eri was singing freely and randomly before Gaki-san read out the first mail. Anyway, the listener of the first mail thought up of new nicknames for Eri which all meant "Turtle" but in different languages. One of it was Tortue which is French. To all Eri fans, does it ring any bell? Eri remembers her knight character in Ribbon no Kishi musical as Tortue. She was told that turtle in French is Tortue and that is how her character's name came from. Never did she think that the word "turtle" could be linked up with the musical.

As Gaki-san was reading out the second mail, Eri was balancing her pen in between her upper lips and nose. Of course, she was scolded by Gaki-san for doing that. Coming back, both Gaki-san and Eri will be very happy if they hear female fans screaming in concerts when they call out for them. Normally in concerts, the girls will call out for the young fans, female fans and the male fans. The fans will then respond to it by cheering Whenever Gaki-san hears shrill screams from the female fans, she'll feel motivated to give her everything for the concert. Do listen to Gaki-san's imitation of male fans' shouts.

Morning Musume - Bonkyu Bonkyu Bomb Girl

Gaki :
Kame : Un...Un...Un...
Gaki :
Kame : Un...Un...Un...

T-Pistonz - Tsunagari yo

Recently Eri has been using the phrase "nananananzoya" frequently (It's a gag of a commedian) and does it even when performing on the stage. Every time she makes eye contact with Gaki-san, she'll go "nanananananzoya!" It makes Gaki-san laugh.

Eri spoke a little too fast that she said Hanabatake Bokujou (Lit. Flower garden farm) as Hanadake Bokujou (Lit. Nose-only farm). Not long ago, Eri ate the apple flavoured soft caramel from Hanabatake Bokujou after being given and found it very tasty. It was so delicious that Eri went to buy herself some. The soft caramel melts really quickly so Eri recommends listeners to buy more at a go. With that, Eri gave Hanatabake Bokujou apple flavoured soft caramel five stars!

Kame : Nanana...!
GakiKame : Nanzoya!!
GakiKame : (lol)

Ai - Story

Promotions for Morning Musume's 41st single, "Kimagure Princess" and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Eri prefers baked potatoes over steamed potatoes ~

The girls will be updating FIVE STARS Monday's blog weekly so do check it out!

GakiKame : Bahahai ~

Full songs were played for this week's episode so the talks were cut down greatly by 5 minutes leaving the girls with only 15 minutes of talk-time. Anyway....

A very happy birthday to Gaki-san!