InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #108 (091021)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The show started off with Reina sharing a horror story with the listeners. There was this man, who saw his new neighbour moving in. The new neighbour was a beautiful-looking lady who had her shades on. He often looked over to the lady's apartment hoping to catch a glimpse of her. One day, he decided to try see if he was about to listen to the noise in the neighbour's house. However, it was silent. He tried again the next day thinking that the lady might be at home the next day but still, there wasn't any noise. The man later found a small hole on his wall that connects to his neighbour's so he peeked through it. All he saw was pure red so he thought "Wow, this house is awesome." After scanning around, he realised the lady wasn't at home. He tried again the next day and it was still red. Curious, he talked to the landlord about how strange it was that the lady was never at home and there wasn't any noise. The landlord then replied..."The lady next door...has red eyes."

Reina thought it was the room that was red at first. She found this story really scary so she shared it with Eri on purpose. Eri didn't want to listen to it but after Reina assured her it was a fictional story, she accepted it and got very frightened by it. Reina's conclusion, "Operation was successful!"

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

It wasn't easy for the Japanese members to remember the lyrics of "Ame no furanai hoshi dewa aisenai darou?" Chinese version. Reina's strategy in memorising them is to substitute in Japanese words that have similar pronunciations. She sang out these 2 lines on the radio show when giving examples, 「一直相亲相爱吧」 yi zhi xiang qin xiang ai ba, 「把珍贵的一切交给未来」ba zhen gui de yi qie jiao ge wei lai.

Reina likes cavalry battles. She prefers to be the one on top instead of the one who has to carry the team member. Thanks to her small frame, Reina was always the one on the top, grabbing the targets when she was in elementary school participating in cavalry battles. Once, when her team was heading to grab a target, Reina's target was taken down by another team and it was a big shock to Reina.

Reina's character is changing. In the past, she belonged to the group who bullies other members but now, she is the one getting bullied. Aichan, Gaki-san, Eri and Sayu are responsible for bullying the little kitty. Reina doesn't dislike being bullied neither does she dislike bullying people. In case anyone gets the wrong idea, the bullying we talking about isn't real physical/mental bullying. It is just friendly remarks that straight-forward/aimed at a particular person which are usually made for laughs.

Choshinsei - Kimi dake wo zutto
T-Pistonz - Tsunagari yo

Recently, Reina went to the karaoke for 8 hours. Even after 8 hours, she didn't want to leave but had no choice but to go as it was getting late. She only sang 56 songs although she wants to try singing 100 songs in a row. After 8 hours of singing session, Reina was completely exhausted after that. Still, she enjoyed herself and hopes to have a karaoke tournament during fan club events. As usual, Reina talked about how badly she wants to sing non-Hello! Project songs in front of fans to let them know she is able to sing those songs too. Whenever Reina runs out of songs to sing in karaoke, she will sing Amine songs.

High King - Cinderella/Complex

Promotions for Morning Musume All Singles Coupling Collection album event and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

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