Hamachan ga! (091023)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

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Gaki-san : I can't help but to be time concious.
Reina : She is impatient.
Gaki-san : I'm very impatient. I will normally turn up earlier than the appointed time. However, out of the 9 members, the other 8 are loose with their time, including this girl (Reina).
Reina : Eh?
Gaki-san : So I thought I should get watches for them as well as Tanakacchi.
Fujii : You don't have a watch?
Reina : I don't have one. I think I will forget to wear the watch.
Fujii : Are you usually late for appointments?
Reina : Some times...
Gaki-san : Even though I'm their senior, they will just walk in with a "Sorry ~" with a smile thinking that they will be able to get away with that.
Fujii : That's unforgivable isn't it?
Gaki-san: Exactly.
Reina : But I don't really need one...
Gaki-san: You can't not get one.
Fujii : These are cheap!
Gaki-san : Indeed!
Reina : With this price, we can go to a restaurant to eat steak.
Gaki-san : No way you're going to a restaurant and enjoy such luxury.
Fujii : The reason behind getting it is so that you can follow your senior's role model and be time concious.
Gaki-san : That's right. Steak is just a 1-time-luxury while this...
Reina : It's okay!! I'm fine with a 1-time-satisfaction.
Gaki-san : You can't.
Fujii : You can't.
Gaki-san : Lets get these.
Reina : Ehh!?
Fujii : It looks pretty good.
Gaki-san : I want to get the members watches too.
Fujii : You want to get them watches too? That means...?
Reina : That means it'll be 9 watches.
Fujii : You're going to buy 9?
Gaki-san : (Looks at Reina) Buy it yourself!! I'm going to buy only 8.
Fujii : Eh? You're going to buy 8?
Gaki-san : Yes.
Fujii : Eh?
Gaki-san : Yes, 8.
Fujii : That means you are buying for everyone except Tanaka-san?
Gaki-san : Yes.
Reina : (lol)
Gaki-san : If you ask why, if she buys it herself, there's more significance behind it.
Fujii : I don't really understand the concept...
Reina : Look! (lol)
Fujii : ...but isn't it weird?
Gaki-san : Why?
Reina : Look look! She's mean ~
Fujii : You buying 8 and not going 1 more? Just because today both of you are on the show together?
Reina : (lol)
Gaki-san : Because she is here, she is going to buy it herself.
Reina : Why?
Gaki-san : What colour should I get for them...?
Reina : I'm going with pink.
Gaki-san : No way!
Reina : Since I'm buying it myself.
Gaki-san : Okay, fair enough then.
Fujii : Wait a second...you mean you accepted the fact that you have to buy it yourself?
Reina : If I don't go with the flow, it'll look like I can't read the atmosphere so...
Gaki-san : All right, I'll buy you one.
Fujii : Look!
Reina : Woah! YAY! Gaki-san is great!
Gaki-san : You're loud!
Fujii : Ah, looks like it's fun to be in a group!!
Gaki-san : I'll get a white one for our leader, Takahashi Ai.
Reina : Oh ~
Gaki-san : As for Kamei Eri, her fellow Rokkie member, I'll buy the orange one.
Reina : Mitsui Aika from the 8th generation likes purple.
Gaki-san : I'll go with purple for her then. What about Sayumin?
Reina : Why not get something that's not common? Like brown?
Fujii : Em, excuse me...
Gaki-san : Brown!?
Fujii : There is some evil intention behind it eh?
Gaki-san : Yes, she had the bullying-expression on her face just now.
Reina : (lol)
Gaki-san : I'll get the green watch for her. Who else?
Reina : Linlin and Koharu.
Gaki-san : Red for Koharu.
Reina : Yes.
Gaki-san : As for Linlin...how about yellow? All right, I'm done. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...eh?
Reina : Who's the other girl?
Gaki-san : Wait wait...
Reina : Who is the remaining member?
Gaki-san : Give me a minute...this isn't good...
Reina : Who who? Junjun? Junjun!
Gaki-san : Oh yes, it's Junjun. (Looks at Reina and smiles)
Reina : (Returns the smile)
Gaki-san : Sorry Junjun. What should I choose?
Reina : It's kind of difficult to get 1 for her out of the remaining colours...
Gaki-san : Which should I take?
Fujii : All the remaining colours are pretty dull...
Gaki-san : I think Junjun won't like this one (Eliminates the light blue watch)
Reina : Black then?
Gaki-san : Black? Let's go with black? Junjun is one of the oldest members and since she an adult...black should be suitable.

Reina was incredibly cute on this show. Apart from the watches segment, when Reina went to get herself a paper shredder, Fujii picked up a cheap one which is like a scissors and is used manually. Even before she takes a 2nd look, Reina said "I want one that doesn't need strength to shred." Gaki-san was great too with the Gaki-Reina interaction which reminded me a little of Gaki-Kame with Reina in Eri's role but she wasn't as foolish as our little turtle. Recommended watching!

- Once again, I made a post that isn't directly related to Eri x.x -