ON8 (091022) - Aichan, Koharu, Linlin

Saturday, October 24, 2009

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The girls will normally eat one meal after the evening concerts but as they have to leave the place, they often end up eating while travelling. Whenever Aichan gets some time free before the scheduled time for them to leave, she will attempt to finish her meal quickly leaving whatever she can't finish in time to be eaten when she is in the car. Even though she will be holding on to other stuff, one will definitely catch Aichan holding on to a bowl of soup. Koharu will never do that because she knows it'll spill. Aichan on the other hand is very optimistic and believes she can bring it along without spilling however, every time without fail, she will spill it. Linlin told them there is a positive side to spilling soups and that is, they don't have to use perfumes. The smell of the spilled soup will stay in the room and they will be able to enjoy different flavours everyday, lol. As Eri had mentioned in this Pocket Diary, Aichan spilled her corn soup recently. It got onto her jersey and left a yellow stain.

As they are performing in a concert, the girls have to change their costumes quickly so as to not keep the audience waiting. Their costumes are arranged in such a way that Eri's is next to Linlin's and Linlin's is next to Koharu's. Every time Linlin hurries to change into her costume, she will grab Eri's by accident and when Eri comes along and isn't able to find her costume, she will go to Linlin and check if Linlin had taken her costume by mistake again. Even Koharu has seen it happening several times. Koharu advises Linlin to remember her costume as the set next to Koharu's in order to mix Eri's and her own costumes up again. Aichan gives an even better piece of advice, "Just wait for Eri to put on her costume before you put on yours."

Even before Aichan listened to Kimagure Princess's melody, after reading the lyrics, she had this "Woah, this isn't going to sound like Morning Musume" reaction. Koharu found it similar to Balalaika. Linlin's first impression of the song is interesting. She thought it sounded like those songs played during a bullfight event and even concluded that Tsunku was putting the feel of this year's zodiac, which is cow, into the song.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

During the recording of the promotion videos for Kimagure Princess, they were told that they can just put on expressions that were similar to the ones they made for Nanchatte Renai. The promotion videos were taken in a church. For the dance shot, it was taken in some sort of place that looked like where a priest will be at according to Koharu. The moment they stepped into the room for their recording, Koharu felt like going to the toilet so she excused herself. Unfortunately, there wasn't a single toilet in sight and Koharu had to ran back to their dressing room because she remembered seeing the toilets there. Koharu really hopes that they will install some toilets near that room for the convenience of people.

Now, 1 month after Koharu's graduation announcement, she feels a little weird when the rest of the members have assignments related to the end-of-year programs while she doesn't as she will not be participating in them. Her graduation was decided after much discussion with Tsunku and other staff members so Koharu was not exactly surprised. When the rest of the members were informed of the graduation, Aichan was surprised because she had never expected her junior to go before her. She finally understood how Yossie felt when Konno and Makoto graduated. Aichan hopes that Koharu will try her best in the Koharu-ish way in whatever she does after she graduates from Morning Musume. This is the first time Linlin will be watching a Morning Musume member graduate as part of Morning Musume. She can't picture how it will be like.

- Ame no furanai hoshi dewa aisenai darou? starts playing in the background -

The host shared her thoughts about Koharu's graduation and too, hopes that Koharu will try her very best after she graduates. The short talk by the host goes really well with the background song and was really touching. The talk about Koharu's graduation was rounded up with the messages to Koharu filled in by Aichan and Linlin in their survey forms. Aichan's message to Koharu, "I love you," Linlin's message to Koharu, "Kusumi-san, I will love you forever." Simple messages, but lots of memories hidden behind them. Aichan started crying after that.

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT

Ii janai ~ corner. Aichan thinks that most of the members in Morning Musume are generally boke while Koharu thinks that she is a tsukkomi. The other 2 girls reacted with a "No way!' when they heard it. Not much of content, but you guys have to listen to Koharu and Linlin's "Ii janai ~" Yes, the line from Kimagure Princess.

Koharu's new gag was introduced to ON8. Koharu knows it gives a weird atmosphere every time she does it so she requested for the host, Aichan and Linlin to make some noise after she does it. The 3 of them were really kind and did as requested.

Morning Musume - Ashite ashite atto ippun

Promotions for Morning Musume's 41st single, Kimagure Princess, Morning Musume All Singles Coupling Collection album event and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~