~Nine smile~ (10/11)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

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Just a quick translation of Eri's MC segment for today's concerts. For the afternoon concert, the girls talked about sleeveless outfits. Eri's reply to the problem that was brought up by Linlin was "Since we're cute, if we were to feel cold when wearing a sleeveless outfit, people will lend us their coats." Even if she was joking, Eri needs to know that she was so damn right.

Now for the evening concert, the topic was about making wrong phone calls. The 4 girls have different ways of handling such situations and our little turtle's way of handling was...Gaki-Kame acted it out, so lets do it in dialogues.

Eri : *Ring ring* Hello? Is Itagaki-san in?
Gaki-san : Huh? This is Niigaki...May I know who you're looking for?
Eri : I'm not going to tell you ~ Jan ♪ *Click*

The exact words that Eri said in Japanese was "Oshiete agenai yo, jan" which reminds us of this commercial. That's about it for today's concerts. Good night, people.