~Nine smile~ (09/26-10/04)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

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New goods have been added to Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~ goods list. The microfibre towels are finally up and there is a part-2 T-shirt for this tour. Unfortunately, the towels don't look tempting to me even though Eri has got an awesome smile there. The part-2 T-shirt looks pretty good. I'll probably get it if I happen to see a suitable one on Yahoo JAPAN auctions.

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I've been reading the fan reports for this concert tour just that I don't have the time to write about them. I'm too lazy to go hunting for the reports again so I'll just do a brief one based on whatever that I can remember. I have a horrible memory though....

Starting off with Reina. During one of the concerts around 2-3 weeks ago, Reina was wearing Gaki-san's shoes when she performed "Kimagure Princess." This episode was not as complicating as Rokkies' shoe incident of course. According to Reina, she did realise she was wearing Gaki-san's and went around looking for Gaki-san to get her shoes back but there was no time left till their next performance so the staffs just shoved Reina out. Luckily Reina and Gaki-san are of similar sizes so no one's shoes flew neither did anyone get a sore feet.

Next, Gaki-san! The ever-responsible Gaki-san made a grammar mistake in a MC segment which can be considered rare especially when that line is repeated over and over again every concert (It was the coupling album announcement). Her mistake brought smiles to fans' faces, matching the title of the concert tour well. I'd love to see that moment.

Now for leader Aichan! During one of the MC segments, when the fans kept going "Fu ~" non-stop, Aichan got irritated and went "SHHH!" Gaki-san then reacted with a "Aichan is scary ~" It sounded like it was pretty fun and an Aichan fan even wrote that he wants to hear Aichan's "SHHH!" again. Also, although it has became like some sort of regularity, I'm just going to say it again. Aichan fumbled with her words quite a bit for this concert tour and messed up her lines for the MC segments but again, its her charm point so who cares? Its a plus for us.

Moving on to the MC segments. The Sayumi-Reina MC is really entertaining with Reina sabotaging Sayu and Sayu shooting her poison at Reina. Both of them readily follows up to one another allowing the MC to flow smoothly and enjoyably. Oh yes, every time the fans go "Ehhh ~" at Reina, it'll piss Reina off and she sounds adorable when trying to make the fans stop doing that.

Now to the messed-up MC segment, Eri's consultation corner. As I've said before, in this corner, Junjun and Linlin will ask Eri for advices and from there, Eri has to try make the fans smile through her talks. Recently, Eri has been hosting it in a very forceful manner and will go "Aren't they (Fans) smiling ~ ?" when the fans are not smiling ^^; She did that because for this corner, she is suppose to end it with all the fans smiling. Apart from that, there are also times whereby Eri can make the fans laugh out loud with some of her small talks. Also, during last week's concert, Eri made a small mistake when she called Linlin Junjun. She quickly corrected herself as though nothing has happened but the fans went "Ehhh ~" According to fan reports, Eri had a shy expression which was amazingly cute at that very moment as she tried to make up an excuse for herself.

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Before I stop, I remember saying that Aichan went to a male toilet in my previous ~Nine smile~ concert. This was what happened. Reina was lying on the sofa that was outside the toilet (Sayu commented that Reina is treating the backstage like her house) and Aichan walked towards her with a "What's up?" before going into the male toilet. Moments later, Reina who was outside the toilet all the while saw Aichan running out shortly after letting out a small scream. Unfortunately for Aichan, there was a male staff in the toilet ^^;

That's about it for now I guess. I'm doing it by batch instead of a post for each concert due to some selfish reasons so please excuse me for that.