Rokkies' shoes incident.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Here's a short summary for Eri and Reina's appearance on Ame Radio. Its really brief cos' I typed them out while listening to the radio LIVE. Not sure if I've missed out anything, but if I have, I'll add them on to this post after I get my hands on the recording for this radio show. So for the time being, enjoy!

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Eri was commenting on Reina's skirt being too short but apparently her's was no where better.

Shouganai Yume Oibito talk.

Reina complains about Eri bullying Reina. When Reina cracks a joke or try to do something funny, Eri will shoot her down saying that it wasn't funny at all. Yaguchi stood up for Eri and said Eri's talks aren't really always funny too. She requested for Eri to say something funny but she rejected her request immediately.

Reina's surprising story.
During concerts, when Reina was about to put on her boots, the staff told her its not her shoes. Reina knew she was the last one to put on her shoes, but apparently the remaining pair belong to Eri's BUT, Eri wasn't wearing Reina's. She was wearing Sayu's, and Sayu wore Reina's. When Yaguchi asked who should be blamed for this Eri said something like "By image, it'll seem like its Reina's fault" but she admitted that it was her fault for wearing Sayu's shoes first.

A fan was holding on to a picture of Eri when she had short hair outside the studio and Eri asked the fan to put that down.

Reina has her hair nicely curled up by herself while Eri is with straight long hair which she claimed that she had problems doing up her hair.
Eri has her "Eri-chan fuu" way of doing up her hair o:

Eri thinks that life-size micro fiber towels will be good if they were added into concert goods list. Life-size as in seriously the life-size of the members. If they are 157cm tall, the print on the towel will be 157cm long too. Eri wants to use it, rubbing her face against her own face on the towel. Reina don't have any suggestions for new goods to be added to the concert goods list, but she talked about MM DVD Vol.23, which according to her the camera was just placed there and they were allowed to talk freely in front of the camera. Junjun was eating in front of it and Reina and Junjun were fooling around, Reina asked Junjun to eat it sexily and she really did it. A fan outside the studio had the DVD with him. (20 over fans have gathered outside the studio including 2 female fans)

Ojigi de SHAPE UP talk.
The girls were happy that there's another Ojigi.

~ Shouganai Yume Oibito PV ~

Eri and Reina left the studio.

Someone suggested "Pokepokepoo" as a title to Yaguchi during her e-hon corner (The radio show continued after Eri and Reina left)
Yaguchi commented on Eri being an airhead while Reina playing the role of a responsible elder sister even though she's younger then Eri.

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Talking about shoes, Steph reminded me of another shoe incident which Sayu had talked about on Konusapi. I'll do up a translation of it next time!