InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #023 (090907)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Gaki : I'm Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
Kame : I'm Kamei Eri...
GAKIKAME : desu!
Gaki : The show has started! This is the first episode of the show in September. We have a question here for us so lets answer it now.
Kame : Okay.
Gaki : This is a mail from Shushuu-chan. Thank you.
Kame : Thank you.
Gaki : "Gaki-san, Eri-chan, konNiigaki*!"
Kame : KonNiigaki!
Gaki : "I'm a 11-year-old girl who loves GAKI-KAME. I'm listening to the radio show weekly and laughing hard every week." Thank you.
Kame : That's good.
Gaki : "Here's a question for the perfect Gaki-san and Eri-chan. I often bite my mouth myself and cause ulcers to form. Why are ulcers white?" Ah, her question is about that. "I think that you guys know the answer so I sent a mail in."
Kame : She asked why an ulcer is white?
Gaki : I wonder what made her think that we know why ulcers are white...
Kame : Huh? You mean you don't know?
Gaki : You know?
Kame : You don't know?
Gaki : You know huh?
Kame : Seems like you don't know~
Gaki : Erm, Shushuu-chan, this person sitting right in front of me now, Kamei Eri-chan, she bites her mouth frequently and get ulcers pretty often so she should understand the whole situation very well.
Kame : Eh?
Gaki : Kame-san is going to answer you now.
Kame : Biting of your own something that you can't help as long as you're alive. And if you ask it turns white, its because of that.
Gaki : What?
Kame : Its a sign from the mouth.
Gaki : What did you say?
Kame : Its a sign from the mouth.
Gaki : What type of sign?
Kame : Its a sign from the mouth.
Gaki : (lol) Hey! You repeated yourself for 3 times. This is a 11-year-old girl okay.
Kame : Oh yes.
Gaki : If you don't answer her sensibly...
Kame : She is small!
Gaki : Its not about "small" or not!
Kame : How young!
Gaki : Ulcers are painful all right.
Kame : Yes, paaainful.
Gaki : Do you understand how it feels like to have ulcers in your mouth?
Kame : Yes.
Gaki : I doubt you do.
Kame : Like during a concert, its painful be it whether I am singing or speaking.
Gaki : So, why are ulcers white?
Kame : Ulcers are white absolutely because...
Gaki : Why is it white?
Kame : Its a sign from the mouth.
Gaki : ^^;
Kame : Here, this is the explanation. If you ask why the mouth is showing such a sign, it is to remind you to not bite on your mouth again.
Gaki : Oh...
Kame : Just like human beings, we repeat our mistake sometimes.
Gaki : I see.
Kame : If you bite on it, it'll be painful.
Gaki : Yes.
Kame : So when you look into the mirror, as you look at the white ulcer and wonder why is it white, you will remember the whiteness in your mouth so next time you look, it will give you a flashback. In such times...
Gaki : She is only 11 years old! She won't understand what is "Give you a flashback"
Kame : Ah, flashback was in English, must have been difficult for her.
Gaki : You're speaking like someone of a high authority huh? Like a big sister eh?
Kame : Ask your mother to tell you what a flashback is all right. Coming back, once you remember about it...
Gaki : Can't you just explain to her what it means?
Kame : (lol) So once you remember about that moment, you will be reminded to not chew on your mouth again. Therefore, its a sign from the mouth.
Gaki : I see.
Kame : Yes.
Gaki : Although I'm saying "I see," I don't really want to accept such an explanation.
Kame : Please keep this to yourself, Shushuu-chan. Don't teach your classmates about this.
Gaki : (lol) Like, "Please keep it within this radio show"
Kame : Its really something that has to be kept within this show.
Gaki : We're really sorry for not giving you a good piece of advice, Shushuu-chan...I think. If we get a chance, we will answer you again.
Kame : Yes, we will teach you about what a flashback is.
Gaki : No, not that! No one wants to know what a flashback is.
Kame : (lol)
Gaki : But well, to help the ulcers heal faster, do take some vitamins.
Kame : Yes, that's right.
Gaki : Sorry for not giving a good answer! All right. We will be waiting for everyone's messages and song requests. Please send them in to
Kame : (In the background) Shushuu! Shushuu! Shushuu!
Gaki :
Kame : (In the background) Shushuu! Shushuu! Shushuu-chan!
Gaki : Stop calling out the listener's radio-name in the background!
Kame : (lol) Shushuu~
Gaki : Stop that! Excuse her please, Shushuu-chan.
Kame : Shushuu-chan lucky~
Gaki : Its not about lucky!
Kame : (lol)
Gaki : Please excuse her.
Kame : I'm sorry~

*Konniigaki is a combination of konnichiwa (Hello) and Gaki-san's surname, "Niigaki"

Morning Musume - Aki Urara ♪

Gaki : Kame, we're going to start~
Kame : Okay!
Gaki : Meseeji...
GAKIKAME : yonchauo~ (We're going to read out the messages)
Kame : O~o~O~o~
Gaki : (lol) InterFM...
Kame : O~o~O~o~
Gaki : Hey hey, enough enough. We're the Monday hosts for InterFM FIVE STARS. I'm Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
Kame : I'm Kamei Eri
GAKIKAME : desu!
Kame : I really want to show everyone the hand gesture and facial expression Gaki-san made just now when saying "Enough enough".
Gaki : How was it like?
Kame : Super bad.
Gaki : Show me.
Kame : (Imitates Gaki-san) "Enough enough~"
Gaki : It looks like "My spectacles, my spectacles~"** and I don't to be viewed like that~
Kame : (lol)
Gaki : Where were we? We introduced ourselves right?
Kame : Yes yes.
Gaki : So with that, lets move on to the messages from the listeners.
Kame : Good job, that's where we stopped at.
Gaki : Seriously, since when did you start speaking like someone of a higher authority so frequently?***
Kame : Oh, my spectacles, my spectacles.
Gaki : Annoying! All right, lets start off with you.

In the 1st mail, the listener said that he can draw 8 Doraemon's faces within 10 seconds. Like you (Probably?) and I, the girls thought it is impossible. Gaki-san, and our infamous great artist decided to try drawing as many doraemon's faces as they can within 10 seconds.

Kame : I think I can't draw doraemon...
Gaki : Oh yes, because your drawing skills are terrible huh?
Kame : (lol) You're mean.
- 10 seconds passed -
Gaki : Ahhh!
Kame : I drew 2!
Gaki : I drew only 2 plus a pair of eyes!
Kame : What the heck? Oh! You really did it!
Gaki : Yes....HEY! Kame! You cheated! That isn't a doraemon!
Kame : I didn't cheat! I just couldn't draw! This isn't a doraemon?
Gaki : It definitely isn't one.
Gaki : Look! Everyone outside the booth agrees that mine are doraemons..
Kame : Then what about mine?
Gaki : Its...hold it up higher and let them see.
Kame : Okay. *Holds up* Gees! She said its gross! (Whoever that was outside said Eri's drawing was gross)
Gaki : She said its gross.
Kame : If you call it disgusting, you're being rude to doraemon.
Gaki : Nah. Instead, its your drawing that is an insult to doraemon (→ 5 stars to Gaki-san)

**On this episode of FM Fuji GAKI-KAME, the girls received a mail from a listener whose dad has a habit of losing his spectacles. As the girls were discussing about the incident, Eri tried to imitate how the father would sound like when looking for his spectacles so she went "Megane~ Megane~" (My spectacles~ My spectacles~) Something totally unrelated, the transcript of this episode happens to be my very first piece of translation :P So please excuse me for the sloppiness in it. I really didn't know how to translate properly back then...not as though I know how to now anyway...

***If you have been listening to the past few episodes of FIVE STARS Monday, you will realise Gaki-san has been saying "ue kara mesen" every week. For the past few weeks, Eri has been making remarks that tends to sound big but please do not take it seriously. She said it in a joking manner.

The 2nd mail asked Gaki-san and Eri to name one thing that they want one another to fix. Eri immediately answered that she does not want Gaki-san to change. Reason being if Gaki-san becomes not as responsible as she is now, Eri will have no choice but to act sensibly on radio shows when she is with Gaki-san. Coming back to serious talk. One thing Eri wants Gaki-san to fix is her fickle minded character. Although Eri is willing to accept whatever Gaki-san decides, being the my-pace little turtle, she naturally has problems catching up with Gaki-san. Eri described Gaki-san as one who "has a great deal of curiosity." According to Gaki-san, under such circumstances, Eri will just give up trying to catch up with her. Gaki-san personally does not want Eri to fix anything too. Both of them agreed that if Eri wasn't like the current Eri, the radio show would surely be a disaster as they probably wouldn't be able to agree on anything.

Morning Musume - Kanashimi Twilight ♪
Nakajima Takui - Famous in China ♪

Eri's little sister is crazy over the a DS game called "tomodachi collection" (Friends collection) now. Just a small trivia about Eri's sister. She loves gaming and is very good at it. So anyway, Eri saw her sister playing with the Nintendo DS the moment she wakes up, right after she finishes her meal, once she gets home and before she sleeps. Curious, Eri asked her sister to show her what the game is about. In the game, your character can become friends with other people's characters and from there, you can develop your relationships. Also, if you want to get Eri's character to sing, you can just simply send her the lyrics through the game that you think is suitable/perfect for Eri.

Gaki : Lyrics like "I'm Poke Poke ♪"?
Kame : No.
Gaki : (lol)

Eri's little sister isn't the only one who is currently playing with this Tomodachi Collection game. The rest of the Morning Musume members are playing with it too. Members like Junjun are totally absorbed in the game. Once, when Gaki-san tried to talk to Junjun, Junjun stopped Gaki-san so that she can concentrate on her game first ^^; Apparently Tsunku has a character in this game too.

Kame : With that, I gave 5 stars to the Nintendo DS game, "Tomodachi collection"!
Gaki : Woah!
Kame : Tsunku-san~
Gaki : We don't need! In the first place, how did you even found out that Tsunku-san plays that game?
Kame : He was holding on to a DS so I got curious.

(Gaki-san's selection) Crystal Kay feat. BoA - Girlfriend ♪
Not long ago, when Morning Musume and the OGs were on Music Station, BoA and Crystal Kay were there to perform this song too. Gaki-san watched their performance and wanted to share this song with everyone.

Gaki : We have came to the ending talk of FIVE STARS Monday~
Kame : Chacchacchacharachaa~ ♪ (The wrong version of Moody Katsuyama's "Charachacchacharaccha~ ♪" gag)
Gaki : Please don't steal other comedians' gags.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 ~Nine Smile~

Gaki : We will be waiting for your mails be it about this or not or why Eri is becoming cute recently, they will all be accepted. Please send in song requests too!
Kame : (In the background) Please! Please! Please! Say I'm cute! Please!
Gaki :
Kame : (In the background) Please! Please! Please! Send in a mail saying that Kamei is cute! Charachaccha! Please send in a mail to say that Kamei is cute!
Gaki : Hey, stop throwing in other people's gags into your talk.
Kame : Okaaaay~

The girls will be updating FIVE STARS Monday's blog weekly so do check it out.

GAKIKAME : Ba~hahai~


Happen to be in the transcribing mode today but got tired of it halfway through the show so I went back to summarising (Go ahead and call me lazy. I'm not going to deny it :P) Sorry! ^^; An absolutely entertaining episode of FIVE STARS Monday though. Do listen to it if you get the time to.