InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #008 (090525)

Monday, May 25, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #008 (090525)
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Gaki-san : Hey Eririn.
Eri : Yes? Hey. Can you not call me Eririn please? It makes me feel shy.

Whether its in the morning, or during the evening, Eri never fails to feel sleepy. Eri used "If I don't nap at least once a day, I won't have the strength to live" to emphasise on the importance of afternoon naps to her. Meanwhile for Gaki-san, she's energetic during both morning and evening. The day before, Gaki-san's job ended early so she went to bed at at 9PM. She then woke up at 1AM and took a shower which made her even more refreshed so she ended up watching Haromoni DVDs until 5AM alone. Knowing that she has a FIVE STARS Monday recording, she went back to bed to get more rest till 9AM.

Gaki-san :
Eri : P~
Gaki-san :
Eri : P~
Gaki-san : ...Erm, I'll prefer you to host this show seriously.

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

Before the recording, their manager reminded them to drink lots of water before the recording since they are going to talk a lot. So Gaki-san drank mouthfuls of water while for Eri, when the staff asked their manager if orange juice will be all right for Eri, she agreed readily knowing that Eri likes orange juice. At that moment when Gaki-san was talking about this orange juice story, Eri was enjoying her 100% orange juice. Seeing how much they have prepared for Eri, Gaki-san really hopes that Eri will host this program seriously.

Mail #1. Sender has problems keeping his mouth shut and not exposing any secrets. For Eri, she knows how to read the atmosphere and decide whether she should be saying it out or not. However, she admits that she ends up exposing them. Gaki-san came up with a short storyline for us to imagine how the scene is like, with a member telling Eri a secret, but the next moment, Eri's in front of everyone going "Just now, Sayu told me..". But still, the secrets that Eri usually leaks are the not-so-serious type. Eri knows when's the time to keep her mouth shut, even Gaki-san agrees with that.

Mail #2. Sender recently realised that 4 years can be quite a big age gap. There are times whereby Eri feels that there's a generation gap between people like Aika or Koharu and her. When she told them about the animes she used to watch when she was younger, both of them didn't know about it. Same thing for Gaki-san and her younger sister. Her younger sister is around Aika and Koharu's age by the way. When Gaki-san told her sister about a well-known person, her sister completely had no idea of such a person. Even though they do have some generation gaps, the moment MM is on the stage together, they don't feel any gap between themselves. Instead, people like Koharu will take up the role of the "elderly" with her bad stamina.

Morning Musume - 3, 2, 1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

Gaki-san : five-nk@interfm.
RisaEri : j
Gaki-san : p
Gaki-san : five-nk@interfm.
RisaEri : j
Gaki-san : p

Berryz Koubou - Seishun Bus Guide ♪

Gaki-san : Morning Musume no Niigaki Risa to
Eri : Kamei Eri de
Gaki-san : Okurishiteiru InterFM FIVE STARS Monday.
Eri : Haa.
Gaki-san : Are you okay? What's with that "Haa"?
Eri : No. I made a mistake.
Gaki-san : What is it?
Eri : On my script its only written for me to say "Kamei Eri" without the "de", which was supposed be read by Gaki-san.
Gaki-san : Its okay for either one of us to say that! Your "Haa" was because of that?! You really get fascinated by small little things don't you? Can you stop those pointless talk?
Eri : This this!
Gaki-san : All right then, we shall redo it.
Eri : Yes, lets redo it!
Gaki-san : Sorry everyone, please bear with her. Morning Musume no Niigaki Risa to
Eri : Kamei Eri
Gaki-san : de Okurishiteiru InterFM FIVE STARS Monday.

FIVE STARS Corner, Gaki-san's turn ~ The two girls did notice that they have been five stars-ing products every episode so this time round, Gaki-san is going to give five stars to Gaki-san papa's hands! Not long ago during Platinum 9 DISCO concert tour, after all those performances, Gaki-san's physically exhausted too and Gaki-san papa gave Gaki-san a nice 1 hour massage. Actually Gaki-san went to her mama first for a short massage but her mama refused to do it so she asked her papa, who had agreed immediately. Gaki-san's planning to give her papa a massage during Father's day which reminded Eri to announce that she didn't do anything special for her mother on Mother's Day. Gaki-san was surprised because she had assumed that Eri will come out with something after the mother's day talk on FIVE STARS last week. Instead, Eri got into an argument with her mother, yet again. But anyway, they patched up in the end and went shopping together and since it was Mother's Day, Eri let her mother call the shots. Eri's going to try not to miss out this year's Father's day too.

Reira feat. Yuna Ito - ENDLESS STORY ♪

Eri was about to finish her orange juice by the time the show was reaching the ending talk and Gaki-san started commenting on how Eri likes things that little children like and hates the things that little children hate like carrot which Eri had responded with a "I don't want to eat carrots" like a little kid.

Promotion for Shouganai Yume Oibito Single, Single V and ~ Kakumei Gannen Chanpuru ~

Last mail, from a reader of InterFM FIVE STARS Monday blog who talked about Eri's randomness in her blog post. Anyway, this week it'll be Gaki-san's turn to update the blog ~