InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #014 (090706)

Monday, July 06, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #014 (090706)

A surprising opening this week. Just as they were talking about Tanabata (7/7)..

(Sound of a shooting star)
Eri : Woah! Gaki-san! There is a shooting star!
Gaki-san : A shooting star?! I'll make a wish then!
Eri : Quick, do it!
Gaki-san : I wish for my mama's leg to recover. I wish for my mama's leg to recover. I wish for my mama's leg to recover.
Eri : Huh? You're dedicating your wish for your mama?

The 1st thing that came to her mind was her mom's leg. She had been so worried about it that she had the urge to seek for advice from the listeners. Gaki-san mom's right leg is swollen from the ankle to the instep. It swelled so badly that not only it causes pain, Gaki-san's mom can't even wear her right shoe properly. They have no idea why it started to swell suddenly. If you happen to be a doctor, please help them out - by Gaki-san.

(Sound of a shooting star)
Gaki-san : Hey, look! Its here again! A shooting star!
Eri : I'll make a wish then! I wish to mix nattou 100times. I wish to mix nattou 100times. I wish to mix nattou 100times.

Eri knows that nattou will turn out differently after being mixed 100times but she has no idea what will be the outcome. Gaki-san heard about it too but she had never tried doing it. During Eri's attempts to mix it a hundred times, she got bored of it halfway (Around the 25th time) and gave up. FYI, it is true that if you mix it a hundred times, something will happen. You can google it if you're interested.

Gaki-san : five-nk@ (Eri humming in the background)
Gaki-san : Hey! You're making me distracted.
Eri : Okay, I'll stop it. Go ahead.
Gaki-san : (Eri humming in the background)
Gaki-san : (Eri humming in the background)
Gaki-san : Gees, today is going to be so horrible.
Eri : Humming ~
Gaki-san : She is making me so worried that I can't even keep a smile on my face while reading out the e'mail address.
Eri : Humming ~
Gaki-san : Its not about humming-ing!
Eri : Hai hai ~
Gaki-san : Don't "Hai hai" me.
Eri : Hai hai ~

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

They received lots of mails from the listeners regarding Gaki-san's new hairstyle. Gaki-san stated that she had changed her hairstyle because of her peference and not because of the Anime Expo after a listener had asked about it.

Eri don't usually iron her clothes but she does iron her handkerchiefs by herself from time to time. Gaki-san lectured her about it and asked her what will she do if she has to iron her child's clothes in future. She replied that she will teach her child how to iron properly ~

Although Gaki-san and Eri have been addressing one another and their family members as "Gaki-han", "Kame-han" and "whoever-han" on their radio shows since 2008, in actual fact, they aren't addressed this way at home.

A listener received Gaki-san's first photobook, "Niigaki Risa" from his child on Father's day. He had been looking for it so that he can complete his Gaki-san PB collection but unfortunately for him, the stores he went do not stock up that particular PB. For Eri's case, she didn't give anything to her dad on Father's day but she recalls something she did when she was younger. She was struggling with some mathematics questions so she copied them onto a piece of paper and went to her dad saying "If you do it it'll help you improve your brain, so do it~" and thanks to that, Eri got a high score for that piece of work, lol. According to Eri, doing those mathenatics problems somewhat made her dad really happy since it brought back the memories of his childhood. Not long ago, Eri thought of getting a belated Mothers' day present but when she was there, she realised there wasn't any money in her purse. Also, Gaki-san revealed that just recently, Eri went to the karaoke with her young sister with only 3000yen on her while her sister had 7000yen. As for Gaki-san, she gave a surprise to her dad only on the 22nd of June and not the actual day (6/21).

Morning Musume - Summer Night Town ♪

Gaki-san : Don't try to irritate me.
Eri : Okay.
Gaki-san : five-nk
Gaki-san : (Eri humming in the background)
Gaki-san : (Eri humming in the background)

Mano Erina - Sekai wa Summer Party ♪

Gaki-san thinks she is probably the one who mails their managers (There are 6 managers in-charge of MM) most frequently as compared to the rest to the members. Eri then asked a dumb question,

Eri : Eh? For what?
Gaki-san : To ask questions of course! What else do you expect? Asking "Hey, how are you?", "What are you doing now?"?

Gaki-san will mail them whenever she feels the need to double-check something or ask about her schedule. Not that that's the big deal. The big deal is that she sends the mails at weird timings and even though so, if the manager failed to reply immediately, the next day, he/she will reply with an apology when its Gaki-san's fault for mailing him/her early in the morning/late in the night. The other day, the moment Gaki-san woke up, a song came into her mind and she wanted to add into the playlist for FIVE STARS Monday so she sent a mail to her manager at that very moment, which was around 4AM to ask him/her to add that in. Anyway, with that, Gaki-san five star'd all the MM managers who are working really hard without any complaints.

(Eri's recommendation) GReeeeN - Kiseki ♪

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Spring ~Platinum 9 DISCO~ DVD 7/15, Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Chanpuru~ and Takahashi Ai & Niigaki Risa's dinner show.

Eri : I won't irritate you.
Gaki-san :
Gaki-san :
Eri : (lol) Your expression is priceless.

FIVE STARS Monday's blog with be updated by Gaki-san this week, so do check it out!

RisaEri : Ba~hahai~