InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #040 (2010.01.04)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

This week's episode was recorded during the public recording on December 23rd...which is also Eri's 21st birthday! The fans present were holding on to their orange light sticks. A "reindeer" brought out a birthday cake for Eri. According to Gaki-san the "reindeer" is the manager they have been talking about lately. Together with the fans, Gaki-san sang a birthday song for Eririn who was overjoyed. It was Eri's dream to be able to meet the fans on her birthday and its finally fulfilled. The birthday cake is specially designed for Eri's birthday and is a present from "Something Rogue" bakery. Eri didn't expect the birthday celebration to be held during the opening of the show.

Eri's goal for her 21st year of wonderful life is to be seen as an intellectual person, physically first. Gaki-san suggested Eri to put on spectacles but Eri wants to start off with her aura.


Morning Musume - Renai Revolution 21
They chose this song because of the fact that it has a "21" in its title.

A lot of listeners sent in birthday messages to Eri. Gaki-san couldn't read all the listeners' name out because the list just goes on.

The audience were given a form to fill in before the recording. A list of questions were asked in the form and some of the answers from the audience were picked out for the show. The first question is "What is the birthday present that made you the most happy or surprised?"

After Gaki-san read out the first listener's name, which is "Touch," Eri went "Touch touch!" making the audience laugh. Gaki-san and Eri tried to react to Touch's answer but didn't get a good response from the crowd. Obviously still not too used to the audience in front of them, it was a little awkward.

As Gaki-san spoke, Eri kept dropping comments here and there softly, causing the crowd to laugh yet again. When Gaki-san said that Umaibou is delicious, Eri made a pun quietly, as though hoping that everyone hears her except for Gaki-san. She said "Umaibou, chou umai bou" which means "Umaibou is a very tasty stick." Please check out the Umaibou link to get the joke if you have yet to get it. Coming back, Gaki-san didn't hear Eri say that but she did hear Eri mumbling so she asked her what she said but Eri denied saying something.

Probably a little nervous, Eri stumbled on her words and said "Radio nebu" instead of "Radio name." A listener answered that he is happy with whatever present his daughter gives her. While Gaki-san talked about how touching that is, Eri said "Its amazing that there's actually a papa in this crowd!" Yes, Eri's focus isn't on the present but rather the fact that they have a fan that's already a father. Thanks to Gaki-san, she led Eri back to the main point in an indirect way.

Eri's dad sent her a birthday mail before the recording and Eri was planning to reply to her dad only after the recording. Luckily they were talking about the listener being a father because the talk reminded Eri to reply to her dad. She thanked everyone for the reminder.

A listener's answered that the best birthday present he received is that his hamster gave birth on his birthday. Eri commented that the listener is very girlish but was quick enough to add in "even though he is a guy."

Another listener answered that it is the bouquet of flowers her boyfriend gave her. The number of flowers represented her age. Eri then went, "I wonder how many stalks there were (lol)." Gaki-san told Eri to not touch on such a subject because that's a female listener.

Gaki-san didn't understand what a stone dumpling and Eri did some unexpectedly clear explanation for her. Stone dumplings are made by freezing mud dumplings. They are inedible but are made by small boys to play with. Its more like a boys' toy but Eri knows of it because her big brother played with it and their front yard often had mud dumplings lying around.

Before the public recording, they had a rehearsal. Eri knew her schedule some time ago and was expecting a birthday surprise during the rehearsal. However, they didn't do it during the rehearsal. They gave Eri her birthday surprise some time ago, before her birthday, during a recording. After the recording, everyone got down from the stage like they usually do and head for the back. Their manager rushed to Gaki-san and asked her to stall time for them because they wanted to give her the surprise there. It was a very sudden request so Gaki-san called out to Eri and acted as though she had something to tell Eri. She went "Wait, Kame! I have something to talk to you about...erm...uh..." Eri simply replied "What's up Gaki-san? Stop it (The drag) Its gross ~." Gaki-san was silently praying for the manager to move a little faster and thankfully, they were finally ready...seconds before Eri stepped in.

Gaki-san feels that Eri loves her mother a lot. Whatever it is, Eri will call her mother, going "Okaa-han! Okaa-han!" Talking about Eri's mother...not long ago, her mother went to a salon and spent 26k yen. When Eri heard the price, she was like "Wow, this person is awesome." She realised parents can do all sort of amazing things. According to Gaki-san, the day after Eri's mother went to the salon, Eri went around asking everyone how much they usually spend during each salon trip. Eri's reason for making such a big fuss is because there's a recession now, lol.

A listener answered that birthday wishes are enough to make him happy. As the 2 of them commented on how wonderful this listener is, Gaki-san said "This person is fabulous, unlike Kame. Talking about things like recession."

Gaki-san: We aren't doing a frog's chorus here so can you stop that?
Eri: Echo echo!

No FIVE STARS corner this week, but there's a new corner where Eri has to guess what items are in the box. The rules of this corner is simple. Eri has to put her hands into the box to feel the items and identify them. One side of the box is transparent plastic which is for the audience to see what is inside. When the box was brought in, the always curious turtle almost looked through the transparent side. Luckily Gaki-san stopped her in time before Eri ruined the game.

The items in the box are Gaki-san's birthday presents for Eri. Upon hearing that, Eri said "So that's why you didn't give me one!" Before the public recording, they were with the rest and all the members gave Eri her birthday present except for Gaki-san. Eri did notice that and kept glancing at Gaki-san. Gaki-san did catch Eri peeking at her but she waited patiently just for this moment. Another rule of this game...made by Gaki-san is that Eri could only get the item if she guesses it correctly. Eri felt very confident and was ready to take them all home.

The first item Eri identified is the hot-water bottle. She took it out of the box and squealed as she held the bottle as though its her pillow. As Gaki-san said that this is something that can't be seen in a radio show, Eri quickly covered her face, only to be told to put down her hands by Gaki-san.

The second item is a pair of socks. Gaki-san bought them for her because Eri has holes in her socks, again. The crowd laughed at Eri and Eri told them they are laughing too much. Longer socks talk after the third item!

The third item is a room wear. Eri is sensitive to cold so Gaki-san bought a fluffy one for her. Its pink in colour and Gaki-san asked the audience to try imagine Eri wearing it, making Eri embarrass at the same time. That earned Gaki-san a whack to the head from Eri.

Coming back to the socks, during a rehearsal for Nine Smile concert, as Gaki-san was doing her stretches with Eri, at some point of time, Eri placed her foot near to Gaki-san's face. Gaki-san turned and looked at Eri's foot only to see a foot covered with a sock that has 3 holes. Being the usual her, Gaki-san told Eri its about time she should be getting some new pairs of socks and being the usual her, Eri asked Gaki-san to buy them for her.

C-ute - SHOCK!

Gaki-san: We will be waiting for your messages to the show! We accept mails about this and that or even, "Will Kame really be okay after turning 21?" Please send lots of song requests too. The e-mail address is ""
Eri: Gaki-san...I think I will be okay
Eri: Gaki-san...I think I will be okay

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As they were rounding up the show, Eri compared the warmth she felt from the audience to the warmth of the hot-water bottle only to be tsukkomi'd by Gaki-san yet again for her non-serious remark.

Gaki-Kame: Bahahai!
Eri: The party is in full swing too!