Konya mo Usachan Peace #130 (090429)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Konya mo Usachan Peace #130 (090429)
(Click for download link via Sayumin.org)
Sayu congratulates her parents on their wedding anniversary (4/19)
Opening talk : Listeners have sent in mails saying that Sayu uses words like "Hontou" and "Nanka" pretty often and recently, Sayu realises she uses another word often too. Usually after concerts their managers will pass them copies of the DVD they recorded during the concert. There's was one particular one whereby it was Sayu's turn for the solo MC in Platinum 9 DISCO and she noticed that she says "kou" frequently.

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

Mail #1. Handwritten letter from Korea! The fan bought Platinum 9 DISCO (Korea ver.) and thought the lyrics for SONGS can be applied for his current life in university. He also compliments Sayu for her solo song, It's You saying that its suitable for the soon-to-be 20-year-old adult.

Mail #2. Sender asked if Sayu went to a karaoke recently and what songs she sang. Sayu went to a karaoke just not long ago. She brought up the story about Junjun going to a karaoke alone, settling in with 1 hour but ended up extending 1 more hour. When she heard about it, she laughed big time. Even though it was really funny, but for some reason, Sayu was vexed about it. Even though Junjun is from China, she's actually able to go out alone in Japan and communicate with the shop assistants in Japanese. Sayu had never thought of going to a karaoke alone, but upon hearing Junjun's story, she has the urge to try going alone. So yes, she did it, but she was really nervous. Knowing that there'll be lots of people in Shibuya and if she's K-ing alone, it'll be embarrassing for her, she went to a not-so-famous place to sing. After making sure no one sees her alone, she went into the karaoke. The shop assistant or whoever you call it, looked kind of old, so Sayu relaxed a little. She then ordered for green tea before going into her karaoke room. Not wanting anyone to see her, and thinking that the green tea will be served quickly, Sayu waited for the green tea to come before she starts singing so that the shop assistant will not burst into her room suddenly with the green tea. But after around 15minutes, Sayu decided to just go ahead and start her karaoke session but the moment she started singing, the shop assistant walked in. She was so embarrassed that she stopped singing immediately. And apparently, the shop assistant that served her the tea wasn't the same one she saw at the entrance, it was actually a young shop assistant which caused Sayu to be even more embarrassed. Sayu had booked the room for an hour but by the time 45 minutes have passed, the whole atmosphere was so awkward that she decided to leave.

Mail #3. Sender asked Sayu about Yuko's blog. Yuko blogged about Sayu in one of her posts. Sayu had 4 irons with her. Her elder sister wanted one of them so she just gave it to her. One of the 3 remaining ones is left in her house, the other one is brought around during concert tours,and the other one, by coincidence was actually the same as the one Yuko has which Sayu had bought recently. According to Sayu that iron has this function that it'll automatically turns off after 20minutes to prevent it from becoming a hazard. Just the other day, her sister asked her mother for some glue to stick the electrical outlet (?) which apparently melted/vanished thanks to the iron Sayu had gave her? But anyway, her mother told her sister that home appliances can't be fixed so easily by gluing the stuff back together. Well, her mother got Sayu's sister a new iron in the end.

Morning Musume - 3, 2, 1 BREAKIN'OUT! ♪

Ending talk : Sayu talked about GAKIKAME's (She called them GAKIKAME) mothers. There was once whereby Eri's mother, Sayu's mother, Eri and Sayu went to a Chinese restaurant for a meal. Sayu shares exactly the same story as what Gaki-san had mentioned earlier this week on InterFM FIVE STARS Monday, but with more details. Eri and her mother shared a bowl of Chinese-don at that time and there was only one quail egg in it. Like Gaki-san's mother, Sayu's mother will let her child have it instead of snatching it from her child. However, Eri and her mother was arguing over who should get the egg and in the end, Eri's mother won over Eri and got the egg to herself. Sayu couldn't believe her eyes when she saw that and that made her realised there's actually lots of type of people in this world. Another time was when Sayu went to Eri's house to play. Eri and her younger sister were gaming together while Eri's mother will stand behind and throw in comments like "That looks weak". Sayu has never seen parents commenting on the games as their children game so it surprised her. And even though Eri's sister was enjoying herself, Eri's mother snapped at her and said "Quick, give me play it!", "Quick, its my turn already". Again, like what Gaki-san had said, Sayu thinks that Eri's mother is more like a friend to Eri and her siblings rather than a mother-daughter relationship and so is Gaki-san's mother.

Promotions for Platinum 9 DISCO & Shouganai Yume Oibito

Sayu : OyaSayumin!

InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday
(Click for download link via Sayumin.org)

Just a short part from the opening talk.
In this week's InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday, Reina brought up the shoe incident which she had mentioned on Ame Radio last week. She was the last member to put on her boots and when she tried on the only pair of boots left, she found out that it was actually Eri's. She then went after Eri to get back her boots but when they checked the pair of boots Eri was wearing, it wasn't Reina's. For some reason, Sayu was the one who was wearing Reina's boots and her reaction was like "No wonder it felt so tight". So as we can see, Rokkies got their shoes mixed up, and the girls thought it was pretty awesome for that to even happen and got their tension ↑↑ right before the concert.

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #004 (090427)

Monday, April 27, 2009


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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #004 (090427)
(Download link available on Sayumin-org)
The show started off with our Disney-crazy Gaki-san addressing our little turtle as Kame-chin. Gaki-san then moves on to the usual topic and asked Eri what did she do earlier in the morning on the day of the recording. Instead of having a delicious umeboshi breakfast, the first thing Eri did in the morning was to get into an argument with her mother. Gaki-san was like "Again?" when she heard that. Now that MM is in the mid of a concert tour Eri has her face-washing product with her as they moved from place to place. That morning, Eri used a face-washing product that was at home (Which wasn't her's) and her mother confronted her asking if she used it and with that, both of them started quarreling. Eri explained that her mother is pretty childish too which was in some way, supported by Gaki-san. According to Gaki-san, like she had mentioned in FM FUJI GAKI-KAME, Eri's mother is more like Eri's friend rather then mother. She throws in an example of Eri's mother and Eri having the same liking for a certain type of egg. Unlike Gaki-san's parents who will actually give in and let Gaki-san have it, Eri's mother will insist on having it herself. Because there's a buddybuddy-relationship between Eri and her mother, its normal for them to get into quarrels often. Eri agreed with whatever that Gaki-san had said and even asked Gaki-san to go say that in front of Eri's mother's face, which of course, Gaki-san refused to and Eri said she really hope her mother is listening to the radio show.

Meanwhile for Gaki-san, she spent her morning helping her baba-chan (Grandma) look for her cellphone but the cellphone was in her baba-chan's bag all the while. Instead of scolding her grandma or something, the forever-kind Gaki-san had told her baba-chan nicely that it was in her baba-chan's bag. Her baba-chan apologised for troubling Gaki-san which Gaki-san found her baba-chan really cute. Reminds of the Aichan incident Sayu talked about on Konusapi the other time. When they were on the way back from a concert, Aichan suddenly said she lost her phone and started panicking but after some time they realised it was in her make-up pouch which surprised some of the girls cause why would one's cellphone be in her make-up pouch?

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

Mail #1. Sender asks if Gaki-san and Eri is saving anything now. During concert tours, the girls will be living in hotels when they are away from Tokyo, at times, there will be 2 combs in a room, but sometimes, there's only 1. Either way, Eri will definitely bring home the combs with her. However, those combs' teeth may break after using them for some time since after all they are from hotels, and the teeth tends to be thinner. Gaki-san will usually give the comb provided for her hotel room to Eri since its claimed to be an esstential item by Eri.

Mail #2. Sender asks how Gaki-san and Eri concentrate on certain things. Gaki-san exposed Eri and said that even though Eri is reading the mail out loud, she's actually playing around with the clip that was clipped to hold the script together, which obviously proves that Eri wasn't concentrating on her job. For some reason Eri was pretty fascinated by the clip just like how she was back then when she realised if she used an eraser to erase the words on the script, the ink will turn paler a little. Gaki-san then lectures Eri and told her to give some good advice for this sender who is seeking for help instead of getting distracted.

Eri : Its okay! I've got Gaki-san here!

When Gaki-san has a test back then when she was schooling, she'll eat chocolates to keep her energy level up as well as get enough sleep the day before. The girls agreed that if one don't get enough sleep they tend to get distracted easily since one will feel sleepy and nothing goes into his/her head. So their conclusion was to get lots of sleep and eat lots of chocolates.

For Eri's case, the more distracted she is, the more she'll concentrate. If you don't get what that means, then please go watch MM's concert for once to get what they meant (I didn't add this in. Gaki-san was the one who somehow connected the whole talk to promotion for MM's concert tour). Also, Gaki-san added on about Eri and Koharu's Nagoya trip earlier this year. Remember Eri and Koharu appearing on BEKINA and such for Naichau Kamo's promotions? At that time, Gaki-san was surprised with how responsible Eri was.

Mail #3. Song request

Morning Musume - Love & Peace! Hero ga Yattekita ♪
Nakajima Takui - Calling You ♪

FIVE STARS corner - This week is Gaki-san's turn. Gaki-san went to Disneyland with Aika not long ago. Gaki-san was really thrilled cos' she had only been there once for 2009 before this outing with Aika. They had lots of fun and even discovered a new flavour popcorn, Soy Sauce & Butter Popcorn. Upon hearing the new flavour, Eri started screaming that she wants some too. Gaki-san continuously emphasize on how tasty it was, tempting our little turtle to get some too. Also, on the day Gaki-san and Aika went, the popcorn booths (There are a lot of popcorn booths selling different flavours of popcorns in Disneyland) had changed the containers they used to use because there was some sort of promotion going on for the new attraction park that opened that day. Listen to the 20-year-old Gaki-san get excited over popcorns. Eri wants to go too and both of them agreed on going together even though when Gaki-san had showed Eri pictures of her trip with Aika some time ago and Eri was giving uninterested replies. Eri remembers watching the news report on the event but she didn't expect Gaki-san to be there on the day itself. So with that, the Soy Sauce & Butter Popcorn was FIVE STAR'd by Gaki-san

Here's a picture of the popcorn booth
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Kamei Eri - Kataomoi no Owari ni ♪

The girls received lots of mails talking about Eri's solo siong, Kataomoi no Owari ni. They read out a particular letter that had asked about Eri's Kataomoi no Owari ni's performance in Platinum 9 DISCO. As fan reports have reported about, at the interval, Eri will use her finger to write out something in the air then blow it towards to fans. According to Gaki-san there were quite a number of mails asking about this finger thing. Even though at the start some fans thought it was actually "suki", but 2 weeks ago, the fans realised it was actually "be" in English. Yup, and its all confirmed by Eri today. Gaki-san then added on that just that part, that writing and blowing part, Eri had put in lots of effort in practising it.

Promotions for Platinum 9 DISCO

They talked about the new blog feature available, but until now, there are no updates on the blog. But still, do continue to keep track of their blog at http://www.interfm.co.jp/fivestars/nk/blog/

RisaEri : Ba~hai~

Wear the correct shoes, or end up with blister'd feets

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here's the shoe incident between Gaki-san and Sayu. It was an episode that Sayu had shared on Konya mo Usachan Peace #087

A sender asked Sayu to elaborate on the boots incident which Gaki-san had apologized to Sayu through the Pocket Morning Diary (This happened during All Singles Complete Concert Tour)

Sayu's right feet is a little smaller then her left feet and since shoes usually come in the same size (For a pair), she has to put something in her right shoe so that it won't be too loose. She put the "something" in Gaki-san's right boot, not knowing that it was Gaki-san's, then wore it but she did realize that it was a little different cos' it was really small so she took out the "something". She could somewhat fit in nicely into the shoe but her big toe was getting squashed inside. After complaining to the staffs, they found out it was Gaki-san's boots but Gaki-san had already put on Sayu's right boot and was on the stage so they had no choice but to ask Sayu go on stage in Gaki-san's right boot and that was actually right before the longest medley of the whole concert. Gaki-san feet is smaller then Sayu's, so Sayu knew that if she were to go on stage to perform in this boot she'll get a blister for sure. She didn't want to go on with this boot so she had actually asked Gaki-san to return her her boot on the stage during the MC. Even though Sayu is sure that her boot is bigger then Gaki-san's, but Gaki-san was totally okay wearing her boot. They changed back, but there was already a small blister on Sayu's small toe but still, she had to endure the pain of the friction between her blister and the boot and continue performing.

Such things do happen don't they?
Just imagine Reina wearing Junjun's shoes, dancing to Kanashimi Twilight. I have no problems picturing Reina's shoes flying into the crowd.

Ojigi de Uee ~

Ojigi de SHAPE UP! previews are available on Dohhh! UP now, do refer to the "News" header for the links to the videos.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Casual "Good Morning"s from our lovely Rokkies. Even though Sayu had used the formal "Ohayou Gozaimasu", Reina being Reina just went "Ohayou!" casually which Eri followed and did the same.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Ahh ~

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Reina working out.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Eri falling on her ass twice while trying to balance on the ball. I hope that didn't hurt. I like how Sayu actually reminded Eri she'll injure herself this way.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
When Sayu tried balancing on the ball, she had this extremely weird posture, which Eri had happily described it as disgusting.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Eri then taught Sayu how to balance on it.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Reina was wearing a cute pair of kitty socks. I was pretty surprised by how small her feet is. It don't usually look so small o: (Look at the shoe in the screenshot)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The girls were doing promotions for Ojigi de SHAPE UP! and started off with some "Uee ~" action which somewhat looked like Kojima Yoshio (The guy who Eri imitates a lot in early 2008). That reminds me of the Kojima's recent Daijoubu Daijoubu ~ gag on Hexagon. Pretty catchy and I'm into it too.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
However, even before Rokkies are done with goofing around Aichan moved on to the promotion immediately which resulted in Rokkies laughing at the seriousness of Aichan. C'mon Aichan, this is Dohhh UP!, we've seen how Gaki-san, Eri and Reina fool around on this site, which is what that made those promotions fun for both the fans and the girls!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
As they were talking about their shirts..
Sayu : Your's look turtle-ish!
Eri : You don't have to say it out, I know!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Just too adorable

No write-up for part 2, cos' it was boring with the girls just talking about the play.

Rokkies' shoes incident.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Here's a short summary for Eri and Reina's appearance on Ame Radio. Its really brief cos' I typed them out while listening to the radio LIVE. Not sure if I've missed out anything, but if I have, I'll add them on to this post after I get my hands on the recording for this radio show. So for the time being, enjoy!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Eri was commenting on Reina's skirt being too short but apparently her's was no where better.

Shouganai Yume Oibito talk.

Reina complains about Eri bullying Reina. When Reina cracks a joke or try to do something funny, Eri will shoot her down saying that it wasn't funny at all. Yaguchi stood up for Eri and said Eri's talks aren't really always funny too. She requested for Eri to say something funny but she rejected her request immediately.

Reina's surprising story.
During concerts, when Reina was about to put on her boots, the staff told her its not her shoes. Reina knew she was the last one to put on her shoes, but apparently the remaining pair belong to Eri's BUT, Eri wasn't wearing Reina's. She was wearing Sayu's, and Sayu wore Reina's. When Yaguchi asked who should be blamed for this Eri said something like "By image, it'll seem like its Reina's fault" but she admitted that it was her fault for wearing Sayu's shoes first.

A fan was holding on to a picture of Eri when she had short hair outside the studio and Eri asked the fan to put that down.

Reina has her hair nicely curled up by herself while Eri is with straight long hair which she claimed that she had problems doing up her hair.
Eri has her "Eri-chan fuu" way of doing up her hair o:

Eri thinks that life-size micro fiber towels will be good if they were added into concert goods list. Life-size as in seriously the life-size of the members. If they are 157cm tall, the print on the towel will be 157cm long too. Eri wants to use it, rubbing her face against her own face on the towel. Reina don't have any suggestions for new goods to be added to the concert goods list, but she talked about MM DVD Vol.23, which according to her the camera was just placed there and they were allowed to talk freely in front of the camera. Junjun was eating in front of it and Reina and Junjun were fooling around, Reina asked Junjun to eat it sexily and she really did it. A fan outside the studio had the DVD with him. (20 over fans have gathered outside the studio including 2 female fans)

Ojigi de SHAPE UP talk.
The girls were happy that there's another Ojigi.

~ Shouganai Yume Oibito PV ~

Eri and Reina left the studio.

Someone suggested "Pokepokepoo" as a title to Yaguchi during her e-hon corner (The radio show continued after Eri and Reina left)
Yaguchi commented on Eri being an airhead while Reina playing the role of a responsible elder sister even though she's younger then Eri.

(To be edited)

Talking about shoes, Steph reminded me of another shoe incident which Sayu had talked about on Konusapi. I'll do up a translation of it next time!

The backstage TanaKame

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Listened to today's FIVE STARS Wednesday with Tanaka Reina as host. Eri was mentioned a couple of times in the radio show.

InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #82 (090422)
A sender asked if Reina had gave any advice to GAKIKAME now that they are the new hosts for FIVE STARS Monday but apparently, Reina didn't even know they had became the hosts for FIVE STARS Monday until she read this mail realising that they have took over the slot. She then rounds up the talk with a simple "Please do your best" to Gaki-san and Eri.

Another sender brought up the Pocket Morning that Reina had sent some weeks ago that was saying that Eri is bullying Reina in the backstage. (Click here for translation for the Pocket Morning Concert Diary) The sender mentioned that he sees Reina teasing Eri on stage often which surprised Reina cos' she don't remember teasing our little turtle. But of course, the bullying stuff that Reina had wrote wasn't true. Both of them were just fooling around in the dressing room like they usually do. Reina admits that she can be a pretty lame person backstage with her cold stories which Eri will tsukkomi them jokingly. Reina's aware that this side of TanaKame is something that fans don't know about.

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #003 (090420)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #003 (090420)
(Click for download link through Sayumin.org)

FIVE STARS started off with Eri talking about her breakfast. Remember them talking about Ume Sukombu Gummy 2 weeks ago? This time round, Eri ate rice balls with Ume (Plums) and Kombu which were given to her by Aika.

Eri : It was so nice that I thought I just have to share it with you so today..
Gaki-san : You brought them for me?
Eri : (lol) I didn't.
Gaki-san : You're a liar. Today's not April's fools.
Eri : Eh? Its not?

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

Mail #1 : Congrats GAKIKAME on their new radio program. The sender brought up Jewel Pet too. Eri had watched the first episode of Jewel Pet and she realised she was so nervous during the recording that her voice turned so high pitch that she can't recognise it but instead of getting discourage for not being able to use her naturally sweet voice, Eri takes this as an experience so that she can learn from it and will try to continue improving. Looks like the "BE Positive!" corner in FM FUJI GAKIKAME worked. Eri sounded really positive unlike the 2007 Eri. Gaki-san is looking forward to watching it too and reminded Eri to send her a mail when the anime is going to start so that she'll be able to catch it on TV too.

Mail #2 : Unique greeting from sender.

Gaki-san : "Gaki-san, Kamei-san, Mont blanc wa" (Its suppose to be Konban wa)
Eri : (lol) Is this funny?
Gaki-san : How is it even related to "Konban wa" (Good evening)?
Eri : This is something we were suppose to laugh at right?
Gaki-san : Yes, laugh at it! HAHAHAHA.

The sender wanted to know the secret behind the girls' way of releasing their stress in order to stay cheerful everyday.

Gaki-san : Does Kamei Eri-chan feels stressed?
Eri : I'm 20 you know..its normal to feel stressed.
Gaki-san : Oh, you mean you actually feel stressed. Oops, so sorry, I was being rude.
Eri : What was that suppose to mean?!

Lol'd at Gaki-san teasing our little turtle.
Eri recommended her strange way of releasing stress, the same one that she had mentioned on MUSIO during Pepper Keibu's promotion. There are times whereby Eri feels like screaming to release all the stress but its at night, so she can't just go screaming where ever she likes. So here's how she does it.

Step 1 : Go home.
Step 2 : Go into the bathroom.
Step 3 : Place your face in the bathtub (Filled with water)
Step 4 : Scream all you want.

Screaming this way will not disturb anyone since your voice will be muffled. Showing slight hints of the weird Eri we all know, Eri declared that its actually fun to do this. Gaki-san on the other hand has never done such a thing. Eri was asked to show an example, so she was screaming in the studio. She really wants people to try it, so do try it when you're feeling stressed or something.
And as for Gaki-san, instead of doing something so strange, Disneyland can do miracles for her. Whether she's depressed or stressed, going Disneyland cheers her up. They added on saying that sleeping will be a good way too. Eri says she's pretty much the Sleep-and-forget type so sleeping a good way of releasing stress. She also emphasised on the importance of sleep and claims that if she don't sleep, the stress on her will build it.

Mail #3 : Congrats GAKIKAME on their new radio program. The sender had went to all the concerts in Matsudo for Platinum 9 DISCO which made the girls really happy to hear that.

Morning Musume - Mikan ♪
Temiyan - Suki de ♪

FIVE STARS Corner : Eri is into aromas recently which works as a sort of therapy for her. Even though there might be quite a handful of people who dislike the smell of aromas, but Eri thinks that there's definitely a type of aroma flavour and actually suit each and everyone of us since there's quite a wide variety of aromas. Eri personally likes Lavender aromas which she has been using at night when she sleeps. According to Gaki-san, Aichan has been bringing strawberry aroma oils in their dressing rooms during concerts which helps quite a bit in soothing the members. Gaki-san requests for Eri to bring some along too for their concerts and radio show recordings which Eri had agreed and said she'll bring the Kamei brand aroma oils then. She had mentioned earlier on that her mother makes some aroma oils for her too. Even though she promised to bring it, Gaki-san highly doubts so. So with that, Aromas were five stars'd by our little turtle

Morning Musume - Yowamushi ♪

The girls had some beverages on their tables and apparently Eri has been biting on the straw. Gaki-san can't stand chewing on the straw cos' it makes it difficult to drink the drink through the straw as its compressed. Gaki-san for no good reason is actually very passionate about straws and told Eri the straw will hurt if she chews on it and told Eri that the straw don't want to fall into Eri's hands on the behalf of the straw. Eri started scolding the straw for doing that which made it absolutely funny. Oh yes if you're wondering..these 2 girls are 20-year-old adults

Promotions for Platinum 9 DISCO and 「Morning Musume's 39th Single, Shouganai Yume Oibito」

You can send in song requests or messages to the radio show through five-nk@interfm.jp or this form.

GAKIKAME : Ba~hai~

「Shouganai Yume Oibito」 PV

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dohhh! UP had put Shouganai Yume Oibito's PV on their site last night. Here's my short review which basically focus on the lyrics, storyline and the way the girls expressed themselves in the PV.
(Click for Dohhh! UP link to the PV)

The PV started off with the girls somewhere which looks they had placed a poster behind them to make it look as though they are on a location shot.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
She looks like some fengshui master.
So it was a nice start off for the PV with the girls looking dejected which was suitable for the lyrics and feel of the song.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Scenes of the girls flipping through books were then shown, probably the easiest way to express the fact that the student aura in them for this song. Thank god our little turtle hates reading. She can kill millions with that look while reading.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I'm actually pretty happy with all the extensions and hairstyles Morning Musume had for this PV with exception of Aichan's hair in the dance shot. When I watched the LQ PV 2 days before, perhaps it because of the LQ, it made her look like some old hag. But she looks gorgeous in those non-dance shot scenes.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Eri looks really sexy when she bites her finger in the dance shot.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
A scene whereby Eri sees Gaki-san walking out of the elevator. I was wondering what this part actually means. Is this the last night part or the obstacle part? Well, either way, I like the amount of Ojou3-ness in this PV. It shows that the staff/arranger recognises the strong bond between Gaki-san, Eri and Sayu.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Another thing I'll like to point out is Reina's hair. I've always complained about Reina's hairstyle being the same in PVs but this time round, I can't. She has got a bun tied up nicely on her head which reminded me of the dango hairstyle Gaki-san had in MM DVD Vol.16, the same one which Reina had laughed at, lol. She's looking good in this though. In fact I'm satisfied with all the Reina's shots. She looks adorable in most of them and that pretty much surprised me, cos' I hardly praise Reina for being cute.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
That's Eri's solo line for these screencaps. She nailed it perfectly and made the correct expressions for it. One thing I always look out for when watching PVs is expression. Members like Sayu, Eri and Aika have their own unique ways of expressing themselves, making the whole scenerio of the PV real. Gaki-san too, has a great talent in expressing herself, but sometimes she looks lusty > pitiful.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I personally prefer Sayu's "Shouganai Yume Oibito" line over Aichan's and Reina's. The 3 of them sang the line well, but it was probably Sayu's voice that could make me feel "I can't do anything" rather then "It can't be helped" which was the type of feeling that Aichan and Reina had gave me. Also, Aichan's strong and powerful voice had made some parts of the song sound arrogant, which shouldn't be so from what I can hear in the lyrics. But well, she does sound awesome and I believe we can't really make her change her lovely voice.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Going back to the elevator scene, Eri flashes a sweet smile to Gaki-san and we'll see Gaki-san leaving with a satisfied smile. I was actually wondering if it was to answer to the lyrics that asked if they'll have the blessing to be together after their boyfriends' dreams have been fufilled. Scenes of GAKIKAME and JunLin smiling were played, but also with scenes of Koharu running alone and Aika with a depressed look on her face. So looks like there were happy and sad endings eh?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Again, this glare can kill millions.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Despite being 22, I can see the innocence of a highschooler in Aichan's eyes which marked the ending of the PV. A nice way to end indeed.

Overall, I'll rate this PV 8/10. It wasn't as random as Resonant Blue's Another Version PV which did not make sense. The storyline follows the script and scenerio, making it relevant and of some significance. The outfits the girls were given looked good but I think it'd have been better if they didn't give Linlin that dress and gave her something that looked more like a university student. She looks good in the pink outfit though. All hairstyles looked good but as I've mentioned, I'm not a fan of Aichan's hairstyle in the dance shot. Expressions were beyond my expectations with the exception of one or two scenes.

As for the song, I'm not one who knows a lot about music. All I know are the keys and beats, nothing much so I can't really give comments on the music itself. Even though the lyrics sound really Tsunku-ish (Its pretty similar to the past songs he have been producing), at least it wasn't as crappy as before. I like how Gaki-san and Eri's lines come after one another's because of how their voices actually bland well together. Also, I can easily picked out the lines of 8th generation unlike before whereby I have to strain my ears to listen to them in the background. Even though I'm complimenting this song, but it just can't seem to have the Naichau Kamo effect on me. When I heard Naichau Kamo I was totally crazy for the song even though it isn't as nice as Shouganai Yume Oibito. Wonder why..
But I'll probably get the limited A and B edition of this single.

PS. Do pay attention to Sayu's lines. She showed great improvement in handling her lines.

The return of her cold jokes!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Platinum 9 DISCO 090411- Nagano (Afternoon)
It was nice listening to the wotas scream their lungs out for Eririn. What surprised me most was this really loud female wota during Nagano's evening concert. She was surprisingly loud even though she's a female and her high pitch scream was so noticeable. I bet she got quite an amount of attention from Eri. Moving on to the MCs.

Not long ago, Eri got home and returned to her room only to find her room "ransacked" with drawers left opened and clothing all over the place. Eri knows that you may think it's just Eri's untidiness, but it wasn't so. The one responsible was her younger sister who wanted to borrow Eri's clothes (*Envies*). She was angry and as the elder one, Eri felt that she should talk to her sister about it which made the fans go "Ehhh?" since its a well-known fact that Eri has never been so mature as an elder sister before. That was actually the first time her sister's messiness had surfaced and it irritated our little turtle a little. Eri sat in the living room and called her sister over and told her "Its okay to borrow my clothes, but please tidy up and close back the drawers after you've found the piece you want" which her sister had responded with a "This is just the first time I did that anyway" face. At that moment Eri thought she should reprimand her sister for what happened and she started imagining her sister apologising because she wants to borrow Eri's clothes again. But what happened was..

Eri : Younger sister, if you don't tidy up properly after taking the clothes you want, I won't lend you anymore clothes.
Eri's younger sistser : Un.

It was unexpected that her sister would have just gave the "Un." reply and resulted in Eri not knowing what to add on so she turned to her mother who was just next to them for help.

Eri : Mom, what do you think about it?
Eri's mom : EH?!

Yet again, it was an unexpected answer that Eri had received.
But after that, Eri felt guilty cos' after all it was only the first time her sister had messed up her room and she didn't have to be so fierce to her sister just because of that. She's aware that she's being a mean elder sister and rounded up by saying that she'll try her best to play her role as a nice elder sister of her sister's.
So it seems like our little turtle really had grew up after all.

Koharu and Junjun's MC was fun too. Koharu talking loudly again and got ticked off by Junjun for doing that since Junjun can hear her perfectly fine. Btw, Koharu didn't know that there are Japanese cuisine in China o:

As for Eri, Sayu and Linlin's MC, they learned the phrase "Shi jia de" (Its fake) and as for their skit, Linlin played as SayuEri's fans, approaching Eri first and asking for a handshake which Eri agreed to and got showered with compliments by Linlin. Linlin then moved on to ask for a handshake with Sayu which she accepts too and Linlin told her about how warm-hearted and cute Eri was being just now but Sayu replied with a "Shi jia de" (That's an act). Also, do pay attention to fans joining in the fun as they join Linlin in giving the cue "ACTION!" for the recent concerts.

During the last MC Aika skipped Koharu's turn and started on her speech which I thought Koharu's reaction was rather cute even though it wasn't really that much of a happening.
And here's something nostalgic, the return of Eri's cold jokes.

Eri : Since we're at Nagano-ken today..those who are tall..are long!
Explanation of the joke : What she said was "Sei ga nagai no hito ga nagai no!" where by "nagai no" sounds like Nagano.
Fans were like "EHHH?!" and the rest of the members were surprised by Eri too.

Eri's excuse : Its becoming humid now adays isn't it? So isn't it good that I said that?
(Because she cracked a cold joke, bringing a cold atmosphere to everyone, cooling them down from the heat of Spring)
During Sayu's speech for the last MC she commented that Eri's joke was really lame. Also, Sayu messed up and said Nagano as "Nago", which marks it as the 3rd happening for their last MC for this particular concert.

Do listen to the rest of the recordings for last week's concerts. Eri has been adding in puns as part of her speech for her last MC. Especially Nagano's evening concert whereby Sayu will add one something to Eri's pun which had no reaction from fans and caused the whole hall to fall yet again, into the cold atmosphere Eri had caused earlier the day.

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #002 (090413)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #002 (090413)
(Click for download link)

Fashion check! Gaki-san has a fondness for deep pink recently. Eri has actually read her script beforehand (What has the world become?!) and noticed that there'll be a fashion check at the start of the show so she knew she had got to wear something nice (She wore jersey for radio show recordings once before). She turned up in a cream color one piece flutter dress. Gaki-san commented that her dressing is cute, but revealed that Eri had been doodling on her script, yet again.

Morning Musume - SONGS ♪
Gaki-san : Do pay attention to the GAKIKAME parts in SONGS.

Mail #1 - Congratulates GAKIKAME on a new radio show. The sender wishes the 2 hosts best of luck and reminded them not to work so hard to the extent that rice will come flying out of their noses. Since some may not know what the whole rice incident is about, the girls explained. Lets let the video speak for itself.

Mail #2 - Eri took a deep breath before reading the name of the sender.
Eri : This mail is from Ponpokopokoponpokopokoponpokopokopapepipupeponpokorin-san
Try reading out the name of the sender. If you managed to read it at Eri's speed without mispronouncing anything, then please know that I admire your reading skills. Kudos to Eri for not fumbling on her words as she read it. The sender asked if GAKIKAME have more of "Favourite food" or "Disliked food". He also added on at the end of his mail to ask if Eri is awake, which Gaki-san had gave an immediate answer that our little turtle is dozing off again. Eri's excuse due to the weather turning more humid now adays, she feels like sleeping which reminded me of one of the March/April 08 GAKIKAME episode which Eri had mentioned that she feels sleepy cos' its Spring. According to Gaki-san Eri's one who can't do without sleep.

Going back to the main topic, the girls wanted to test their coordination level so at a count of 3, they are to each say out their disliked food.

Gaki-san : Eggplants!
Eri : Green peas!
GAKIKAME : dot dot dot.
Gaki-san : Man..this should be the time you should coordinate with me right? What did you say?
Eri : I said green peas..You actually hate eggplants?
Gaki-san : I hate them!
Eri : EHH! No way!
Gaki-san : Why didn't you know that?
Eri : You're 20 right?
Gaki-san : I don't want to be told that by a 20-year-old who hates green peas.
Eri : You hate eggplants? Really?
Gaki-san : If you ask me why I hate it..its because there's no point eating it. Its like..what exactly are eggplants? I don't get it. They are tasteless!
Lol'd at Gaki-san's emphasize on how much she hates eggplants.

Gaki-san : Why do you hate green peas?
Eri : (Imitates Gaki-san) I don't get why we should eat it. What's the point of eating it?!
Gaki-san : You're just impersonating me!

Eri complains about green peas absorbing away the moisture in her mouth and are often included in the rice for those catering/food dispensing services. She rates her hatred for green peas as the same level as Gaki-san's hatred for eggplants. Gaki-san realized that the food that Eri hates are those which small children hate, for eg. Carrot and green peas. And when drinking juices, she only likes orange juice (She has also stated on FM FUJI GAKIKAME that it must be 100% Orange juice). Gaki-san was amazed by Eri for reading the sender's name for the 2nd time without fumbling on her words. Now for their favourite food, like what I've said just now, at the count of 3..

Gaki-san : @#$%^
Eri : Monja!
Blame it on my bad listening skills. I couldn't hear what Gaki-san said, but it was something different from Eri.

Mail #3 - Congratulates on the revival of GAKIKAME and their new radio program. Expressed love for Eri's Pokepoke-ness and Gaki-san's tsukkomis then requested for Naichau Kamo to be played.

(Requested) Morning Musume - Naichau Kamo ♪
Kamo ♪ Kamo ♪ Kamo ♪ Kamo♪

C-ute - BYE BYE BYE ♪

FIVE STARS Corner - Gaki-san has this lap blanket which has a disney character on it. She likes it partly because she loves disney as she has mentioned in Geino U-LA-LA. Apparently the blanket has a nice texture that even Eri agrees with Gaki-san. It was described to be the same as stroking a puppy when you run your fingers over the blanket. Gaki-san brings it along with her whether she's traveling or at a photoshoot session or even, during MM's concert tour. Its of a size whereby it makes it easy for one to carry it around so Gaki-san has no problem bringing it all over the place.

Eri : The lap blanket is cute and also, the sight of Gaki-san stroking the blanket was cute too.
Gaki-san : Wow, this is rare. You're actually praising someone!
Eri : But during mornings one will feel sleepy so it might be dangerous (to carry it around as Gaki-san may just get too comfortable and fall asleep)

Eri asked Gaki-san to give her the blanket but Gaki-san refused xD
So in summation, it was five star'd by Gaki-san.

Kamei Eri - Kataomoi no Owari ni ♪
Don't forward it unless you want to miss out all the sweetness in this song.

Promotions for Platinum 9 DISCO and Shouganai Yume Oibito.
They are not allowed to reveal anything for now but they might (KAMO KAMO KAMO KAMO) play this song next week on FIVE STARS Monday so please do not forget to tune in to their radio show next Monday 4/20, 19:00.

You can send in song requests or messages to the radio show through five-nk@interfm.jp or this form.

Giri-shou : Ba~hai~
(InterFM FIVE STARS Monday official blog)

I do hope they'll update the blog soon. Even if its just "Message from RisaEri".

「Shouganai Yume Oibito」 Cover

Morning Musume's 39th Single, Shouganai Yume Oibito
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
What a beauty
GAKIKAME have mentioned that they MAY play this song for the next episode of InterFM FIVE STARS Monday.

Regular Edition (Yesasia) (HMV)
Limited A (Yesasia) (HMV)
Limited B (Yesasia) (HMV)
Single V (Yesasia) (HMV)

Jewel Pet #02 090412

Monday, April 13, 2009

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Garnet (Minami's Jewel Pet) refused to help Minami for her love confession for her senior and ran away from Ruby, Rinko and Minami. When Minami had spotted Garnet and chased after her (She was on a tree), Garnetchallenged Rinko to climb up the tree for her and despite Minami's calls for her to get down, Rinko continued climbing. Rinko had never seen Minami crying once since it was always her that was getting bullied and wailing and Minami would stand up for her so she wanted to do her part for Minami too. Rinko was determined to get hold of Garnet but Minami reminded her that she has acrophobia, causing her to faint right away and off the tree which Ruby had rushed in in time to save her.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Minami's room, which she had never allowed anyone in.
I was checking 2ch while watching the anime and lol'd at 2ch wotas going "Here comes Rika-chan's room!" and even some saying that its Sayu's room.

Next week looks interesting. The preview had Eri saying "Arisugawa-san do you want to join me for some Kamaboko?" in a really cute voice.

An alien with 4 hometowns. Hm..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Platinum 9 DISCO 090404 - Yamaguchi (Night)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The letter read for MC GAKI's MC was actually a letter from Sayu, asking MC GAKI how she can earn back Gaki-san's trust after all those nail incidents (I wonder how long they want to talk about it. Its already more then half a year), which MC GAKI kindly added at the end of her MC that Gaki-san isn't angry with Sayu, and asked her not to worry.

A non-stop banzai call from Koharu during the last MC.
Also, during the last MC Eri said she fell in love with Yamaguchi and declared that from the next day onwards when she introduces herself she'll say that she's from Yamaguchi but was stopped Gaki-san and Sayu, who gave her out and told the fans that Eri said exactly the same thing in Fukui (Its true, refer to this post)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Oh yes, Junjun actually addressed Takahashi as Aichan during her MC with Koharu instead of her usual Takahashi-san. So that makes Aichan the second senior who allowed Junjun to address her as OO-chan.

Platinum 9 DISCO 090405 - Fukuoka
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
For Reina's solo MC at the evening concert, she talked about going out for meals with some members. She brought up both the Sayu & Linlin (Refer to this post) and Aichan & Linlin (Refer to this post) incidents. When Reina and Linlin were out together one day, she decided that she MUST pay for the meal since when they are together with Aichan Aichan will always pay for the meal which made Reina think that Aichan really behaves like a senior but Linlin paid in the end. After that they went to a movie theater when Reina was about to pay for the tickets Linlin stopped her and they ended up fighting to pay. Reina gave all sorts of excuses to pay but Linlin was being very stubborn and insisted on paying. What happened next..

Linlin : Tanaka-san, I'll pay!
Reina : Pay then.

Lol. Reina said she had no choice since Linlin was being so insistent and the person behind the ticketing booth had stretched out his hands for over 10 times just to try to get the money but both the girls wanted to pay and its pretty embarassing to be troubling the seller.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Eri, Sayu and Linlin's MC is being ridiculous, lol. They often play as one another's mother, manager, make-up artist and such now adays. As expected of the 3 comedians of Morning Musume.

During MC GAKI at the afternoon concert, she revealed that Gaki-san had a dream that night about P-Kame. In the dream Eri was acting responsibily and was behaving like how a 20-year-old should. She described the dream as rare and as for the evening concert's MC GAKI, it was a mail from Reina. Apparently Reina had been screwing up her Japanese pronounciation as well as listening. She actually heard hanazono (Garden of flowers) as hanakuso (Nasal discharge). She sought for advice to be able to speak beautiful Japanese. MC GAKI's reply was that if Tanaka Reina speaks in the beautiful Japanese way, then she's no longer Tanaka Reina.

Again, Eri declared her love for Fukuoka and said she'll write her hometown as Fukuoka. Fans had predicted she'd say that and started Eh-ing even before she finished her sentence. She was tsukkomi'd immediately by her nanny and fellow Rokkies of course.

So lets imagine how Eri's profile looks like
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Name : Kamei Eri (亀井絵里)
Nicknames : Kame, Kame-chan, Eririn, Pokepokepoo, Kyamei, P-kame
Birthdate : 23 December 1988 (Currently 20)
Birthplace : Japan, Tokyo, Fukui-ken, Yamaguchi-ken and Fukuoka-ken.

P-Kame ♥

Yamaguchi 4/4 - Gaki-san mail

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Did you see that?

This part.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Gaki-san invented yet another new nickname for our PPP turtle. And its P-Kame!

Also, a new name for the GAKIKAME duo
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Not too sure what's the meaning behind it, but my guess is that its a mixture of girigiri which means barely and Showa, which is the era that these 2 girls are born in.
Since they are born in the last year of Showa Era, "barely Showa" makes sense to me.

Giri-shou don't sound as nice as GAKIKAME though..but P-Kame sounds cute!
Its now added to one of Eri's nicknames under her profile on this blog!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Ojousan & Giri-shou

Top 20 moments of MM DVD Magazine Vol.16

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Re-watched Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol.16 today. Instead of translating the whole DVD (Which will take quite a long time), I translated the top 20 favourite moments of mine in the DVD.Enjoy!

#20. 打付けた
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
During the ride when Koharu was flapping around she knocked her nose against the pole and Eri had a great time laughing at her.

After the ride Eri commented on Koharu's nose turning red.

#19. 三人乗ったから?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The rest of the members were surprised that A team managed to get themselves 27 points. Eri explained to them that it was because both Koharu & Junjun rolled 4.
Reina : Eri you mean you didn't roll 4 too?
Eri : I didn't managed to roll..but I rode the ride together with them too..?
Lol, they made it sound as though our little turtle didn't contribute to the team.

#18. 絵里にしゃべらせてっ!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Eri : *Talking*
Junjun: (Cuts in) Okay, the end!
Eri : Wait, wait!
Koharu : Hey wait! Hey, Junjun! Junjun!
Eri : Hey, you (Koharu) too! Enough, let me talk!
Lol, Eri x Koharu x Junjun trio? Eri HAS to take up the responsibility.

#17. もうボケすぎ!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Since all three of them refused to drive the go-kart alone, Eri suggested to play Paper & Stone, the odd one will be the solo driver. Koharu who agreed readily for some reason don't understand Eri or something, and went "Scissors, paper, stone", Eri had to stop her and told her to not behave like a fool. They did another round but Junjun didn't seem to understand the game and threw out sissors instead of either paper or stone and Eri told her "you're too dumb". Don't take it seriously, it don't sound that harsh in Japanese.

#16. パン!(食べたい)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Junjun : Bread! (I want to eat!)
Eri : Koharu, show her your angry side.
Koharu : JUNJUN! Junjun is winning over us too much!
Eri : Koharu's not scary at all!
Koharu : Junjun! *wails*
It was seriously surprising that such a group could win the game.

#15. 痛い!ハッ
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
During her second ride her kept bumping against the sides of the seats and kept Ouch-ing

#14. Aチームの勝ち!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
They replayed all 9 members' reaction after A team was announced as the winner and Reina had this extremely surprised expression on her face while others just smiled or showed disappointment.
Its understandable why she was so shocked. I mean..Eri, Koharu and Junjun in one team is already a disaster..and somehow, they even won over the very-responsible-team (C team) and we-love-skits-team (B team)? Now you know why Koharu is called miracle. Cause there's miracles happening around her where ever she goes.

#13. ガキさんのだんごが揺れよる ハハッ
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
While waiting for Sayu & Linlin's ride to start, Reina spotted Aichan's team on the ride next to her fellow teammates'.
Reina : I can see Gaki-san's dango (Her hairstyle) shaking! HAHAHA!

#12. リンリンはすごくイイ子!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Linlin picked the Merry-go-round card which was the ride that the girls wanted to ride.
Sayu : Linlin you're such a good kid! You're really a good kid. You're a very good kid! (Pulls Linlin away dumping Reina behind)
Reina : (Runs after the pair) What about me?

#11. 君たちすごい!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
After Koharu had rolled 4, the trio started celebrating.
Eri : Both of you are awesome! (They both rolled 4)
Koharu : You didn't do anything at all.
Eri : It sounded as though I didn't do anything

#10. 俺の彼女だぜ
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Reina : She's my girlfriend.
Sayu : Reina-kun!
Reina : Sayumi, you can rely on me.
Sayu : Lets have fun driving.
Reina : This is my first time driving though..
Sayu : First time?!

#09. コマネチ!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
After losing horribly at Zola 7, Sayu had to do either an ippatsu gag or impersonation as a penalty (The score was Reina : 46, Linlin : 10, Sayu : 0)
Sayu : Komanechi!! (An old gag. You can catch Goto doing it too during the MM field trip special program)
Reina : Woah. Please watch the slow motion ~
(Slow motion)
Reina : Ko~mo~ne~chi

#08. 知らねーよ!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Koharu : What can I ride?
C team : How would we know!
Perfect tsukkomi by C team.

#07. これ怖いくないよ♪
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Gaki-san : You want me to tell you this ride isn't scary?
Koharu : Yada!
Gaki-san : This ride isn't scary ♪
Koharu : You're a liar! (Whacks Gaki-san)
Lol'd at Gaki-san teasing Koharu.

#06. 意味はナニ?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
A team's strategy : Before rolling the dice, they will play a round of scissors, paper, stone. Since scissors, paper, stone is all about luck, it'll prove that the winner is the luckiest and should roll the dice. This strategy worked and led A team to victory.
After their first ride, Junjun won the scissors, paper, stone and was to roll the dice. She rolled 4, which was the highest score on the dice. Eri & Koharu started high-five-ing one another while Junjun gave a confused expression, not knowing what's the big deal with the 4. Despite not knowing why they are celebrating, she returned the high-fives Eri & Koharu had gave her and then turning to the camera she asked "What does it mean?".

#05. 本当に大丈夫?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Gaki-san : Aichan & Mitsui will go for Ee Janai Ka (A ride)
Aika : Eh? What about you?
Gaki-san : Hees, me..Erm, how many people can ride this ride?
Staff : 4
Gaki-san : 4? Then perhaps I should give it a try..
Aichan : Will you be okay?
Gaki-san : I'll be all right..I think.
Aichan : Really?
Gaki-san : I'm really weak at such rides, but I'll try!
Aichan : (Worried expression) Will you really be okay?
Favourited because of the TakaGaki love. The always-caring Aichan sounded very concerned about Gaki-san despite it being just a ride.

#04. 私の声じゃないだ
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
B Team's last game was one whereby they will put on headphones in a totally dark room whereby some eerie noises will be played.
Sayu : How long will this sound game last? I'm really scared!
Reina : How long does it last? I can't hear anything.
Sayu : No, I heard footsteps, not from the headphone.
(A sound from the headphone or something)
Sayu & Reina : AHHHH!
Reina : Sayuu ~!
Sayu : I'm really scared.
Reina : I dropped my headphone somewhere. Where's the headphone?
Linlin : AHHHHHHH ~
Reina : Linlin's voice is scary!
Linlin : AHHHHH ~
Sayu : Linlin's voice is the most scary!!
Reina : Sayu, the headphone!
Sayu : No headphone. This is your headphone?
Reina : This this this. (I have no idea what's happening there, its totally dark)
Sayu : Ah, thanks.
Reina : Did you hear something? Did you hear something? Did you hear something? UWAAAAH, IT'S SAYING SOMETHING!
Sayu : WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Omg, this is bad. Oh, its over? It was seriously scary.
Sayu : Linlin's "Wuaaaaah" was..
Linlin : That wasn't my voice!
Listening to the girls panicking was fun.

#03. やった!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Sayu : Why are you the one rolling the dice?
Reina : Because I've yet to play my part.
Sayu : You always get the best role isn't it?
Reina : Yup! Why not you guys close your eyes and guess the number I've rolled through my voice then give a reaction.
(Rolled the dice and the result was -2)
Reina : Yay! (Runs away from Sayu & Linlin)
Linlin : Ah ~ My god!
(Meanwhile, Aichan's team saw Reina running alone)
Gaki-san : Tanakacchi, what are you doing?
Aichan : What are you doing?
Aika : You're alone?
Reina : (Wanted to turn back, but when she saw monster Sayu chasing after her she ran off again)
Sayu : (While chasing Reina) Reina, you're horrible! Really horrible!
C team : What happened?
Sayu : I want to be in C team! (Hugs Gaki-san)
Aichan : What happened?
Sayu : Reina was being mean!

#02. どうして欲しいの?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Sayu & Reina's skit Part 2 Take 1
Reina : Today is our first date isn't it?
Sayu : You're right.
Reina : My hands are really cold.
Sayu : Your hands are feeling cold?
Reina : Yes, my hands are feeling cold.
Sayu : What do you want me to do?
Reina : Woah, what a S-type guy (Cold type)! She said "What do you want me to do?". Cut cut! Can you be kinder?!

Sayu & Reina's skit Part 2 Take 2
Reina : Today is our first date isn't it?
Sayu : That's right, Reina.
Reina : Today's weather is cold isn't it?
Sayu : You're feeling cold?
Reina : Yes. My hands are very cold.
Sayu : You're always feeling cold.
Reina : Yes. You aren't going to do anything?
Sayu : All right, I shall give you some warmth (Holds Reina's hand)
Reina : Thank you, I'm happy!
Conclusion : Sayu isn't romantic.
Reina : Please include the whole skit in the DVD. Did you hear what she said during the first take? "What do you want me to do?". She's scary isn't it?

#01. もうやだ!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Ranked #01 of my favourite moments for MM DVD Magazine Vol.16 for Eri's I'm-going-to-cry-soon expression and screams.

All right, lets have a small pic spam as a round up for the DVD
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is my favourite MM line-up of all time.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Morning Musume (070601 ~ Present)