SayuEri duo returns with more skits!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Here are the MC translations for yesterday's concert. No MC GAKI cos' its pretty..well, boring. Enjoy!

Platinum 9 DISCO [2009.03.20] - Chiba (Afternoon)
MC (Tanaka Reina)
Reina bought herself a humidifier recently. Apparently, there's some sort of light function. When the surrounding of the humidifier smells okay, it'll be green, but if the surrounding stinks, the light will turn red. Just the other day, Reina's little brother showed her the humidifier. When she looked at it, the light was actually red.

Reina : What did you do to it?
Reina's little brother : I farted.

According to Reina it was really red.
She's amazed by the high tech machines that are available now a days and she ended up advertising the machine, encouraging the fans to buy it and try it out.

MC (Kusumi Koharu & Junjun)
In this MC, a picture from either one of them will be shown in the monitor. The picture has to be related to Platinum.

Koharu : What's this?
Junjun : This is the breakfast made by me.
Koharu : It's stew?
Junjun : Its not stew! How rude!
Koharu : It looks like stew! What exactly is it?
Junjun : I mixed aloe, soy milk, yogurt and bananas. Its very delicious.
Koharu : You took 5 minutes to make it?
Junjun : I took 30 minutes.
Koharu : HUH?!
Junjun : Because I made it with feelings, so it takes 30 minutes.
Koharu : Are you an idiot?
Fans : Lol.
Junjun : Hey wait a minute! Its true that I took 30 minutes to make it..but I'm not an idiot.
Fans : Lol.
Koharu : It looks delicious, but..
Junjun : It IS delicious.
Koharu : ..But you took 30 minutes for it?
Junjun : After I wake up, I'll make it with all of my feelings so that it'll be a good breakfast for me.
Koharu : But its just blending of ingredients..If I was the one making it, it'll take me only 5 mintues.
Junjun : As I've said, its all about feelings.
Koharu : I don't get you.
Junjun : I'm speaking in Japanese!
Fans : Lol.
Koharu : I know! But..
Junjun : I just wanted to show the platinum-ness of it.
Koharu : All I see is that its white. I thought it was some sort of stew at first.
Junjun : (Cuts in) Its not stew! That's rude!
~ Bell chime, indicating the end of their MC ~
Koharu and Junjun : Squabling (I can't hear anyone of them)
Koharu : Okay, lets move on to the special medley.

Lol, its understandable why the bell chime was needed. These two girls will never stop squabbling.

MC (Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi & Linlin)
Eri : I'd like to ask Linlin something. Not long ago, I went to a Chinese restaurant for ramen. I made my order and here comes the shocking part. When the waitress was bringing the ramen over to me, her thumb was in the bowl. I didn't want to eat that particular bowl of ramen that she was holding on to cause of that, but all the workers working in the restaurant are Chinese so what should I say to tell them about it?
Linlin : At such times, you should say "Shou zhi tong le!" (I don't know, it sounds something like "tong") which means "Your finger is in it!".
SayuEri : Shou zhi tong le! (Woah, both of them sound really Chinese-ish)
Linlin : Repeat after me! Shou zhi tong le!
SayuEri & Fans : Shou zhi tong le!
Linlin : Have you remembered it?
SayuEri : Yes.
Linlin : Lets try applying it now. Ready..Action! (Start of skit)
Eri : Excuse me, how do I go to the railway station?
Linlin : The railway station?
Eri : Yes.
Linlin : Walk straight and turn right.
Eri : Ah, walk straight and turn right?
Linlin : Yes.
Sayu : Walk straight and turn RIGHT?
Linlin : Yes, right (migi).
Sayu : Right right right right ear (mimi) ear? ear? ear? ear? *Pokes her finger into Eri's ear*
Eri : Yes yes, ear ear. Shou zhi tong le!
Linlin : Good job!
Eri : Thank you for teaching us!
Linlin : No problem.

Basically, its a skit that the girls have planned beforehand. Entertaining as usual, do check it out.

Last MC
Linlin : Repeat after me! Wo ai ni! (I love you)
Fans : Wo ai ni!

Platinum 9 DISCO [2009.03.20] - Chiba (Night)
MC (Takahashi Ai)
During Linlin's birthday, Aichan and Linlin had steak together after work. When they were about to call for the bill, Aichan remembered the incident that Sayu talked about during Resonant Live. Sayu and Linlin were out for a meal together and Linlin paid. But Aichan, knowing that its Linlin's birthday and also, she's Linlin's senior, she should be treating Linlin. So Aichan volunteered to pay before Linlin does and paid for the meal. Linlin kept apolgising to Aichan after that, but to Aichan, its totally okay with treating Linlin . After the meal, both of them went to a perfume shop. Skipping all the little details, apparently Aichan was interested in some sort of perfume but she've never tried it out before, so Linlin volunteered to buy it to try it out first, then give Aichan her review about it. Aichan waited for Linlin outside the store as Linlin made her purchase. Linlin came skipping out of the store and gave Aichan the perfume.
Linlin is just too sweet

MC (Kusumi Koharu & Junjun)
Koharu's turn. It was a picuture of a dog.
Koharu : How adroable ~
Junjun : Its cute, but..
Koharu : Do you know what it is?
Junjun : Its a dog. I'm not an idiot. I have a question.
Koharu : Yes?
Junjun : Whose dog is this?
Koharu : Mine.
Junjun : Really?
Koharu : His/her name is Rui.
Junjun : Rui-chan, poor thing!
Fans : Lol.
Koharu : Why?
Junjun : Being together with Kusumi-san must have been troublesome right?
Koharu : No!
Junjun : Is it living healthily?
Koharu : Of course! It won't die!
Junjun : When did you buy this dog?
Koharu : Around June.
Junjun : Eh, what a strong dog.
Fans : Lol.
Koharu : Dogs' life spans aren't that short!
Junjun : Even though being together with Kusumi-san for so long its still alive, so I thought its pretty strong.
Koharu : You've never had a pet dog so you don't understand them!
Junjun : Of course I have a pet dog! In China.
Koharu : Eh? In China?
Junjun : I have one there.
Koharu : You do?
Junjun : Of course. I have a question.
Koharu : Yes?
Junjun : How is this picture related to platinum?
Koharu : The cute-ness is like paltinum.
Junjun : The cute-ness? I actually thought it was the nose, lol.
Koharu : I don't get you.
Junjun : I bet you forced the dog to take this picture.
Koharu : I didn't!
Junjun : I bet you were probably like "POSE! Next, pose!"
Koharu : I didn't! It was in this posture itself.
Junjun : This..
Koharu : Isn't it awesome? I didn't have to force it and it was already in this posture.
~ Bell chime, indicating the end of their MC ~
Junjun : Mou..
Koharu : (Cuts in) You won't...Yes? What were you intending to say?
Junjun : I can't seem to be able to communicate with you so I shall just stop here.

MC (Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi & Kamei Eri)
Sayu : Before we actually move on to the MC, I want to talk about what the leader was talking about during her MC. The conclusion for that MC was that Aichan is a leader who is really nice to her juniors right? And Linlin is a really cute girl who thinks for her seniors right? But it made me seem like I'm some bad guy.
Fans : Lol
Sayu : It made me guilty.
Eri : Its okay!
Linlin : It don't really matter.
Sayu : The three of us should go for a meal next time.
Eri & Linlin : Okay ~
Sayu : Alright, I wanted to ask Linlin about something. There was once whereby I was shopping with a friend. Some Chinese tourists were shopping there too and the shop keeper was actually recommending them a really out of fashion's clothing. The Chinese tourists looked like they couldn't make up their mind. What should we say to tell them its out of fashion?
Linlin : At such times, you should say "Hao su o." which means "Its out of fashion".
Sayu : Okay.
Linlin : Lets try saying it together. Hao su o.
SayuEri & Fans : Hao su o.
Linlin : Repeat after me. Hao su o.
SayuEri & Fans : Hao su o.
Linlin : Alright, so lets try applying it. Ready, Action!
Eri : Muahaha, I'm going to destroy the world.
Sayu : Kya~ Help me!
Eri : I'm going to grill you and eat you up! Muhahaha!
Sayu : Nooo!
Linlin : Wait!
Eri : Who are you?!
Linlin : Haha, I'm the hero of justice, Linlin!
Sayu : That's..
SayuEri : Hao su o!
Linlin : Charin ~ (Indication of end of skit)

I love the way Sayu don't follow things as scripted, standing up for herself before the MC starts. Still lovin' the skits of course.

Last MC
Linlin : Repeat after me. BachiLinlin!
Fans : BachiLinlin!
(She changed "Bachiri" to BachiLinlin)
Aichan messed up at the end.