"Check it out!"

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I wouldn't really say its a translation. There's nothing really that interesting about what they were talking about since they were just simply promoting InterFM FIVE STARS Monday. Its the random-ness that made it funny.

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So after a really loud "Ready.." the Boke & Tsukkomi duo popped up from the bottom of the camera.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
For some reason, the camera was set up to film Eri's thunderthighs.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Eri looks like she's up to no good.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Gaki-san looking sexy as always.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
GAKI*KAME : Thank you for waiting!
Yes, I've been waiting for a new radio show for more than 6 months. Glad to see them back.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Gaki-san : I'm half happy about this radio show and half worried about it.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Extreme close-up to kill.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Eri : I'm half happy and my cute-ness is going to be reduced by half.
She messed up.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Sorry, I had to censor her face. Cos' she seriously don't look good in this screenshot.
On the other hand, I can't help but to stare at Eri's arms. They have became slimmer and more muscular from what I see. But anyway, as usual, Gaki-san started the pokepoke talk.
Gaki-san : Rather then the "my pace" type, she's more of the "kame pace" type.
Eri : Ah, I'm glad to hear that.
Both "my pace" and "kame pace" have the same meaning I suppose, but Eri just prefers that phrase. So from now on, I'll only use "kame pace"!

When Eri was just "un"-ing, she got scolded by Gaki-san
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Gaki-san called that bunch of hair that was defying the law of gravitiy the "Aho hair".

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Eri argued that it was Gaki-san's fault cos' she said everything Eri wanted to say.
Gaki-san : C'mon, lets get pumped up!
Eri : Pumped up? *Slaps herself hard* (Softly) Ouch, ouch!
Lol, displaying her aho-ness again. One should know slapping oneself with that amount of effort will hurt ^^; except for Eri.

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No rice talk for this PR.

Gaki-san started talking about Eri's flaws and how she should do reflections of herself weekly. Eri suggested that both of them should do it together and Gaki-san went "I don't have the need to ~" and walked off
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Eri : So you mean it'll only be me doing the reflections alone every week? Fine then otsukaresama deshita! *walks off too*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
2 Twenty-year-old young ladies here by the way :D
Even though they are behaving like some kids.

To Eri, the advantage of a radio show is that listeners can't see her face.
And the reason behind why its actually an advantage?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
According to Gaki-san, that's the fact Eri makes in the recording studio for the radio show (Refer to the screenshot above)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
GAKI*KAME promises to heal us during their radio show.
Its a promise, and I'm sure they won't break it

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Eri being random again.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
And Gaki-san joining in.
The new GAKI*KAME pose eh?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
After "Check dayo!", she came up with "Check it out!"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Still looking cute after goofing around for more then 4minutes.


By the way, in Shiga-ken, during the MC with Sayu & Linlin, Eri claimed that she saw an UFO in Shanghai last year during the Asia tour.

GAKI*KAME returns!

Monday, March 30, 2009


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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday 19:00-19:30
Host : Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri

FIVE STARS Monday [2009.03.30] - Abe Natsumi Comment
Nacchi announced the new hosts of InterFM FIVE STARS Monday and mentioned that even she feels like joining these two hosts. Seems like there'll be lots of fun to her since its the Boke and Tsukkomi duo.

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday PR on Dohhh UP!

Eri can't seem to stand still.
(Notice her arms. She lost weight again.)

Eri in an anime, and the return of GAKI*KAME!
2009 is so going to be a good year.

And you know what? It'll start on the 6th of April, it'll make it almost the same day as the first episode of FM Fuji GAKI*KAME, which first episode was on the 7th of April 2007!




Radical League 2009/03/27

Saturday, March 28, 2009

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Radical League 2009/03/27

Guest : Takahashi Ai, Junjun & Linlin

Opening Talk
The host had jokingly requested for these three girls to be the guests on behalf of Morning Musume but the staffs took it seriously and managed to invite the three girls on show. This is the first radio program Linlin has attended after turning 18 on the 3/11. The host was honored and did the "ring ring ring ring" call (Refer to Koi no Dial 6700).

What type of senior is Takahashi Ai?
Linlin feels that Aichan plays the role of an elder sister. Whenever she sees Linlin feeling lonely, she'll bring Linlin out for a meal and she worries a lot about the members. She'll talk to the members to make sure they are not having any problems.
Aichan has been teaching Junjun lots of stuff. Whenever Aichan asks Junjun if she wants to eat something, she'll use the tone that's different from usual which Junjun has described as cute.

What type of juniors are Junjun & Linlin?
Even though there's only 2 years difference in their age, Aichan feels that Junjun is like a little child to Aichan. And for Linlin, she uses gestures a lot and they are usually the gestures from animes. Eg. her famous "Ka ka ka" (The sound made by crows). Aichan thinks its pretty cute for her to do that.

During the game, the last question was what do you love the most in your life?
The girls' answers.
Aichan : My family
Junjun : My friends.
Linlin : Food!

As we know, when Junjun and Linlin had first moved to Japan, they had problems adapting to the environment. Since they are all alone in another country, they have to learn to be independent. But after they are able to communicate well with the members, they like now so close that they are like a family. Just recently, Gaki-san was at Junjun's house and they were chatting, eating and having lots of fun (I bet they were drinking)

When Linlin games, she'll be like "Go go!", "Yes I won!!". The host asked if Aichan curses when she loses a game (Eg. Bastard!) and JunLin quickly answers for her saying that she don't. The host continues asking and asked "Have you ever cursed?", Aichan hesitated for a second before admitting she has.

According to Junjun, Aichan uses phrases like "OH MY GOD!" often. English conversation! This is totally in English. Italic for Japanese parts. Pay attention to Aichan's English.

Linlin : What's your name?
Host : My name is OOOO
Junjun : Okay, no problem
Aichan : Are you hungry?
Host : Yeah.
Junjun : Where are you from?
Host : Eh?
Aichan, Junjun & Linlin : Where are you from?
Host : Eh?
Aichan, Junjun & Linlin : Where are you from?!
Host : I don't understand.
Aichan : EH?!
Junjun : It means "Where are you from?"
Aichan : ..Uh..erm I'm from Fukui.
Host : Ah, Fukui. Yamaguchi.
Aichan : Ah, same as Michishige Sayumi-chan!

Aichan during concerts
The host has attended one of the Hello! Project concerts before and he noticed Aichan's eyes when she performs. He described it as "adult-liked" and told Aichan that her expressions are really sexy. When asked about her expressions, Aichan said she totally had no idea what expressions she were making because concerts are just too enjoyable. Both the host and Junjun agreed that Aichan can make one's heart beats faster with that look when she performs. For some reason, Junjun & Linlin started showering Aichan with praises and Junjun even added on that she aspires like her. The host who's also a fan of Morning Musume commented that Aichan had grew up a lot since she've joined Morning Musume back in late 2001. Aichan being the humble Aichan we all know, just laughed and said she'll continue to work harder.

Ending talk
Aichan, Junjun & Linlin to listeners : Aishiteru (I love you)
OnDiet : Damn, why wasn't Eri on the show?!

Sometimes I wonder how one can dislike a lovely girl like Aichan other then the fact that she has a boring personality.

Chuu! ♥

Here's another translation of Pocket Morning Diary. This time round, its from Sayu! Recommended for Aichan-Sayu duo lovers.

03/22 Matsudo - Michishige Sayumi

Matsudo 3rd Day
Good job for the 3rd day (Winks)
I had lots of fun ↑↑ (Grins)
As expected, concerts are great ↑↑ They are the best (Grins)

And for today, like what I've promised yesterday, I will take some pictures with other memebers ↑↑

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
First off the 1st picture,
Today is the 22nd of March...yes, its Usachan Peace's day
Before the concert, I've requested Aichan to do the Usachan Peace together with me (Grins)
Thank chuu for doing it without any hesitation, Aichan
Talking about Aichan...Today during the concert, I kissed her
I knew Aichan would be surprised if I kissed her, but even though so, she kissed me back
And both of us ended up surprised by one another!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
And now for the 2nd picture
This picture too, was taken before the concert despite Eri-chan only just started on her fringe
I told her its okay for her to continue with her preparations but the moment I pressed the shutter, she looked over to the camera's direction
Looking as poke as ever isn't she?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
And now for the 3rd picture
One of the many pictures that I've taken with Reina before the concert
Sayumi "Shoyu koto"
Reina "Shio yu koto"*

Alright, thank you for all the fun I'll be happy if you'll do the Usachan Peace along with me
From Sayumi

*Sayu was holding on to a bottle of shoyu (Japanaese soy sauce) while Reina was holding to a bottle of shio (Salt) in the picture. They were trying to make a pun of their old "sou iu koto" gag.

According to a fan, Aichan returned Sayu's kiss during 「Love & Peace! Hero ga Yattekita」
Lets all hope that the Aichan-Sayu love will be on the DVD Magazine.
Its definitely something worth taking up that couple of seconds in the DVD.

And Eri's expression
Have to be posted again.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Something unrelated to Pocket Morning Diary, as we know, Platinum 9 DISCO will be held in Shiga-ken today and Fukui-ken tomorrow, Aika and Aichan's hometowns. Both of the girls' fans have came up with a plan. In Shiga-ken, they will do the Aika call instead of Encore call and will lit up their purple lightsticks. While in Fukui-ken, they will be doing an Aichan call during the encore for the afternoon concert and as for the evening concert, they will do the Aichan call as well as to lit up yellow lightsticks.

Will Aichan be so touched that she ends up in tears?

Eri's a bully?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Bad influence.

Nah not really. There's a "story" behind it. As we know, these concert backstage photos are from Pocket Morning, which has a mail written by the member who had prepared the mail to be sent out to the subscribers. This was the mail that this photo was attached to. A mail from Reina.


えりってねぇ(≡´T`≡)裏では れいなをイジメるんですよぉ



っとゆ-事で こわい顔で撮ってもらいましたぁ 」
Credits to 2ch.

Translation of Tanaka Reina's Pocket Morning
「Today's photo is features ☆Kamei Eri☆

Eri has..(≡´T`≡) been bullying me behind the scenes.
She's scary (lol)

If she were to see this pocket diary that I've written, I'll be dead.
So please keep this as a secret.

Don't leak it out (lol)

Since I'm talking about such a topic, I took a picture with her with our scary expressions.」

It was a joke of course. Eri will never hurt a fly.
But the badass look on Eri's face just makes the photo worth a million more times then it originally was.

More updates on 「Jewel Pet」 Press conference 3/25

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Since this is Eri's first try in dubbing animes, there are lots of stuff she don't know and the dubbers in the cast have kindly showed her the ropes. Eri had asked Koharu how can she actually practice dubbing, how should she speak and such. That's the serious side of our little turtle who's trying really hard for this anime.

And as for Fujimoto Miki's marriage, she've yet to send a mail to congratulate her since it was pretty surprising. Eri have mentioned that she'd like to send her a mail saying "So after all the decision she've made at that time was right."

According to Natalie, the opening theme song will be sang by Asaka Yui, song name 「Maji? Maji! Magical☆Jewel」and the ending theme song will be sang by Mitsuko Horie, song name 「Egao no loop」Smile's loop (?).

SayuEri sure have lots of encounters with Chinese people don't they? *winks*

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pretty late, but anyway, enjoy!

Platinum 9 DISCO [2009.03.21] - Chiba (Afternoon)
MC (Kamei Eri)
The dressing room in Matsudomori hall is located below the stage, and there's another level below the dressing room. Eri being Eri, always forgets which level the dressing room is at. On the first day of Platinum 9 DISCO, since it was the first day, she was really nervous and that slowed down her preparation. When she left the dressing room for the stage, she ran to the bottom level instead of the stage without knowing. She couldn't recognise the place so she was like "Huh? Huh?". She then realised she was at the wrong level. For some reason, she don't want people to know that she got lost again but knowing the fact that there are lots of staffs standing near the dressing rooms, Eri made sure she don't make a single sound as she walked up the stairs. But the moment she reached the dressing room's level, there was a security guard standing somewhere around the stairs. Eri was afraid that the guard will laugh at her for going to the wrong level so she came up with a plan. She made the "I didn't go the wrong level" face and walked pass the guard quickly with a "Otsukaresama desu!". Eri knows she gets lost often, but at that moment, she also learned that she don't want people to know that she was lost.

MC (Kusumi Koharu & Junjun)
Junjun's picture was a picture of a silver pipe.
Koharu : What's that?
Junjun : This is part of a railing.
Koharu : What's so platinum about it? This is the first time I saw a picture of a railing.
Junjun : Wait, listen to me. Whatever that exists here, whether its a human or an item, as long as they are here, there is a reason for their existence. (I have no idea what got into Junjun)
Fans : Oh ~
Junjun : You get what I mean?
Koharu : Yes. Its..
Junjun : Sorry, for sounding like a philosopher.
Koharu : That was not profound at all!
Junjun : I have an episode about railings.
Koharu : An episode? What about it?
Junjun : One day, there was a extremely cute girl whose eyelashes got into her eye.
Koharu : Huh? You're refering to yourself when you said "extremely cute girl"?
Junjun : Everyone knows that its me.
Koharu : So..your eyelashes got into your eye?
Junjun : Yes, it was painful. But at that time, I didn't have a mirror with me, so I used the railings to check my reflection.
Koharu : Eh?! That's impossible! It don't reflect images!
Junjun : It did! I was very grateful towards the railings.
Koharu : No way!
Junjun : So I took a picture of the railings. There's a secret behind it. Look closely at the picture.
Koharu : I don't see anything other then the water droplets.
Junjun : Look closely!
Koharu : ..What?! I don't see anything great about it!
Junjun : You can see an image of a cute girl!
Koharu : Huh? You're in the picture?
Junjun : Yes!
Koharu : I can't see it. Its like "Where's your eyes?"
Junjun : I checked my eye using the railway that day.
Koharu : Its impossible!
Junjun : That's why I said this is a deep talk.
Koharu : Its not deep at all. Its probably the worst talk ever.
Fans : Lol.
Junjun : Wait wait. That day..
Koharu : Can you stop that "that day", "this day" thing? Just when was it?
Junjun : THAT day.
Fans : Lol.
~ Bell chime ~
Koharu : That puts an end to your talk!
Junjun : Man! I wanted to talk about something!
Koharu : You are just talking about some..
Junjun : (cuts in) Why is it that there's always that bell chime?!
Fans : Lol.
Koharu : That bell chime?
Junjun : Yes.
Koharu : Its an indication that you're being noisy.
Fans : Lol.

MC (Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi & Linlin)
Eri : Just the other day, I went to a shop that I go frequently to get some dresses. I thought the shop keeper had a rather nice hairstyle so I thought of praising the shop keeper about his/her hair at the same time, making friends with him/her but he/she was a Chinese. I wanted to tell him that that's a nice brown color but I didn't know how to. Can you teach me please?
Linlin : Oh, I see. During such times, you should say "Hao mei de zhong she o!" which means "That's a nice shade of brown!". Lets all try saying it, "Hao mei de zhong she o!".
SayuEri & Fans : Hao mei de zhong she o!
Linlin : Repeat after me! Hao mei de zhong she o!
SayuEri & Fans : Hao mei de zhong shou! (Pay attention to how SayuEri are pronouncing it)
Linlin : Have you remembered it?
SayuEri : Yes.
Eri : Its pretty difficult..
Linlin : Yes. Lets try applying it now. Ready, action!
Eri : Sayu! Lets eat our bentos!
Sayu : Okay! Linlin join us!
SayuEri : Itadakimasu!
Sayu : Ah ~ Eri-chan's fried egg looks delicious!
Eri : I made it myself!
Sayu : Awesome! You sure can cook isn't it!
Linlin : I made my bento myself too.
Eri : Show me! Show me!
Linlin : This is the fried rice, this is the spring roll, this is the siew mai and these are the fried food.
Eri : Hao mei de shou wo. (She changed the sentence, which can mean "What a nice hand")
Fans : Lol.
Linlin : Erm..er..uhm..well, good job still!
Eri : Really?! Sorry, but can you repeat the sentence again?
Linlin : Okay
Linlin & Eri : Hao mei de zhong she o!

Final MC
Linlin : Repeat after me! Tai bang le! (This is great!)

Platinum 9 DISCO [2009.03.21] - Chiba (Evening)
MC (Michishige Sayumi)
As we know, Sayu is really weak in sports. She admits that she hates running, but she even hates walking too. Even though she likes the song "Aruiteru" (Walking) but she don't like to walk. So when she has an excursion trip in school, she'll ask her mother help her excuse her from school.

Sayu : I know its not a good thing..
Fans : Eh ~
Sayu : After "e" is "o"* by the way.
Fanas : Oo ~
*In Japanese, the Hiragana table is a-i-u-e-o. So after "e" is "o" in Japanese.

Sayu is aware that she's lazy to move her body and all she moves is just her mouth. Other then when there's concert rehearsals and such, Sayu don't really exercise. So during the first day of the concert rehearsal, when Sayu was suppose to do a dancemove whereby she has to bend somewhere (No idea it was forward or backwards). She managed to bend down, but wasn't able to go back to the normal posture on her own so she fell in the exactly same pose (That means with her back bent). She added on that you may think she's lying, but its the truth. The dance teacher told her she seriously need to train up some back muscles to make not only her dance better, but her life better too. The teacher advised her train her back mucles (a certain movement) 10 times per day. On the first day, since Sayu was still enthusiastic about it, she did it 30 times in a day. On the second day, Sayu thought "Since I did 30 yesterday and the teacher said I only need to do 10 per day, I shall just go with 10 today" and she did 10. On the third day too, she did 10. During the fourth day, it was Naichau Kamo's event. On that day, she boasted about doing back mucles training 10 times per day and wanted to make sure the fans know that she's training hard but..ever since that day, she had stopped doing them. She knows she shouldn't be doing this so she did a reflection on herself. She came up with a decision that she shall start training her back muscles..
..AFTER she turns 20.

Fans : Eh ~
Sayu : What's after "e"?
Fans : Oo ~

MC (Kusumi Koharu & Junjun)
Koharu's picture was a picture of a cake.
Koharu : I've brought a very platinum-ness photo here today.
Junjun : Is it?
Koharu : Yes.
Junjun : You actually know how to use a camera?
Koharu : HUH?! Of course I know how! I've already presents a couple of pictures before this didn't I! Okay, here it goes!
Junjun : Go ahead!
Koharu : This this ~ Its a cake ~
Junjun : Its definitely not baked by you.
Koharu : I bought it.
Fans : Lol.
Junjun : Expected.

Skipping the rest of the MC since it was boring, and they weren't able to come up with a conclusion before the bell chime. Junjun "lost" her temper at the end of the MC cos' she wasn't able to ask her question, really adorable for a 21-year-old lady.

MC (Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi & Linlin)
Sayu : Not long ago, I was walking on the street. Next to me was a Chinese, and she actually fell. She didn't know she injured her elbow and got up and briskwalked away. I tried to call out to her that she've injured her elbow but since she was a Chinese, she didn't understand it and walked off. During such times, what should I say?
Linlin : Alright, I got it. During such times, you should say "zhoU", which means wound elbow.
Sayu : Oh..just going right to the point and yell about her elbow.
Linlin : Yes. Lets all try saying it. ZhoU. (Linlin emphasised on the zhoU's "u" for no reason)
SayuEri + Fans : ZhoU!
Linlin : Repeat after me! ZhoU!
SayuEri + Fans : ZhoU (They purposely emphasised on the "u" too)
Linlin : Alright!
Eri : Is it necessary to emphasise on the "u"?
Linlin : Yes. Have you all remembered it?
SayuEri : Yes.
Linlin : Lets try applying it. Ready, action!
Sayu : Up is a flood, down is a fire, what is this? (A common Japanese riddle)
Eri : A bath!
Sayu : You got it!
Eri : Yay!
Linlin : Michishige-san, test me too!
Sayu : Okay Linlin, say "Pizza" ten times.
Fans : Lol
Linlin : Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza.
Sayu : *Points to her elbow* What's this?
Linlin : Hiza (Knee)
Sayu : It's ChoU.
Linlin : Good job!

Platinum 9 DISCO [2009.03.22] - Chiba (Afternoon)
MC (Niigaki Risa)
During a jacket shoot, for some reason, Reina went up to Gaki-san and said haughtily "Gaki-san, there are lots of eras, did you know that?". Gaki-san knew that and asked her to list the eras and Reina replied with a really confident "Okay" as though she was boasting to Gaki-san. So Reina went "First off, Heisei era, Showa era, Meiji era and Himiko era*?" and I was like "Ehh?!". That seriously surprised Gaki-san but she didn't correct Reina.
*Himiko is NOT an era.

MC (Kusumi Koharu & Junjun)
Not going to transcript for this MC. Junjun had apparently bought matching schedule books with Aichan in Hawaii. Since it was bought in Hawaii, everything inside is written in English. Junjun had studied English back in China so she has no difficulty with the book and neither does Aichan since Aichan has been studying English all the while on her own. Koharu asked who was the one who first wanted to buy this book and Junjun couldn't remember so she was like "Takahashi-san who was the one who wanted to buy first?" when Aichan wasn't even on the stage, lol. Koharu asked Junjun what's so platinum about the book and Junjun was like "I can record the members birthdays in it and such" (Shouldn't that be recording in your heart, Junjun?). Junjun then moves on to tease Koharu by acting like as if she have forgotten when Koharu's birthday is. Junjun went "Was it 13?" and Koharu "Mine is on the 15th! 13 is Michishige-san's!". As usual, they weren't able to finish their squabblings in time.

MC (Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi & Linlin)
No transcript too, I'm rushing off. Just a short summary. Linlin taught them how to say "Covered with hair" in Chinese. Which was "Hao duo mao o". When Eri said "Hao duo mao o" during the skit, she purposely dragged the "o", which was lol. When they were summarising up their MC, Linlin was saying that most animals have hair but animals like turtles don't. Sayu agreed and Eri was like "But for me, I have them".

Last MC
Since it was 3/22, its 22 which means its the Usachan Peace day. Sayu ended her part with an "Usachan Peace!"

I might be stopping all the MC translations for Platinum 9 DISCO unless something real funny happens in their MCs. No, I'm not complaining about it being boring (I'll never get enough of the girls), but I really need to concentrate on my studies for the time being. My National examinations are 6 months away. Apologies to those who loves these MC translations.

I'll try and squeeze some time out to do them, I promise.

「Jewel Pet」 Press conference 3/25

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Eri posing with Ruby (Jewel Pet)

All pictures from http://mainichi.jp/enta/mantan/graph/anime/20090325/

Mainichi has gave us a report on the press conference that was held earlier today. According to the article, Eri will be voicing a heroine character (Kougyoku Rinko) in Jewel Pet. Even though in Morning Musume Kusumi Koharu is her junior, but in terms of dubbing, Koharu is her senior. Eri had sought advice from Koharu about dubbing and Koharu had taught her lots of stuff about it. Eri had also mentioned that she was so nervous for the recording session that she wasn't able to swallow a bite. She added on that she feels nervous too during concerts so it'll be good to have a jewel pet like Ruby* by her side.
*Ruby is a courageous Jewel Pet .

Hochi-Yomiuri also reported about the press conference
Eri had said that without the rest of the members by her side, its difficult for her to find the courage to present herself. Eri was asked about Fujimoto Miki's marriage announcement that was made on the 24th of March, which was yesterday. Eri commented "So after all the decision she've made at that time was right."

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
How I wish I was Ruby.

Alright, so that's all for Jewel Pet. Now that Miki-sama's marriage was brought up, let me just drop a couple of comments. I had exactly the same thinking as Eri the moment I saw the news. "So she made the correct decision after all." There are mixed reactions among Miki-sama's devoted wotas which are understandable. Some sent their blessings while others feel betrayed. I won't really say that those who are breaking up their Mikitty CDs, tearing her posters or whatever are being immature. In fact, it only shows how dedicated they are to Mikitty that the marriage announcement caused such a huge impact on them.

But I'm definitely not under the catergory that goes breaking up their Mikitty CDs.
Congrats to Miki-sama and may the couple have a happy and long-lasting marriage!

PS. Notice how adorable Eri looks. Despite standing next to the really cute Jewel Pet, she still looks cuter

Junjun : Eri-chan! ♥

Monday, March 23, 2009

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Shimura Ken's FIRST STAGE ~Hajimete no Ippo~ [2009.03.21]
Guest : Kamei Eri & Junjun

- Even though there are already 4 members in Morning Musume that are at the legal age to be drinking, the members don't drink much since people like Aichan can't hold her liquor well. Yasuda and Yoshizawa drink frequently according to Eri.

- Eri takes 30minutes or so to finish her bath. She starts washing her hair, then her face, then her neck. So basically its from top to bottom. Meanwhile, the duration of Junjun's bath depends on her mood. Usually, even though she wants to stay in the bath a little longer, she'll still end up coming out after 5-10 minutes. There are even times whereby she took only 2 minutes. She said it was because of the warmness. But apparently, even though back in China, the bath water is warm too, she can stand it.

- Eri will normally send around 5-6 mails per day and most of them are to her manager. Since she meets the rest of the members almost everyday, there's not much of need for them to be mailing one another daily. For Junjun, she calls more then she sends mails using her phone cos' she finds it troublesome to type out the Japanese characters. Eri then says that even though Junjun tries all her best to type out the Japanese words, she often leaves out the -san of Kamei-san. Junjun gets reminded often about it by some other members. The hosts suggested Kamei Eri-chan might be easier to remember to add in the -chan, so Junjun asked Eri if she could call her by Eri-chan and Eri agreed without any hesitation. Junjun will be Eri's first junior to be allowed to call Eri by Eri-chan whereby the -chan is actually an informal way of adressing one. As we can see, the 7th and 8th generation are always calling the GoRokkies by Takahashi-san and such. Now that Eri actually allowed Junjun to address her by -chan, it shows that she has never only accepted the China member, but also, on good terms with her. But anyway, Junjun's mistakes were not intentional of course. Its because in Chinese, there's no such thing as -san or -chan. Chinese just call one another by their names.

- Eri's type of guy are the guys who will not ask her "You're already 20-years-old and you don't know?". She wants the type who will teach her patiently instead of making fun/scolding her. Lets just skip Junjun's parts, lol, too much of requirements to be her boyfriend (Anyway, if you're really dying to be her boyfriend or something, make sure you're tall. Cos' its one of her basic requirements, lol.)

- Eri thinks that Ueshima (One of the hosts) looks good in orange. Scroll up and looked at the picture, the guy in orange is Ueshima. She thinks that he's funny too. Eri being a little too frank, actually said that when Ueshima (He's comedian) makes an appearance on a show, he don't seem to be funny at first. But she added on that at the end she'll still find his jokes funny. There was once whereby Eri was on the same show as Ueshima (Hello! Morning to be exact), despite being a comedian, he was pretty serious during the show when he was trying to teach Morning Musume about reactions.

PPP = Practice, perform, power.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Heh, the PPP is just made up by me. Eri's definition of PPP was "Pretty, Positive, Peaceful" while Gaki-san's was "Pokepokepoo"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Try harder next time, Aichan!

Tsunku has been posting his comments about the songs in Platinum 9 DISC. Here's something that's worth reading. (Tsuku's blog post)

"Kamei has the most power in Morning Musume when it comes to dance performances but.."
Not going to quote the whole paragraph. The but isn't anything bad. He just talked about wanting Eri is fully concentrate on just singing Kataomoi no Owari ni during the performance. (In other words, not much of dancing for her in this song)

Just look at the gif. Eri does it nicely and not just doing it because its part of the dance. She has the intensity and power, which plays a big part in concerts. Back then in 2005 she attended dance lessons on DOKYU cos' she said there was once, her mother went to MM's concert, but when she got home and asked how was it, her mother told her she didn't know where her daughter was. So the teacher told Eri she has to make her dance moves bigger so that the fans will notice her during concerts. Now, Eri's able to not only get the fans' attention, she's even able to get Tsunku's attention! That's something that Eriens should be proud of.

SayuEri duo returns with more skits!

Here are the MC translations for yesterday's concert. No MC GAKI cos' its pretty..well, boring. Enjoy!

Platinum 9 DISCO [2009.03.20] - Chiba (Afternoon)
MC (Tanaka Reina)
Reina bought herself a humidifier recently. Apparently, there's some sort of light function. When the surrounding of the humidifier smells okay, it'll be green, but if the surrounding stinks, the light will turn red. Just the other day, Reina's little brother showed her the humidifier. When she looked at it, the light was actually red.

Reina : What did you do to it?
Reina's little brother : I farted.

According to Reina it was really red.
She's amazed by the high tech machines that are available now a days and she ended up advertising the machine, encouraging the fans to buy it and try it out.

MC (Kusumi Koharu & Junjun)
In this MC, a picture from either one of them will be shown in the monitor. The picture has to be related to Platinum.

Koharu : What's this?
Junjun : This is the breakfast made by me.
Koharu : It's stew?
Junjun : Its not stew! How rude!
Koharu : It looks like stew! What exactly is it?
Junjun : I mixed aloe, soy milk, yogurt and bananas. Its very delicious.
Koharu : You took 5 minutes to make it?
Junjun : I took 30 minutes.
Koharu : HUH?!
Junjun : Because I made it with feelings, so it takes 30 minutes.
Koharu : Are you an idiot?
Fans : Lol.
Junjun : Hey wait a minute! Its true that I took 30 minutes to make it..but I'm not an idiot.
Fans : Lol.
Koharu : It looks delicious, but..
Junjun : It IS delicious.
Koharu : ..But you took 30 minutes for it?
Junjun : After I wake up, I'll make it with all of my feelings so that it'll be a good breakfast for me.
Koharu : But its just blending of ingredients..If I was the one making it, it'll take me only 5 mintues.
Junjun : As I've said, its all about feelings.
Koharu : I don't get you.
Junjun : I'm speaking in Japanese!
Fans : Lol.
Koharu : I know! But..
Junjun : I just wanted to show the platinum-ness of it.
Koharu : All I see is that its white. I thought it was some sort of stew at first.
Junjun : (Cuts in) Its not stew! That's rude!
~ Bell chime, indicating the end of their MC ~
Koharu and Junjun : Squabling (I can't hear anyone of them)
Koharu : Okay, lets move on to the special medley.

Lol, its understandable why the bell chime was needed. These two girls will never stop squabbling.

MC (Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi & Linlin)
Eri : I'd like to ask Linlin something. Not long ago, I went to a Chinese restaurant for ramen. I made my order and here comes the shocking part. When the waitress was bringing the ramen over to me, her thumb was in the bowl. I didn't want to eat that particular bowl of ramen that she was holding on to cause of that, but all the workers working in the restaurant are Chinese so what should I say to tell them about it?
Linlin : At such times, you should say "Shou zhi tong le!" (I don't know, it sounds something like "tong") which means "Your finger is in it!".
SayuEri : Shou zhi tong le! (Woah, both of them sound really Chinese-ish)
Linlin : Repeat after me! Shou zhi tong le!
SayuEri & Fans : Shou zhi tong le!
Linlin : Have you remembered it?
SayuEri : Yes.
Linlin : Lets try applying it now. Ready..Action! (Start of skit)
Eri : Excuse me, how do I go to the railway station?
Linlin : The railway station?
Eri : Yes.
Linlin : Walk straight and turn right.
Eri : Ah, walk straight and turn right?
Linlin : Yes.
Sayu : Walk straight and turn RIGHT?
Linlin : Yes, right (migi).
Sayu : Right right right right ear (mimi) ear? ear? ear? ear? *Pokes her finger into Eri's ear*
Eri : Yes yes, ear ear. Shou zhi tong le!
Linlin : Good job!
Eri : Thank you for teaching us!
Linlin : No problem.

Basically, its a skit that the girls have planned beforehand. Entertaining as usual, do check it out.

Last MC
Linlin : Repeat after me! Wo ai ni! (I love you)
Fans : Wo ai ni!

Platinum 9 DISCO [2009.03.20] - Chiba (Night)
MC (Takahashi Ai)
During Linlin's birthday, Aichan and Linlin had steak together after work. When they were about to call for the bill, Aichan remembered the incident that Sayu talked about during Resonant Live. Sayu and Linlin were out for a meal together and Linlin paid. But Aichan, knowing that its Linlin's birthday and also, she's Linlin's senior, she should be treating Linlin. So Aichan volunteered to pay before Linlin does and paid for the meal. Linlin kept apolgising to Aichan after that, but to Aichan, its totally okay with treating Linlin . After the meal, both of them went to a perfume shop. Skipping all the little details, apparently Aichan was interested in some sort of perfume but she've never tried it out before, so Linlin volunteered to buy it to try it out first, then give Aichan her review about it. Aichan waited for Linlin outside the store as Linlin made her purchase. Linlin came skipping out of the store and gave Aichan the perfume.
Linlin is just too sweet

MC (Kusumi Koharu & Junjun)
Koharu's turn. It was a picuture of a dog.
Koharu : How adroable ~
Junjun : Its cute, but..
Koharu : Do you know what it is?
Junjun : Its a dog. I'm not an idiot. I have a question.
Koharu : Yes?
Junjun : Whose dog is this?
Koharu : Mine.
Junjun : Really?
Koharu : His/her name is Rui.
Junjun : Rui-chan, poor thing!
Fans : Lol.
Koharu : Why?
Junjun : Being together with Kusumi-san must have been troublesome right?
Koharu : No!
Junjun : Is it living healthily?
Koharu : Of course! It won't die!
Junjun : When did you buy this dog?
Koharu : Around June.
Junjun : Eh, what a strong dog.
Fans : Lol.
Koharu : Dogs' life spans aren't that short!
Junjun : Even though being together with Kusumi-san for so long its still alive, so I thought its pretty strong.
Koharu : You've never had a pet dog so you don't understand them!
Junjun : Of course I have a pet dog! In China.
Koharu : Eh? In China?
Junjun : I have one there.
Koharu : You do?
Junjun : Of course. I have a question.
Koharu : Yes?
Junjun : How is this picture related to platinum?
Koharu : The cute-ness is like paltinum.
Junjun : The cute-ness? I actually thought it was the nose, lol.
Koharu : I don't get you.
Junjun : I bet you forced the dog to take this picture.
Koharu : I didn't!
Junjun : I bet you were probably like "POSE! Next, pose!"
Koharu : I didn't! It was in this posture itself.
Junjun : This..
Koharu : Isn't it awesome? I didn't have to force it and it was already in this posture.
~ Bell chime, indicating the end of their MC ~
Junjun : Mou..
Koharu : (Cuts in) You won't...Yes? What were you intending to say?
Junjun : I can't seem to be able to communicate with you so I shall just stop here.

MC (Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi & Kamei Eri)
Sayu : Before we actually move on to the MC, I want to talk about what the leader was talking about during her MC. The conclusion for that MC was that Aichan is a leader who is really nice to her juniors right? And Linlin is a really cute girl who thinks for her seniors right? But it made me seem like I'm some bad guy.
Fans : Lol
Sayu : It made me guilty.
Eri : Its okay!
Linlin : It don't really matter.
Sayu : The three of us should go for a meal next time.
Eri & Linlin : Okay ~
Sayu : Alright, I wanted to ask Linlin about something. There was once whereby I was shopping with a friend. Some Chinese tourists were shopping there too and the shop keeper was actually recommending them a really out of fashion's clothing. The Chinese tourists looked like they couldn't make up their mind. What should we say to tell them its out of fashion?
Linlin : At such times, you should say "Hao su o." which means "Its out of fashion".
Sayu : Okay.
Linlin : Lets try saying it together. Hao su o.
SayuEri & Fans : Hao su o.
Linlin : Repeat after me. Hao su o.
SayuEri & Fans : Hao su o.
Linlin : Alright, so lets try applying it. Ready, Action!
Eri : Muahaha, I'm going to destroy the world.
Sayu : Kya~ Help me!
Eri : I'm going to grill you and eat you up! Muhahaha!
Sayu : Nooo!
Linlin : Wait!
Eri : Who are you?!
Linlin : Haha, I'm the hero of justice, Linlin!
Sayu : That's..
SayuEri : Hao su o!
Linlin : Charin ~ (Indication of end of skit)

I love the way Sayu don't follow things as scripted, standing up for herself before the MC starts. Still lovin' the skits of course.

Last MC
Linlin : Repeat after me. BachiLinlin!
Fans : BachiLinlin!
(She changed "Bachiri" to BachiLinlin)
Aichan messed up at the end.

Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Spring ~ Platinum 9 DISCO ~ Setlist

Friday, March 20, 2009

02. Naichau Kamo
03. Mikan
04. Egao YES Nude
05. Jounetsu no Kiss o Hitotsu (Takhashi Ai, Niigaki Risa & Tanaka Reina)
06. Kataomoi no Owari ni (Kamei Eri)
MC (Solo)
07. Fine Emotion (Junjun & Linlin)
08. Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkan na Hito (Mitsui Aika solo, Junjun & Linlin as backup dancers)
09. Yowamushi (Niigaki Risa)
10. It's You (Michishige Sayumi solo, Takahashi Ai & Kamei Eri as backup dancers)
MC (Kusumi Koharu & Junjun)
~ Special Medley ~
11. Love Machine
12. Renai Revolution 21
13. SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~
14. THE Manpower!!!
15. Aozora ga Itsumade mo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are! (Linlin solo, then the rest of the members joined in)
~ End of Special Medley ~
MC (Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi & Linlin)
16. Kousui (Kusumi Koharu & Junjun)
17. The Bigaku (Tanaka Reina)
MC GAKI (Niigaki Risa)
18. Yume Kara Samete (Takahashi Ai)
19. Take off is now! (Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa & Tanaka Reina)
20. Guru Guru JUMP (Kusumi Koharu, Junjun & Linlin)
21. HOW DO YOU LIKE JAPAN? ~Nihon wa Donna Kanji Dekka?~
22. Resonant Blue
23. Love & Peace! Hero ga Yattekita
24. Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan!
25. Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou?
Concert Duration : 1 Hour 55 Minutes.

Here's the translations for some of the MCs. These are all according to fan reports, I'll do up a proper one if there's a fan recording available.
MC (Kusumi Koharu & Junjun)
In their MC, a picture will be shown on the monitor and the girls will discuss about it. It was a picture of Junjun holding on to a plate that was containing some white liquid-liked food.
Koharu : What's that?
Junjun : Its not a stew. This is my helathy breakfast.
Koharu : Its stew?
Junjun : No! How rude was that! I added soy milk, yoghurt and of course, banana into aloe then stirred them together. After waking up in the morning, I'll make this with all of my heart. It has to be stirred for around 30minutes.
Koharu : 30minutes? Are you an idiot?
Junjun : I'm not an idiot. You're being rude aren't you?
Koharu : If I were to make this it'll only take me 5 minutes!

MC (Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi & Linlin)
Eri : Not long ago, I went to a Chinese restaurant for ramen but when the waitress served me the ramen, her finger was dipped into the bowl. I wanted to tell her about it but she couldn't understand me cos' she's a Chinese. At such times, what should we say?
Linlin : You should say OOOO (The Japanese fans don't understand Chinese, so they just left it as OOOO)
SayuEri : OOOO
Linlin : OOOO. Repeat after me!
SayuEri : OOOO.
Linlin : Alright, so lets try and apply what we've just learned! Lets try asking for directions!
Eri : Excuse me, how do I go to the railway station?
Linlin : Turn to the right over there.
Sayu : Yes, yes, turn right there and you'll (Pokes her finger into Eri's ear)
Eri : Sayu! That's not right! That's my ear! OOOO!
(A pun. Right in Japanese is 「migi」while ear in Japanese is 「mimi」.)
Seems like a really funny MC with 3 of the funniest girls in MM. Looking forward to a fan recording!

Fan reports
- Linlin teaches Eri and Sayu Chinese during their MC
- During Koharu and Junjun's MC, Koharu asked Junjun "Are you an idiot?"
- Sayu's costume for It's you is red while Aichan and Eri were wearing a black one which was described as devil-liked by a fan.

Here's a couple of fan reactions that caught my attention when I was reading 2ch for the updates of the tracklist.
- Gaki-san fans are really happy over the return of MC GAKI and her getting a solo.
- Yowamushi becoming Gaki-san's solo was surprising. When it was first posted, fans asked "What about Sayu?". Some fans predict that the afternoon versions will be sang solo by Gaki-san while evening versions will be sang by Sayu.
- Fans complain about the lack of Sayu.
- Fans are sick of Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou.

~ Platinum 9 GLOBE ~ Concert Goods

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Morning Musume's Concert Tour 2009 Spring ~ Platinum 9 DISCO ~ concert goods
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Gees, look at this! Eri is in the center! (I'm not dreaming am I?) . Meanwhile, UFI is probably really busy now a days, that they can't afford the time to design a new costume for Reina so they just made some modifications to her Naichau Kamo costume and dyed it black :D
But, WOW. Eri in the center! I have to get it!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Well, I knew the design for the T-shirt to be this, which don't look good at all. The black T-shirt is probably already the best looking one. Also, DISCO ball in the design looks more like a globe. And woah, what's with the girls' hairstyles in the photocards that come along with the T-shirts? For a moment there, they made the girls curl their hair up like some instant noodles in Platinum 9 DISC and now they make the girls look like they just woke up and took the pictures without doing up their hair for Platinum 9 DISCO's goods. Ah, but I have to admit some of the girls (eg. Sayu) looks good with straight hair. Putting Aichan and Eri's solo T-shirts side by side, it looks like its the same thing, just that they inverted the colors. And for some reason, Aichan's muffler looks more like an orange one rather then a yellow one.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The uchiwas were shocking. When I was looking through the goods I was in a conversation with Hammy, and we were wondering wtf happened to the girls when they were taking the photos for these uchiwas.

The reasons behind the girls' expressions (OnDiet's version)
Aichan : Damn, Sayu is going to have a solo song in the concert! Wtf? Her singing is 10000000 times worst then mine and you're telling me she gets a solo while I'm stuck with Gaki-san and Reina?
Gaki-san : Argh, I wanted to sing Take off is now with Aichan and Eri, but that annoying Reina..ARGHH.
Eri : Oh yeah baby, here's just a spoiler of what you'll see in the concert. I kill all of you with my sexiness.
Sayu : I'm neeeervous for my solo song! (What's with her eyebrow anyway?)
Reina : I wanna sleep.
Koharu : Kirari is going to end..so this is probably the last concert tour I'l get to sing solo"
Aika : Check out my new mop hairstyle!
Junjun and Linlin : Huh? Wo bu hui suo ri wen. Ke yi suo hua wen mah?
I thought it was a pretty childish thought, but that tickled Hammy :P

Moving on.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The towels look great and 5 stars for Reina's badass look. I'm thinking of getting the keychains, even though I thought it was like getting robbed. (I'm just a student with no income. 1500yen for a keychain is considered expensive for me.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I'm not surprised by how friggin' good the girls look, since they always look good in photocards.
Alright, even though I'm complaining about the goods, I'm still going to go for all the Eri goods and some other stuff. Onegaishimasu, Hammy!