「Jewel Pet」 Press conference 3/25

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Eri posing with Ruby (Jewel Pet)

All pictures from http://mainichi.jp/enta/mantan/graph/anime/20090325/

Mainichi has gave us a report on the press conference that was held earlier today. According to the article, Eri will be voicing a heroine character (Kougyoku Rinko) in Jewel Pet. Even though in Morning Musume Kusumi Koharu is her junior, but in terms of dubbing, Koharu is her senior. Eri had sought advice from Koharu about dubbing and Koharu had taught her lots of stuff about it. Eri had also mentioned that she was so nervous for the recording session that she wasn't able to swallow a bite. She added on that she feels nervous too during concerts so it'll be good to have a jewel pet like Ruby* by her side.
*Ruby is a courageous Jewel Pet .

Hochi-Yomiuri also reported about the press conference
Eri had said that without the rest of the members by her side, its difficult for her to find the courage to present herself. Eri was asked about Fujimoto Miki's marriage announcement that was made on the 24th of March, which was yesterday. Eri commented "So after all the decision she've made at that time was right."

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How I wish I was Ruby.

Alright, so that's all for Jewel Pet. Now that Miki-sama's marriage was brought up, let me just drop a couple of comments. I had exactly the same thinking as Eri the moment I saw the news. "So she made the correct decision after all." There are mixed reactions among Miki-sama's devoted wotas which are understandable. Some sent their blessings while others feel betrayed. I won't really say that those who are breaking up their Mikitty CDs, tearing her posters or whatever are being immature. In fact, it only shows how dedicated they are to Mikitty that the marriage announcement caused such a huge impact on them.

But I'm definitely not under the catergory that goes breaking up their Mikitty CDs.
Congrats to Miki-sama and may the couple have a happy and long-lasting marriage!

PS. Notice how adorable Eri looks. Despite standing next to the really cute Jewel Pet, she still looks cuter