InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #017 (090727)

Monday, July 27, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #017 (090727)

G : I'm Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
K : I'm Kamei Eri...
G : de
GK : su~
G : You only read the "su" huh? All right, we have started!
K : Gaki-han, its pretty fast, but we have a message from a 18-year-old girl who is facing a problem. So I'll like to read it out now.
G : Okay.
K : This mail is from Pocchi-san, "Good evening, Risa-chan, Eri-chan."
G : Good evening!
K : "Since its okay to send whatever we want in, I'm going to ask about a trivial matter. The other day, I had curry together with my family. Before I had even finished my curry, I had already finished all of my rice and on the other hand, my mother, she had finished her curry before her rice. After thinking about it for some time, I realised it happens every time we eat curry. So with that, a question to GAKIKAME. When eating curry, which do you finish eating first? The curry, or the rice?"
G : A good question! This is a perfect question for both of us.
K : Its of the standard of a mail that is used for openings.
G : And the mail was sent in yesterday night.
K : Yes. Now my script has a page more than Gaki-san's.
G : What's with that?
K : How's that? (The fact that she has more pages)
G : *Insert Gaki-han's strained laughter* Answer her question, quick!
K : Oh yes, oh yah. For me, any one of it will do.
G : For me, neither one of them will be finished before the other one.
K : What do you mean? That you will be able to finish both of them together at the same time?
G : Yes.
K : Wow, that is admirable. Its not...
G : Admirable?!
K : ...that case for me. I don't usually finish of them at the same time.
G : Why not?
K : I often end up with one of them left unfinished.
G : It does happen to me when I'm at a restaurant because I'm not very familiar with their portions but at home, I'll finish both the curry and the rice together nicely.
K : At home...there are times where I finished the curry first and times where I finished the rice first. Under those situations, I'll borrow them from others.
G : Oh, like adding more?
K : I'll be like "Mom, if I can have more curry then..."
G : So you'll borrow it from your mom huh?
K : Well...that's...
G : I naturally pictured the image of your mom having to go over to the pot to get more curry.
K : Hehehe...she does that.
G : Its not about "She does that" or not! Please be more thankful!
K : (lol)

G :
K : (Background) Curry rice ♪ 1000 yen ♪
G :
K : (Background) Ice-cream ♪ 400 yen ♪
G : Hey!
K : *Innocent* What?

FYI, Eri was singing the curry song from Ribbon no Kishi.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Although Gaki-han loves Summers, she does not like the heat neither does she likes to sweat. Can't be applied for concerts though. She prefers to sweat during concerts than to not sweat.

G : What about you, Kame-han?
K : For me, my natural hair is curly, so I'll straighten it at home before heading for the train station. As I walk there, my sweat will not really mess up my make-up, but it'll wet my hair and they will curl back and I really don't like that.
G : So do you do to avoid that?
K : For now, I'll just run away from it.
G : Huh? From what?
K : I'll run away.
G : How?
K : Away from the sunlight.
G : I see.

Eri is still fighting her jet lag now. Just earlier on, in the recording studio during their break, Eri was complaining to Gaki-san about being sleepy because of the jet lag.

K : I can't seem to adjust back from the 16 hours jet lag ever since then so jet lag is a pretty good excuse for now.
G : Ah, that's true.
K : If something happens, I can just use "I just returned from LA so..." as an excuse, like "I'm still jet lagged"

Meanwhile for Gaki-san, she's glad that she was jet lagged when they were in LA because she could mail home without disturbing her family from their sleep since its daytime in Japan.

The MM members took lots of photos in LA but Kame-han was not really in the mood for pictures that few days and was like "Okay, later, later" when asked to take photos. Eri had her digital camera with her, but she only uses it when she feels like doing so. Her reason being that 8 out of 9 members have digital cameras. They will automatically go to her for a picture so its not necessary for her to take the initiative to take photos. Also, people like Gaki-han, has newer digital cameras that can send the pictures to their phones directly. Its so convenient that it discourages Eri from using her digital camera.

(Requested) Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

GK : five
G : -nk@interf
GK : m
G : .jp
G : five-@...ah no! That's wrong!
K : (lol)
G : Sorry, sorry.
K : This! This! We have been waiting for this for a long time! (For Gaki-han to mess up)
G : Eww. Sorry about that. Lets continue. five
GK : -
G : nk
GK : @
G : interfm.
GK : jp
G : five-nk
GK : @
G : interfm
GK : .jp
G : Sorry, only for today, we repeated the e'mail address out for 3 times.
K : It was funny.
G : Sorry about it.
K : You made a mistake ~ You made a mistake ~ Hehe.
G : You have just heard...hey, its not about "You made a mistake" or not! (lol)

Mano Erina - Sekai wa Summer Party ♪

G : Today, it will be Kame-han's turn to introduce her FIVE STARS corner. Earlier on I asked her about what she is planning to say for today's FIVE STARS but she refused to give me a spoiler and was like "Do I have to reveal it now?" so it ended up as "All right then, then just say whatever you want during the real thing." So now, please introduce your FIVE STARS that you're very confident about.
K : Today, I'm planning to give FIVE STARS to someone.
G : Woah, that's good (Because Eri is going to give five stars to someone, and not something)
K : And that is...Gaki-han!
G : *Immediate reaction* EH?! WHY?! NO WAY! WHAT?!
K : Er...uh...ah...well...
G : Gees, I don't like this.
K : I have lots of reasons for this.
G : I don't like this feeling at all.
K : I have lots of explanations for it.
G : Gees, I don't want to hear. I feel like leaving this studio now.
K : You can't~ Recently...I'm crazy over Gaki-san.
G : Ah, I know what you're going to talk about.
K : Just like now, I'm crazy over her now. Gaki-san's recent reactions and way of speaking are really amazing. Its really like an...
G : She's going to say I'm like an old granny again.
K : ...old granny.
G : There she goes again.
K : She makes lots of hand gestures and her never-ending talks are what that I find so entertaining.
G : You mean my way of closing a talk and such huh?
K : Yes. Like when there a disagreement between me and someone else over certain things, Gaki-san will step in to stop the dispute. I don't know when, but I slowly fell in love with her speeches and actions.
G : Kame and Sayumin are really crazy over the way I handle things but for me, I'm just doing it seriously.
K : You made me think "Ah, she is a really funny person."
G : I was being serious!
K : But actually, I have a good reason for why I gave you the five stars.
G : What? Please deliver your talk properly.
K : Other than the fact that I'm crazy over her, I'm also giving the five stars to all the good characteristics of Gaki-san. I will like to do this seriously today.
G : Aren't you pretty earnest today? It feels a little gross. Isn't it raining today?
G : (lol) What? I don't like this!
K : Please keep quiet!
G : Okay.
K : Not long ago, after a rehearsal, I had lots of things troubling me so I gave Gaki-san a call. I was asking her whether it was okay for me to do certain things and she gave me advices back in return, assuring me that it will be okay. She later told me to just go and have a good sleep so after the phone call, I went to bed. We had a rehearsal too the next morning and Gaki-san brought me some onirigis which had some ingredients in them from home...they were cooked by her mama though, but apparently, when Gaki-san woke up that day, when she opened up the rice cooker, she saw the delicious looking rice and her mama made some onigiris for Risa and Kame. At that very moment, I popped into the picture. Also, the Haribo gummy bears Gaki-san is currently in love with were included in the breakfast too along with some other snacks. I was very happy when I saw that and with that, I'll like to give Gaki-san five stars from the view of someone with higher authority.
G : Man, you're making me shy. Its really embarrassing to be listening to you talk about this earnestly.
K : Yeah.
G : On that day Kame called me, I was with Aichan at Donki Houte.
K : Yes, you were there, weren't you?
G : It was my first time there and I enjoyed myself.
K : Sounds fun.
G : It was really fun for a first time.
K : Good for you~
G : I bought some Haribo gummies there. The big gummy bears are available there. Coming back, when Kame called me, we were still wandering around Donki Houte. The moment she called she was like *Weak voice* "Gaki-san..." and that made me wondered if she was okay. She really sounded as though she was about to cry anytime when she called me.
K : (Laughing in the background)
G : After her call, even though I was at Donki Houte, I couldn't help but to think about Kame and ended up buying the snacks she likes.
K : Yes, yes.
G : The next day she was as good as new so its a good thing!
K : I'm glad too.
G : Thank you (For giving Gaki-san 5 stars)
K : So here, on five stars, I've said whatever I don't usually say.
G : Thank you.
K : All right! With that, today, I'm giving five stars to Gaki-han!
G : Thank you!!
K : Kyaaa~ (Obviously embarrassed)
G : This is so embarrassing.
K : Yes.
G : This isn't a show for touching stories so lets just stick to the show itself.
K : That's true, but sometimes I just have to say it.
G : And you know what? The next song that I have selected is Juju-san's "Kimi ga iru kara -My Best Friends-" When I was listening to the lyrics, it reminded me of you and the people I'm close to as well as the members. Isn't it amazing how my selection and your five stars topic matches? At first I thought you were just going to throw out some half-hearted talks, something completely different from my theme of "Best Friends" song but our initial intentions went well together.

(Gaki-han selection) JUJU - Kimi ga iru kara -My Best Friends- ♪

Promotions for Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Chanpuru~ & Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa's dinner show

After Gaki-han's request a few weeks ago for ways to solve the leg problems her mom is facing, they received many mails regarding that matter, showing their concern for Gaki-han's mama as well as giving suggestions. Gaki-han thanked all the listeners who had sent it.

G : And Kame-han! Today, thanks for that!
K : No, no, you're welcome. It has always been like that, senpai!
G : Its not always like that... (Eri being appreciative)

G :
K : ________
G :
K : ________
(Left blank because its a spoiler. Tune in to next week's FIVE STARS to find out what its about.)

Eri will be updating this blog this week so do check it out!

G : And this has been Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
K : Kamei Eri...
(Long break)
G : deshita!
GK : Ba~hahai~
K : Sorry!


Haven't been transcripting radioshows for sometime so I'm a little rusty at it, but anyway, I strongly encourage all GAKIKAME fans to listen to this episode. Not the first half was funny with the way Eri was treating Gaki-han, the second half was touching with Eri's five stars talk.