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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Erien #1223 is on hiatus.

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #042 (2010.01.18)

Both Eri and Gaki-san's parents were present at the public recording. After the recording, their parents went to their dressing rooms and they chatted. Gaki-san finds Eri's mother really entertaining. Eri's mother did an awesome impersonation of the usual lazy sounding Eri which Gaki-san describes it as so good that she thinks that "no Morning Musume member can do that." Even though Eri was practically criticising her mother during the recording over the salon trip, Eri's mother wasn't mad at all and was actually grinning. Eri says that she thinks that her mother was happy that Eri mentioned her.

Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: *Clearing throat*
Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: *Clearing throat*
Gaki-san: You have a cold?

Morning Musume - Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

As the two of them were introducing the message corner, Eri dragged her words and added a "Behave responsibly!" after the title call. As expected, Gaki-san responded with a "You should (behave responsibly)." They moved on to do their self-introductions and Eri introduced herself as "Kamei Eri degowasu" instead of "Kamei Eri desu."

A listener attended the Hello! Project concert and sent in a mail regarding Gaki-san's hair. Gaki-san makes a small mistake when reading out the mail and read hair (Kami) as turtle (Kame). Eri laughed a little at it. The listener feels that its cute-looking and suitable for Gaki-san. If anyone's wondering [Some people are. Because Gaki-san still had her long beautiful hair during the public recording which was only 1-2 weeks before the concert], Gaki-san got her haircut on December 29th. Being the random her, Eri commented that its the "meat day." "Meat day" is on all the 29th because two in Japanese is "ni" and nine is "kyu." If we put them together, it becomes "nikyu" which is similar to "niku," which means meat. Gaki-san consulted other members beforehand. She discussed about it with Aichan and Eri who had their hair chopped to a really short length out of blue in the past. Gaki-san was prepared to get her hair chopped but the moment her beautiful hair was chopped, she felt sad. Apparently the hairdresser gave Gaki-san part of the hair that was cut off as a memento.

A listener asked if Gaki-san and Eri went through a failure already in 2010. Eri says that they aren't that dumb. Gaki-san can't help but doubt someone who has uncountable number of failures in life. They talk about Hello! Project's concert...since that's like the only thing they have done in 2010 so far. As there are 2 set lists for this winter concert, Gaki-san was confused with the dance choreographies, songs and everything. She only figured them out during the rehearsal that was held right before the concert. Gaki-san isn't the only one. Almost every Hello! Project member had the same problem. Eri says that as Morning Musume has older members, members like Gaki-san and Aichan are slower in such things [Gaki-san and Eri are of the same age by the way, lol]. Gaki-san doesn't get it at first and Eri was quick enough to cover up and tell Gaki-san that because they are the leader and sub-leader, they have more things to think about, hence slower than other members when learning something. Gaki-san tells Eri to say it again in a direct manner and honest Eri goes "I'm talking about you guys not having any memory and being bad at remembering things." According to Gaki-san, Eri makes such comment often and does that at the backstage before the concerts. She asks Eri if Aichan and her are considered old, then what's Makoto (Sharan Q)? Eri reasons that Makoto is like a youngster in her eyes because of the same mushroom hairstyle for years.

When Eri was younger, her parents would help her clean her ears. Like Eri had mentioned on several shows, her mother's personality is very similar to her, including the half-heartedness. As her mother was cleaning little Eri's ear, instead of looking closely into her ear, she was either watching a TV show or talking to someone. Once, her mother placed the stick so deep in that it really hurt...for little Eri of course. Eri says that she's traumatised after that incident. Now, she cleans her ears herself with her eyes closed so that she can focus on cleaning her ears. Gaki-san went crazy when she talked about her ear picking experience. She went "My way of cleaning my ears is strange. *Laughing to herself while Eri stares on*." [It sounds really funny. Do listen to it.] When washing her hair, the water flows into her ears and Gaki-san will use 2 cotton swabs, each on one hand and clean her ears. Gaki-san keeps laughing to herself although its not funny and Eri isn't laughing [Its what that made it really funny though, lol]. According to Gaki-san, she is able to use a pair of chopsticks with either her right or left hand *Inserts Gaki-san's laughter* Anyway, Eri being random again, said that that's not cute at all and Gaki-san was like "What has it got to do with being cute?" Eri checks with Gaki-san if she can really use chopsticks with both hands and Gaki-san confirmed it and added that she can pick up beans with a pair of chopsticks in either hands [Of all the things, beans.] Eri calls Gaki-san "Sabu-chan" again.

Hello! Project - All for One & One for All

Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: *Speaking VERY softly*
Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: *Speaking VERY softly*

C-ute - SHOCK!

During the Hello! Project winter concert, Chisato brought some cooked onions and Gaki-san really loves them. I remember reading about it on her tour diary. Seems like she is really crazy for them now. Gaki-san not only wants to give five stars to the onions but also Chisato's generosity to bring a number of servings of it for all the Morning Musume members. With that, Gaki-san gave five stars to the onions and Chisato. [Amazingly short]

Eri's selection: SMAP - Orange

Eri says that for some reason, Gaki-san looks like a sloth during the recording of this episode with some lazy looking expressions.

Promotions for Morning Musume's 42nd Single, "Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai," Morning Musume's New Album "10 My Me" (Juu mai me) and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2010 Spring ~Pikappikaa~
They can't give any spoilers for the album for now but they can say that there will be some unpredicted groupings of the 8 members.

Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: *Speaking softly*
Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm.jp
Eri: *Speaking softly*

The girls will be updating FIVE STARS Monday's blog weekly so do check it out!

Gaki-Kame: Bahahai!
Eri: Okai-chan, please bring spring onions next time ~

Eri crowned the most forgetful member

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Aichan named Eri as the most forgetful member in Morning Musume. Morning Musume does a present exchange every year during Christmas. They usually have rehearsals for the Hello! Project Winter concert during the Christmas period so all of them will meet. For last year's Christmas exchange, it was originally planned to be held on the 24th. Due to Aichan's busy work schedule, it slipped her mind and she didn't bring the present. In fact, the present was prepared by Aichan's little sister (Aichan gave her sister 3000yen and told her to help her buy a present). Fortunately for Aichan, when the members checked with Aichan if they should do the exchange on the 24th or the 25th, Aichan chose 25th. Honest Eri then went up to Aichan and told her "Lucky me. I forgot to bring my present." After Aichan got home, she made it a point to remember to bring the present along the next day thinking that Eri would too. However, the next day, Eri forgot to bring her present again. Apparently Eri bought some sort of can spray and lucky [Depending on how we see it...] Sayu received Eri's present. Aichan concluded that Eri is the most forgetful member and admitted that she is forgetful too.
- From "Ichigo Ichie #039 (2010.01.14)"

7 Years of Awesomeness

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Today marks the 7th year of the addition of the three amazing personalities to Morning Musume. In case you don't know, I'm talking about the 6th generation.

We have seen how their management have placed their fun-loving personality and good chemistry into good use through the MC segments and promotions. They may not be the most talented members, but these three, like other senior members, certainly worked their asses off to be who they are now. A great singer, a great dancer and a great TV personality. Can this generation be any greater?

I'm a big fan of Rokkies and I love how despite their absolutely different personalities, they work really well together. Its great to see them pass yet another milestone of their career and friendship today. I'm sure Sayu remembers this date (I remember watching her talk about January 19 in a Morning Musume DVD) and do hope that they have their way of celebrating this day.
Happy 7th anniversary to Rokkies!

Eri's 8th Photobook, "Sweet"

Monday, January 18, 2010

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According to helloproject.com, the title of Eri's 8th photobook is titled "Sweet"

Konya mo Usachan Peace #167 (2010.01.13)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Due to work commitments, Sayu was not able to attend her coming of age ceremony. However, her dad didn't let it pass just like this. He sent Sayu a letter Sayu wrote to the 20-year-old her when she was 12 years old. Sayu read the letter and praised the younger her for the beautiful handwriting. The letter was written with pencil and Sayu could see some of the marks left by the pencil although she erased it and rewrote it. She was impressed by the tidiness of the 12-year-old Sayu. The younger her briefly asked how the current Sayu is doing now and stated that she wanted to be a poet or doctor when she was 12. [The staffs can be heard laughing in the show when Sayu said this] Sayu had completely forgotten her ambition of being a poet until she read the letter. Since young, Sayu liked to write poems. She still writes them in her diary entries nowadays. She remembers writing 2 poems which were titled "Piano" and "Triangle" whereby she submitted them for a competition and "Triangle" was published in a newspaper even though Sayu was more confident of her "Piano" poem which was written in the shoes of a piano. Sayu thinks that that win was probably what that encouraged the 12 years old Sayu to dream of becoming a poet.

Morning Musume - Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

A fan sent in a mail to Konusapi telling Sayu that his friends are starting to like her too. Sayu sounded very surprised and is aware that she is gaining haters lately.

Aichan fell down in front of Sayu during this fall in a Nine Smile concert at the start of "SONGS." Other members and Sayu do fall at times but Sayu had never seen such a great fall in a Morning Musume concert. The first line of "SONGS," "Ikiru no ga Heta" which means "bad at living" happens to be Aichan's line. Sayu silently thought to herself that this person (Aichan) is bad at living indeed and laughed to herself during the concert. Although "SONGS" is a cool song, Sayu ended up smiling to herself throughout the performance at the thought of Aichan's fall. Even after the concert, when they had to change into their normal clothes immediately and leave the concert hall, Sayu laughed so much that her stomach hurt and she couldn't change out of her costume. She apologises for the impoliteness. Aichan was fine after the fall even though she took some time to get back on her feet had to be helped up by Eri.

A listener who reads Nakagawa Shoko's (Shokotan) blog noticed that Shokotan has the same outfit Sayu wore in this picture. Sayu bought the outfit when she was on a shopping trip with Aichan [She said "Big fall Aichan"]. Aichan recommended Sayu to buy it because she thought it looked pretty matching with the pair of shoes Sayu wore. On the day of the Konusapi recording when she wore the outfit, everyone she met told her its too flashy even Koharu asked Sayu if Sayu had something special on that day. She tried wearing it again on Christmas and again, she was told the same thing, making her feel embarrassed.

Another listener sent in about 2011, which is the year of the rabbit. Sayu got pretty excited reading out the ideas the listener has for Konusapi in 2011. He asked what is Sayu's goal for 2011 and Sayu was like "We just stepped into 2010 and he is asking for my 2011's goals?" Sayu finds it very amazing for her 22nd birthday [22 is the number for "Usachan Peace"] to land on the year of the rabbit.

According to Sayu, Koharu cares a lot about her skin pores and frequently comments on people's pores.

Out of all vegetables, onion is Sayu's favourite [Not carrots?]. She likes saag and cabbage too.

Morning Musume - Nakidasu kamo Shirenai yo
Sayu loves this song. Some members prefer "Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai" over this though.

Promotions for Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~, Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle date~ and Morning Musume's 42nd single, "Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai."

Sayu: OyaSayumin!
If anyone's wondering why this week's translation is so short, its because they had the "Dajarenbo Shogun" corner.

Niigaki Risa ★11

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Hello! This is Niigaki Risa!
I felt so strange during the public recording ( ̄▽ ̄)
Its a radio show but it felt like an event
I'll want to do it again if we get the opportunity to!
That day was Kame's birthday as well as Eve Eve*...
There was someone who dressed up as Santa (-゜3゜)
To those who came! As well as those who stopped upon hearing our voice and the shoppers (^-^)
Thank you very much m(__)m!
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